So Writer’s And Artist’s

So Writer’s and Artist’s and those perhaps skilled in various craft perhaps have an advantage over those of us who have simply spent our lives at the lower echelons of Society’s scraping by and earning a living and simply being consumers or audience to folks who managed to follow there dreams and hopes and so on.

Of course I have stated that it is never too late and of course have embarked on various paths and journey’s via multiple courses, lessons and learnings, in order to genuinely see if the ending of limitations and ultimate possibilities and potentials really are available to anyone.

I often think when meditating or indeed doing particular courses, that a certain level of bias typically exists.  I recently mentioned Brett Stuart (for example) and that is a typical perhaps American Engineered formula or system and is perhaps geared toward particular audience demographic.

Likewise, I do have to admit that whilst many Learning Strategy course is fashioned in similar manner, a greater diversity or World view gradually perhaps appears as you add to the on-line library, probably as the business itself expanded and took in teachings and learnings from further afield and so on.

So anyway a couple of things have appeared upon my own radar that were of interest for myself in recent days.

One a headline somewhere that the Prince’s William and Harry, are once again overseeing a New Flower Garden Tribute to their late mother at Kensington Palace. We do of course every so often have to remind ourselves that despite all the riches and wealth and lifestyle, that those topics of Birth’s, Death’s, Wedding’s and Funeral’s are something that most, if not all of us have experienced in some fashion or other during our lifetimes, and whilst much criticism is typically aimed at Establishment or Aristocratic circles regarding Diana, that both Princes have grown up rather well, and I personally think rather well rounded individuals, that most families within any Society would be proud to have as members or Role Models and so on and so forth.

Elsewhere I have been taking part in this Present Week’s 2016 “Spring Fling”, though I do, I think, already have such materials within my on-line catalogue. I do think that in terms of focus and attention and getting used to the so-called Worldly cycles and patterns and so on, that such activities are genuinely worthwhile pursuits and indeed it is a new combination of various paraliminal’s rather than previously tried combinations.  I actually really like the 4-Seasons Meditation Course, because it is a kind of high-lighter course anyway utilising knowledge from multiple Teachers and Guru’s within the Learning Strategies sphere of Educationalists.


So yes this perhaps something I could have written upon waking yesterday evening to various Brussels bombing’s going of, though I will speak on those later. 

I typically being a NIGHT WORKER within the Hereford Region, England, United Kingdom usually do courses or listening sessions, prior to bed in the UK GMT morning and then sleep later, although I do find and have to admit that for many years, even when I was far younger than I am today, seek to listen and do as my body is telling myself and so on, not something actively encouraged via your typical working lifestyle’s, though something that can serve folks well in some instance and not in others.

I remember that after accident & recovery (for example) and having a distressing couple of years during the nineties, that I would sometimes find myself thinking I need to go this direction or that direction and it was a case of seeking to follow INTUITION’S though likewise I also think I was already heavily confused & conflicted by oversaturation of the senses during that period of my life.

I say that because I do think most or many of us who may or may not have suffered “heavy trauma” may well be better off doing as I did and going through The Holosync Solution, perhaps’s prior to investigating courses, yes I may be BIASED, though do think that the oversaturation like an overfilled cup, impairs thinking and choices and options; and getting to a kind of level of “A STEADY STATE” can make all the difference when it comes to Learning and so on. Yes many  course is FREE, though others who have not perhaps suffered as I have suffered (Oh Woe Is Me) can of course do otherwise.

Some perhaps regard the ORDER as irrelevant, though I am simply saying such things from the perspective of  knowing the course or route that has seemingly occurred for myself.

The Other Big Thing that I was shocked & surprised about was that


 I received notification of another Brand New Paul Scheele Video Course “ONE-DAY-SPECIAL” that has been pre-recorded within a local Art Centre, “somewhere in a “LOCAL to himself” within the US, a place called Minitonka” Please forgive my spelling, I actually followed a video link and thought I may share the information from the EMAIL here.

