You’ve Never Seen The Road Films

Yes so many years ago when younger I used to love older generation comedy and black and white films.

Among those films, were a series starring Bob Hope and Bing Crosby known as The Road Film’s.

Anyway twitter and elsewhere has begun a 100 day countdown to our British Athletes going to Rio in Brazil for the Olympics.

And I though I know, I will look up The Song Road to Rio, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby usually had a song within eah movie along the lines of, we’re of on the road to…

Anyway the search returned a full classic movie to I will show it here.

Elsewhere of course, I think one or two celebrities may have also seen my posting as they strangely went into vaudeville acts of there own.

Yes today has seen a greal said as to anti-semiticism, though likewise the insults are generally flying both ways.

Interestingly you see over and again that it is always the Jews regarded as the Target, though in fact further exploration, suggests it is so-called Speakers of Semitic Languages and that definitely includes both Jews and Arabs.  Hence my suggestion to always option deeper research into such matters, and become more discerning in how much notice you take of some SELF PUBLICISTS and what they are saying and teaching and so on.

I of course wrote the famed poem

So do you wish upon a star, one day I may know of who you are, until that day presents itself…

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ūüėČ



Quick Sweep It Under The carpet

So I this afternoon found myself watching an address given by @realDonaldTrump, much news and debate as to his campaign to become @POTUS (President of the United States).

So I sat and watched merely because as we are a Country often affected by what is occurring within the United States, it can be wise to keep a so-called eye as to what the state of flay and so on is over the Atlantic.

Yes he is actually a good speaker and worth listening too, and does not necessarily come across as extremist when you remove the Headlines etc, though in honesty he does seem something of a COMB-OVER Man, a lot of coverage has already covered his hair and so on, though I suspect that could well be returned to at some future point, quite simply he really may well be better of with a short haircut, though unfortunately such things are of course quite mind altering for some folks, short haircuts often linked to militaristic types and indeed strangely with some other surprising sectors of the populace when you take to such witness and monitoring.  Anyway yes, I have no idea who will win the presidential election on my birthday, though I do in all honesty suspect that if Mr Trump loses, his haircut could well have played apart, along with perhaps some as yet unknown scandal, that we all us us suspect must be there somewhere waiting to break, will it happen on the road or will it happen whilst in office? All speculation on my part of course, though one really cannot help think he must have some as yet unexplored reason to not be President.

The problem for most folks is of course 2nd Hand regurgitated news articles that are heavily skewered, biased and shaped by your usual Habits to a certain extent and these days also very much by computer systems that upon discovering you read this article within this magazine or newspaper previously continuously floods your news pages with pages from the same paper and so on.

Yes another pet annoyance about these things, I use to like a broad and varied amount of press articles appearing on my pad.

However when I purchased a Lenova and it asked if I wanted to sync it with my PAD the nightmares began.

Instead of syncing in with all the quite strict setting on the pad, the system attuned my pad to the Lenova, and I have now got a Laptop and a PAD bombarding myself with GARBAGE and TRASH that I most definitely do not want appearing on either.

Typical Example:  I clicked a link to some Daily Mirror article last year, and ever since my news links floods with Mirror articles, even though I will happily read some articles within the red-tops I more often than not prefer the broadsheets.

So now I have to go to the annoyance of ptobably having to block all this automated nonsense, because the system set-up is SHAPING in a way, manner and fashion that I would not choose for myself.

Turn of the automated crap and stop trying to FORCE what I read, write and think, and where I spend my time dime and money etc.

Yes anger is not something I want in my life, though these pet hates are exactly why I usually option really hardnosed and hardball choices on my computers and gadgets, because the automated systems come with the nonsense and bias of those wanting a return on there advertising revenues and not those of us who want and desire some discernment in what we are paying attention to.

What else, well all this Hillsborough stuff is still going on.  I did actually grow up a Liverpool fan (my mum is from up that way or neck of the woods etc), though strangely found myself stopping when King Kenny (Dalglish) childhood hero etc left the club.

Anyway I still think all those present have to take a certain apportion blame etc. and bombarding the rest of us with such information is irritating.

Elsewhere I found myself retweeting one or two articles, and typically doing a song for the day, though yes twitter is perhaps all to easy to get sucked into and distracted by in many ways.

Again I think the best option for myself is to switch of and tune out etc, the double edged sword being as to what will I do in replacement of such activities, especially if I want ot change or turn my life around and so on.

Yes the snooker is continuing apace, though as are many a World-Wide Global Sport, so as always and as I have repeated, you really do have to become quite astute and even quite focussed and dedicated as to what you are watching and following and so on, in order to have some high quality or accurate and precise translation system going on.

Elsewhere one or two minor scandals are also being high-lighted though it does appear that things are mostly being eased into mild mannered landscapes and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ūüėČ

So I Can Of course

So I can of course find it all to easy to go of and neglect this blog, though in fact such things are not as good an idea as they may be made out to be.

What have I been up to, well that little cartoon I posted a day or two ago, I also shared on twitter and it was in fact, retweeted by non other than Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), and it kind of went Global in terms of retweeting and likes and I guess that is the power of celebrity and so on.¬† He well known as a comic and cartoon’s fan and indeed much of his working life is perhaps spent around those kinds of fan bases and so on.

So that was quite amazing just getting notifications, that so and so bizarre name has retweeted/ liked your post etc.

Interesting of course, is that all the big personalities must surely have some level of organisational ability as it can very quickly descend into chaos as to organisation and where you are paying attention and so on.

Yes a great deal of press is going on in respect of Beyonc√© and Jay-Z though one can only typically speak from one’s own experience, and that is one of falsely being accused of cheating whilst being cheated upon.

Meditation such-as those found on can clear much mental flotsam & jetsam as to all those kind of debates via the raising of Threshold.

