And The Delhi Lama Went Bzzz Bzzz

Or was it something else, yes, alarms can be called all sorts of things and the closeness of spellings between delai and delhi and daily and indeed delay kind of lend themselves to dynamic sound economics and so on. I did at some point find myself researching ideas as to so-called dyslexia, and the alleged inability to form words correctly and so on, though in truth I think that we all kind of know that as many super-communications systems have taken of that so-called short hand and abbreviations and so on have become a standard kind of language lexicon.

I know that during my own schooling years (for example) correct spelling and grammar and so on was typically rewarded and marked accordingly as part of marking criteria, where for a number of years, such dogmatic absolutes were later dropped, though I think I heard over the last year or two that an intention was made to return to some of those most basic’s of criteria.

In fact such things are potentially good and bad, though the debate from my own point of view is one to move on from. 

Elsewhere I found myself wondering as to how good supposed systems such-as remote viewing are in comparison of course with other so-called spiritual or psychic systems.

In fact it can of course be noted as part of that full-circle issue in the sense that upon studying hypnosis et al, I did dive very much into those areas of research.

In doing so again now, I generally found myself a little disappointed as so-called UK efforts.


Well of course multiple books and systems are available regarding so-called East and West psychic spy wars and so on, though pretty much all the literature is generally dominated via US vs Soviet Union and I though well surely Britain must have developed on taken interest in such topics also.

The truth seems to myself to be quite simply put, that Britain did not pursue such research and technological development’s, perhaps relying on so-called TRADITIONAL ideas as to where best to place budget’s and so on.  In common day parlance it may well be suggested that British Economics and Research Funding is one of exceptionally Tight Fisted Economics when it comes to anything that is not controlled by various Scientific Material World or Realm  subject matters and so on.

Most or seemingly many that have broken ranks, as to claiming Psychic Abilities or awareness’ have typically done so only to be cast out into the so-called Wilderness by former friends colleagues and debating chamber circles and so on.

A typical example is perhaps writer Rupert Sheldrake, who has written various book on his ideas as to Morphogenic resonance theories and “The Science Delusion”.

They actually perhaps related to those ideas as to “Biology of Belief” (Bruce Lipton (I think)) and “Spontaneous Evolution” that many a Hypnotist type literature also speaks upon when read.

Famed Example often utilised is Roger Bannister and the 4-minute mile, whereby once it was demonstrated as possible, a belief came about that propelled further advancements, and breakthrough’s.

However whilst Mr Bannister’s feat is well known and understood, where digression as to progress of research stands is of course “communications”.  We in the West (for example) can say that news of such events travelled via news media and an earlier generation might say that they received a telegram or horse delivered messages and so on. The problem is of course that when we go to times in earlier Human History, that little or no global World Communications was thought to exist.  Though again and again, you see evidence of similar developmental patterns and behaviours and indeed features found within Scientific or Archaeological finds.

What caused tribes on these very many differing continents and localities to seemingly almost in choreographed and coordinated fashion, invent a wheel, a spear, a plough and so on.

Likewise, just as a Paul Scheele may talk as to so-called mirror neurons within the hemispheres of brains and so on, the evolutionary ideas, suggest such ideas have occurred spontaneously throughout World Wide Societies also. 

So theorists have typically come to the conclusion that once evidence is found within one locale (for example) then a leaning toward CONFIRMATION BIAS comes into being whereby Scientist or whomsoever goes looking for similar evidence elsewhere about the Globe.

That of course because people indulge the old adage of “SEEING IS BELIEVING” and 1 item of evidence is not something you can do a great deal of statistical analysis and so on upon.

So yes, just about every field of endeavour has seemingly crafted itself upon the requirement for more than singular tell-tale evidences, and various factions and groupings form as to who believes what is genuinely possible versus otherwise.

In fact it can of course be well demonstrated, that at some point multiple someone’s decided that they best try to seek and control such matters and indeed various populations and all the rest of those things.

Clearly whilst Language is a means of communication, we are reminded again and again that it is not all that difficult to see where the Origins are as to control and manipulation and so on.  Various Kingdom and Chiefdoms grew as did Religions and Empires joined and so on.

