So Identifying Data Information

So Identifying data like information is something that we most of us take for granted on a day to day basis without perhaps ever seeking to push into the realm of intuition or going from local to regional and international and so on.

A typical example was that I went to the BBC website this morning and noted a couple of news reports, and then typically seek to identify “components” that may or may not have stood out within my own local World.

So a story that stood out was that an alleged Drug Lord’s “Money Launderer” had been arrested.

Almost immediately I recalled having noted a Classic Street Launderette from a vehicle I was travelling in, when visiting some relatives.  There is one (Launderette) located quite close to the so-called ASDA roundabout on the A49.

Clearly the year or point in History is important, we are now currently 28/03/2016, because a few years earlier and possibly a few years later, it would not have been called “The Asda Roundabout” that name only appearing as a description when the Supermarket opened a nearby Store. Close to the South side bank of the River Wye.

Likewise another article pointed at an Older generation FA Football cup being evaluated by some TV show entitled, “The Antiques Roadshow.

I could not recall any immediate cup references that stood out, despite having a drink of coffee from a mug.  Then after a little thought I recalled a standout in terms of some game we had been playing that the daughter had on her Mobile Phone.  It was a type of Guessing Game, not all that differing from Charades (mentioned recently), where an ANSWER I had gotten stuck upon was CUPCAKE.

Someone had pointed at a cup and then made eating like mime’s and I did not seemingly have a mental reference or pointer for that particular combination of CLUES.

Elsewhere, on several news sites is an Article on how some Military Help line usage has doubled in its callers over the last couple of years.  This a phone line, for all Military Personnel to use independently of “CHAIN OF COMMAND” like structures and so on.  That GAP or Separation enables new recruits and veterans alike to report worries and concerns as to the life they have chosen for themselves.

Clearly multiple SCANDALS being highlighted in recent years, are potentially issues related to compliance and pressure.  Among any given group, you will typically find those who are only to willing to over step the mark as to acceptable behaviours.

Another issue of course is typically that of Comparison with the Garrison, whereby many an individual may have grown up playing a wide rack of Special Forces labelled games, and then in becoming regular Forces, they find that the edited highlight games of military life is not all that it is cracked up to be.  A simple TRUTH, that you will just as likely find members of Special Forces calling such helplines and so on as regular personnel.  Though clearly the topics and so on are ones that are often widespread among Military populations.

I wrote the above and linked it to my own Comparison with the Garrison type articles, because I genuinely could not think of any short term AH-HA’s as to story reference, beyond that being a PHONE LINE story and the games played with daughter and family were mobile phone Aps.

Storm Katie is seemingly making big Headlines related to weather, though in honesty no immediate linkage or reference triggers exist for myself beyond of course being divorced from someone of similar name.

Bombing in Pakistan? Well Family groups gather and some explosive or otherwise piece of news may cause arguments within any grouping, none were had within my own family get together. Though so-called Christian’s are a minority religion within places such-as India and Pakistan, so that possibly related to an ETHNO CENTRIC World View Squabble.  I listened in to a recorded Ken Wilbur Interview related to Superhuman Operating system, that he has outlined within his Integral like domain and teachings.

Progression of individuals and Society’s go through various phases of growth and perspectives of the World and so on, Integral offer a simplified kind of AH-HA enlightenment system, of the pointers along the way. I enjoy the Integral  books, and at some point would genuinely like to purchase such an online course, though I do also feel that many an aspect within it is material I have already encountered through the books and other modalities, that have come into being as a result of Ken Wilbur’s teaching.  again someone I had never heard of, though from a Meditative point of view and understanding how the INTEGRAL MODEL works or applies to just about all known World Model’s is a great teaching. So Ken Wilbur perhaps another Human Development Expert like Paul Scheele. Though I do kind of find a certain level of annoyance as to what is regarded as Superhuman and what is Evolving of a Species and so on.

