Well That Was Timed To Create A Yawn

Yes today we can typically turn on the News and see reports as to OFFSHORE TAX EVASION strategies utilised among particular Societal sectors, and suggested to have been something of an ongoing MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX HAVEN industry.

It does seem very much to myself that the release of this information has been timed to create the most minimal damage to those who have be caught out with such wheeler dealings.

According to reports in fact, the information has been in Journalistic Domain hands for at least a year, and to speak on such things quite bluntly, one can well imagine that many within journalism originate from the kind of levels and backgrounds of Society that take such goings-on for granted within the class systems and cultures of there own peers and circles.

I mention that quite simply because it does seem that an Organisation of Journalists could keep a lid on something like that for a year, in the Modern Age of Global communications systems and Telephone Networks , was them (those investigating) simply giving friends and family of the investigators a HEADS-UP opportunistic time to withdraw or make alternative arrangements CORRUPTION ARRANGEMENTS and so on.

Yes Historical Transactions of The Rich and famous might cause brief titillation among particular quarters of society though overall, in terms of SOCIETAL VIEWS, such things as avoiding the TAX man is not usually a big divisive issue, often something HUMOURED about in the sense of GETTING AWAY WITH IT.

Anyway my own interest was not so much in the personalities involved, having stopped watching a great deal of TV and Film and reading the press for a number of years.

I can open a daily newspaper and read articles on RICH FAMED CELEBRITY, whom I have never heard of.  Even my daughter is shocked by my lack of knowledge on present day CELEBRITY’S, she perhaps even knowing more of my own generation of celebrities than I do, I really could attend an AWARDS SHOW THEATRE EVENT (for example) packed to the RAFTERS with alleged personalities and the great and the good and not have a clue as to perhaps the identity of huge numbers of these people’s who populate the National Media.

Of course that perhaps akin or LIKE the innocence of CHILDREN in many ways, in that in not knowing that one is supposed to bow and courtesy and be awed in the presence of STARS, my own bodily functions and non-conscious triggers and so on are simply not going to go of some RICHTER SCALES. One is not easily triggered, awed and so on, having said that, I am sure that like many a person some CELEBRITY’S real might get my pulse rate going a little faster, though such things are perhaps residual like thoughts and feelings and so on as to the Hero’s and role models and FILM STARS and so on from within my own youth etc.

All that a digression, anyway, no because I have become far less interested in people and so on, I generally centre on LOCATION mentioned and indeed other non-linear linkages that may or may not help myself and others progress, as to non-linear linkages.

So PANAMA, TAX Haven’s eh?

Yes in fact it was suggested that multiple former British Colonial Islands and Commonwealth Countries and so on, are well known for so-called OFFSHORE Financial Wheeler Dealings, having been not only seen to have long histories on such matters, though almost seemingly positively encouraged.

What can this little Island Nation do that will bring in the Coffer’s beyond low grade Tourist like industries.  We can store your Money.  AH-HA and in so doing also attract a richer and wealthy set of CLIENTELE for such Tourist like industries.

So you can see a mechanism at work whereby instead or perhaps reverting to slumming it and a hard slog, in World Pecking Order as to attracting visitors and tourists, you find that many such small nation’s and Islands have CATAPULTED themselves into ELITE like zones, through setting themselves as something a little more desirable or above the regular normality and so on.

Anyway yes, I thought PANANA HATS, they of course a long history in TV and Film as any quick search on the Internet will demonstrate.


So those of us who grew up watching TV and FILM of far away places, can all but guarantee that the MAN FROM DELMONTE beat us to the punch line with his earlier visit etc.

Likewise you often see such Clothes linked to TRAVELLING EUROPEANS, rather than necessarily local’s, although in today’s World I am sure the mix and blend is very well conflicted and confused, in not being able to take anything for granted.

So perhaps such things ae geared toward encouraging THE TOURIST INDUSTRY and so on, given how some quarters a claiming that Holidaying Abroad has taken a hit since news of bombings and terrorism,

I think in fact that such claims are nonsense and many a person taking a Holiday might think they are being more cautious in scratching particular destinations of the list, though in general people will travel will travel.

It often always coming back to STATISTICS and number crunching.  When I were lad I was typically reading or hearing about some MYTHICAL 1% that controlled all the Worlds Governments and so on etc.

Now very many years down the line, I can hear conspiracy after conspiracy as to the 1% who control all the Worlds governments and so on.

Quite clearly given POPULATION GROWTH, the original 1% cannot be one percent anymore, unless you are saying that they have GROWN in accordance with overall population growth and so on.

So all those numbers and statistics, should always carry a DISCLAIMER NOTE, something missing on most REPORTS related to information and statistical analysis.  They’ll give you numbers upon numbers upon numbers as to how a REPORT or CONCLUSION was found or created.  What they rarely give is a DISCLAIMER.

This “REPORT” was produced from this INFORMATION DATASET.  The Report is not the DATASET.

Yes strange though true, number manipulators throughout the ages, have always managed to BOGGLE peoples minds through managing to EQUATE REPORT as summary of Information Dataset, when a differing individual with differing CRITERIA or indeed BIAS’ could genuinely from any underlying dataset find a completely differing CONCLUSION in alignment with there own Criteria or Bias.

Anyway yesterday I mentioned FORMULA 1 and my Daughter and indeed The Olivier Awards. though I was typically UNAWARE of the American Country Awards, that I am sure some of my American viewers have interest in. (I looked today).