Anyway the problem I think in today’s World is often this one of a confusion being so great, that most get sucked into the materialistic as a be all and end all survival necessity or requirement.  Likewise of course what is going on within any group of peoples and persons non-conscious is an altogether differing debate to be had.

Clearly we in the West can feel somewhat pleased as to Scientific progress etc, and the hooking or harnessing the Power of thought and advancement’s.

So some can of course suggest that you are going to get competitive acceleration and so on and that is what has occurred throughout the Western World.  You can also suggest that it does seem again and again that those who have most advanced in the West (often in terms of business or following personal choices options and dreams), are those who have travelled East and so on, possibly seeking out Enlightenment, though actually having to (in leaving your own CULTURE) have a change or whatever of MINDSET.

So those of us who do not travel and are simply audience for content bombardment are perhaps cannon fodder for the scheming’s and manipulations of those with broader or wider mindsets and so on, and those things are not necessarily related to intelligence (in my opinion) in fact I have come to a conclusion or belief that even words such-as INTELLIGENCE have typically become SEIZED or grabbed by particular sectors toward their own ends.

So those who have sought to break out from Tight Fisted British Mindset and Scientific doctrines, have often become outcast’s in the wilderness.  Though some you can think, well that is a troubling issue to debate upon, whilst others are perhaps carrying a certain level of self-infliction.

The name David Icke springs to mind as to the self-inflicted category and ideas as to CONSPIRACY IDEAS. Though he is now popular and has a long list of books to his name, since declaring himself the 2nd coming.

I mention him because locally here in Hereford, England, United Kingdom, he did of course achieve an early career success in being Hereford United’s Goalkeeper.

Hereford Football (often referred to as “The Bulls” due to the Hereford Bull), after suffering years of turmoil is making strides within current league, 2nd in division and is making a trip to play in a Wembley Final on May 22nd (May is the Month of Taurus the Bull for the astrological’s among you).

So again and again I have looked for some SUITABLE for myself PSYCHIC BRITISH ROLE MODEL’S and it seems to myself that there aren’t genuinely any that I necessarily feel in alignment with.

I’ll explain, just about all the Teaching Realms seemingly HEDGE BETS when it comes to Supernatural Powers or abilities, so a Paul Mckenna (for example) will encourage greater development of various skills and mind sets, and perhaps get people into a more upwardly mobile zone, he again someone with multiple books “I Can Make You Rich” one that I purchased years ago and it is nice to know I contributed to his becoming Rich.

The alternative is of course so-called Traditional Paper like Psychics and the classical Mystic Meg’s little bit of everything, though again, my own study of such peoples was somewhat unfruitful in the sense that anyone can get themselves a book on so-called “cold reading” and typically make it up as they go along.

Difficult to see or gain any clarity or genuine trust and belief in such folks, and that perhaps due in part in you being Their Audience, chosen by newspaper publishers and proprieter’s and not necessarily working in the vested interests of Audience.

Nothing wrong with folks carving out such a living for themselves, though personally I have found that such folks usually keep you stuck, as to personal progressions.

I can at this point of course say that I did and still do go back into the so-called annals of time as Britain (at least historically) did have some leading characters and personalities within the so-called Psychic Medium Spiritual Fields, though typically very little exists as to TRAINING MANUALS that spell such things out for you (in my opinion).

So this morning I thought, I’ll look again, and typically was introduced to famed British Spiritualist’s predominantly geared toward “talking to lost loved ones from the other side”.  Very comforting I am sure, though not something I have any genuine belief in, beyond perhaps when I was younger imagining various deceased relatives looking down or being about myself.

Yes I think it was Return of the Jedi where Ghostly Apparitions of OBI WAN KENOBI and Anakin Skywalker and other deceased Jedi Dignitaries made appearance toward the end of the film, so that a popular example of such things.

Anyway I returned to the Remote Viewing Idea because of this issue of how you put information in and how you get information out, and I think the order that is recommended and utilised is pretty good.

Likewise I think I mentioned my American Policing Book “Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques” and that HIGHLIGHTS this idea, that within any STATEMENT you can get out a pen and circle words within differing paragraphs and link them up and so on as to INTUITION. I did at one point provide a photo within this blog though cannot recall the date.

