Gwanwyn Rose Has Left Da ‘Ford

So the daughter somewhat tired of visiting uncool dad in Hereford, decided that she wanted to stay with an aunty prior to her return to college.  Aunty had said yes and mum had said yes, so it was simply a matter of getting Rose to Swansea on Friday, where her family were having a shopping trip and it proving a nearer port of call than Carmarthen enabling or cutting our journey time by an hour.

No, such things are not “a biggie” so to speak, so much as I working nights typically means that any travelling on my part usually includes a lack of sleep and so on, yes she can also travel on her own, though quantities of baggage usually ensures it better to travel with her and indeed some of the ne’ do well’s that strangely hang around stations is of course a concern.

So I stay up after work and daughter eventually gets up having apparently set her alarm.  I decide to utilise a TAXI as I did not fancy walking along with all the baggage etc, it would also enable myself to perhaps purchase a snack or two for the journey.

Anyway all packed on previous evening, and having followed similar routine for some DOZEN years, it kind of seems to have its own in-built Habts and Rituals that both I and daughter run through.

So Taxi arrives and we get in, the Driver has some rock music on and it kind of reminds myself of when I was younger, although driver perhaps similar age bracket to myself.  We talked on getting held up by a LEARNER car on St Guthlac, he suggesting that Driving Schools and so on are continuing to grow as business opportunity and so on.

So general chit-chat and nothing to complain of so to speak, good attitude and manner and he even had change for my inconvenient £20, I had earlier (upon arriving home) popped to the local corner shop and cash machine, and it dolled out £20, the shop keeper had already given a couple of tenner’s to a retail delivery guy just before I was being served, so I had to keep the larger DENOMINATION.

Anyway, we get to station, and the chap is actually the vehicle owner, and was displaying multiple IDENTITY Badges for multiple other drivers, although he suggested that it was predominantly he and his wife who were primary drivers. the other’s had greatly reduced participation.

Anyway, I bought myself a Swansea Day Return Ticket, and added it to the one I already had for daughter, from when she arrived, yes it can get complicated, though generally I have a History of buying SPLIT TICKETS Hereford-Cardiff and then Cardiff-Wherever, because strange though true, splitting the tickets usually garners cheaper overall fairs. You just have to figure out which station on any give LONG HAUL route is likely to be a TRAIN TEAM SWAP Point or whatever.

So on Train Platform (after purcahsing a couple of snakcs from Coffee Shop) and waiting the arrival of the 9.33 am Southbound Train.

What I did note was that the overall group of people waiting seemed to fit a particular Pensiner Demographic.

I think previously 9Historically) I had often caught an earlier pre-9 am train, and that is often commuting workers, after 9 am seemingly the time for a more sedentary populace, not that you would know it once the train arrives and the positional vying for best positions begins etc.

Anyway train arrives and empties of peoples and persons who appear to be a younger generation of students, the early hours trains often seem to be Student Commuter Trains.

We get on board and seating is such that we decide to sit separate, she on one side of the aisle and myself across the way.  She when much younger used to often go to sleep on such journey’s though has of course found herself a little on the large side to be able to do that anymore.  She also Historically at least has always gone through a kind of travelling day transition, where she has a mum and family mode and a dad and family mode and behaviours and so on are perhaps adjusted accordingly.  Though the last couple of years has seen an almost near permanent “mother” mode come into being.

Anyway all quiet, she has IPOD & PHONE and I have my PAD Gadget.  Likewise I was wanting to get a little shut eye, though did not seem to manage that feat.

People got on the train, and people got off the train, station after station, and again to be honest nothing really was standing out for myself on this particular journey.

So eventually we are at Swansea Station and having arrived ahead of her mother (in car) we would have to hang around station and wait for a little while.

The station was strangely much more INTERESTING, and perhaps managed to peak my Interest as to various characters dotted about.  My earlier visit of a couple of week’s ago seemed to confirm that some characters were regulars.

A Big Issue salesman wondered about outside the main entrance, opposite the entrance is The Grand Hotel, and previously daughters mum had utilised the Grand Hotel’s parking area to make the drop of.

The area outside the station is actually rather a large area of paving stones and a good OGGLING or WATCHING and WITNESSING vantage point can be taken up from any seeming direction about that location, a nearby road provided some latest car watching, and a bus shelter seemed to have peoples stopping and then moving on.

So yes waiting and watching and seeing various peoples and persons going about life the Universe and everything.

Oh look a man with a bike.  Oh look a couple pushing buggy, oh look some drunken well to do types exiting Grand Hotel opposite and walking straight to the station, probably for some London Paddington connection.

Anyway one chap strangely kept placing a bag nearby and then wondering away from it, and I found myself asking if it was his bag, he having done it more than once.  Likewise you see differing peoples arriving for differing “just in time” mind sets for trains.

So we watch and wait and Swansea perhaps demonstrates a rather diverse population in terms of commentary you can speculate on people.

One young Arab looking woman (Western Clothing) and Freshly tanned was seemingly quite nervous as she approached the station for example.  I had made a donation to some FIRE MEN Service personnel who were jogging the streets in work clothes and raising funds.

This woman appears a few minutes later and seemed to have a SPIKE or be triggered in some fashion by my own presence, I typically just waiting quietly with daughter and minding business, though staring quite hard perhaps at everything that entered into this zone that I was waiting in.