I do this quite simply because the affiliate information, provides ready-made letter formats and so on, though I did not on this occasion note any Facebook Twitter styled advertisements, this one at present dedicated to email affiliates (possibly).

Having said that of course, I myself have not built an affiliate or business of sort around my taking of the very many Learnings strategies courses, beyond advertising them on one or two websites I own.

So I provide a link and will do so again nearer the Official Broadcast Date.  I have often historically preferred simply listening to many a course, and not necessarily plunged into VIDEO LINKED SEMINARS and so on, though on this occasion, do feel that it could well be of benefit.  The date give is for the 16th April 2016.

Why was I surprised?  Well I had not expected to perhaps receive an advert for an alternative event at the same time that a present event is happening.  Strange though true, not what is sounds like, though possibly a demonstration of a DEAL MAKER OR BREAKER perhaps.

I myself believe that returning to the issue of METRICS, spoken upon by Sam Horn and indeed myself quite a lot recently is why getting to “a steady state” of some description can make all the difference, that lifetimes worth of data and information’s that we hold either consciously or non-consciously is likely often unhelpful to us in when looked upon in conflicted and confused terms.

So in seeking out the achievement of a steady state, provided (I think) by binaurial beats, we can better gauge or otherwise, the data or triggers or AH-HA’s that may or may not be occurring for ourselves, when we then do further courses and-or meditations.

So somewhat shocked as to what is going on in the World and typically I can of course think, well that is over there and I am over here and so on, in a yes good/bad things happen.

Though likewise in going through various stages and progressions you do kind of find yourself wanting to advice on indeed discount what is coming up for you yourself within mediations and perhaps within the various intersecting realms of courses and all the rest.

So I of course think, yes I would like to help, though do wonder as to what perspective of knowledge I bring to the table that has not already be brought forth previously.

The terrorists took their actions and many a person will perhaps be more vigilant as to their own safety or otherwise, though in judgemental thoughts and fashion you do kind of wonder why were particular targets chosen above others and so on.

Some say well those TRAVEL HUBS are soft targets though you as you progress can often kind of find yourself wondering why such things always occur to predominantly low level sectors of Society.

Yes you always get the odd BREAKOUT on some assumed or presumed BIG NAME MEDIA person, Heads-of-State or International Parliamentarians, or indeed CELEBRITIES, though generally in the broader scheme of things, you can wonder as to who is seeking to bring whom to whose table and so on.

I think very many issues are related to IDEAS as to folks being TERRITORIAL or “creatures of habit” and possessive of the so-called Material World and the material things in life.

We all I know typically buy into such ideals and they are hard or difficult to separate out, you get some extra wage and often find that your living standard may go up, though the expenditure has also gone up, so you are little better off.  Likewise I personally think a huge World Wide Societal like squeeze has been occurring for multiple years now when you look at the so-called markets.

Interestingly you can note things and wonder as to relevance.  I for instance noted multiple Ambulances upon my route to work like there was one around every corner, in fact it actually made myself consider ideas as to somnambulistic type issues, though again my studies on such areas are a little vague within the conscious part of my head.

Likewise I also noted one or two Police Vehicles, I can also though state that a Football Match was taking place along my commute so, difficult to gauge what is important, perhaps unless I visit the local press website.  Typically, a number of fire-arm related arrests have been occurring within this region recently and I also noting one or two vehicles with hood-up suggesting a broken down vehicle, although such things are of course not necessarily going to set alarm bell’s ringing.

So anyway I did at one point kind of think that taking notes on commute etc, might lead to breakthrough’s and perhaps got myself into the habit of writing and sketching though often reminding myself, that many others can do the same for themselves.

I spoke on myself being quite dogmatic or regimented or even pig-headed in many respects when it came to being disciplined within my mediation and note taking practice, and indeed later with courses.

However, such personal or individual behaviour, had little bearing (in my opinion) on external peoples and persons.  I of course not in any close relationships and had sought to generally distance / isolate myself from what I felt was a great deal of nonsense every where I went. 