So we can get a newspaper and read any article and circle what we think might be pointers (whether regarded as DIRECT & ON TOPIC or something for CROSS REALM INTERPRETATIVE “leaps on imagination” toward our chosen area of INTEREST.

The idea I think within many a Holosync teaching or indeed Learning Strategies Module is that they provide the necessary tools or understandings to carry out such abilities, and the stimulation perhaps cuts through historical mental gunk and so on.

Likewise the Write Well course, perhaps an example of folks, some who were already advanced, and others new to the technologies, being provided with some intuitive guidance as to best practice within ideas as to TEMPLATES and LAYOUTS of books. 

Sam went through multiple page layout stylings where you were told to divide page into columns of so many whether 2 or 3 columns or four columns and indeed percentiles were also utilised, in some segments.

So a LEVEL OF CONSISTENCY was demonstrated across all the course materials (I think) though also a sub-level of consistency was shown as to so-called BEST PRACTICE.

Make things easy for readers, in terms of do not’s on the left hand side and do’s on the right as summary like sectors.

Start a chapter of with a quote (very popular in today’s culture) utilse immediate action to put people into the action rather than have prolonged and boring build up and so on.

Anyway all that digression, though no, I am very disappointed as to IDEAS of BRITISH PSYCHICS and ESPIONAGE and so-called INTELLIGENCE REALMS and so on.

I do think room exists for a British INTELLIGENCE LA-DI-DA Realm training programme, though many when you read related literature, whether Special Forces or MI5,6 Agents or indeed simply Policing Related etc, are typically given to suggest that the on-the-job training and so on leads to people following HUNCHES and GUT INSTINCT from years of experience.

I do concur with that belief to a certain extent, though genuinely do feel that not enough has been done to accelerate those coming in, typically one generation, laughs and giggles at being reminded what a dopey twonk they themselves were when they were starting out and so on, likewise alienation or being DISALLUSIONED within a working life or Sphere of influence can cause some long time peoples and personnel to potentially SABOTAGE those coming in and I do not say such things are DELIBERATE, so much as those issues as to non-conscious versus conscious debates and extraneous cause and effect, that even close peers or friends and family’s may or may not know of.

The number of non-consciously collected materials and jetsam and flotsam and so on is so incredibly great, that even the most gifted of life individuals can likely feel paranoia as to when theey are going to get caught up with (or otherwise).

So yes I may well pursue some invention of a British Intelligence La-Di-Da Realm writings.  

I was on the train yesterday, and was reading my remote Viewing Book and making notes and seeking to greater DIGEST the strategies and ideas, and could not help to notice that when you your self are not paying attention to those about yourself, particularly (I was wearing headphones), that others seemingly notice or otherwise what you yourself are doing. 

Yes the modern mobile indulgence is first choice for many, though others read papers and the World going passed and wonder about fellow passengers.

I myself of course noted the previous day’s news and wondered what might cause issues within British transport Hub’s, the policy for Terrorist’s does seem to be to make impact at Larger Cities and Locations, that will get reported upon.

I know Northern Irish related Bases used to always be in the news, though generally beyond that area, most or many MAGNETIC FORCES seemingly aim all incidents at LONDON.

I think I wrote myself that if I were of a mind, I would likely Take it to the opponent’s establishments and Homelands or Headquarters, with regard to the military there are of course multiple Towns and Cities with such facilities, though, that perhaps a difference of thinking.  Dave S Perkin’s is thinking out loud and does not have a CAUSE, where those with a CAUSE usually seek to get MAXIMUM COVERAGE etc. that is why those previous bombers travelled all the way down to London from Leeds or wherever when they may as well as chosen a closer to Home Target.

Why Travel? 

Given the distribution of immigrants within the United Kingdom and indeed the attitude of many a local populace, I think such things and events such-as bombings are going to become more frequenct in occurrence.  Having said that the British population has itself become somewhat sheep like and passive throughout my own lifetime, the Miner’s strike perhaps the last Genuinely BIG Societal wide like issue.

Yes I hear Junior Doctor’s still griping, though TALKING SUPPORT and WALKING SUPPORT are two differing things.

Anyway yes I do not mind being referenced as a bit nuts or LA-DI-DA though such things do come within defined parameters as to what I personally regard as truth and fiction.