The young woman stared quite intently at myself in somewhat HARSH manner, though I was unmoved and she went into some alternative shock like demeanor, as though she wanted HOSTILITY though failed to raise any.  I mentally had strangely gone into a kind of FACIAL RECOGNITION like mode, whereby for a few milliseconds  I thought I recognised her, though was unable to identify where from.

Anyway typically I then I think went into ESPIONAGE MODES of speculation, knowing that I of course am not Secret Service or Military Intelligence or Police, though just as I can speculate upon peoples passing I guess that others do something similar.  Especially those with something to hide of some description.  My speculating eventually panned out to a scenario whereby we both had OVER-ACTIVE IMAGINATIONS, and were both in fact probably akin to DECOYS for those who are involved within such espionage like activities.

Yes I think she may have been incognito or alternative attire to her usual dress, given the bodily attitude she went into, though I think she may have been wearing CONTACT LENSES perhaps, that disguise a whole range of pupil dilation and so on, though typically behavioural TELLS can often still be seen.

Yes I went in and out of the station a couple of times, due to a requirement to have a smoke, and the interior having a no-smoking environment, the daughter wanting to sit whilst we waited and indeed I purchased a Hot Chocolate from the in-station Costa Coffee, also taking opportunity to look at a Free METRO paper, strangely advertising the Latest production from JJ ABRAMS, an alternative History Death of JFK show starting on FOX TV (whatever that is).

 So yes, Swansea provided opportunity to let the mind run somewhat with a diverse population and cast of peoples to-ing and fro-ing.

Eventually daughter’s mother arrives and we said our goodbyes.

I of course then waited for next train back, sitting on platform 1 for some 20 minutes, timings seeming to work out quite well for myself.

Anyway I sat and waited and various groups of other passengers all began appearing and vying for best standing positions on platform and so on.  Strangely I did note that a couple of women of Indian appearance seemingly took up station either side of myself.  I wondered whether reading Deepak Chopra regularly meant I was taking on some non-conscious embodiment of Indian like karma or something.  I also noted a youth or Arabic like description with a backpack and he strangely moved about a little uncomfortably, the problem of course that all the news and indeed SPECULATION to bomber demographics tends to lead toward particular PARANOIA among given demographics and audience of news medias etc.

Anyway I noted those Indian women because typically most travelling were white and so on, likewise perhaps they did not feel or sense any Negative Trigger like VIBES from myself.  Yes one of the great benefits of meditation is actually that you can have quite a CLEAN AURA as to thoughts feelings and non-conscious bodily reactions to other folks etc.

Anyway, the train was quite busy going back and a mother put her 2 young kids in a seat behind and took up residence next to myself, though I perhaps engrossed in my have a sleep meditation and indeed various kindle books.

I had joked about trout Pout to someone on Twitter, the previous day, and this blonde women was quite attractive, with a perfect set of teeth and possibly (dental work pout).  She also wearing a very clean Cream Columbo or Arthur Daily styled coat.

Anyway she vacated along with children at Cardiff, and some foreign travellers seemed to take up residence next to myself, checking out there INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL TICKETS and appearing to read some foreign language Mercedes Benz Literature, I kind of went into speculative mode as to LANGUAGE though, given my meditation could not hear very much.

They also had literature for Scotland suggesting they may be doing some United Kingdom Tour of some description, or indeed simply grabbing leaflets and pamphlets from station’s to read on trains and so on. (probably more likely).

Anyway I had my sleep meditation going though was not really sleeping and kindle open though strangely cramming particular kinds of books etc.

Arriving back in Hereford some time after 3 and having to work earlier on the Friday meant I had to grab a couple of hours shut eye.

I went to work and again it somewhat uneventful.  On arriving home I decided t catch up with a Marie Diamond on-line seminar that occurred during the week, prior to bed.  Year of Feng Shui.

The idea being that in taking part with a monthly call in, you get into the Habit and Routine of having Feng Shui within your conscious window of awareness and can perhaps make some of those beneficial changes that we often fail to make etc.

So that was quite straight forward and then I hit the sack and awoke at 11 am to a dog barking outside.

Yes what else, well I tried to not really pay attention to various news articles on some subjects and so on, because I was wanting to get into better Zones as to where my mind is at.

Some witnessing this week for example, we saw an article as to Jim Davidson and Simon Weston visiting former military personnel in prisons, they apparently manage to make up a large percentage of prison inhabitants apparently, though you can probably speculate on reasons until the cows come home. I then this morning saw a related story as to the US Navy Seal who shot Osama Bin Laden having been cautioned within the Region where he lives for sleeping in his car.  Charged with a DUI (driving Under the Influence) apparently.

So human’s are human’s though I will now perhaps think some more on what I can write upon.  I strangely saw a small pot of white paint spilt within or on a graveyard path.  I also of course recently wrote Einstein’s E=MC Squared, though had not consciously thought on National runners, apparently twice winner “Many Clouds” is seeking to match Red Rum’s 3 Times winner Record.

Will that happen, well such things are always possible, though I of course want to see who else is running because, false starts and high fences do often create opportunity for lesser known outsiders and non-favourites to creep further up the field and so on.

So I may now have a look at today’s news and then do some inner “Go Compare” in terms of Witnessing from Local to National to European to Global and so on.

Strange though true, the desire to have the ability to see more clearly does seem to take on a life of its own.  Though clearly what we take off auto-pilot and put on auto-pilot can perhaps make all the difference.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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