Clearly we perhaps fall into those X-Men like debates as to REAL WORLD alleged “Normal” people versus Mutants. Again and again one kind of suspects that a FINE LINE EXISTS, as to interpretation of what can be read BETWEEN THE LINES.

Awareness of seemingly supernatural or Magical Powers is not the same as being able to regularly HARNESS such abilities etc.  Interestingly you fall into the SUBJECTIVE/OBJECTIVE debates over and again.  Though clearly self actualisation can occur for any individuals at any level of Society and so on.  Good Will Hunting a storied example of regular guy with Extra Ordinary Abilities, and perhaps those ELITE TROOPS demonstrate such things within the Military Sphere’s.

Likewise of course, the Royal Princes were both suggested to be below par in terms of Educational Expectancy, though have both gone on to Fly Helicopters and so on, perhaps a demonstration that whilst Elites may have advantage within pre-existing spheres of Influence and so on, that anyone can set out to EVENTUALLY ACHIEVE being a pilot or however, and then of course has to think about questioning Life Style choices and Strategies that are going to lead toward such Things.

One might be forgiven for thinking that alleged long term inbreeding among Aristocracy leads to them all being somewhat Ruprecht “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” in nature.

Yes no Bear Stories appearing though I do recall a reference to Rupert The Bear being mentioned at one point.

Going Lateral or non-linear some Article on Swift Action being made by Pakistan Premier or Leader Sharif.  I Shot the Sheriff, though I did not shoot no deputy, immediately sprang to mind, that a song from among ERIC CLAPTON’S back catalogue (I think) Derek and the Domino’s.

I have also watched CCTV footage of The 3rd Man who appears walking close-by to some now known suicide bombers, responsible for the Brussel’s airport explosions. Interesting for myself is that it appears that he is wearing some of those COMEDY GLASSES with false nose, am sure,that is not the case,though colour saturation and low level DEFINITION Camera makes it appear so.

Closest colour matching algorithm’s tend to cause such FALSE effects.  However I have again and again thought it to be Johnny Depp.  That the problem in that we all of us can recall some film or movie, where some famed actor utilised some combination of clothing DISGUISING there normal appearance.

The Usual External like commentating coming from Mr Trump as to personal safety when visiting abroad (For American’s) in truth such comments are quire neutral, all meaning of course comes from the receiver of such information and those mental chains and links and associations we ourselves make.

Hence so much MEDITATION time on my own part seeking to re-organise such things into more useful understanding’s etc.

The Release of a VR (Virtual Reality) Headset from some firm entitled Occulus has occurred as well of course as my watching some Roller Coaster VR ride. Not sure why you would go on a real roller coaster and then put a VR Headset on, though the demonstrator enjoyed it and gave a rave review.

So it in in fact quite easy to go from local to global and back again in doing those realm to realm, relationship to relationship type studies.

It is also when talking upon Human Development and so on, quite handy to have roadmap such as that outlined by Integral, though they can typically seem BORING in comparison to going straight to the MAGIVAL BELIEF set given through TV/FILM and indeed LA-DI-DA REALM Experts boasting of Supernatural Abilities, that are often simply zoned in and well practiced INTUITIVE capabilities that most or many of us can demonstrate at any time of life.

I think the Focus and Attention issue is one I will likely have to return to again, in reminding myself as to idea’s of NOW and indeed utilising course materials that better allow mental inner and outer World NAVIGATION, in understanding a SEPARATION Exists between SCALES AND MEASURES, whether through Human Development Experts or Science Realm Experts or La-Di-Da Realm experts.

We do seemingly see DENIAL again and again from many Such Leaders and so on.

As though what they are teaching does not seemingly induce the Supernatural Super Powers in the rest of us, that they themselves seemingly have.

WINK and a NOD possibly the reasoning, though likewise of course, given that most folks are given to playing HARD NOSED or HARD BALL GAMES of Everyone else is this that or the other than myself, I do think a certain level of Wisdom Exists, in drawing one’s own CONCLUSIONS, based in what is occurring through the teachings and Feedback and Return like systems for ourselves.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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