Many a Societal Materialistic Realm Belief, especially within the United Kingdom, has geared toward pigeon holing people on the basic’s such-as race Colour, creed, sexuality and so on, and I know that you can be any combination of any of those things and fit within a La-Di-Da Umbrella, so one has to be careful as to what you claim either directly about people, or otherwise, as some tags and labels are just as offence to many a person as they have ever been.

Likewise you do also come to see that some things serve females better and others males better, as to where attention is placed and so on, though all to often some brackets and trying to be to much of this that or the other can backfire.

My studies for example show that very often some of the so-called LOWER COMMON DENOMINATOR TOPICS are often those that cause the most sickness and ill-health.

Far better to do something akin to what I did and simply stop, many or multiple activities until threshold was high and indeed far more choices perhaps presented.

I know having grown up with and indeed having studied very many a role model like character identity that for the most part, all such roles when over identified with have the potential to become straightjackets, that it can be all to time consuming trying to extricate yourself from.

Now I mention Intelligence because of this European Issue, whereby poor quality intelligence sharing exists between multiple European States, clearly America as One Nation made of many states created Bodies for International, National and State like levels of operation.

The reality for Europe could well be that it is in the best interest of the Nation States to Create a NEW INTELLIGENCE BODY or Network.  That Operates outside of pre-existing Governmental Considerations.

The downside of course is that many or multiple players within such realms “The Usual Suspects” are likely to be the ones recruited to any such Organisation and you end up with the same disfunction’s that present Governmental Politicking causes.

It could well be beneficial to CREATE A WHOLE NEW PRGRAMME AND PACKAGE based in Best Practice of those with pre-existing infrastructures and start from the ground up with some unified identity programme and so on, the take competing 30, 40 and 50 year olds from pre-existing networks only works if such individuals are able to put old animosity aside and so on, some clearly can others will talk a good talk though fall into old patterns as so clearly when we talk on what I have spoken again and again of recently


We can come to seek that breaking old mental models and algorithms or indeed RECALIBRATING such things to function better with expanded mindsets and so on could make all the difference.

Many LA-DI-DA and INTUITION based integrative practices are well known and out there, some might claim INSTINCT or INTELLIGENCE through practice and rehearsal is all you need, though clearly where many a Corporation has gone wrong is simply rushing to so-called COMPUTER LIKE MODELS of the World.

Why do I say that?

Well I also saw this issue of Bribery on the news this morning, Britain said to have manoeuvred away from such practices, though I think it can clearly be demonstrated that when you remove many an alleged system in favour of another, that SWINGS & ROUNDABOUTS and ERRORS still occur.

The behaviours from multiple MAFIAS and so on continue, they are simply OPERATING the MOVE UNDERGROUND options to make themselves look more above board.

Anyway that a uick digression, what I was going to say was, that slecting people because they have pen in the name or rom or ram in the name (for example) is RIDICULOUS.

Clearly I may have mental BIAS toward computing because I grew up with that generation of home users of many technologies. Likewise when I see reflections of such things in Business and the World at large whether in media or wherever I CRINGE.


Well quite simply people are often being chosen for what there name or monicker implies they do to an AUDIENCE or DEMOGRAPHIC rather than necessarily any skill set that they bring to the table.

Yes awareness and enlightenment can occur through such appointments and audience ah-ha’s though the abuse of peoples given such opportunities occurs again and again.

Clearly I have no real idea as to just how advanced any system or person can become in spiritual or superhuman terms, though I do think that when we look to the real life hero’s within many a realm, they are not necessarily carrying some HERO NAME or particular Star Sign and Birthday or whatever.

So all Identity information can be created and crafted, though likewise in building block terms, you might get to a high state of alignment with others through morphic fields and mirror neurons, though do not be surprised if the BULDING BLOCK you are looking for is one that somehow constantly manages to be some

UNFATHOMABLE constant that the HUMAN RACE has yet to conceptualise in any way shape or form.

Saying such things of course, is troubling given the very many super futures and SCI FI Worlds and Technologies we can imagine and be introduced to, though I genuinely do think some random breakout or unfathomable’s whether constant or logical or illogical or non-linear or linear still exist and are perhaps somewhere waiting on the edge of our realities, to be the NEXT BEST THING. Etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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