Is Today You’re Catch-up Day

So today is Sunday and typically, many a person can be found to have a Sunday routine, some perhaps regarded as good, whilst others perhaps rebelled against or a day of doing those catch-up activities that you may or may not have placed on the backburner as to Weekday activities.

Such things perhaps related to Lifestyle choices and free-time and indeed interests and hobbies and anything you can often think of in fact.

So I looked quickly through various news articles and a couple popped up, though such things are of course debatable as to any MEANING I give such things.

My daughter is currently visiting Hereford (for example) and that kind of reminds myself that one project I had intended to work upon, was an idea for an action adventure kind of story, that I had been “kind of” piecing together at very times and places.

The problem or issue this one of ordering, whereby I would have good ideas, though not necessarily within any kind of book like ordering.

Some of the best writers and authors do actually say to WRITE ANYWAY and then perhaps when you have a larger collection of such FRAGMENTS of IDEAS for scenes and story sections you can re-organise and bring them together into some kind of collective and understandable work.

I spoke on Metrics, because it can of course be demonstrated that most Realms of interest have timelines and CALENDAR deadlines and so on, that require being met.

I was reminded of this today when I noted an article on SKY related to ACTING and The Olivier Awards, often suggested to be cream of the crop Theatre like awards for RADA types.

How true are such things, as contained within this story are of course debatable, in the sense that whilst some difficulties and so on exist or are quoted, very many other issues and troubles can perhaps be added to the list as to inherent BIAS within any given individual’s mind set.

I was reminded of this when viewing or seeing a SALES PRESENTATION for something called MINDMOVIES.  A kind of Technology that seeks to combine the benefits of Brain Entrainment Technologies with Visuals as well as the usual brain entrainment stimulus.

So instead of just shutting eyes in traditional meditative pose whilst listening to my Holosync, I could be doing the MindMovies TEchnologies and benefitting from some visual’s as well.

I do not doubt that for some this is an advancement, and I also noted that some of the given usage times, were geared to quite short and quick usages.  So whilst I am already Happy with the pre-existing investments I have made, I can also see the benefit of alternative like remedies.

Anyway in INTUITIVE terms, I noted also that Guns N Roses have had a small so-called getting back together GIG, prior to announcing a forthcoming American Tour, and they were typical of the Rock Music of a Generation. Although of course in my SUBJECTIVE World, Rose also my daughter’s most utilised name.

We also had some Luke Skywalker Actor by the name of HAMILTON saying he was going to announce some NEXT Star Wars trivial Spoiler of some description.

Clearly with Motor racing Formula one underway, I can kind of rush to INTUITION’S as to HAMILTON & ROSBERG within those realms.

I also recently complained, that little has been forthcoming about The Dr Strange Movie.

He another Marvel Universe Character, that has a pretty long History and a movie is currently in Production starring Famed for SHERLOCK Benedict Cumberbatch or however it is spelt.

Anyway the character has a certain Level of AMBIGUITY as do a number of such Super Hero Realm character’s, and you kind of feel that Benedict is the kind of actor who is a good fit or match for such a character.  Indeed one might assume that given the talk from Marvel Executive’s etc. as to Phase one, phase 2, phase 3 cinematic releases that we are gradually becoming somewhat oversaturated by cinematic releases for such characters.

The generation of Directors and Producers perhaps wanting to do things a little differing from predecessors as to interpretation and being different from the pack.  I think the character is actually differing enough from the pack, much like Deadpool, to not require huge leaps of being different to the comic books etc.

Anyway I searched online and instead of proper Company based #1 Trailer etc you get for any release FAKE mini trailers made by fan’s etc claiming to be Official Trailer’s etc, when they are clearly not.


Dear Disney Marvel Enterprises

When can we please have a REAL & GENUINE #1 Cinematic Trailer Release, as many or nearly all these fan based one’s are DESTROYING such Marvel superhero Production’s before they have a chance in there own Cinematic right.