So no matter what area of life you find yourself monitoring or taking note of, you will likely find people displaying particular courses of behaviours and actions, often on a getting away with it, whatever that happens to be for themselves, and typically of course, I think in general you do come to see how particular things are almost inescapable in the conclusions that you draw.

Anyway I spoke at the beginning as to having a somewhat limited life, in terms of experiencing the so-called World rather a great deal through TV/Radio and so on and very little through actual travel and having real or personal experiences.

Such things perhaps lead myself to ill-judged concepts and linkages when it comes to making notes within meditation.

So earlier I found myself listening to Spring Meditation, and allowed my mind to wonder and see what came up for myself, that I could write about.

I had a strange vision of clay like buildings and imagined them to be Jerusalem or West Bank like middle eastern areas of the World.  I then found myself moving on nd thinking Muslim call to prayer Bells and location moved to thinking a Country such-as Turkey.

Hearing the Word Cosmos as some point caused myself to think on Carl Sagan, I have vague memories as a child as to watching some show that he presented and so on, famed for Scientific books and astrology I think.

So what I kind of realised from those things was that any info was perhaps only as good as a recall of experience, so perhaps those within Intelligence Agencies (for example) require that people have materials etc, that place them firmly within a given zone. Real Word experience versus snippets garnered from TV Film.  Clearly multiple realms involve travel anyway, and they do say we can travel anywhere with our minds, though again such view always carry BIAS as to what was noted or paid attention to by journalist or Documentary Maker show maker etc. anyway.

 I did also of course think on that topic of WHERE that Sam Horn spoke upon, in terms of having said previously Why am I still alive (given this that or the other event).

Clearly we can (given the power of the mind) ask WHERE AM I STILL ALIVE or EXIST and so on.


For some possibly.

Clearly many (for example) can say they are alive or exist through generational handed down writings and teachings and likewise in more recent history via TV and Radio, in family terms it may be via possessions photo’s and personal belongings and so on.

So given ideas as to BUILDING BLOCKS and how cell’s are and so on, it is easy to see or suggest how, many a person has somehow outsmarted some designated lower level identity that they have of themselves, and re-written the so-called rulebook on the life that they lived.

We all perhaps exist in the minds of peoples and persons that we may or may not have interacted with, etc, so given such a scenario, and indeed teachings as to raising THRESHOLD, I do think that where and what you focus upon can make all the difference.

I have repeatedly despite huge incentive or motivation (for example) refused to write many a nonsense going on or activity I have witnessed within my life, upon this blog, because I figured, well if all modern Science is suggesting that the World is a kind of Hologram (or that we ourselves are spiritual beings having a human existence) then those old if and why’s and how’s as to ghosts and so on can occur.

How can I ensure that any future recreation of myself and my World etc. etc. is one that I might genuinely be happy to be brought back in.

Clearly we can suggest that many a lifestyle guru and teacher has simply opted for the go for broke option, when doing the so-called do I want that or that comparison. And indeed we can of course also state that few necessarily escape some of the greater truths in the long term.

Clearly we can also potentially suggest, that for many of us some oversaturation or misunderstanding’s within our life has left us so bereft of direction that trauma’s come to us far faster than we can cope with.

So lots of questions, and I do feel that I have perhaps over researched, though likewise I think blogging etc, has also become a useful exercise in the sense of knowing what areas or information’s I need to go over again.

I do think that I require focussing on more descriptive language and getting to a better understanding of category headings, and yes they do say that you can find lists for just about anything these days, though getting into the habit, any kind of habit whilst seeking a breakout from some automated routine is another debate and topic.

I think I have perhaps jumped from some sets of repetitive language and so on, to a differing focus, though likewise topics such as photoreading, come to the fore in thinking well I still need to be able to write and spell and ably DESCRIBE sensory information, and those learnings kind of take you out of that zone.

Yes more blah blah, though clearly I am wondering as to how best to go about the organisation of particular formulaic activities.

How can so many other users of particular courses and skillsets be so advanced whilst I feel somewhat left behind.

Anyway, I may write more later, If I get up in time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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