So I Perhaps Having One

So I perhaps going through one of those momentary topics as to I am bored wth writing the same repetition day after day, or how can I make what I am writing more interesting.

I can also of course go into

Dear Diary Mode

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I found myself taking the opportunity to cook a Roast Chicken Dinner with full vegetable trimmings, typically having been single for a number of years, I have mostly fallen into the “ready meal” or quick cooking criteria and living models.

I have historically made the effort to cook meals such as roasts and then use them over several days, such-as through freezing and so on, though it quickly becomes tiresome eating the same day after day etc.. Hence generally thinking or finding that the quick and convenient behaviours are better, though that often leads or contributes to a more unhealthy diet based around junk foods.

Anyway spending time in the kitchen can be a fun and time filling activity and also gives the daughter an opportunity to demonstrate her cooking skills and abilities, when she is visiting.

The meal was excellent, even if that opinion does come from a cook’s own bias.

Whilst eating I also found myself watching some TV programme entitled MARVEL: AGENTS OF SHIELD.  I have of course seen and liked many a Marvel Film, though am not really familiar with the TV Shows.  The daughter watches and enjoy’s them, and I did recognise one or two characters from the Film’s making appearances.

One episode seemingly related to some ancient Asgard Berserker Staff having been split into 3 parts and hidden around the globe.  The Agent team in a race against some Nazi youth cult to retrieve the parts of the staff and of course the Original Asgard Berserker Warrior is hidden in plain sight as part of the story.

Another episode seemingly featured some Cyber Soldier like individual’s who have been given enhanced abilities through the addition of Technology Implants.  Though typically they are using such things as part of the “Bad Guy” realm teams.

Yes all very inspiration to younger generations I am quite sure, though in doing WITNESSING, following any TV/FILM book and so on, we can go out and about in our normal reality (so to speak) and having those MEDIA references, tends to TRIGGER such relational AH-HA’s within your immediate consciousness and World.  So those staff parts were hidden in Norway, Spain and Ireland, and I might find myself seeking out relational news articles.

Likewise yesterday I mentioned Spider and strangely see a Sky News Ancient Spider Story this morning.

Even more humerous I thought was Global Billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation Australian Telegraph  reporting that an Australian University is rewriting OFFICIAL Australian History.  captain Cook being now written as an INVADER type individual rather than Explorer and so on.

I laughed because I thought well Both are perhaps true, though clearly LANGUAGE and INTERPRETATION is perhaps where many a TRUTH LIES, as I said or suggested previously Between the lines, many a mixed message holds elements of truth, dependent upon your own attitude and politics perhaps. Though I was actually surprised that Aussies do not regard themselves as the Son’s and Daughters of Invading Prison Colonists etc.

Perhaps that a SIGNAL that we are in some form of SILLY SEASON.

Now I also received further information from Learning Strategies as to the Super Power’s Super You event on the 16th April 2016. Including New Banners and a Video Link to the introduction Video.

Anyway I of course watched the opening video partially out of curiosity and partially because it has been filmed in a quite interesting Location.  A Local Art Centre, where many a Learning Strategies family and Friends perhaps lives and uses as part of the local community.

so we see Donald Duck in the Background, and I of course known to have utilised Mickey Mouse Sorcerers Apprentice as my Facebook Avatar for several years.  Although beyond Sorcerers Apprentice, I generally actually found the Duck Tales and other characters more interesting.  That possibly a pointer for Americans as to Donald Trump marching toward the US Presidency.

Clearly Paul Scheele is CEO of Learning strategies (I think) so I hope he is not poking Fun at his long time buddy and pal President Pete Bisonnette, although the only Disney character I am aware of is perhaps famed legendary Villain PEG LEG PETE.  lol.

No I should not laugh, because of course I think I am perhaps the only one, to have come close to being a Peg Leg, or Long John Silver.

As an Aside, Whatever Happened to Talking Birds and Parrots and other animals within ye olde shipping tales and so on.  Some of us actually quite like those classical images and interactions.

So yes I watched the opening and yes found myself thinking again on the topic of Super Powers and what constitutes or defines such things.  Paul Scheele did give or provide his own list and of course anyone familiar with his life times work, know’s that he is perhaps focussing on some pull-out type topics and areas of interest, from a rather larger broad range of courses, lessons and learnings and so on.

Anyway I also found myself thinking as to what I had said regarding Holosync 2.0 and felt somewhat inclined to give it another go, I perhaps this week being on holiday existing in regular daytime hours, so a possibility for myself is that at the lower levels within multiple courses I am disadvantaged (or indeed possibly advantaged) through living irregular hours and being a Night Worker.

Anyway in keeping with the theme, I also found myself wondering again as to so-called Super Power’s.

