The Force Is Strong With This One

So in having failed to keep up with my writing’s, I though I would once again go into some REFLECTIVE IDEAS as to what constitutes SUPER POWERS and what is MEANING and what is INTUITION.

A typical example is that I saw this report and something SIMILAR within many media over the last day or two an article on how Prince Charles is encouraging his Grandson, George with developing an interest in Gardening among many other things.

So that a typical family type story that any of us can relate to.  Take the kids into the garden and enjoy the Garden and activities that you can do and so on.

For myself of course, because of my own SUBJECTIVE history, I can give meaning to seeing a photo of George alongside some painted Daisy’s, on a mural I think from his Nursery school.

Likewise of course many claim that if you as an individual can demonstrate any INTUITIVE capability or capacity then you have to join or must be a member of this La-Di-Da Realm grouping over there.  My own experience is one of course, of demonstrating that such claims are absolute RUBBISH, and best dismissed in forthright fashion and manner.

These things such-as my Hypnosis Studies and indeed when having continued into Meditation are about introducing CHOICE and OPTIONS, not shutting them down, as many a CULT LABEL or faction is inclined to do.

Many an alleged Sweeping Choice and Option Statement is utilised within many a quarter of Society, to make false flag like claims, often related to Lowest Common Denominator like topics such-as sexuality and so on.  People who make such claims for themselves as to IDENTITY, attributes and values and so on, are fully free to do so.

Though likewise I have also found that seeking to brand others or indeed make such categorisations, is something best avoided, far better to adopt ideas as to presenting the facts as they are currently or presently known and then allowing and enabling others, to make such   decisions and choices within there own life and World based in greater awareness and enlightenment.

I have of course explored many of the so-called ins and outs of such things over and again, and usually they seemingly relate to IDEAS as to “Men are from Mars, Women from Venus” type attitudes and indoctrinations.

Many a message being one of “I want you to be this Label or Categorisation that I will not be for myself”, that applies to both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE “meanings” that we all seemingly give to various issues and topics.  Likewise peoples at all levels and sectors of society seemingly give themselves SAFETY NETS with false LOGIC.  I cannot be or do this, because…

Again in raising Threshold and exploring such things, over and over again, you often conclude that we all of us can be our own worst enemies or indeed best friends.

So I recently received a Questionnaire from Learning Strategies on Meditating with the Himalayan Masters, this again another modality that I seemingly put on the mental backburner as to wanting within my Collection.

Why would I want that modality when I have been Meditating with Holosync these last several years, screamed or shouted my EGO and so on, maybe later I told myself, preferring to add multiple seemingly more FASHIONABLE or TRENDY like courses.

In fact I quite honestly and openly can state that I wished I had in many ways purchased that Modality far earlier within my studies of these materials.

I have no idea why some small modality of some old genuine real life Oriental Meditation Master affected myself so, though it did.

Perhaps that is in part due to some level of EXPECTATION.

we grow up with this belief as to OLD MYSTICS from Foreign Lands who developed such practices as being more trustworthy and efficient than young “suck a banana” bongo who has learned as best he can from a given master and then developed his own teachings and lessons and learnings and so on.

So the TRUTH of much of my own explorations, across multiple spheres and realms, is this one of TRACING BACK TO SOURCE. cutting out the generational man and so on.

Clearly such things come with there own cross to bear, because many a modern expert can claim to have studied and modelled such techniques and practices to the DEGREE, that they have distilled many years of lessons and learnings into some super-condensed Course, that does not include all the bits, that are peripheral to the skills and abilities that you may or may not want to develop.

Anyway I happened to Love that modality with the old creaky voiced master and it perhaps demonstrates some non-conscious fulfilment that was not being met, through all the younger generation GURU’S.

Likewise when you think about it, such things are perhaps part of so-called MAD WORLD Syndrome.

So in super-condensing the lessons and learnings of handed down through generations of teachers and masters skillsets, you could well feel that you are being DEPRIVED of something.

