So I Have Again And Again Reiterated

So I have again and again reiterated that most or many a person grows up developing various levels of so-called motivations and incentives for their own lives and these things are very often based in EXAMPLE research.

Clearly we do not necessarily distinguish when little between so-called fact and fiction or indeed competing ideologues, when it comes to Role Model’s.  Very many of course having little choice as to parenting and social spheres and all the rest of those things.

Anyway on speaking on this full-circle kind of idea, as to how a study of this led to a study of that you can of course often spend years and years going around in so-called circles with little in the way of any kind of a breakthrough or breakout in circumstance.

Very many an explanation is of course given on such things, though I do feel that at least with some modalities and indeed technologies that breakthrough’s and breakouts can and do occur.

Likewise, again and again I have found myself returning to so-called earlier researches and so on.  By that I mean that I find myself gravitating toward an interest in whom did so and so study or research in-order to have this that or the other breakthrough.

I do think for example that Learning Strategies and their team have come up trumps again and again in making some complicated issues and topics seemingly quite straight forward.

Likewise, despite many a person being unhappy with huge great multi-national monoliths such-as Amazon utilising scales of distribution to cut prices and accelerate growth, I personally am thankful for them and indeed electronic reading devices, quite simply because very many a previously unknown resource or perspective and angle can be found that may have not necessarily been known of or heard about beyond particular spheres of research and so on.

I spoke on my recent research into so-called Remote Viewing and that was because once you get used to so-called progressions within your meditative practice, you perhaps feel more comfortable with delving into some of the more weird and warped ideas and research areas and all the rest of those things.

That is perhaps to say, that “early on” once I became AWARE that particular hypnosis tools and the topics and areas of debate they lead you to, may not have been serving myself as well they could, I kind of shut the chapter on particular activities and so on. I suggested previously that much of the PROBLEM not only for myself but very many other peoples, was that you typically KNOW a great deal of information, though may not have such things mentally organised to the degree that you get any kind of advancements within your research and life choices and decision making faculties.

So anyway with such things in mind and knowing that I have gone through multiple levels and awareness and raised threshold and so on, I do feel more comfortable returning to some subjects and topics previously avoided or “out-of-bounds”.

So anyway typical works that I was previously unaware of, can be pointed to as pretty good resources, on a number of so-called topics and debates, writer’s such-as Ingo Swann and Russell Targ who were in part responsible for some of those Stanford Research Institute (SRI) CIA testing of so-called PSI realm abilities and interestingly Ingo Swann (in particular) provides information on research that was taking place in other laboratories and halls of study realms throughout the Globe, everything from Indian tribal studies to Soviet Materials and Chinese Materials, he seemingly manages to effortlessly and easily integrate rather large collections of IDEAS and handed down teachings and lessons and learnings from very many resources.

You do find that some of the more “OUT THERE” books often have Intriguing Titles and-or fancy graphical covers and so on, that can sometimes cause you to dismiss them, though they do when looked at and so on provide more AH-HA’s than much of the chaff that they are found amongst.

So anyway yes the resource of the resource, what was interesting for myself was that huge amounts of research has been done and carried out within research laboratories and halls of science, that we wanting HONESTY TRUTH AND ANSWERS (as seekers) typically might demand be carried out, though often passes under the so-called Societal Radar, as not the done topic or thing to promote or write upon.

Anyway so many an issue returns us to those more adult areas such as sex and sexuality and of course, there are differing levels and views and ways of understanding such materials, usually based in your current level of awareness and development and all that JAZZ.

Interestingly within some of the quoted Halls of Science Papers are information’s that may well be suggested to be those MINORITY REPORTS that are INCONVENIENT TRUTH’S to given Countries Establishment’s and so on.

In fact if what is in some of Ingo Swann’s books is true, then British Scientist Establishment is well aware of many such things, and can hang it’s head in shame.

Unfortunately, the information and indeed OUTCOME’S of many of the experimentations, typically suggests that the INCONVENIENT TRUTH is something outside of the CONTROLLABLE or desired MATERIAL (so to speak).

The Material World IDEOLOGY is of course the predominant one within the UK (from my own experience) and it is only in raising Threshold and indeed so-called VIBRATION that you seemingly get those breakthrough’s or breakouts from such things.

What else is interesting, again and again is this IDEA that we can go to a transcendent place outside of so-called regular recorded ideas of space/time.  Likewise what has also been found are that even though I myself (for example) thought that the IDEA that “Thoughts become things” was kind of true, and the reality of very many peoples having a radio head, it has been found in Laboratory research for example that many TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION is surpassed or even discounted within so-called HIGHER TRANSCENDENT LEVELS.

By that I mean that I, said I liked the IDEA of having a stable or steady state of mind, that was not constantly confused and conflicted and previously suggested and spoke upon fears as to having had things such as metal teeth fillings and pins within bones and so on, acting as transmission like conduits.

METAL CAGE like experiments as to PSI abilities have suggested that such things can be discounted as to cause effect.  Likewise of course Paul Scheele Speaks as to MIRROR NEURONS within the brain and again we typically think in terms of “elements” and periodical tables.  So I have these metals or other elements within my body chemistry that causes or produces these EFFECTS.