Bill Harris of course spoke on famed Monk, who spent so many years meditating to become Happiest person in the world and a great deal of research and material is provided as to the benefits of the Gamma Compassion, Monk’s Brain wave patterns etc.

This is potentially where I in my own lack of personal wisdom perhaps get some of these ideas and philosophies WRONG.

Why do I say that, well of course it does always seem that no matter how high up the mountain you are, someone else is looking down and laughing at your fool hardiness or saying yep, I remember that one happening to me too.

So my thoughts as to what would I do with access to MRI scanners and acting as PROOF Positive of the benefits of my product, would of course be to likely go down the so-called Super Power’s route as provided by fiction.

Yes this Product will not make you Super Man, though it will replicate the brain wave patterns of those who demonstrate Telekinetic Powers,  of peoples who demonstrate Psychic Powers and so on, and so forth.

Clearly when it comes to belief and indeed SALES, there is perhaps a SAFE SIDE and an OUTRAGEOUS, and of course it can often be the OUTRAGEOUS that get all the Attention, though likewise that is often expected to be supported with demonstrable EVIDENCE.

Many a sales philosophy and technique is seemingly based on this model of the model, you to can live the life of your dreams, if you follow this easy to follow guide by my Hero etc.

So yes me simpleton Dave, would DO TESTS and STICK PROBES into those claiming such powers in order to see if they can be reproduced in others.

Belief of course more malleable than you think.  I know for example that even with his Paraliminal’s Paul Scheele tells listeners to only collate and utilise information that fits various shapes and forms of the Goals you may or may have not set within doing a course.  I have within some Modalities actually found that it is his own guidance that fits the ignore or do not include criteria for some given choices and aspects.

Anyway yesterday I also spoke on this IDEA of living breathing Universe or Cosmos that is self aware and does much as the Budhists suggest, is going no where and not doing anything, just a presence or stillness. Nothing to Prove (perhaps how we humans interpret such things, I do not have to prove or answer to you).

Anyway much time filling activity has been brought about, in mankind seeking to better understand the Cosmos and Universe and so on. Eventually after great confusions with languages and so on, at some point mathematics typically kind of took over, because numbers do have a kind of Universalness about them, not only to World Wide Audience, but to those wishing and desiring to exchange teachings lessons and learnings without having the dicculties associated with layers of translators and so on.

Anyway The Holographic Universe IDEA is this one that even if PEG LEG PETE loses his Leg, it does not matter because in Theoretical Terms, each and every Cell within his person or being, already contains the ENTIRE & COMPLETE INFORMATION of the WHOLE.

The issue, without meditation is seemingly how to bring such awareness about or indeed on-line, removing those veils and years of confusions and conflicts and so on.

Likewise I mention mathematical Models, because many a modelling system studied by myself via AI RESEARCH and indeed often based in seeking to copy nature and so on, led to particularly good Physics like engines that do a great Modelling the real world function.

Fractal Mathematic and indeed so-called Golden Ratio within the Art World lend themselves particularly well to Ideas as the Universe as a Hologram and so on.  Though clearly usually every advancement in Science is followed by some further head scratching as to what next or what have we missed that caused this failure of Hypothesis etc.

In fact I was thinking that in some ways a Holosync 2.0 kind of made myself think of the So-called Turing Test, taking a LEAP OF IMAGINATION and pretending that 2 is TU, so the tu ring test, is like those call your mom/boyfriend/girlfriend/home kinds of debates in some ways and not in others of course.

Yes so early on and given my background and perhaps living location and so on it did kind of seem that the abandon hope all who exist here philosophy is required though gradually many a choice or decision or historical drama (not of my own making) can be seen in the light of Hindsight and NEW PERSPECTIVES and ANGLES etc.

Anyway, I went through Holosync 2.0 again and having slept at Night found myself waking up kind of knowing I had been dreaming, unsure why such effects do not occur daytime.

Anyway whilst meditating, I typically sometimes seek to control and direct where my visioning is going, and on other occasions I simply let what occurs occurs.

So I was thinking about the fact I had finished my Toblerone, that I purchased myself for Easter, a family member had also joked about weapons on a plane and what would you use in self-defence or to take out a Terrorist, many a person decides upon some carry-on like ITEM purchasable within DUTY FREE Zones and so on.

Those little bottles of alcohol and someone once said a GIANT TOBLERONE.  I laughed because whilst I do love them as an occasional, many a person can be known to complain as to how hard they are to break even into the chunks and so on.

going on a Flight? Keep your Toblerone to hand.

That also of course lends itself exceptionally well to the TRIANGLE often utilised within many a Budhist type teaching, as to lower left and right corner and the Apex, the Duality gradually working toward a Singularity.