Much like going to visit some Country or Foreign Land and then failing to take in or visit some famous Sites or Location.

Holiday Brochures typically utilise such things (when you think about it).

Visit this Country that you equate with these Architectural or Cultural Meanings and corresponding linkages.

I think that is what the American Military Famously fails to do.

You see time and again, that American bases Worldwide are typically designed and crafted as a Home Nation away from Home.

Though the Caravan & camping set are perhaps also working along those lines.

Clearly we all want the EXPERIENCE of visiting some FAMED localities, though not necessarily NEGATIVE ASPECTS of such localities.

Anyway, I am just saying, that I seemingly gained a deeper meditative like experience (even being a Holosync user) with this old croaky voiced Oriental or Traditional Master than I necessarily have with some of the younger generational teachers.

So Charles-grandson, ye Olde Meditation Master-Dave

Clearly extended family or teacher pupil like relationships could well be at the forefront of current mind sets.

What else, well I had the latest BOOK recommendation for the Photoreading Modality.

Win The Presentation Game: 52 Power Plays To Captivate, Energise and Activate Your Audience.

That book was purchased and added to my owned book list, though again, it contains elements of concern.

Do not get myself wrong, it is a well put together and well ordered book that I enjoyed reading and looking through, though I can often say, well I tried or did that already.

Clearly my own area of present research is slightly differing, in that I am still researching topics and aspects of LA-DI-DA REALM experiences.

What does that mean?

Well this upcoming Day Training Super Power’s Super You, is of course interesting in that it promises something never before experienced.


The potential is of course perhaps dependent on how open any of us are to our Intuition’s and I know from having taken multiple courses, that so-called progress and evolution’s are always seemingly occurring and taking place.

For example I recently mentioned Author Dean Radin, and that was in part due to he covering topics and interests that converge with my own, although he within his writings typically takes a fairly neutral stance.

So he has written 3 books, I think, one that comes up on Amazon appears twice under differing TITLE.  So “The Conscious Universe” and “The Noetic Universe” are seemingly the same book.

As an aside or Digression, I can mention that I have on several occasions purchased books that appeared to be a differing cover and title on the outside though content was the same.

I think differing region’s often have or are given more appealing titles to given subjective demographic audience, or indeed to get around particular clashes, where some replications of names and titles can create confusion and conflict.

A copyright in one Country may clash with a similarly named Copyrighted Material elsewhere.

Unfortunately I could have on several occasions, saved myself Money by checking in advance.

So anyway I have been exploring much of these La-Di-Da Realm Materials with open mind and indeed from the perspective of regular Meditator, and many of the very best commentators are those who have been involved within both Spiritual Realm Studies and indeed through personal experience or life history come from a Scientific Study or background.

So long worded, though anyway another of Dean Radin’s books is entitled SUPERNORMAL and explores MEDITATION.

He again seeks to find a common cause between SCIENTIFIC METHOD and LA-DI-DA materials.

in fact this is something I have found across many of my COMPARISON studies.

Whereby since Quantum Computing and advancements have taken place, they (within the Science Community) have found themselves seemingly dragged kicking and screaming into having to accept PROGRESS.

Strange though true, the SCIENTIFIC METHOD itself has become somewhat INTRANSIGENT instead of Evolving.

So Science is supposed to be about not arguing with the facts of reality as they are found to be through enquiry and examination and so on.

So Meditative Realms have long claimed Super Power’s as part of the Higher Levels of Meditative Experience and Training, as has Shamanic Rituals, and indeed illegal Drugs.  In Supernormal, Dean Radin Focusses predominantly on the Meditation Aspects.

Whereby he goes through examples of what can and cannot currently be demonstrated within Science and indeed the very often INTRANSIGENT BIAS that many a person or individual happens to have.