Even a number of those factors have been discounted within research, suggesting that the quest for what is missing from this EQUATION continues.  Hence perhaps so much focus on DARK MATTER and so on.

Anyway of course, most who took up meditation and Holosync perhaps come to see that instead of HIGHER VIBRATIONS being some troublesome and difficult to achieve state from LA-DI-DA Budhist like teaching’s that with regular practice and usage you can in quite rapid time go higher and higher and have or experience ah-ha upon ah-ha and indeed finding the Words or Language for such things can in and of itself become difficult to descriptive in terms of EXPERIENCE.  You perhaps either blessed with a large descriptive vocabulary or are not.

Anyway I found myself wondering if there is a reason for very many of the debates and clearly of course you return to whether something is regarded as a generalised given within your belief or mind set or whether further breakdowns can aid in going beyond a given seeming plateau.

We do of course find over and again, that in peoples and population terms, LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATORS are often what many a person seemingly gets themselves in a muddle or confusion about.

So Who else?  Well I have criticised some areas and topics of Science for not EXPLAINING things well enough, though it can in reverse be suggested that many of us simply have not UNDERSTOOD many a topic and issue and debate well enough.

Again Cultural Doctrines and rationalisations and STEREOTYPES are up for debate, even with Global Communications and broader and wider scope for research into very many a lifestyle choice and so on, very many revert to DEEPER CULTURAL BELIEFS and behaviours and actions and all the rest of those things. We in Britain perhaps swing from so-called REPRESSIVE stiff upper lip fortitude to somewhat overly extremist tendencies as to what is and what is not acceptable.

Clearly we can side step many issues once Threshold is raised though, that mindset of “IF I CAN JUST GET OR ACHIEVE THE NEXT LEVEL” everything will make sense, can be quite ELUSIVE.

Each Level seemingly provides a new set of problems as well as ah-ha’s all of its own.

So yes, I do not necessarily require or need to purchase and study the materials of what went before within the history books and bibliographies, though you do get a feel or thought for where IDEAS originate and with an expanded map of reality and accelerative approach to learning, more choice and options can seemingly give you further insights into where you are going wrong or misleading yourself and so on.

We typically think of the requirement for balance and such things can of course be brought about within the hemispheres between our ears through regular meditative practice and understanding what the differing aspects of the brain do.  We also of course have the Rule of Law and so on within many a Society, justice typically exampled through some statue holding a scales or justice.

The interesting thing for myself when thinking upon Science is of course that the further I advance with LA-DI-DA the smaller the Scientific World or mindset and element becomes.

They say you only use 10% of your brain within some spheres, and I would suggest that even that can be misunderstood, from a PARTICLE and WAVE VIBRATION perspective.

It does seem that given our basic human needs and requirements that you do of course want to be able to use your creative powers and ESP abilities if such things are available to yourself, though likewise it is easy to fall into those self-fullfilling prophecies, some that are perhaps good whilst others debatable, unless you are able to rise above a time line or step-back from some brink or the window from which you currently EXPERIENCE the World and so on.

So yes it can perhaps be good to undertand metaphor and analogy and indeed the reasons why some research is decided to be fruitful and irrefutable whilst other research is perhaps regarded as unverifiable beyond the mind of any given reader/writer or individual person.

The inside job, idea and spiritual beings living a human existence does tend to become more and more of a seeming reality as you go higher and higher within the courses and it could of course be the reason why so many take the slow road, and develop and practice and so on at lower levels in order to benefit once moving on to the higher levels.

I of course can still seek to ask those questions and indeed seek to be creative and develop remedies of some description for myself.  It does seem that however much we may want to escape or otherwise IDEAS as to IMPERMANENCE that REALITY as understood through SCIENCE or LA-DI-DA has IDEAS all of its own.

So yes, I cannot tell peoples what they should or could be doing thinking and feeling and acting out and so on, though do suggest that the reason I take that approach is down to EXPERIENCE and the World you Experience through the Technologies found on is a very differing World to the one you may well find yourself currently experiencing.

I forgot to mention Roger Penrose, he another Scientist, who is well regarded, and I do have one or two of his books within my collection and indeed many such Teachings, Lessons and Learnings, do seemingly require higher places upon the hill to genuinely understand what such folks are saying and explaining, as to the physics of the Universe and so on, as it is presently or currently believed to be.

I myself can of course wonder who won when it comes to Batman versus Superman, though one does as one progresses get the impression that it may well be in one’s own interests to consider an integrative approach to such characterisations.

The HIGHLANDER IDEA as to supernatural beings among us, competing for some Ultimate like prize, does also seemingly take on a whole new meaning, when looked upon from a more enlightened perspective and indeed the acquiring of new knowledge and teachings and learnings and experience.

The physical World can of course be demonstrably transcended, though I also think that the so-called things within the Physical World can go through transcendent like states and so on, the idea that a rock can become a transcendent rock is of course, a what are you talking about, until you consider that at some deeper or higher level everything is in FLUX or states of reality.  We think and believe in the solidity of all things, though such thinking even through SCIENTIFIC STUDY & RESEARCH shows us or demonstrates otherwise. Progress HUH, what is it good for.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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