Elsewhere a major headline across multiple papers is this one of a Doctor allegedly filmed making claims as to having given very many sports people’s performance enhancing drugs, footballers highlighted, though multiple sporting realm personalities suggested to be involved.

That the problem when Agents have favoured Sport’s and clientele, that you can often find such groups from multiple realms being introduced and degree’s of separation like issues come into being.

Do all clientele for any given Doctor and related Agent’s fall under the investigative SPOTLIGHT?

Run for your lives, a Tsunami alert has been given!

or should the article have been more readily entitled Where The Fuck is VANUATU?”

Yes the World Continues to spin and indeed, the World continues to experience Geological disruption’s akin to acts of SCience.

Yes now that the Western World is predominantly free of Religious Belief and indoctrination, surely it is time for Insurance Investigators and claims forms to change ACTS of GOD claims, to acts of SCIENTISTS.

especially given how, you can ask any conspiracy theorist a question on anything, and they will return with claims as to the US Government HAARP  Programme or other unknown’s that they have some exasperating obsession with.

Yes that perhaps why when considering study of David Icke, I kind of went into SKEPTIC mode and territory.

I do however Agree, with some things he says, such as ideas as to Spirituality and Brain Waves and Frequencies and so on, though I generally disagree as to where such conspiracy like theories conclude as to Alien’s and Royalty and US Presidents and all the rest of those somewhat strange meanderings.

I also within my own path of research came to similar conclusions as to Waves and Frequency and so on, though my own choice in coming to realisations as to such things, was to have a mental clear out of such things.  Utilsing and of course recommending the Technologies that have best done such things for myself.  On my

The speed of Formula 1?  The speed of the Brand Spanking New SAS V-22 OSPREY Helicopters?  The speed of Astronaut Tim Peake Returning to Earth at some time later this year?

Yes anyway some things that language convey’s are more open to debate than necessarily rushing to obvious LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR’S.

So we all have accumulated WAVES and FREQUENCIES not only through simply having been born and caught such things from us within and about the World, we can also seek to either harness such things or indeed seek to let such things go.

I have spoken on the issue of repetition and typically I do think, that many a repetition within the mind is unnecessary as to waves and frequencies and so on, hence so many a person getting screwed over via Historical Generations of TV/FILM/THEATRE personalities and so on.

Do I want to live a miserable bad existence life, simply because my parents left myself in a cot or baby carry in front of the TV/Radio whilst some Shakespeare play was being shown.

Anyway with meditation, you often come to realisations, that all TECHNOLOGY just like all fantasy realm IDEAS began as a THOUGHT.

Yes Thought become things is of course an issue and discussion all of its own, though we can for the most part all consider that if thoughts become things, and we have all these very many gadgets and devices and technologies about ourselves, everything from computers and TV’s to washing machines and hairdryers, that our respective ability to IMAGINE and become TRANSCENDENT in the sense of many senses and abilities and indeed GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS is often about how well we Learn and take on-board lessons and learnings as to cells that fire together WIRE-TOGETHER etc.

I have of course joked upon Sugar and Spice and Snips and Snails and of course Signs and Symbol’s and very many SOLD AS SEEN kind’s of combination’s, not only to get folks thinking with particular mind set, though to see that as you HIGH-LIGHT such things within Meditation and so on, they can help accelerate new ways and means that you see what is going on in the World.

The JESUS TO A CHILD, Idea as to Role Modelling can of course be interpreted as both positive and negative, all meaning from the Individual, though we can also learn to DISTINGUISH between ideas as to me and not me, much as a newborn is said to do when first experiencing life outside of the womb and so on.

Yes the Visual’s occur prior to the LABELS and SYMBOLS and in all likelihood, we can conclude that something else such as sensory responses and so on, happen and occur prior to some sub-categorisation such as VISUAL.

You can close your eyes and simply sense scan up and down through your body, and indeed such systems are improving within the Laboratory as to medical modelling of the body.