Else where we are seeing reports as to Hillsborough and again it is like a pendulum swinging from side to side, when it can clearly be demonstrated that ALL those present must surely bear some responsibility etc, singling out any one demographic in Tragedy’s rarely works, because many a person can get swept up or caught up in some Crisis that causes any number of rules and regulations and ideas as to fair play to go out of the so-called window etc.

The question then is one of training and experience to know how to handle such events in future, what are the lessons and learnings.

Whilst we can learn our lessons individually and personally, does not mean any given demographic crowd or grouping will think and feel any differently.

The Junior Doctor’s Strike has also taken place today, and whilst widely supported, I again do struggle whn it comes to such community based groupings pleading poverty, they often typically manage to gain support from working classes and so on, when those classes are often far far worse off, than those doing the “Crying Wolf”.

That perhaps part of the , you cannot put a price on your health issue, and again personal responsibility perhaps comes to the fore as to decisions and choices and options, and how any of us might act in such circumstance.

The other high-lighted topic is seemingly BHS going into administration and I cannot help to think there must be some subtle NHS/BHS parallel or link though clearly you perhaps have to play some ALPHABETIZING games of some description to see what such things might be.

Anyway this one a short

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ūüėČ

And Then I Saw This

This is in my opinion one of the greatest Animation on Animation kinds of tribute, that can be enjoyed in the so-called modern World.

Fantastic Phenomenal, I really wish I could animate and draw as these guys do, even if they are poking fun at one another etc.

and thank you @Independent for the links.

I sure hope this linking stuff works.

Here goes

So I Perhaps feeling A Little Down

So I am perhaps feeling at little down at present, unsure as to reason, though clearly peaks and troughs and highs and lows effect all of us, and I do find that even with having raised awareness and enlightenment and the ability to step back or away from many a hot topic of debate, I do just for the hell of it, kind of find myself seeking some new challenge or options and choices and so on.

So today I stayed up this morning following work and strangely over the last day or two found myself posting some older generation songs on Twitter.  this morning I sat and then kind of had a mini-time-warp like session where I literally started ploughing through songs I have not heard in many years.

I kind of went link and chains across multiple songs and performers, one perhaps triggering the next, and some very interesting combinations were to be found.

Prince is perhaps topping many Search algorithms at present, though many obviously promoting many of the tracks he did not record himself.¬† My favourites among those were typically 3 standouts.¬† Nothing compares to U (Sinead O’Conner) multiple songs from (The Bangles) and strangely (Tom Jones /Art of Noise) cover of Kiss.

Yes many a Prince song was perhaps best performed by the man himself, and his Batman Soundtrack was another within my collection, and perhaps links in with my references to markhamill@himself in the sense that he of course provides the voice of Joker for modern day cartoon interpretations of that classic comic book character.

I also listened to Bon Jovi and Survivor and Def Leppard who strangely did some work in recent years with Country Singer Taylor Swift, demonstrating that a great deal of Rock and Country and indeed Folk Music is often simply the interpretation and sound of the given instruments.

Most or many a guitar player can go acoustic and sound very differing from the electric versioning of similar tracks etc.¬† I also saw a¬†Prince Performance at the¬†George Harrison tribute concert, that was a standout playing “My guitar gently weeps” with¬†Tom Petty and several of American Midwest type musical luminaries.

So yes I then after that session, went straight to Twitter and began playing catch-up as to those whom I follow and what they have been saying and doing and interacting and so on.

You do find that you have perhaps gotten some IMBALANCE as to choice of follows and business interests versus personalities and indeed entertainments.

Often kind of finding that some systems must be truly on some automated keep pumping out the quotes and literature and so on.  I will perhaps have to unfollow some, because the OUTPUT, from the point of view of follower is just a continuous bombardment of repetitions of the me-me-me variety.

That is especially true of some of the American LOA community, which I find unfortunate (in honesty) because they typically could well be alienating or ruining the entire landscape for all-comers in particular market audience sectors and demographics.

Yes I have very few followers myself, though have not really cultivated a following and likewise I perhaps have been quite limited in how many variety of personality I do follow.

I perhaps NEWS MEDIA OUTLET  heavy with a small sprinkling of some individuals such-as Lord Sugar and Piers Morgan and one or two comics, anyway as suggested even those kinds of character in the UK at least are fairly discerning in what they pump out, Lord Sugar with various business interests, manages to have a set-up where you can choose and option following of business links and so on, as well as keeping the personality side of things fairly normal in output.

So anyway what I saw this morning was lots of Shakespeare Day pointers and promotions, so I though ah-ha I will get in on it, and grabbed a Shakespeares plays book and so on and started typing out some RANDOM open a page quotes and so on.

Yes he perhaps created many a short and sweet type of phrase that often manages to lend itself to smaller formats such-as your 140 letters in Twitter Account.  I generally of course avoiding links to blogs and other external sites, though I do of course have the medium account I could potentially greater utilise, as I did for some larger award ceremonies.

Yes so I output more myself in one morning than I perhaps have for a long time, and kind of perhaps had a getting it out of my system kind of attitude, whereby a conclusion reached was one of non-achievement and futility (why am I doing this).

I also of course looked at various news headlines, President Obama making a good impression I think, for those not biased as to politics, who simply want to see what the President is really like and so on. His pictures at Kensington Palace were quite enjoyable to view, of course, having a nose about a Royal Abode.¬† Prince George reminiscent of Sean Connery’s James Bond in Dressing Robe etc.

Yes one picture show on Sky News was at the front of the palace and the lighting from cameras and so on, caused a kind of SHADOW effect upon the wall behind the Royal’s and that Photo really just kind of grabbed my attention, as to the DETAIL of the pattern of the shadow and umbrella, not sure if Banksy had been passing and created the image or indeed the Umbrella Silhouette had myself thinking of those Umbrella on a beach pictures made famous by JACK VETRIANO.

