Oh That Is Frustrating

So I recently on amazon purchased a so-called pre-release book, in the sense that when the official release date occurs, said book would be downloaded to my Kindle related emulator.  I do not have a Amazon Kindle Device, so much as alternative devices with a Kindle Software Package downloaded upon them.  Enabling myself the benefit of storing large book collections in single gadgets as well as on-line clouds.

Anyway the date given when I made the pre-order purchase was today 29/03/2016.  When I turned my primary Kindle related gadget on, I fully expected that some automated download sequence would occur and I would be able to start browsing and reading and so on and so forth.  How-ever when that sequence of events did not occur, I investigated and the date now being shown for said release date of purchase is 31/03/2016.  The book has actually been widely available in physical book form since last year, though is perhaps rather hefty in size, hence my own preference for a Digital Copy.

When I first began throwing myself into the Learning strategies Photoreading kinds of realms and research (A year or two after my beginning of Meditating with Holosync), I quickly came to the conclusion that Digital was the way to go with the book collection, far too many exploratory and research materials that I may not want to read multiple times were gradually taking up space that I personally felt could be put to better usage.

I mention that of course partially as a description of my morning and indeed recent news as to the decimation in the United Kingdom of so-called Public Libraries.

Whilst many Corridors of Power and indeed Hall’s of Study have on-site Library’s for those fortunate enough to have or gain access, many of us first experience books and reading through visits to a Public Local Library, I do think such places could re-invent themselves to a certain extent with not only the older generation books that they possess, though with the introduction of on-line access to greater Library type resources.

I am sure Companies with VAST databases of book’s such-as Amazon, could also consider some NEGOTIATED PUBLIC SERVICE USAGE, for Library’s and so on, if they have not already.

I know when the Original NHS was set up that in its early years, many a drug therapy advancement and so on, came about through the public purse buying or purchasing power that was often not available on local-by-local systems of regional development.

What does that mean?

Well a Big Population Centre, can typically through regional taxes and so on, often generate far more money’s than can some smaller regional population centre’s and so on.   A kind of Health Communism through National Insurance Contributions, spread the load, through the idea that Health is one of those areas or topics that most peoples and persons at any time of life may have a strong vested interest in.

The same (when War came) can of course be suggested about Universal Military Powers, rather than localised regiments and so on, seen through History.  That was in part the reason also for Rail Nationalisation, though of course, again and again we see that on an individual basis we any of us can struggle with the Number’s when it comes populations and so on.

Anyway the book I wanted was not available, I have to continue to wait for a further day-or-two.

Meanwhile I do seem to currently or presently have a rather STRONG FOCUS on issues as to CONSCIOUSNESS Research and so-called BIOLOGY.

Believe it or not despite huge advances within Science, very often Physics being the leading Light of the Science’s, Biology has often seemingly been the OUTLIER when it comes to multiple topics of PHILOSOPHICAL DEBATE.

So, I have of course read and purchased multiple books, on these topics both Historically and again now, suggesting that I either did not fully appreciate what I was reading, or indeed sub or non-consciously was in further requirement of information and learnings on particular areas of endeavour.

Yes you can research materials in both favour of present bias or indeed get new perspectives.

I actually find that some Physics Writers are pretty broad minded, as are Spiritual type Leaders such-as Deepak Chopra.

Though when you go into the so-called realms of alleged PSYCHIC ABILITIES or PHENOMENA the area is of course often rushed into the BRANDING CUL-DE-SAC known as Pseudo-Science and therefore akin to the PLAGUE within the Rank and File of Hard Core Materialist based Sciences, even though most peoples and persons throughout the entire Globe, have a belief on some level that such things do genuinely exist within their own Experiential Life, whether some life-saving intuition, or the missing of an accident through being late, or not following a usual given routine or ritual and so on.

Anyway I recently mentioned peoples such-as Russell Targ and Ingo Swann, though another perhaps interesting point of view I read a year or two ago is provided by Dean Radin within his book on Consciousness, a well put together Explanation as to the differences between all-encompassing LA-DI-Da doctrines and beliefs and those that in having shown promise, have been put through the so-called Scientific Method and Statistical Analysis.  In fact modern Number Crunching Analysis and Meta Analysis does put or shine a new light on previously dismissed as Hocum research.  Those factors I mentioned recently as to probability and so on.

Again you do find that some books are seemingly excessive in price whilst others are quite moderate. I seemingly find myself optioning both at differing times, though again such information is relative to your income.

An advertised book for myself that I will likely buy / research soon is “Biocentricity” (Robert Lanza), though this perhaps in part because of where my research is leading and quite simply Where Biology is at in relation to Consciousness and SOUL and QUANTUM PHYSICS and indeed METRICS as was mentioned by Sam Horn.