I yesterday saw an article related to Skin Grafts, where the skin can now actually sense, through the growth of hair follicles and air pressure and so on.

Skin grafting has worked in making so called ugly scar’s presentable, though the next steps to so-called FUNCTIONAL SKIN has been hard work for the scientists involved.

Much like drawing or painting something on a canvas and then seeking to fill in the gaps within your knowledge set and so on.

Anyway yes, so that perhaps a demonstration that some Technological Innovation and work seemingly has the wellness and so on of populations at Heart, whilst others are merely time-filling etc.

Lets have a debate on this or that topic and debate of interest!

Does it put money on the table and food in my belly?

Yes perhaps a poor quality paradigm to be operating from, because such a statement places Money as a be-all-and-end-all goal or motivation.

When most or many a person will tell you that receiving money is a side benefit of providing peoples and populations and so on with something that they need want or require.

Anyway some might be asking what I was going to write about in storying terms, and of course, like many a seeming MAD PERSON before myself, I have simply failed to stay the course with very many teachings to be expert on such matters.

Having KNOWLEDGE is not the same as EXPERIENCE, and vice versa.

Likewise in looking once again to the World of NEWS and SKY I suddenly see a drug smuggler interview, and some Virtual Reality cremation programme.

Oh joy.  So anyone can make some money from there story, even though money should not be at the front of mind.

Yes Gratitude and Appreciation is something best given and delivered AFTER you have forked out rather large sum’s to do very many courses and indeed clear out much mental flotsam and detritus to the extent:

That you can not only see that all and everyone is an ACTOR/ACTRESS/AGENT.

Though you can also see the benefit or otherwise in various Alignments and Interests and Hobbies and so on.

So I can watch and enjoy some programme and film, though that does not necessarily mean I desire or want potential consequence of WITNESSING such things.

The same can of course be said throughout most or many areas of interest and expertise.

How to have a gap or separation between what you WITNESS and EXPERIENCE.

How can I learn of this experience and thee necessary guidance without having been through the process.

Yes where-ever you turn your SPOTLIGHT as you progress with multiple technologies I recommend, you will again and again find that all are seemingly IN-ON-IT.

though for the most part, most or many peoples and persons are UNAWARE that they themselves are IN-ON-IT, because they do not necessarily have the Awareness or Enlightenment to know that in technological terms and degree’s of separation, pretty much all are the same.

The debate then potentially one of Run for the Hill’s, to get away from Madding Crowds or indeed RAISE your Threshold and encourage similar behaviour within a Given Demographic Audience, so that they to have a controlled conscious awareness, instead of some debatable non-conscious reactive and potentially constantly TRIGGERED state.

The issue then becomes one of who is behaving with other peoples best interest at Heart, who genuinely has a sense of Duty or Integrity and so on, versus seeking to simply influence and manipulate, very often based in some BIAS, that is still operating beyond the Threshold of current Enlightenment Technologies.

Yes I spoke heavily on Fractals previously, although when I research scientific realms such-as through the work of British Roger Penrose or American Ray Kurzweil, they generally are not mentioned a great deal within the overall parameters of SCIENCE.

Yes I was looking for a name and this article mentions both chaps within bibliography as well as a number of other individual’s who have all seemingly comeunder the spotlight of my research.

Psychologist such as Jung and so on.

So some simple truths are often that we already have much of what we need and require within us.

Likewise the Technology can help give you mental breakthroughs and re-organisation to realise that much of what you think you want and need and desire is within you.

Likewise you can expand awareness further through exploration of realms that you may have previously dismissed or not paid enough attention to.

Quality Intuitive Systems have been demonstrated by peoples and persons at all levels of Society and irrespective of given belief sets.

That perhaps akin to St Paul on the Road to Damascus, having some I see the light moment.

The person who only believes in medical science for cures, who is encourage to visit some alleged Holy place or Healer and suddenly finds the medical condition going into remission and so on.

So leaps can be experienced by anyone at any seeming time and place and in any circumstance.

