Is Going Star Wars Mad

Yes strange though true, even though modern celebrities are well versed in interactive communications with Audience Fan base’s & Detractors alike, my own generation of course merely got to use the old postal service to send a letter to Santa and a picture to Tony Heart and a Jim’ll Fix it letter to Saville and applications to Saturday Morning Super-shows, those typically 2 to 3 hour long morning Fest’s of stupidity, intermixed with cartoon’s and music video’s and so on.

Anyway I said I added Luke Skywalker on Twitter and even though you are unlikely to get personal greetings, the opportunity to feel like you are communicating or connecting in some fashion does of course seem real within your average user of Global communities and International Communications systems.

Anyway I decided that I cannot wait to see Star Wars:The Force Awaken’s again and thought it released beginning of April, according to some websites, though UK purchasers and buyers are being told 18th April at present (Amazon DVD’s), again somewhat annoying timing, because anyone with kid’s would more likely have wanted the movie on the Saturday or even the Sunday for a family viewing.

Anyway given my withdrawal from Society in General, I thought I would research some cast & crew information and apparently Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) was originally being killed off as a character, although tired of playing death scenes, he had words with JJ Abram’s who took the opportunity to rework the part a little to keep Oscar-Poe alive.

That kind of reminded myself of watching wierd show LOST a few years ago prior to giving up /reducing TV viewing.  I went through a phase of watching CSI and NCIS and LOST I think made it into a small collective of shows that I as a predominantly night worker made effort to see and watch.  LOST was apparently a JJ Abrams show, though in honesty I paid little attention to Producers and Directors and Writers at that stage of my life.  When little I could real many of them off Parrot Fashion-Aaron Spelling Glen A Larson and so on even managing such things with Film Makers Speilberg Lucas and so on.

In fact a long held pet peeve of my own was that multiple commercial TV stations went through a phase of accelerating all the CREDITS, and I typically when young did utilise the PAUSE button on VCR, simply to identify an actor or actress or other individuals.

Anyway Mark Hamill gave out a brief POTENTIALLY CRYPTIC CLUE as to Episode 8 Spoiler, though of course all meaning and any debate comes from within ourselves.

He indicated his ROLE was TWICE as big as Episode 7 & in honesty given how brief that was, I do feel slightly put out, yes young folk want young relatable hero’s though the Classic Characters in the Original Alec Guinness did have a fair amount of screen time, as did Harrison Ford in 7.  The Societal Demand and-or Expectation has perhaps shifted enormously in what Audience’s “Think they want”, though I genuinely think and believe that Directors/Producers should stick to there gun’s on particular topics to restore some level of deeper thought and brevity  in among the all-action plans.

I also found myself viewing a clip for Rogue One, and again it is looking great, though I think my interest lies in pulling apart the differing scenes and scenario’s to see how such things CORRELATE with day-to-day real World and life etc.

One scene had Rebels running on foot toward giant ATAT ground vehicles 1st seen in Empire and tht perhaps akin to a visit to the Zoo or even farm, when you are young and wanting to cross a field and so on.

So adopt beginners mind within Meditation Teachings Lessons, Learnings and so on, is of course akin in many ways to adopting a Worldview of being a young child experiencing all the wonders of the World and so on, and perhaps keeping yourself fairly centered within magical mindset’s and awe etc, yes we have all been through life periods of “GROW UP” blah blah lectures from family friends and Societal EXPERTS, though it does actually seem to be the great SUCKERPUNCH that leads to you losing great chunks of your life through having fallen into some FALSE PREMISE and wrong or simply untenable choices and paths.

The European in-out debate seemingly continues apace whilst we are also seeing The Masters Golf beginning and indeed various Footballing Fixtures occurring, and The Grande National Weekend is also upon us, my first early vague memories perhaps that of Red Rum winning, though Horse Racing perhaps a sport that despite fairy low meeting attendances, does strangely manage regular TV and Bookmaker Followings.

We are apparently in a HEIGHTENED state of looking or Experiencing issues as to MISSING PERSONS and indeed various other child related issues and so-called TRAFFIKING.

I find such things a little confusing in Honesty.  Reports from America on Child Prostitution, and France making, the act of paying for sex illegal.  and Britain has young girls sent to prison for murdering some woman of there parents age in her home. Disney continuing to make females the be all and end all Hero’s of there movie’s.

Yes Disney perhaps demonstrating where it’s audience and market is, though I do think they could be seeking to bring some  return to balance and equilibrium.  All to easy to say that this owned vehicle or franchise takes care of those folks etc, though overall FAMILY-ORIENTED materials are seemingly gradually being eradicated in favour of a somewhat huge and diverse number of sub-divisions, though further analysis suggests that the sub-divisions themselves are showing signs of BIAS.

Anyway each day is a new day

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 🙂



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