So for what ever reason, I kind of went into a mini mental mood slump as to what next kind of thoughts and feelings, strange though true, you also (for someone with such a seemingly empty life as mine) find yourself disappointed when some folks have simply not published or broadcast.

So I will not say who I follow in great detail, though I generally seek to be pleasant and so on and do kind of seemingly form mental attachments to various publicists etc, who are noted for there ABSENCE, and indeed can sometimes cause mini-scare as to WHAT HAVE I DONE, have I offended a hero and been blocked from seeing there Tweets etc.

No you do of course as you grow older and so on, generally learn to toughen up and all the rest and not take many external’s for granted or indeed assume that you are the cause etc.

So anyway I went to sleep and upon awakening kind of recalled the somewhat down feeling I had gone to bed with.  The problem with any kind of mood setting is of course that like all things they can become HABIT FORMING.

Anyway I wondered as to Big events I had missed during a regular (for most folks) Saturday.

Lots of St George Materials flying around, and continuing Shakespeare related materials all intermixed with continuing Prince and President in the UK materials.

So Manchester United won the FA Cup semi and the Premiership was fairly standard fayre.

Elsewhere people are growing more interested of course in the Snooker, and I have already found myself looking for related CLUES & INTUITIONS.

Yes I kind of experiences IMPULSES as to do this and all will be right with the World, followed by that path already failed you previously etc.

Anyway I have made some stupid comments at times, (on twitter) though clearly we are our own best friend/enemy in equal measure.

So yes still a little down perhaps, and undecided as to what I can do for a so-called pick-me-up.  Clearly many a historical remedy was over indulged or indeed under indulged, so one has to decide on activities to make oneself prosper.

this evening I was reminded of character Donna upon seeing the Brand Spanking New Dr Who Companion.  Yes I know that all are somewhat interwoven in terms of personalities and characters, though I do hope she has some brain cells or however, as I was not so keep on Donna as a character.

so they need to be just enough differing from previous incarnations and interpretations and indeed perhaps be able to demonstrate differing DYNAMICS between lead character actors and actresses.¬† That possibly why Steven Moffatt is moving on, because you stay in any given position for too long and you typically perhaps get into variations on a kind of rut and so on, though I think overall all the modern day Dr Who’s and CONTRIBUTING writers and artistic realm peoples and personalities have brought something refreshing to the various incarnations and reboots and so on.

So yes a MIXED feeling as to new assistant, although it was an INTRODUCTORY CLIP and of course dissecting and pulling things apart before or prior to seeming things in a FULLER CONTEXT is a human trait that many of us require reframing somewhat.

So I presently have an OPEN VERDICT, though any future teasers, might want to include some Oh That is what she does or can do INSPIRED MOMENT.

So this evening I think one channel (BBC2) has an ALL-STAR line-up for Shakespeare and so on, and I may well have a look over the last couple of hours of broadcast materials just to see some of Britain’s finest actors and actresses demonstrating that they are far more capable than simple script fodder, that many a modern TV/FILM demands from performers in the desire to stick with herd like levels¬†of the ARTS and what passes for modern celebrity.

An article I forgot to MENTION yesterday actually demonstrated this matter in suggesting that it is not that more Celebrities are dying so much as we having lowered our sights as to what passes for modern CELEBRITY.

A comparison was then done as to Classical¬†Celebrity Obituary Counts within some of the broadsheets versus modern Obituary Count’s.¬† So for example, someone suggested that¬†a¬†David Gest or Jade Goodey and other famed for Fly on the wall celebrity kinds of shows, did not merit popular opinion obituaries.¬† Whereas that tier or level of celebrity has developed whereby anyone famous for 15 minutes (Andy Warhol) merits being commemorating or celebrating etc.

Likewise we can say well yes a Prince or David Bowie were always going to have those big bradsheet Obituaries, because they really did stand head and shoulders above peers and so on in terms of popularly known acheivements and merit.

So the article then went on to say we are talking about HOUSEHOLD NAME celebrity versus perhaps some given population or AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC celebrity.

So I in going Stateside with my research into Meditation and so on, am aware of very many guru’s and famed people, from America that most or many of the UK populace has never heard of.¬† Likewise I am unaware of many modern UK celebrity because I turned the TV /Radio off and so on.

I actually read an article on Box Office returns earlier, and Stars who have been within films that have created or generated the most Box Office Monies.

For the most part you get well-known household names, though some interestingly might be considered LUCKY (for having been in BIG FRANCHISE’S) whilst others you can ¬†see and know that yes you have seen them in very many varied and diverse productions.

A strange one on the list (for myself) was the chap who played C3PO in Star Wars, though also on the list was Andy Serkis, whom I know for similar make-up special effects disguised characters, so you do come to see that some areas can keep you working and working and doing very well and successful, without it ever registering to Audience where they may or may not know you from and so on.

Anyway enough from Dave for know, what can I do to raise a smile.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ūüėČ


Another Motherload of Turn-off

Yes the problem I seemingly find of course with regular meditation and indeed the associated WITNESS-RESPOND kind of model, is that modern technology seemingly enables the witnessing of so many a media outlet, all with its own spin and versioning of “The Same Story” that you kind of go into metdown, whenever some BIG event occurs, such-as the death of Musical Legend Prince.

I enjoyed his music often upon hearing it, though likewise do not feel any particular need or requirement to be continuously bombarded by a million and one obituaries and reasons that I should not be or feel sad or to be actually be sad or however.

The control the population’s thoughts feelings and actions has seemingly gone into overdrive MELTDOWN as repeated from above.

So a great all-round performer, who blazed his own trail, and whilst known for many a negative commentary on Michael Jackson, was also somewhat mentally warped or “out there” as Mr Jackson was.