In calling his book Supernormal I think he wants to bring about a Belief change, whereby Multiple Beliefs such-as the Power of Mystics and Meditators are taken for granted as “Societal Norms” within all levels of cultures such-as India, where in Western Tradition where Science took over, you often find Societies (the peoples and populations) have a belief, that is REFUTED by many at differing levels of Society and indeed among those of well known ESTABLISHMENTS.

So those things are also of course spoken upon within the Development Levels provided within Holosync and Integral and in many ways Learning Strategies.

So Super Powers Super You, gives rise to some aspirational new level of skillsets and abilities, not previously demonstrated or experienced.

Whilst in reality those who have perhaps utilised the Courses and Learnings of Learning Strategies and The Holosync Solution Technological advancements, as well as some of the other competing Enlightenment Technologies Hemisphere and The Silva Method (I think) may well believe that such things can be taken for granted as normal and regular events and happenings within there mind sets.

I of course still feel that whilst I have advanced within multiple disciplines and modalities, I often feel that not enough advancement has occurred or that my skill’s have not developed appropriately in being able to HARNESS the usage of such knowledge and awareness in a meaningful or genuinely serviceable manner.

The truth as to Meditation is of course, that it really can take many years, within regular traditional methods, likewise many of the so-called SUPER POWER effects experienced are within the Teachings, things to be ignored and dismissed or even not spoken upon.

So that perhaps akin within Western Mythology as to the idea of TEMPTATIONS.

Yes you may experience this EFFECT at this particular LEVEL, though do not be tempted to stray from the path leading to higher abilities and so on.

So yes, we can all relate to IDEAS as to straying from a path, or life taking over, how many day-to-day disciplines have LEVELS, Martial Art’s take you through BELT Progressions.  Many Sport’s have competing Ranking like Levels whereby in order to progress, you have to stay focused and dedicated and disciplined and so on.

How many Footballer’s careers end up ruined when they become instant Celebrity (for example) and the distractions and temptations come thick and fast.

I think one of the greatest Examples and Teachers within Football (soccer) was Alex Ferguson in that respect.  How he managed to keep a young group of up coming quality players focused on the game, when typically ego and rebellion and family and friends and AGENTS and so on can take over, leading to unfulfilled potential.

So yes I like the IDEA of SUPER POWERS SUPER YOU and I also like the IDEA that in many ways and respects such things are perhaps desirable as SUPERNORMAL.

When you perhaps imagine being some Super Hero Character, you do have to perhaps remind yourself that such things may be a NORMAL for those individuals.

Clearly you often see progressions within FICTION whereby upon some transformation, a great deal of training and so on is undertaken, before some Superhero becomes known.  Likewise they often play on the Inter relations between such characters and the World at large.

So in talking on that topic I can perhaps wonder upon the Nature Versus Nurture Debate once again, I know many folks have done that already previously, though it is interesting in how some folks do contradict themselves as to the pro’s and con’s.

Are we born with all the skillsets that we can ever require or need?

Anyway you also of course, find that Supernormal is relative to your own subjective experience.

And Society has a grand position of IDEAS as to FIRST AMONG EQUALS.

Not sure as to meaning, beyond what I give myself, though I do know of course, that Ideas such-as Communism typically FAIL, because of most peoples you encounter having ideas as to some being more equal than others (usually themselves).

So many a lesson learning and teaching through the courses and modalities I recommend on my website, typically lead you to some sometimes normal realisations and sometimes more startling realisations.

though one can perhaps enquire as to what next?

Yes opening to having greater awareness and intuitive gifts can be quite simple and straightforward or indeed COMPLEX and COMPLICATED, we seemingly again go through various decision making progressions as to our own belief systems and indeed experience.

I have to admit that since going through the Write Well course again last month or whenever it was, that I found myself getting somewhat HUNG-UP on METRICS. simply because we were told METRICS was the Industry to become involved within.

Typically when you look about the World, just about everything can be equated to METRICS of some description, though it has left myself somewhat floundering.