Very many a break through has suggested to have come about (in many a persons life) when the PRESSURE was on and peoples were facing make or break like circumstance and situations.

However I do have to debate on that topic, because it can also be suggested, that overall performance is often better when particular kinds of claimed incentives and motivations are REMOVED, and those things can be related to not only circumstance, though particular personality types and attitudes and behaviours and so on.

That perhaps part and parcel of how advanced you yourself are in relation to potentially intransigent individual’s whose only interest they have at heart can be demonstrated to be there own.

Anyway I of course grew up with huge interest in TECHNOLOGY and indeed watching much SCIENCE-FICTION and indeed so-called SPY and ESPIONAGE realms.

If ESP can genuinely be developed by anyone at any time of life you might think that it would be found as a natural occurrence within someone titled DAVE S PERKINS.

Though the reality unfortunately was one of to many traumas and indeed possibly to many disparate knowledge realms to be able to bring all and everything studied into some form of COHESION.

So raise threshold and indeed become attuned to realms and knowledge that are life enhancing and empowering and perhaps geared around POSITIVE interpretative capabilities and capacities rather than the otherwise.

yes the debate continues as to investment in others versus investment in yourself and where within the various courses offering Principles and Wisdom do my own needs and requirements and so on outweigh those given by EXTERNALS who may well not have my own best interest at Heart.

An example of that is of course, potentially  “The Going to Hell in a Handbasket” Holosync Blog, that probably had one of the largest group gatherings of peoples and persons using that Technology contribute.

Likewise in Societal Terms of History and indeed what is occurring within fiction realms, Female Rey the new female heroine of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is a troubling matter.

No I do not want to get heavily into arguments between the sex’s so to speak, so much as HIGHLIGHT or bring to attention that in Historical Study Terms, whenever the Societal Balance between the sex’s has exceeded particular PERCENTAGE or PERCENTILE STATISTICS (there are usually UNEVEN statistics anyway, usually more females in a population say 54% female to 46% male plucked out of the AIR)

So say that female percentage within the Western Hemispheres has pushed out toward 57 % and beyond, you typically find whether we like it or not, that far more an increase in war and negative related World wide conditions that otherwise.  Likewise it can of course be demonstrated that ever since Female Liberation type movements occurred that they have gradually taken over very many REALM ACCESS and PORT HUBS.

Who is the face of the bank or this company or the local Hospital or Social care network or housing and so on.

It can be suggested especially in Great Britain that whilst particular Scientific Realm types have been feathering there own nests as to progress, the inroads made by female gangs and cultures and so on into all aspects of Societal Cultures, has had a huge detrimental effect on any given Male Populace advancements, because you find again and again, that ACCESS to any given realm and INDUSTRY is CONTROLLED by these individuals.

I am not a fan of control freaks within any sphere of influence whether male / female or undecided, or indeed the very often NEGATIVE reasoning systems utilised by such peoples, through wanting to punish someone else through choices as to there own lifestyle choices and options, because again and again you find that such individuals operating on some “in there own head, shit and criteria” are quite consistently sabotaging anything that does not fit a template of model of reality that they themselves deem suitable.

Yes raise THRESHOLD is the answer, I took the Write Well course with very positive (in my own mind intention) though likewise recent studies suggest that IDEAS as to RETROCAUSATION exist within many a modality and that again falls under the sphere of SCARY.

Why? because when you think about many issues and topics irrespective of whether you are male or female or rich or poor or however, retro-causation breaks all known rules and parameters as to the known universe.

Yes we can watch sci-fi with changes in timelines and histories occurring, though likewise we also see that such things introduce further debatable issues and topics such as Future Policing and Military usage and all the rest of those things.

Who is best placed to make the necessary judgment calls as to DIRECTION and so on, and are such decisions taken from a Neutral or Vested Interest point of view?

Strange though true I in perhaps Sci Fi Fantasy and Fiction Military Detective terms Decided that I was going to write a new Hereford based kind of Secret Service Operations.One that would appeal to both MALE & FEMALE Audience’s.