Elsewhere the President of The United States known on Twitter as @POTUS does not play snooker, at least that is the impression I get from recent comments on Europe and “Special relationships”.¬† No American’s far prefer the number 8 such-as that found in 8-Ball Pool and I believe the Quarterback in American Football is a Number Eight, though do not quote myself as that has perhaps gone the way of our football in having so many SQUAD NUMBERING SYSTEMS as to confuse and conflict anyone wanting to commentate upon such matters.

Elsewhere I see that it is apparently Jewish Passover.  Whilst not a Jew (so to speak) I am of course well known for having written the Poetic Ode

So do you wish upon a Star, one day I may know of who you are, until that day presents itself…

Yes I kind of leave it open to encourage folks to do a line-completion or CONTINUANCE for themselves.

So the Queen is 90 and various Royal’s are spending time with the Outgoing President of the United States.¬† The Obama’s perhaps more a modest family, than what could well be replacing them with Trump.¬† Yes the Clinton’s also have White House History, though many commentator Experts are seemingly resigning themselves to a Trump Victory.

I of course can note that both he and Hillary recently won “NEW YORK” primary’s for there respective parties, and indeed it also suggested they both New Yorker’s.¬† Although I (for whatever reason) do not consider Hillary a strange kind of comic book “SLEAZE” character in the way that Trump has seemingly lived his life and so on.

Not sure the Trigger’s or reason’s that I come to such thoughts and feelings on “The Don” though he perhaps¬†seemingly fit’s that comic book profile of CORRUPT DESPOTIC Businessman, that Superhero’s are oft having to deal with.

That also perhaps WHY we are seeing reports suggesting he intents to change his image a little to appease hardened critics of his more outrageous liberty taking rhetoric.

Yes rhetoric is of course something I kind of went through a stage of STUDYING.

I think it came down to my purchase of million dollar¬†vocabulary or Four Power’s For Greatness, where the now deceased chap who created those courses, with Learning Strategies, brought up the topic of RHETORIC on multiple occasions.

I do understand the concept and enjoy the IDEA of RHETORIC though likewise again find that many such IDEAS are simply in continuous turmoil or conflict and confusion.

With all the information overload, it is all to easy to simply switch off and tune out and so on without FINDING or DISCOVERING any kind of a Formula or mechanism  toward enlightenment or awareness.

I am again reminded of many a Trauma and indeed many an EXPERT, promising the Solution and then failing to deliver, in terms of simply keeping you buying or purchasing there versioning of TRUTH, JUSTICE and THE AMERICAN WAY.

Yes, once I was using Holosync I almost kind of thought and felt immediately that this was a Solution long sought after and so on, after going through various disappointments of AH-HA followed by What has changed or is different? (with previous Hypnosis and tapping like remedies.

Yes far too many, are happy to take your money and have you fund there lifestyle, without actually having any kind of carry forward or path to higher or more experienced knowledge and so on.

My work begins a little earlier than usual on a Friday, so this one perhaps best kept as a short, though it is of course a 22nd and I do kind of reiterate that “David, Hereford, England” line far to often, though it perhaps demonstrates in some fashion that as much as we want to release STRINGS & TIES to locations and associated realm or World IDEAS or IDEALOGUES and so on, that some are seemingly quite troublesome in moving forward from.

So I have kind of sought to extend and branch out on the associative name thing, a typical example was that I follow Royalty, no David’s there of note (for myself at least) and then KABOOM, King Edward (of & Mrs Simpson FAME) was apparently also known as Uncle David to the Queen.

So you kind of find over and again, that the more you investigate and go to higher awareness levels and so on, that what-ever your own personal set of values and attributes and associations, you will likely find PARADOXICAL KNOWLEDGE within your sphere or study and research that brings you back to kind of SQUARE ONE all over again.

I clearly do not necessarily want to ESCAPE my life and choices so much as Historically, perhaps, so much as make some graduated SHIFT into some Zone that is not on constant conflict and confusion and turmoil and so on.

Clearly that possibly where DISCERNMENT can come to the fore.

The problem of course, that you will however much you continue to SEEK, likely find that TRUTH of RELATIVITY that Einstein perhaps intended folks to realise, after spending so much time studying in Library’s and so on.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ūüėČ


Happy Birthday Your Majesty

I am of course something of a commoner when it comes to knowing appropriate etiquette and all that jazz as to how one is supposed to behave and address Royalty and so on. Though I am also sure that those with Titles and etiquette rules are also well versed in compensating for those of us who are perhaps less aware as to protocol’s and behaviour.

Yes my earliest perhaps memories as to so-called Royalty came during fairly young and formative years, I think the 1977 Jubilee Celebrations.

And in all Honesty I typically at that time a latch-key kid, who spent a great deal of time playing out on the streets and local estate, was somewhat made-up at being presented with a SILVER SPOON, simply for attending School and all that stuff.

So wow a free spoon, who is this Queen person, yes I perhaps young enough to have been given something for free without Questioning the merits or otherwise of such activities.

These days of course, if anyone gives you anything at any time of life, you do kind of feel that some societal wide undercurrent exists as to suspicion and so on as to what they may or may not want in return.

Yes there is something about childhood innocence that gets lost in all the competitive lifestyles that we take up.

I know that time and again throughout my own life, things that I often wanted to be lucky breaks, ere perhaps often seen in differing light and that perhaps why I was so made up at finding Holosync and simply having some great mental clearout as to many an seemingly undesirable thought and feeling and indeed some of the actions brought about through those thinking strategies and issues and topics of debate.

So yes, even though I have perhaps not spent a great deal of time until the last year or two, paying great attention to Royal Activities and cycles and patterns, they have always been there in the background as a kind of testament to life and so on.