So even though I have huge numbers of books containing both aligned and conflicting information.  I simply go where the present intuition takes myself.

Likewise given the opportunity to Advertise and Promote The One Day Event

Super Power’s Super You


On the 16th April 2016, I did find myself wondering as to how any of us would DEFINE and-or indeed DESIGN such Powers.

What is a Super Power, How Can I myself gain this Superpower in order to fulfil the being Super You part of the Criteria and on and on.

Clearly as a youngster and indeed adult I can read and watch story’s of comic book Super Hero’s and indeed when particular ABILITIES are demonstrated by peoples within Society, in true real life circumstance, I can adopt an admire and aspire philosophy, or indeed option some Skeptical Position of peoples not utilising there Noggin for CRITICAL THINKING.

Interestingly of course, many a course, encourages this internal conflict, though also perhaps gives those breakout insights and breakthroughs to an all new developmental Model of reality and so on, especially when stimulus and meditative Technologies are seemingly used.

I have of course recommended books that perhaps, go against the alleged Scientific World and that is because from my own Existential Point of View and personal subjective experience, I do generally have a BELIEF as to many a presently UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA.

Science of course is about seeking to say, oh that is interesting, let us research and experiment and see if such things are not only replicable but able to be put to good usage.

Unfortunately, you do time and again find that early experience (in many a case of the Scientists themselves), whether through schooling or higher education, often promotes and owes its very existence to staying on the SAFE SIDE of Group Cultures and Scientific Culture is in fact little differing.  Paper’s go for Peer Review and things such-as Experimented Effects are expected to be replicable, even though most Peers are unlikely to try to replicate such things, so a HUGE CONFIRMATION BIAS PHALLACY EXISTS within Science, of taking each other’s word for many things.

So yes, how might one go about attaining Verifiable Super Powers?

I know of course that I can shut my eyes and imagine regenerating like Dr Who or transporting to some alternative realm location, or indeed being bitten by a Spider and Gamma radiation causing its way through my body causing a Super transformation, though how much of that is useful as an exercise and how much is METAPHOR for Cross Realm Interpretive capability or capacity in other spheres of information or Life.

I mention that Consciousness book by Radin (for example) because he mention’s a quite well known and popular intuitive phenomena as knowing you are being STARED AT.

This intuition was actually written within a Sherlock Holmes Story, though is also well known throughout most Society’s.  You are minding your business perhaps reading or some other activity and you get that feeling that you are being watched or stared at, or thought of, when you stretch to Telepathic like issues and affairs.

Clearly telepathic abilities is also known and demonstrated within intuition’s among family members, picking up the phone and already knowing who is calling etc.

So anyway many such a thing can of course be regarded in both good and bad terms.

I know for example, that being stared at might simply be through some straight forward ATTRACTION issue, or indeed OBSERVATIONAL ISSUE, sit on a bench and watch passers-by, or indeed quite simply through HATE and MALICE and NEGATIVE topics and issues, such-as jealousy, control and power issues and so on.

The problem (if it is a problem) in such circumstance is of course, how to clear out the flotsam and jetsam (often suggested to be like attracts like) that causes a negative reaction (or otherwise) within yourself.  Assuming as we all know that other peoples and persons are outside of our control.

So my own experience, is quite simply that some of these topics fall under, that grab the bully by the horns book of Sam Horn, whereby A bully is a bully is a bully, and indeed raising threshold and maintaining nice thoughts and feelings for yourself in the face of such individuals.

Yes we may or can run away or leave some Environment, though that typically of course likely to become a BAGGAGE ISSUE of wherever you are, you still have those parameters and attributes and values, that can likely lead to the same issue over and again.

Much like Bill Harris suggested within his own life it seemed like he met the same Women in a differing Body over and again, others among us can say the same, not only in terms of Male/Female terms (females can say the same about many a bloke, though one must recall the differing non-integrated mental models that men and women are often EXPECTED to follow) but in terms suggested as to those INTEGRAL like Levels and Stages of Human development.

So we can change our own behaviour and we can clear out Negative Historical self-talk (potentially) and indeed be flexible enough in our own thinking to out manoeuvre or stick to our own guns and beliefs as to what is perhaps a greater good and so on.

Yes some areas are troublesome and difficult and those things can often be found within Classroom’s as to unruly pupils disrupting class, unruly workmates disrupting a team or group or working life culture, or indeed interpretation of domestic disputes by the Police or Social Services.  Many a RECOMMENDED ask for HELP, is useless, because you typically find yourself having to jump through various REALM HOOPS in order to QUALIFY for Help, or find that the Boss or line management take the side of the DIFFICULT or disruptive worker through being a friend or relative. So many a real life alleged REMEDY is this one that they keep you jumping instead of actually accommodating the NEED, or indeed ask you to fit some expected impossible CRITERIA.