Much of my growing up in Hereford, England, United Kingdom, did of course revolve around ideas as to having a better local Military Special Operations Regiment than Anyone else.

that also included reading and research and taking in a great deal of local knowledge that went before and so on.  So much was made as to The Elite and the Best and various previously unknown operators and calling cards and so on.  Yes despite MAINSTREAM beliefs and viewpoints of operations, when you read of Northern Ireland and indeed other World Wide Spheres, such-as CIA and Mossad and the levels of training and the coordination and choreography between Services, you come to see that a positive competitive spirit does exist among very many ELITE SERVICES.

The problem perhaps as to taking responsibility when things do not go according to plan, or indeed when some EXTRANEOUS unknown sequence of events catches EVERYONE by surprise and so on.  Some Well Known DEATHS and ASSASINATIONS and so on.  whilst it is potentially possible to identify TARGETS, or indeed know that particular indivisuals are Targets, through the work that they do, or simply because of the Realm they exist within (ROYALTY), and or Parliamentarians and opposing Politicians and so on.

You cannot necessarily KNOW all the dealings, compromises and so on that have occurred and taken place behind closed doors.

So anyway, yes as much as I might say Hallelujah praise the signals or other Government Agencies and TA and very many realm individuals, you do typically come to see, that getting to some HIGHER LEVEL STATE, that is

INCLUSIVE of the BEST of the BEST from all realms and services, requires something previously unheard of or unthought of.

So I upon leaving school had gone into Retail and of course as we grow up we typically watch very many film and TV programme as to espionage and or this realm and I thought well you can take any regular REALM FRONT whether CAFE or HAIRDRESSER or Mall Shop and have a secret “behind closed doors” like espionage operation going on in the background.

Yes it has been done a million times already, though my own ANGLE was that I wanted greater both MALE and FEMALE inclusion and indeed make Normal Every day life like topics and issues background to TOP SECRET OPERATIONAL Matters.

So I thought AH-HA, like many a person who opens a book, you typically read Tributes to a wife or family member or special Friend and so on.

In looking for Business Options and so on, I know many a trade does So and so and Son’s and I of course suggested well, my option is pretty limited to and Daughters, unless I utilise & Son’s in a Spiritual kind of sense.

Anyway my daughter has long had interest in a visit to the Hairdressers, always seemingly wanting a POSH HAIRDO bought and paid for as part of her Hereford Experience.

So I cannot cut hair or have any desire to cut hair, though did think well I could write a book or story that Interlink’s LOCAL LEGEND as to Special Forces and Secret service ESPIONAGE Operations with something simple such as some day-to-day goings on and activities within such a realm as a coffee shop (no not “central perk” you bar stewards) or hairdressers.

Anyway I came to a conclusion that I would have to go for some great Nation wide like Service of a ESPIONAGE STATION in every HIGH STREET, clearly the more you think on these things the more you see the pluses and minus’s of a given industry.

So I had then gone completely “Woah slow down there boy” in deciding that it would have to be set in FUTURE to a certain extent.  This is where current projection of known Secret Service and Military and Police operations and so on are taking us.

Yes so anyway to cut this blog short somewhat I was going to write some story and then in linking it in with local History and DRAMA and EXCITEMENT, was going to name it after my Daughter.

So the Title I envisioned for the espionage inter realm stories and indeed for audience’s of all ages was going to be



The great thing of course that in coming up with such a name, I found it troublesome deciding upon the actual BUSINESS, I wanting it to be one that carried or was popular whether non-consciously or otherwise throughout the World.

Something that passed for everyday mundane, though also managed Awaken People and indeed offer or proffer Stories of action hero’s and all the rest.

Anyway it does seem to myself that I can think up IDEAS, though struggle with putting into a presentable story format or indeed REALITY.

I perhaps require a GHOST WRITER to take my Idea and then ROLL WITH IT, on my behalf.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉


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