I of course also somewhat foolish in terms of my

particular Story, although I can again now look upon such things in a differing light, after having meditated and come to terms with some of the more outrageous or extreme like behaviours that you may never consider in a regular day-to-day fashion.

So we can come to terms with ourselves, even if others are perhaps still only to willing to cast and throw stones.

The bible of course has quotes as to let he who is without sin cast the first stone, though even phrases such as that perhaps have to be shown in alternative light with awareness.

Elsewhere today I once again this evening visited markhamill@himself on Twitter.

He is currently promoting a #GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital Fundraiser) the opportunity to own a version of BB-8.

I of course completely made up once again, strange how these degree’s of separation never fail to amaze, in terms of timing and peoples taking action independently of each other and so on.¬† Though it does put a smile on my face when I see such things kind of clicking or coming together.

Elsewhere another piece of news that is somewhat more shocking is that the Artist formerly known as Prince who later returned to the utilisation of that title has apparently died.

Prince, was a kind of musical Protégé in his own sphere of combining Rock and Funk and he really did create his own kind of sound and indeed Niche Market, exceptionally gifted and you could typically find that you loved one track or song and struggled with the next, something very kind of similar to David Bowie (in fact) when you look at career path and indeed choices and options taken.  Confidence to follow his own style and path and so on.

This was a constant favourite down the years and is always seemingly relevant

Elsewhere I also note news that a favoured Bond film Director (Guy Hamilton) has died.

I know he was unknown to myself, though also know that he was a FAVOURED DIRECTOR because the films he directed included Goldfinger and The Man with the Golden Gun, a couple of favourites from Sean Connery and Roger Moore in the Lead Role.

So the Royal’s are apparently all gathering for a very large gathering at WINDSOR this evening for a Banquet in Honour of the Lady at the helm of the Commonwealth, and I can of course repeat many Happy Returns You’re Majesty.

Yes the Win DS or¬† kind of linkages I can make to my name are again something to argue until the cows come home, though the death of Musical Artist Prince, perhaps a reminder that is does not necessarily do anyone well to become overly fond of titles and all those things that MATERIALISM actively encourages us to buy into, that perhaps one of the greatest lessons we can learn from the Royal’s.

I do think that the multiple generations of Royal’s have demonstrated within there own way, that Birth’s Death, Marriage and Disaster can affect anyone, in any walk of life and at any time of life, and it is perhaps in how we respond to such challenges that make us stronger or indeed otherwise.

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU MA’AM and my apologies (especially to the Prince’s) for the way in which I behaved upon the death of Diana. xxx

Thank you for reading, god Bless and be well ūüėČ


A Somewhat Strange Day All-Round

So during the nightshift I found myself being presented with an all-new 2nd hand weapon of choice for an industrial cleaner or hygiene specialist.

Much perhaps like a year-old 2nd hand car, this particular generation water pistol was far more superior to the water pistol it was replacing.  Although in fact apart from a colour change to the trigger mechanism, you might be forgiven for thinking the 2 weapons identical.

In fact I have had multiple replacements over the years, and the guns do suffer wear and tare given the daily usage and so on.  In fact many a small adjustment or variance occurs as to user, to the degree that many a deficiency goes unnoticed until upon such occasion as you being issued with a newer model and suddenly finding your accuracy is improved and the pressure of water through the gun is somehow smoother and more refined.

Perhaps the best anology is that even when looking after an older instrument or weapon or whatever the artefact or life prop, you do find that a certain amount of aging and characterisations occur with such things.

we see such reference in films (for example) whereby someone loans a colleague or new starter a bit of kit and they (the new user) find using the weapon or gadget or however troublesome, it somehow kind of CUSTOMISED itself to previous owner, silly things that forensic like specialist would look for, such as tightness of grip, and Sherlock Holmes like analytical thoughts as to user’s balance and height and so on and so forth.¬† Many such things can through trial and effort be CALCULATED simply through testing of examples against ¬†real world scenes and scenario’s.

Anyway having that gun replacement reminded myself of a favoured young childhood gun.

At some point I think a Christmas or Birthday I had received some money and had typically gone to a local department store and I seemingly remember getting a German LUGER gun.

It was made of metal and far hardier than many comparable molded plastic type cowboy pistols that I also kind of recall having had at some point.  So the German weapon stood out as simply being superior to earlier toy guns that I had, and had perhaps cost slightly more, though I think also lasted far longer than many an alternative that I had had.

Anyway moving on, during the night I heard some report from colleagues (Hereford news)that someone had been arrested relating to that Murder that was shown on Crimewatch last year.  I personally know nothing, I kind of got interested in it for a time and then typically moved on as life moves on.  Though clearly those investigating such things, perhaps develop profiles and both linear and non-linear methods as to identifying suspects.

The timing was a little strange for myself, because it seemingly occurred a day or two after I signed some online petition, asking for the release of a former SAS guy who happened to have stored away an old Trophy Pistol, from his lifetimes worth of exploits.¬† Never used or anything (within the UK), though sent to prison for possession of an illegal weapon, that could in theory at least be stolen and used for crime, that a well-known scenario that has unfortunately been seen not only in film and TV but in real life.¬† Clearly former Military personnel might have a better grip or handle on how to store and hide away such things, though degree’s of separation and the availability of psychological profiling and indeed any kind of information you could wish for via the internet can often invalidate how SAFE you think you are or are not.

Anyway on the way home I decided I would check out the local news, I also hearing that Hereford FC (a Pheonix like entity risen out of the ashes of Hereford United) are well on course to securing promotion should they go on to win the next couple of games and secure the division they are playing in, they also already having a trip to Wembley in a Cup Match sometime in mid-may.

So I checked out some local news and then typically charged over to Twitter to see what the folks I follow were up to.

