So Many At This Juncture Can Say

So many at this juncture can typically state something along the lines of “Whoa, there boy, slow down a minute”.

When it perhaps typically comes to purchasing new books and then saying lets compare.

In fact comparison can of course be utilised in positive admire and aspire fashion or indeed in some rejectionist type form of what is being proposed.

So I know and many Learning Strategies folks perhaps know, that they themselves are perhaps far in advancement of any knowledge that can be grafted or gained from a book on some subject matter such-as Ye Old Styled Remote Viewing.

I however was thinking however that the shift from emphasis to technical from control is what many of the so-called lessons and learnings are about.

Further to that I myself was of course interested in seeing if a similarly styled Integrated or Augmented “Viewing Course” can be developed from the combining of pre-existing elements of pre-existing courses.  Again something Learning Strategies has excelled at for many peoples and persons.

The problem of course that any given individual can only typically relate to their own life history and story and progress.  The bringing other peoples and persons into alignments of any sort or description is in requirement of more than simple fanciful ideas, that I or anyone else may happen to come up with.

Anyway what often separates given dynamics of people’s choices and options is of course how well balanced or equalised they may or may not be among the given categorisations and so on of the senses.

Interestingly photoreading encourages (for example) a unified brain storage capacity for all the sensory modalities, so instead of perceiving limited capacity within a given sensory designated sphere, a larger or greater capacity like mental belief can do wonders across the entire range of information’s being processed and indeed the given stimulus or otherwise that leads to a given response.

What were the mental pathways and stimulus that caused you to brush your hand, was it a tickling draft, or the touch of some texture or landing of a bug and so on.  So just about everything within the experience has come about through an experience of some description.

I suggested previously that a heavily traumatising accident may have shut down or knocked myself out of focus of the utilisation of multiple bodily functions.

Anyway typically when I look at something such as remote viewing book I wonder what components or orderings are being used that I myself might alter to enhance such skills and abilities.

For example, the utilisation of numbers appears again and again, and I thought, yup that’s great though what-if instead of random number generators I utilised numbers based in my Numerology course lessons and learnings for the so-called Target Reference Number.

The Ideogram requirement is perhaps a little more difficult, cannot recall a course suggesting make a squiggle as a representative IDEOGRAM though likewise I might adopt a create an IDEOGRAM using your non-dominant hand, kind of formula, and see how it goes.

We are told that ideogram is not a drawing or sketch so much as a kinaesthetic gestural movement produced spontaneously.

You as you proceed are then introduced to various template like pictures of the layout of differing steps or stages of the process.

This next sheet contains a list of Headings that are going to be intuited or remotely viewed

Textures, Colours, Smells, Tastes, Temperatures

Sounds and, Dimensions, Motions & Densities

Aesthetic Impact

Lists of possible words all included within the book, though I think several LS courses focus on particular sensory divisions of the kinds of words you are looking to use for appropriateness within a given contextual heading.

You then move forward to an AOL or Analytic Overlay, again seemingly represented as the idea that the brain is seeking to make sense of the data (something you want to move passed), so a kind of dismissal or discharge is enabled and allowed so that the obvious can be dismissed (possibly) removing the 1 + 1 kinds of automations that serve to block or autopilot us to the usual answers,  a breaking of process is also IDEA’D in putting your pen down.

Yes quite a few steps in these processes that a typical person might desire or want to not include, though I am sure that adherence to some of those smaller steps makes all the difference later.

You can then move on to noting your own mental interruptions, an itch or desire to sneeze etc. Yes how can anyone find all this fascinating and intriguing some may wonder, though I know from my own history that I did when younger and still do now.

The next phase is a free hand shapes sketch based in what is being sensed, done with shape archetypes . Again metrics exist. And interestingly to a questioning mind no archetypes are actually provided, so that is something someone from an art background may dismiss as obvious, though those of us who are non art officionado’s may require some basics cue’s do they mean circles, square, triangles etc?

Interstingly for myself is that prior to assisted meditation and so on, when studying some alternate realm meditation hints and tips staring at various coloured shapes was part of a given process, not unlike the staring in Aura seeing, though more shapes provided beyond the coloured circles, I recall squares and triangles also featuring.

In fact that might make an excellent Aura Seeing BONUS, introducing the colour scheme within triangles and squares. (other shapes are seen and utilised within the black and white practices). Though likewise it may well lead to confusions, or you may have to identify Purpose in introducing further archetype shapes. The circles have colour ranges within them, that may be more troublesome to design within the other shapes.

Anyway the book really is worth the expenditure in getting to know a complete end to end sequence of process and indeed seeking to relate such materials to those you already have within your own catalogue or skillset.

I really think that little included cannot be achieved through combinatorial methods already utilised within LS Courses. Typically of course, with any such SYSTEM, you want to be able to have verifiable RESULTS.

Any of us can of course write and draw and so on, and then make claims as to accuracy or otherwise in how the World is perhaps being reflected or EXPERIENCED back at us.

This perhaps suggesting that despite doing many courses, it is only now that I feel at any level of coherence ready to relearn many things not only from a higher place on the mountain but be able to trust those skillsets and so on.

Clearly those who have advanced with pre-existing realms whether professional or personally created by themselves have an advantage over the rest of us, though I do think that the beginners mind and indeed integrative approach to redefining scales and measures and so on, is a way to go.

Yes so we grow up typically enthused by our skills whether physical or mental and invest time in wanting to be like given famed or otherwise role models and many a classical hook and hinge is placed in James Bond Like espionage and excitement or sporting realm achievements and physical fitness, though typically the World moves forward and some of us it may well be suggested have been heavily impaired simply through over identification or alignment’s with the influences and manipulations of those external to ourselves within many a given realm.

So the story of you is a one of possibly patience and practice and taking the time necessary to find and identify where your true interests and skillsets and passions are.

Interestingly I do when I look at many a realm material still find myself drawn to those topics and subject matter that I had when a young child, reading on distant Worlds and superhero’s or watching war and espionage movies and typical all-boys own stuff.

They do say that an integrated or whole brain thinker of course should be well versed in the utilisation of both sides of the brain and indeed activities that were historically categorised into boys or girls categorisations, though interestingly we at least in the UK, have seemingly moved females into the utilisation of many a male dominated activity and interest whilst the male population has seemingly been left behind in the uptake stakes as to what progressions can be achieved, yes I know I can cook and do the ironing and many such skills are perhaps basic living skills, that many who went through Armed Forces Enlistment or in more recent years recruitment is likely to have experienced anyway, though I grew up doing such activities so that perhaps where I differentiate from many a bloke who seemingly has mother or whomsoever waiting upon them hand and foot.

We can ask about many an activity and indeed hostile label to some activities, IS IT REALLY?

When you break down sweeping judgements and statements, you often find that some folks really have not taken the time to sit down and follow any given criteria path to an Ultimate Conclusion.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉


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