Oh That Is Interesting

Now some may of course wonder as to why I sometimes refer to particular blog such-as Holosync, and I think it perhaps is part and parcel of the various process lessons and learnings to go back and have another look after experiencing particular shifts in focus and so on.

So I may for example be unaware as to what exactly my non-conscious is references or referring, although with the Holosync Blog, it did kind of seem that many a contributor was actually a follower of various GOLF TOURS and that was the area or topic that they were having some FUN with, in debating winners and losers and all the rest.

I mention that because I happened to see a Sky Sports advertisement and it was seemingly geared toward April’s Sport and although I see or monitor particular sports, I have become less keen on multiple realm websites, where you typically have to go through several button clicks and so on to get the spot you want.

Yes might sound silly, though I really would generally like a top page that perhaps has a particular sport button and then arrive at first click.

Anyway the Masters Golf is about to start and some folks were typically interested in the T20 Cricket that recently finished and so on.  So events and so on are continuing and another reference was to Tennis and some clay service tournament.

So clearly each sport can be suggested to have its own METRIC’S although as you progress within your study’s you typically find less and less degree’s of separation between realms.

Hence my also saying that you could have some “I see a SIGN” moment and then rush to the wrong Designated Sporting Realm.

With that in mind it is of course why I also suggest perhaps having or monitoring various realms in both direct and indirect fashion, have multiple CLUE PROVIDERS where you are well used or well-versed in understanding what a given individual is saying and doing and all the rest.

Returning to present day news matters, it has of course now been established that from an external or International Perspective Great Britain or The United Kingdom, is regarded as a Quality OFFSHORE TAX HAVEN.

So whilst we here within the UK have had it high-lighted as to offshore accounts and suspicion of TAX AVOIDANCE and so on, what those things are perhaps more about are change in generational attitudes and so on toward such wheeler dealings.

Very often more want more of there own money when they themselves have money, whilst typically a certain LEVEL of “I TOLD YOU SO” will be occurring among many a expert commentator being proven correct in some fashion and manner as to pigs in the trough within Parliamentarian Circles and indeed Various Establishments and so on.

I think the issue for many is of course a matter of personal choice, just as some only want pension fund money directed toward ethical investments, others are quite happy for money to go where it gives themselves the biggest or largest return, irrespective of the means why’s and how’s and so on.

Interstingly if you lived in China, you would find your search engine blocked as to such SCANDAL related searches, whilst Russia is often regarded in very many ways a bit like France as an INHERENTLY corrupt place, people will shrug shoulders as to this is how it always is and so on.

So Big UK scandal though a demonstration as to differing National Attitudes toward such affairs and matters and indeed issues such-as “SINS OF THE FATHER” or indeed “MOTHER”, strangely you do typically often find again that differing attitudes and behaviours are acceptable when done by one sex and not the other, though typically such things are often related to where an OBVIOUS huge BIAS is given, in highlighting such things and reports such information’s rather than obvious though rarely spoken upon of BIAS.

All to easy to fall into non-conscious DISMISSIVE patterns and cycles instead of utilising the OPPORTUNITY for some self-inquiry and so on.

I see that some commentating upon Donald Trump is occurring on Twitter, from strangely quite good fun Piers Morgan and Alan Sugar although I also found mylf adding Mark Hamill himself, the voice of Joker and of course famed JEDI PUPIL within the film that started many an industrious person of as to lifestyle choices and games and trajectories and so on.

Many such things seamlessly combine what you are already doing in many ways when you are little anyway, so running around the schoolyard playing Soldiers became running around the schoolyard playing Jedi Knights, perhaps the introduction of differing weapons and fighting styles.  A stick can become a sword, gun, staff, wand and many other a utensil that does not require purchasing from the local Department Store.  Yes even old style washing up liquid bottles became quality water guns and so on in the right BLUE PETER hands.

So I mention that of course because, younger generations of people often think that such things all originate within local shops, from some ship that came from CHINA or wherever when the TRUTH of course can be found in those who have little option than to make do with what is immediately available to them.  Much like the APOLLO 13 team was demonstrated to have to do when there Space Mission became a Life Threatening Scenario.

Adapt as to what you are presently facing and or experiencing, yes TV of course does safe JUNGLE Visits (if they can ever be safe), though generally the turn off and tune out strategy can potentially be the very best option to getting your CREATIVITY going again and so on anyway.

The weather Hereford is presently experiencing is mostly warm spells with occasional showers, April Showers perhaps ” How Cool is that” classical showers.

So many of course can perhaps critic some of the linages and so on that I choose, though I do often admittedly seek some of the best that have gone before or previously and then adopted an attitude of seeking how I can best INTEGRATE particular utilisation of information and data from a given sphere of influence.

So like many I may when younger have seen that shower of stars effect FX that occurs when watching the opening to most classical DISNEY, the shower of stars over a fantasy castle and so on.

Combining that with classical legend writers, such-as how to create SATELLITES (Arthur C Clarke or Issaac Asimov were both well read and researched by myself when young, as to Robots and all those Futuristic Stories and so on.)

So I then of course also involved Story of Local Legend David Stirling, and Israels “The Star of David” (also depicted in Negative terms by Nazi Germany), I also studied some American Related History and Again, you do genuinely find that many a Nation was built upon IDEAS as to (Biblical) David and so on.  Hence my mentioning of SAS, CIA and MOSSAD.

Likewise I think I mentioned BIBLICAL PREDICTION or PHROPHECY found within Revelations, The coming together of the Nation of ISRAEL etc. That occurred in the year of my mothers birth 1948.

So it really is far to easy to get wrapped up into CONFIRMATION BIAS as to the beliefs and so on, that all point to you yourself as being the be all and end all of AGES HERO etc, within classical Western Mythology.

How to step back and best utilise such things in more profitable style and fashion?

well Jesus said to be King of the JEWS, though in PROPHETIC style and fashion and given what modern Science and Technology shows us, we perhaps want to RETURN to that pre-birth like state of WAVES and so on, said to be the state before time. In order to then reshape our windows and views upon the World and the various cycles and Patterns and Metrics and so on that we are familiar with.

So that very much what Learning Strategy like programmes and Centerpointe Technologies all about.

Clearly you can clear much mental detritus and so on, though do not be surprised that even in opening up new insights and options, you may well find that as much as you want some History or situation to be differing than what it is, you best get used to much about the World and externals peoples and persons your CONTROL as to behaviour’s and all the usual kind of cyclical patterns of behaviours that are seen over and over again.

This blog Article was written intermittently between other activities that perhaps contribute to what we often use a generalised term and label for entitled LIFE.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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