My new bestie (Luke Skywalker) had an early start to the day, suggesting he is working or indeed possibly travelling, though noted for his early posts and then all quiet on the Western front, for much of the day.(I checked again on waking).

In fact I did find that he yesterday had posted some clip of character LUKE asking to many questions within original movie.

I think that was a plot devise, though also noted that the morning posts, were phrased in such a manner as to not really draw questions.  so he perhaps a little weary as to how all the twitter action can creep up on you and take over your life, much like many interactive technology.

I also found myself noting some nice Royal related pictures, those with the Star Wars cast and crew and indeed, some of the multiple generations of HEIR TO THE THRONE.  One chap suggesting, Prince George was stood on a giant Liquorice Allsort.

Another strange thing was that I had noticed a BROKEN RECORD in a grave yard I pass through on the way home, and found myself looking at the title etc.  It was INXS: KICK, and a quick look at that album on the Web reminded myself of multiple songs I quite liked from that Album.

Suicide Blonde and Mystify and so on, a great album and also a reminder that for some timing wise we may be presently reflecting what is going on DOWN UNDER, I also noted a Royal Site promoting some Prince Harry New Zealand blurb and so on.

Later news reached this David that Comedian Victoria Wood has died of cancer.  Whilst I can say rest in peace and all that, I do have to CONFESS that I was never really a FAN of her work, she typically not someone I related or found some kind of empathy with, perhaps when first seeing her materials.  Very seemingly middle-class hooray henryish possibly, and the fun and games of middle-England, a million miles away from Lower class type culture, and when that occurs, much of her later work perhaps seemed TO MOCK lower class culture rather than relate or as said previously empathise.

Yes I know I am way out on a limb given how popular she is among comedy culture and indeed Society like establishments, though I simply being honest in often upon seeing her, having “I don’t get it” moments.

That is not a commentary on female comedians because multiple others I do and did find funny, so she simply of a differing MINDSET or CULTURAL SENSIBILTY that I could not related or perhaps PROCESS.

It kind of reminded myself of some NHS “Professionals” I worked with years ago, who thought nothing of kind of mocking anyone and anything that did not fit the Rowing club and middle England Culture that they themselves were brought up with.¬† Very often seemingly based in everyone else but me, kinds of Politics, though based in class attitudes rather than any kind of societal Equalizers.¬† Your working class and culture and there to be mocked¬†by my gang and group etc.

Yes so one of those boring middle April time periods and so on, where one can perhaps stop being distracted and get some concentration going as to what I personally want to be doing and achieving and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well ūüėČ


OMG I Never Realised How Much

Yes one of those things that age tends to seemingly repress is just how much or indeed how little you may or may have not been a FAN so to speak of societal wide like herd cultures.

In recent days as I have added one or two childhood Luminaries such as the Stars from Star Wars to my twitter newsfeed I have suddenly found myself in NERDLAND ZONE without any forewarning that such thoughts feelings and events would occur.

I have of course studied and worked hard at meditation and related courses, and indeed made conscious effort to be more discerning in choice of where I place attention and so on.

Anyway I of course have admitted to following the Royal’s more, they seeming to be an obvious selection, along with some of the major entertainment Corporations, such-as Disney and Marvel and so on.

So the young Royal couple now have there own memories of visiting distant Himalayan temples and indeed perhaps get to write there own chapter as to the events surrounding there own marriage and indeed that Magnificent Wonder of the World The Taj Mahal.

Anyway, I did not really think it appropriate to comment, because I was not all that believing in the News etc, of the time period of Diana and Charles, they perhaps a generation a little older than my own and whilst I am sure newsworthy, perhaps mostly for myself life experiences YET to be had and so on, as to maturity and indeed relationships or various sorts.

No matter how advanced or mature you think or feel you are when it comes to relationships, you will very often nearly also find, that some folks manage to trigger you left right and centre as to issues and topics of debate that you never thought to have as some attribute or value etc.

Anyway they can say they have there own memories and stories, whilst the nation perhaps encouraged by various medias was told “go compare”.¬† I say that is exactly what you do not want or desire.

Create and craft your own lifestyle and choices and do not get mixed up in commentating on issues and topics that can really only ever be SPECULATED upon.¬† The younger Royal’s thoughts feelings as to there mother and so on.

Anyway a surprise announcement (at least a surprise to myself) was that the Royal’s would be visiting the set of Pinewood Studio’s and meeting and greeting some current Star and old alike.¬† despite Mark Hamill’s good humour, he does seem to be there for the duration of the story at least in filming terms, maybe they pay him not to leave, so as not to encourage SPOILERS.¬† Noticable by his absence with the Royal tour was in fact probably the very best character Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) I will have to admit to some disappointment, though he could of course be on location elsewhere or indeed have already filmed scenes and be returning at a later date etc.

Anyway yes I have gotten completely sucked in to Star wars and what is really bad, is that my own KNOWLEDGE is far superior to that of many commentators and “EXPERTS”, I have seen article upon article and so called fanzine materials, and it really is no joke to be able to state that compared to my own knowledge set, predominantly taken in whilst viewing the films some 20-30 times, due to elder sibling’s TV /Video control.¬† I really am a GREATER EXPERT than many who claim such identity and then fall at the easiest of QUESTION HURDLES.

Anyway Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker “LIKED” my Tweet among millions that he probably receives daily (he has a million + twitter following).¬† It went STRAIGHT TO MY HEAD.

Luke Skywalker like my Tweet YAHOO went some inner child, and that was yesterday evening just prior to my setting out to work and indeed, the visit to the Studio’s by the Two Princes.

I have seen various pictures and articles on the visit and it looks as though an enjoyable day was had by not only the cast and crew but the Princes themselves.