Anyway in Synchronicity timing’s, yesterday I picked up a book from a pile of books, that happened to be related to alleged Natural CURES that the medical industry does not want you to know about (American Conspiracy writer? Kevin Trudeau), I opened up this book I was investigating, and the page had some Donald  Trump quote as to ALL TRADING IS INSIDER TRADING AT THE HIGHER LEVELS.

Of course he in very many headlines at present though I think the comment was related to medical industry as that was the book’s subject matter.

So again and again we find that it is ourselves through our subjective EXPERIENCE that gives MEANING to all within our spheres between our ours and indeed the World About us.

I do wonder as to whether I am playing a double-jeopardy type game in having Rushed through Meditation and then taking courses anyway, even though a certain amount of confirmation bias exists etc.

Also within the news has been the death of Ronnie Corbett and he another comedian that I was perhaps less keen on than his partner in crime, though as a double-act they I think an example of something that could take differing personalities and styles and genuinely create something bigger.

Yes and indeed even if he was les favourable to myself he was and is in many ways head and shoulders above many modern comedians we have seen during the 90’s and 00’s.

Anyway he famously of course wore those Square Style Specs and on a recent shopping trip my daughter purchased a pair of such plain see-through specs, even though recently criticising (making fun of) new superman film, and CLARK KENT for his poor quality disguise. she does watch and like many superhero characters, though again retains a certain level of discernment.

Anyway (from my own recollection) a number of family members on both her mother’s and my families side where such glasses, so I perhaps an odd one out in not claiming poor eyesight etc.

Yes so synchronicity and indeed generational behaviours and so on can be wondered upon until the cows come home, some pointers and references seemingly quite obvious and direct whilst others perhaps a little less obvious, though as you progress within indeed both bottom up and top down and indeed linear and non-linear or organised and scattered modalities, you come to see that less and less similarities and differences appear within the World you live in.

Clearly as much as we can all gradually progress to IDEAS that ALL-IS-YOU, one does have to remind one-self of those alternative ideas as to personal IDENTITY and indeed IDEAS as to what does not serve you falls away.

Clearly I can find common ground amongst many peoples at many differing levels of Society and so on, though likewise also know that such common ground goes out of the window when particular topics are brought up, because most of us have thoughts and feelings or knowledge that comes under or is classified as retention of privacy etc.

What else?  well strangely recently I found myself having some strong desire to research most famed of CONSPIRACY EXPERTS David Icke and I may well do that in Future, though at present, am unsure as to what can be gained in such research. I already know a fair bit about him, though likewise his conspiracy dealing is almost like an ART FORM in its own write, are there no-one that is not involved in this global Conspiracy against he and his followers?

Yes he has set himself up in many ways, though likewise his book’s could be great value for money, how many writers write 800+ pages and then sell them under a British £10. If quantity is something you are after in value for money terms. Yes I also keep finding mini-books popping up more and more within my investigations.  Books that promise the World in what I am currently researching and then fail to deliver in terms of cost.

So that perhaps a METRIC ISSUE, do I want quantity or quality or both, for a reasonable return on the cost.

An example within LA-DI-DA realms is some Polish Blogger/ writer calling himself NATHANIEL, whose self published books are in multiple aspects better than that of well known experts, he also updates the books with his current level of knowledge and awareness so what was once a 100 page book became a 200 page book and so on.

He perhaps a demonstration of someone who has gone through various evolutionary growth like states and stages, though of course, as to how much of the material I agree with or otherwise is subjective.

SKILLSETS and Identifying Strengths and so on, is seemingly my own weakness.  Having gone through bombardment of highly negative abuses, and then having cleared out much mental flotsam and jetsam, I seemingly cannot always trust myself to identify my own strengths and nor would I necessarily trust external individuals whose teaching are designed to maximise mental confusion and conflict, or indeed are simply running on some highly selfish options that are not based in any quantifiable or measurable teaching or learning and lesson.

The Alternate Option could well of course be to do many of the options I have already done, the repetition and repetition of course also part of many a writer and author and so on.


Thank you for Reading, God Bless and Be well 😉


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