Rosberg Won The Formula 1, and Gypsy ROSE Lee won 4 Olivier Awards. And I am sure I can find multiple examples from other WORLD REALMS (such-as the American Country Music Awards) and so on, that kind of demonstrate how many seemingly differing realms and so on are all ACTUALLY kind of moving and turning as the World Turn’s in its own kind of series of interwoven links and SYNCHRONICITY.

Yes synchronicity is a good word and option to utilise as I do find again and again that although I can speak on and understand IDEAS as to NOW, I also know that multiple pages for some designated time period within a CALENDAR often kind of provides what statisticians call a VARIANCE TOLERANCE.

So in engineering you can be told a TENSILE STRENGTH expected from some composite STEEL ALLOY (for example) or for a TRANSISTOR or INTEGRATED CIRCUIT (for alternative examples).  You cannot of course guarantee that the production line process will produce EXACTLY IDENTICAL MIX, time after time after time.

What you can do, knowing your overall RECIPE (yes it can be demonstrated that many realms actually follow quite simple COOKING METAPHORS and ANOLOGY).

What you can do, is know that if you mix roughly this percentage and this percentage and this percentage of these INGREDIENTS, you will there or there about’s have a RESULTANT  repetition of your famed COOKIE or STEEL Product or Chip or Transistor and so on.

So Engineering and Manufacturing will often given some ACCEPTABLE RANGE of Variance from an estimated kind of desirable Norm.

So you could buy a computer with this desirable super chip that is said to have a clock cycle speed of 2.8 GB and in running software tests might find that instead of being “ON THE NOSE” it is actually slightly quicker or indeed slightly slower.

Again differing Manufacturers and Sellers and purveyors of wares utilise differing strategies for differing realm.

So a brought together Performance Average is given Manufacturer.

A Seller who wants Gamers to buy this Product might HIGHLIGHT particular known METRICS that impresses Game Players.

A Seller who wants Corporate Business to buy this Product might HIGHLIGHT particular known METRICS that impresses Business Owners and so on.

You might think that people will SHOP AROUND for a better Deal from alternative EXPERTS, though very often you can grow increasingly impatient with sales speak and one-dimensional clones of handed down and taught tactics that never fail in this particular sphere of interest and so on.

Anyway my own interest is of course predominantly based in wanting to always be there or there about’s in terms of these percentile groupings and clusters of what is occurring, and of course where I perhaps have BLINDSPOTS or weaknesses or BIAS’, to seek to identify and perhaps move into that other word I think I used recently CORRELATING.

So in gaining better understanding of the map is not the territory and the difference between SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL World concepts, I can say well this sphere over there correlates well with that particular REALM.

You do find that differing groups and clusters really do have there own patterns and cycles irrespective of Birds of a Feather issues and dynamics.  So whilst it may appear that Formula and Olivier Awards are running similar patters and cycles, I may well conclude when looking to the Country Music Awards, that some alternative sequence of cycles and patterns and reflectivity and so on is occurring.

Clearly you do find when investigating many a REALM that they ORIGINATED in some form of REBELLION against a Religion or State or whatever, though very often eventually ended up as “ANOTHER TYPICAL EXAMPLE” of what they themselves claimed to have most disliked about some prior or previous generation and so on.

So yes some realms are perhaps better interwoven (in terms of IMMEDIACY) than others, though even so called OUTLIERS can be worthy of study because even if you cannot SEE a DIRECT correlation as exampled in my Rosberg, Rose, Gypsy Rose Lee, Example, you will potentially find a FIVE DEGREE’S of separation angle.

Something that is OBVIOUS once you kind of IDENTIFY the missing ingredient or missing link and so on.

No matter how much peoples and persons seek to DISTINGUISH themselves and the realms in which they exist, I have within my Meditative Studies found over and over again, that you really would likely have to be an ALIEN LIFE FORM, in order to not have some INDENTIFIABLE database like relationships, (I recommended some basic DATABASE research on relationships between DATA (as example, one to many, and many to many  etc.) because it goes well with TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS and indeed better decision and choice making.

Yes so that perhaps about how direct a correlation is and indeed where no direct correlation seemingly exists we can step back and look for some discrete or non-linear correlation that is more indirect, those processes still within thinking strategy terms VALID or appropriate.

So we can throw ourselves in pursuit of truth and integrity and honesty, though do not be surprised if little is forthcoming from family and friends and colleagues and co-workers and those you encounter in your daily life.

It really even with assisted Meditation’s seemingly takes a while for the knowledge lessons and learnings to sink in and raise your Threshold and so on, to a point where, you are not coming from some confused and conflicted REACTIONARY STATE OF MIND.

The truth seemingly something that is in and of itself something created within the INDIVIDUAL as to fashions of this is my truth now tell me yours and so on.

I did read some interesting Articles on Twitter yesterday after having taken the entire month of March off, in terms of monitoring Twitter.

Here is one from Deepak Chopra that kind or correlates to my current study of INTEGRATIVE Theory of SPIRITUALITY and SCIENCE.


Anyway, yes, it really doe seemingly come down to belief systems above and beyond all else, and indeed, ones ability to see alternate points of view and perceptions, when you can often be led a merry dance around the houses or down the garden without ever gaining some greater overall long term strategy of prosperity.

Thank you for reading, God bless and be well 😉

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