I have to perhaps admit to some pangs of JEALOUSY or though again that is probably the WRONG WORD or PHRASE, no more like pangs of ENVY.

Envious perhaps that they get to visit such places and meet the Stars and so on, whilst my own life is perhaps far removed from such activities.

So yes good fun for cast and crew, and indeed there are far worse people you could follow on Twitter than some Personalities such-as Mark Hamill, who really genuinely does go to great length to have a certain level of FUN INTERACTION with his audience and so on.

The Royal’s of course also have Twitter and other media outlets, though it always kind of seems as though such things are coming from third party officialdom employee’s rather than the Royal’s themselves.

Likewise of course in truth, even if William and Harry to have interactive accounts where they interact and communicate with people, would we want to know that we were communicating directly with Prince’s of the realm, or indeed to they benefit in such circumstance from feeling more ORDINARY, in many ways.

When you see some Lord’s and Ladies and CELEBRITIES, you kind of come to see that many things in life are GREAT EQUALIZERS.

I think that if the Royal’s do have such accounts then they to can enjoy that equalizing effect, were they feeling in need of some daily dose of sanity.

Guess What Mark Hamill just liked another tweet I made to days in a row WOW, I am getting made up.

He asked the Prince’s to be given the title Duke, and I suggested the Wookie Must be MarmaDuke along with posting famed ancient video

Anyway, I am somewhat way out there at present so will leave this one here.

I had Tottenham down for 2 yesterday and they scored 4.

Today I have Manc City for 2 so I wonder?

Yes Lord Sugar is going nuts because he took his hands of the flight controls to take a picture of his grandson (I think) and having it pointed out to him is upsetting him.

Likewise I would likely soon begin a campaign as to the DRINKS machines in my place of work.

I LIKE A CUP OF TEA from TEA LEAVES and TEA BAGS, they have put in new machines that makes the very worst tea and indeed the variations of coffee are dreadful as well.

There ought to be trials of such things prior to simply making the change or transference.  Now half of us are complaining about the raise in prices and the other half are boycotting due to just how bad these artificial drinks actually taste.

Even the addition of sugar for non-sugar takers is not helping the issue.

rage day huh.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ūüėČ


So Just How Easy Is Scaling

Well the idea of scaling Ideas from local to National to International is once again seemingly as easy or as difficult as we have seemingly made such ideas for ourselves.

A simple example today for myself is that I have a look at news headlines that are appearing in today’s UK press.

Ronnie Corbett Funeral, comedians gather.

Brexit will cost this calculated sum of money to each and every household or person in the land.  £4300.  these figures whilst calculated via well documented mathematical formulas typically utilise averages, and it can be clearly demonstrated as said previously that such things as REPORTS typically only HIGH-LIGHT elements of any given dataset and are not the so-called full-monty dataset.

Why is that important, well ¬£4300 is pretty low as a calculated sum covering some 14 years, and many of us living on the so-called breadline, are unlikely to see such money in real terms within our lives anyway, irrespective of whether we pay taxes or contribute to that nation’s coffers.¬† In fact it brings forward another topic and issue as to where any of us may or may not want such money’s directed.¬† So yes overall the figure is shown in so-called Billions for the overall Nation, though such sums are clearly heavily skewered, when someone such-as myself can claim to have spent an entire adult lifetime never ever getting anywhere near some ALLEGED average earnings.

Elsewhere the US Government is sending further Special Forces to Iraq to help with the efforts within that region, whilst Britain may potentially contributing further Forces elsewhere (Libya I think) on top of those already stationed in such outposts.

There are also repercussion’s and after-effects related to recent techtonic plate activity or Earthquakes as we usually call such events.¬† Friction and the rubbing together of below surface continental shelf’s and so on causes particular regions and areas about the globe to experience earthquake like activities.¬† In fact it is not always just earthquakes such as those seen in Japan and Ecuador, as we also often see linkages and knock-on effects as to Volcanic Activity within so-called RINGS OF FIRE etc.

Also this morning we saw it being High lighted as to London Air Pollution, a number of famous statues within London were given MASKS by Green Peace Activists seeking to high light the issue and topic of Air Pollution within major cities etc.

So I go outside this evening and notice a Helicopter within the immediate Skyline to my own North, the Helicopter has seemingly simply taken up a stationary position hovering perhaps (from my viewpoint) somewhere directly over the City or even possibly the local Police Station (again a kind of relativity kind of calculation as to perceived distance and location).  It is not going anywhere and continuous staring enables you to see that a darker fuel like black plume of smoke appears and dissipates every so often, the vehicle adjusting position, though seeming to burn up the fuel quite rapidly in holding position.

Anyway of course that story I can immediately link to those of the Military Deployment and indeed possibly the Air Pollution stories, so I could if I so desired or wished follow those threads of enquiry.

We also have breaking news that following the Royal Expedition to India The Royal couple will be joined at the weekend for a family¬†get together, celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday, there will also¬†be a visit from US President and 1st Lady.

Not quite sure what to make of such timetabling, though I did of course see a recent article in The Guardian making complaint as to the lack of manoeuvrability among Royal Positions and so on.  Typically the idea being that the young want young people, and relatable characters and both Younger Generation Princes are not getting any younger as they head into middle age.

I think such things nonsense, though even if the word abdication is not on any Royal Agenda, I am sure much like all former Presidents, the Queen could continue to be called such, even if she were to step aside for some younger generation person.

The problem of course comes down to what is regarded as SERVICE & DUTY and WORK (perhaps) versus inheritance and entitlement and golden spoons and so on.

I personally take the Royal Position, of them being somewhat caught between a rock and a hard place, in terms of manoeuvrability and being able to facilitate any kind of appeasement for all-comers etc.