What they perhaps fail to show you, is that the APEX on your 1st level Holosync can become the lower left or right of the next triangle up for level 2 and so on.

In fact again, it is quite amazing how such things lend themselves toward graphics and Fractal Algorithms and Holographic Universe and so on.

Such things do have to of course being EXPERIENCED for yourself, as much as any of the top or long term peoples might want to tell us, such things are probably like Future Alien’s giving fire to the Neanderthal’s.

I can also I think remember that one of the very first musical instruments I encountered at Nursery or Primary School was in fact, one of those Triangle’s.  I mentioned my failure to get into the Music Lessons, though in the compulsory like years and classes, I think I was typically the one left holding the Triangle ready for my BIG MOMENT when the Triangle had to be hit at some point within a Given musical production or score.  Even worse I do think that whilst it did not happen for myself, I do imagine the embarrassment as to the potential to be out of sync or time, to early or to late typically easily spotted by many a person.

I also found myself drifting into thoughts of Gardening and indeed Woodland Trecks, I did when far younger go with groups out to Haugh Woods (something like that) and that was a good place to go walks and picnic and so on, not sure now of course though “in my day” blah blah.

I also due to thinking on Donald Duck found myself wondering as to Fun Fairs Rides, I mentioned that recent VR Headset and rollercoaster ride, and thinking about such things during meditation, kind of brought some genuine real life recalls of such things for myself all kind of intermixed, everything from Hereford May Fair, to visits to Alton Tower’s and Barry Island and Blackpool Leisure Beach and so on.  In fact I did find that the closed eye meditative experience was genuinely quite EXHILERATING as though those accounts or memories were being relived.

Likewise one can wonder as to how much bottled thoughts and feelings, occurred on such occasions, having a belief in your mental fortitude and your physical bodies reaction to G-FORCES and so on, are two very differing things.

This is exampled in just how many real life pilots experience BLACK OUT during training or other activities.

It does not matter how tough or brave or macho etc you think yourself, your physical body can perhaps have a mind of its own.

That is why as you advance with meditation, you often go from thinking such things a MIND or BRAIN activity to a WHOLE BODY EXPERIENCE. not sure how advanced anyone has to be to experience such things, though I myself was pleasantly surprised when what I thought was simply HEAD STUFF kind of became my own entire BEING and so on.

Especially in seeking out a more steady mental state to live and exist within, in understanding the World and so on.

Yes so anyway.  I perhaps still pondering on what Super Powers means to myself and how I may go about them, those proffered and provided by Learnings Strategies and indeed by Centerpointe Reseach Institute are pretty good starting points.

Though I of course perhaps still stuck in that Magical Level for some things in wanting genuinely accurate and precise PSI like abilities and functioning that I myself can see and trust and so on.

yes many courses lend themselves to such things, though clearly TRAUMA whether regarded as good bad or neutral can ALTER someones focus and attention etc, to the extent that the required discipline or parameters and values etc, are simply unattainable with any kind of consistency.

I think the BODY itself has a mind of its own and if some SUPER POWER REQUIREMENT  infringes on ability for continued existence or something, a higher executive function cuts the circuit or creates some SABOTAGE.

Yes so sabotage can be good and bad, from the point of view suggested yesterday.  You are late for a meeting and the bus you would have traversed upon is involved in an accident.


Most Teachers I think decide that taking your own fate into your own hand can be the best philosophy, though likewise the best teachers, I have bought and purchased products from are not those, screaming and shouting and making false claims as to who you yourself are and how you regard yourself in the World and so on.

Some tactics and strategies that some folks think are good such-as REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY (being a typical example) are completely USELESS, because they can often make to many an assumption of the peoples and persons you are interacting with and what and how they themselves act and so on.

The miscommunications between groups and peoples and so on continues unabaited in many an area of life, though clearly in taking up enlightenment and awareness teachings and coaching’s I know many a person has an improved VIEW and ATTITUDE to good/bad behaviours and so on.

W can be our own best friends or indeed our own worst enemies, I have little interest in enemies, though likewise I have little interest in false labels and inappropriate pigeon holing.

I can genuinely say that in the years of studying much of these materials, I have seen the same behaviours and nonsense and so on from all quarters, whether Heterosexual or Foreign or gay or even at whatever level of society peoples regard themselves and I do see again and again that changes come quick and fast (in relative terms) once some meditative approaches are introduced into the pot of any troubled MIX.

you do find that RECIPE upon recipe seemingly options or gradually brings about change for the better, though clearly even taking a given course, or teacher to the next level can be an investment and so on. I know and do feel that perseverance is worthwhile, though likewise am sure that others fell by the wayside as to how long they might keep up some practices that require taking some time out of your life and so on.4


Thank you for reading, god Bless and Be Well 😉


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