Is Having a Does Not Compute day

Yes yes such things do occur on more occasions than one can care to mention unfortunately, though of course, one of the things I have found in taking up meditation (for example) is that many a seemingly important news article relating to some event is actually not of any real personal interest even to necessarily comment upon.

The subjective World view versus the Objective Worldview some might say, though in fact I do not think it even that.

I really do think the door can be closed and shut on some issues and topics that seemingly have some ridiculous never ending series of issues and debates around them.

An example today is The Hillsborough Disaster or Tragedy.

Yes people died, some lost loved ones and others found themselves being accused of being responsible, very often for simply having put themselves forward for particular kinds of jobs and duties.  Clearly some who died may well have been completely blameless and innocent type individuals, though making claims to that affect with Football crowds especially is difficult.


Well I years ago went quite regularly to support local team at that time Hereford United, (It has since gone through various variations and is not now the same entity, despite most outward appearances as to same pitch and facilities and so on).

That perhaps the TRIGGERS broom effect seen within Football.  I’ve supported this Football Club for 20 years, its had 15 new managers and 5 new owners and 1000 new players and 10,000 new fans.

In fact it does seem to myself that some HUGE slight of hand is occurring, because quite simply the entire Hillsborough Disaster, much like many other major Tragic like events, is a kind of SELF-CONTAINED ECOSYSTEM.

What do I mean by that?

Well we often hear that this sector of populace was blamed or responsible, and that this sector was not responsible, where what any campaigner seemingly claims they want cannot be ascertained to any real level of CREDIBILITY.

What does that mean?

well those whose loved ones died, will typically want the heads to roll of those in some other decided upon CAMP.  I’ll blame the Club, the Police, The Stewards, The Match Officials, any grouping that is “OTHER THAN” one in which they themselves or loved ones can be “INCLUDED WITHIN”.

So reality then that whilst most within the Nation have moved on, particular DEMOGRAPHICS seemingly will never ever rest until some Bought into or invested in JUDGEMENT mind set is changed.

So if a COURT is appointed and then comes to a favourable judgment or indeed unfavourable judgment one or other side will simply dismiss said INDEPENDENT RULING, and claim cover-ups, or stitch up’s and so on.

That part of the problem with some of the American Ambulance Chaser cultures that we have imported from the US as to responsibility and so on.  A First Aider (for example) can THEORECTICALLY be SUED for saving someone’s life, who then goes on to claim they did not want saving etc.  Even though in Great Britain, the Medical Oath and Pledge, especially for those entering Medical Professions is quite CLEAR.

The Lawyers have been allowed to take over, instead of returning to quite stringent sensibilities as to people acting out of Professional Service and so on.

This part of the problem I think also for Police Personnel, where it has been suggested Mental Health and other issues are causing growing numbers of long term sickness of 28+ days, they rapidly catching up with the Social Service (Psychology) Professions then.

As a low paid factory worker, I can of course WISH, that I could have any paid leave and a job to return to at the end of it.

All well and good bemoaning the Job you are in, though the peoples that you are dealing with and possibly complaining about are in greater supply within the old-style slaver factories up and down the land than they are within PROFESSION CIRCLES and Circuits for travelling judges and so on.

Have things changed a great deal since the Frost Report Made that Sketch?  RIP RONNIE CORBETT.

So another topic seen in the news is related to the Hunt for the murderer of an alleged Criminal Mafia self styled BOSS.

Everyone immediately of course rushes to say what a good chap he was contributing to local business and hospitals and charities and all the rest I have no doubt.  We see similar activities for peoples of all classes at all times, and of course can again get sucked into murky territories that we do not necessarily have any desire to inhabit.

Apparently around the time of the murder some joggers were seen in a locality not all that far away, and they are being asked to step forward.  The articles typically suggesting they may be witness, though no one considers that they might be responsible.  Regular Jogging route.  You have to carry out a hit at some later date, you put all your gear in place (weapons cache etc.), and then continue in your daily “jogging routine” as not to raise suspicion. The call comes in, and in continuing your regular routine, the diversion to take out some Target goes unnoticed by those who see you regularly, the dog walkers and all that jazz.

Yes I have seen an increase in joggers on my early hours treks home over the last year or two, though likewise I also know that RUNNING EVENTS for charity and indeed encouraging FITNESS have been a growing industry, so such joggers, do not necessarily look out of place.  Especially as we have a number of ACTIVE COMPETITIVE SPORTS GROUPS & CLUBS within the area.

The collective American Voting Jury for Republicans and Democrats seemingly saw the PENDULUM SWING in favour of the present “underdogs” as to the state of Wisconsin.  With some of these things it can be difficult to know as to whether that was going to occur all along or otherwise.  I suspect that were I to visit the website of NATE SILVER (I recommended his book THE SIGNAL & THE NOISE a few years ago), you would find that all within the American Presidential Industry is going according to Overall Analysis and plan.

Yes it can genuinely take major unexpected twists and turns to genuinely upset the so-called applecart.  We as electorates think we have a say, though the more I study all the History and Politics of any given realm, the less confidence I find that anything genuinely unpredictable can happen or occur.

Yes I know I promote products and Technologies that suggest being able to gain a shift in view and perspective, though that is more about PERSONAL CONTROL and ALIGNMENT within your own life, where you have some CONTROL FACTOR.

You have little ability to control EXTERNALS, yes you can seek to INFLUENCE and MOTIVATE AND INCENTIVISE, though very many such skillsets or indeed IDEAS, can typically as anyone progresses be seen in a new light.

What does that mean?

Well once you go up a level or to and are generally happy that your focus and attention is now on more rewarding utilisation of your Lifetimes worth of knowledge and data and information and so on, you are likely to want or desire to keep your own COUNCIL and indeed only generally MIX and CIRCULATE with peoples and persons of similar like mindedness and so on.

we see it again and again whereby Teachers and EXPERTS select some NICHE and then only create and communicate on that chosen DEMOGRAPHIC and so on.

Probably a very good philosophy given how so many life realms are quite confusing and conflicting.

Anyway others things require being done so I shall leave this one here.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well


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