Simply cannot be done, though I do think given the choice between a handed down lineage and voting for Presidents, that we are better off in maintaining the status quo, at least on a National Level, though of course any individual family can set themselves up in similar kind to the royal’s in terms of patterns and cycles and admire and aspire etc.

Elsewhere we are seeming reports once again from Jerusalem as to exploding bus’s and it is all well and good people saying those poor hard done by Philistines or Arab’s etc, though many really are seemingly intent on the destruction of Nation’s such-as Israel and any way of life that is not seen as compatible with Muslim Imperialism.

Yes Imperialism is considered a Dirty Word when we consider the History of Britain, though a simple truth is that most Nation’s and indeed Religious faction’s have indulged various forms and shapes of Imperialism even if commentators have not chosen to use such language in framing such perceptions.

Elsewhere I am of course still considering some of the informations received via the Super Powers Super You, workshop day.

Yes I can feel satisfied over the last year of two that many things have¬†kind of clicked into place, and I am sure that the event was also geared toward any regular technology users getting a best kind of booster shot as to the integrative aspects of the technology’s.

Elsewhere I think I mentioned that various books from those who took part in the Write well course are appearing, and Sam Horn herself has recently released a new addition to her own repertoire and catalogue “IDEApreneur: Monetize Your Mind”.¬† That of course an area or topic that I myself kept perhaps seeking to highlight somewhat within some of my interactions both more recently within that course, and of course HISTORICALLY in my saying “Hey you guyz, look at this”.

Yes if only many a person had fallen into alignment with the IDEA that we can become our own best friend of indeed not, when it comes to information exchanges and intuition and so on.

It does seem to myself that many or most people, want much the same things in life, though likewise, getting to any kind of stable position, when you are under siege from people obsessively trained in particular demographics of nonsense name calling, threats and idiocy and so on, is troubling.

So I can most certainly be in Alignment with IDEAS as to Monetize your mind, not only in Technological advancement terms of science and so on, but also in the fun ways and fashion’s I promoted as to gambling.

The problem for myself of course, one of being unable to focus and concentrate when continuously being plaed under threat and pressure from particular quarters with particular AGENDA’S.

I think especially with regard to Business, that many a thought, feeling, and action, can be taken at positive face value, or indeed dissected as to ULTERIOR Motive and so on, being an employee of a company, or indeed Manager, or other higher level figure does not automatically mean that some senior person is always correct whilst those below do not have positives to contribute.

The problem is perhaps one of communication and indeed IDENTIFYING positive and negative attributes and values and so on.  I know this can be done through simply writing BIG or small and also scratching out notes of interviews and discussions and so on.

Every one typically can have higher level objectives and so on that clash with no-one, whilst also you do find that some simply really are oppositional for opposition sake, rather than necessity.

So we continue along with APRIL and apart from sometimes being used as a girl’s name, the most obvious linkage to money perhaps comes via Annual Percentage Rate or APR though clearly we have choice as to the references and triggers and linkages we utilise and make, clearly APRIL SHOWERS are possibly part of experiencing overwhelm whether consciously or otherwise.

The problem of course that it really does seem, that particular courses and strategies whilst possibly fun when young are often LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR topics and areas of discussion and debate, great if such things are working for you, though braking free or raising your HAPPYNESS POINT is actually suggested to be tougher than expected.

Human’s typically can change for so long, before very often returning to some given MEAN POINT or AVERAGE POINT, therefore THRESHOLD RAISING again perhaps provides solution along with some positive reinforcement of particular kinds of AFFIRMATIONS.

Yes it can be troublesome to know what is best, given the very may systems and so on available though I do n=have to admit that each level of Holosync has come with its own kind of AH-HA or differing perspective or angle.

I of course keep returning to this topic of SOUL & SPIRIT and in Quantum Physics terms we do see that a kind of convergence has occurred as to where Science has found itself heading and of course older ancient religious like topics and issues.

The problem perhaps one of worship this OUTSIDE HERO/HEROINE or GOD IDOL type character either male or female and indeed possibly model yourself on them, or indeed set out with your own STRONG IDENTITY and CHARACTER and WILL etc and become the New Godl IDOL to be worshipped by others etc.

Yes Iunderstand that religion an kind of keep folks stuck in how much they are willing to progress for themselves, though likewise even with Technological Proof, many a Scientist also keeps Followers and so on STUCK through various high level forms of intransigence as to so-called GAMES of BLACK & WHITE.

With that in mind, I saw a new book due for release in August from Roger Penrose, Fashion, Faith and Fantasy in the physical World (something like that) and look forward to reading that later in the year.

Another book that peaked my interest, was called “The Perfect Bet: How Science and Maths are taking the luck out of gambling” from some younger generation writer called Adam Kucharski.

Such books are of course ten a penny, and I have read many a book, though do feel that it it perhaps Learning Strategy and Holosync like Technologies that make the understanding of such formulas and Strategies feasible.

I know I used to when young think I had a great mind, doing quiz’s etc, though also after mediating for several years regularly, do not feel I miss not knowing the answers to many a question, that I am told is important, because you do often come to conclude that many topics, issues and discussion debates are for many a person, simply time fillers, given to much time and irrelevant to personal life progression.

Yes the simplest question, that any of us can ask again and again, is this topic and debate and respective communication going to put money on the table and food in the belly of myself and family and friends and so on. If those basic lower levels needs and requirements are already being served and met, what are the next level of desires wants and needs that I want any communcations to include and so on.

Yes I like the Sam Horn Monetize your mind, IDEA.  quite simply because it does in and of itself, plough through the tonnage of garbage and lies that folks come out with.

Simplify your mind, and then begin to trust your own judgement call’s as to those other W questions.

I find again and again, that many a lowest common denominator topics, that some folks obsessively  want front and centre, are far better being regarded as the nonsense and so n that they are.

Anyway I am wittering on somewhat, so without further ado

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well