So yes we can QUESTION EVERYTHING, and indeed seek to make ourselves more adaptable and malleable as to what we can and cannot do.

It does seem again and again that any alignment of beliefs and development comes with its own pitfalls or unconsidered side effects and so on.

So whilst many a Religious type model based in IDEAS as to LOVE for all things, is often castigated or critiqued in Society as being for the weak and soft and so on, or indeed misrepresented as going beyond ROLE MODEL CRITERIA, you do find that a model such-as that proffered by INTEGRAL can BRIDGE many of the false doctrines and belief set’s we have as to what constitutes weakness and strength and power and otherwise, going through the Stages and Developmental Model.

So Consciousness and Biology and Maps Of Reality are seemingly where I am currently focussed and studying.

I did wake up wanting to investigate so-called META-PHYSICS, though that typically comes under the jurisdiction of Philosophy and that led to Science and so on in the first place.

Many doctrine seems to suggest that simply philosophical attitudes and platitudes are not enough in the modern World, where Progress is accelerating and Existential Questions have to be answered and so on.

I suggested that a Niche is best found and practiced until expertise is decided upon, though likewise within the INTEGRAL model, there is room for developed expertise at any of the developmental stages and across any of the spheres of interest, the FRAMEWORK provided perhaps fits the MODULARITY styled fashion or manner that I personally prefer and like.

So you have a Living breathing Cosmos or Universe, that has many questions, some answered and others unanswered and indeed new measuring methods and scales allow for research to delive back into the Historical Archive and revisit OLD IDEAS with new methods etc.  The Atom I think was first suggested by Archimedes, despite no known fashion or manner as to IDEAS of PROOF, that came far later within the Historical record.

Interestingly of course, that Higher Level of Transcendance, or timeless realms and so on, are seemingly far easier assessed through non-developed tribal rituals, than heavily saturated Western science rituals.

It suggested both by Science and religion or realms such-as Budhism that we have many veils to CLEAR-SEEING, or many OBSTACLES, that obstruct our abilities to go beyond normal day-to-day perceptions and so on.

I given, several years of somewhat hardcore, assisted Meditation and Study can concur with those ideas, especially when you take into account the way in which the Brain Reorganises itself following particular kinds of stimulus.

Why were those things not naturally occurring within myself, as they seemingly do within others?

Especially as I know that I can claim to have first-hand experience of multiple Threshold raising activities, that perhaps part of the issue of repetitions of story, we can hold.

Whereby in having a massive mental clear-out and the stopping of watching huge amounts of TV/FILM meant that I was creating space whilst at the same time not refilling repetitions of generational scripts within such spheres.

Yes both good and bad exist, though in human development terms, it could well be that modern society and TV/Radio/Film and Newspaper and Books etc, can overwhelm our senses, though if we are peoples and persons without a predisposed position toward Overwhelm, then we could find ourselves in trouble.

Until I began meditating with Holosync, I was unaware just how much of an Ocean or Sea the human brain may well be for many of us.

Yes I was thinking of metaphor also.

I imagined this idea of the difference between

jumping from a Bridge into a River


Jumping from a bridge onto the back of a moving train or car or lorry


The confusion lies in this:-

When you jump into the River, the river that you jumped into moves about yourself and continues its journey (unless you get carried along with the FLOW) in which case if you stand still in the river, much like the idea of Now, you constantly have a new now or moment by moment experience, of new river, yes we find the idea of river as a collective idea of water troublesome.

Anyway when you jump from a bridge onto a moving train, or vehicle, you do usually either fall of immediately (within some film realms) or indeed move along with the moving vehicle that you are now upon.

So the stationary position might perhaps seem like that battle against nature and the odds, where the going with the Flow might seem most appropriate, though likewise given the ideas that Quantum Physics has to IDEAS as to ENTANGLEMENT it can often be the WISEST CHOICE to clearly decide on what the Flow is that you are going with.

Some levels of Flow might seem most appropriate from a family or group or societal herd like level, whilst other’s might simply be completely alien to the way in which you think and feel and act in the World.

So yes the more you can redefine how you see yourself within the World and the relationships to the World, the more choice and options you perhaps have.

Anyway this drifted once again into requirement to partially rant, not sure on TRIGGERS, though clearly one often has to adopt the CURIOSITY of BEGINNERS MIND and start over and over again.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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