Doritos-Check, Salsa Dip-Check, Cola drink-Check

Star Wars: The Force Awakens-available on Stream from Amazon-Yabba Dabba Dooooo

Yes, so there I was expecting to wait another full week prior to being able to watch the film again, and then this morning an email promptly arrives informing myself that the Movie is now available to stream.

Thankfully I had held of on pre-purchasing a Hard Copy (DVD) mostly because after years and years of going through hoarding collections, RECORDS, TAPES, VIDEO’S, CD’S, DVD’S

I really do enjoy the facility to simply have such entertainments streamed to end user gadgets of my choice via on-line cloud accounts and facilities.

So I went to the Cinema to get the full force experience in the relatively new multiplex that Hereford has, and whilst I enjoyed that experience, after years of taking the not so little one, to the old cinema on Commercial Road, the cinema trips have become less and less over the last couple of years as being seen with dad etc. is SO UNCOOL.  And indeed having differing tastes as to what we may or may not watch.

So the Cinema experience of Star Wars the Force Awakens was with 3D glasses and best seating and all the rest, though I must admit it was also after having worked the previous night and I was perhaps tired before I even arrived at the cinema.

Today on receiving email, I typically popped to the shop for some snacks and made the stream purchase and then sat on watched the film at my own luxury.  Need the loo, hit the pause and so on.

So anyway I was thinking I should call this article a daily dose of Star Wars, and then boast as to how I am going to watch it each and every day this week, much as I strangely recall watching some of the earlier additions in my youth.

Anyway, on reflection, I figured that such a plan whilst good, perhaps fails to take into account other lifestyle choices and activities.

So whilst I might like to watch it over and again, I may watch it only a couple of times and not absolutely 100% daily.

I can also suggest, that the stream version was of course HD and not 3D and I do think it stands up well without the benefit of the 3D visuals, I found them a little overwhelming etc in the cinema.

So was it as good as I originally thought, yes I think it is as good as I suggested when I reviewed it previously and indeed, having the opportunity to watch again in more awake fashion perhaps enables myself to take in one or two moments that had managed to not be noted previously.  So many a small detail (for example) that goes unnoticed through cinema hall distractions etc.

The stream also included some deleted scenes and such things of course are common place extras on many a DVD etc, so little to complain as to having missed out, though I am sure DVD’s probably also get the making of and behind the scenes interviews, that some folks want and cherish whilst others simply want the movie.

So that was a couple of hours of time taken up on this wet and rainy Monday.

The weekend has of course had many a sporting event taking place and some rather interesting results having occurred.

A horse entitled RULE THE WORLD won the Grand National, and we also yesterday saw Danny Willett win the Golfing World Master’s, swiping it from under the nose of the American home crowd and audience and of course competitors.

Another strange novelty was also seen in America, where the Boston Globe Newspaper, printed a prospective Front page for next year, with President Trump ordering the beginning of the Deportations and so on.

Yes he reacted quite harshly to what they printed apparently, though all the FAKE reports included within those headlines were based on his STATEMENTS as to what he would do when President.

We British of course quite naïve and overly trusting, perhaps in many ways compared to the American Population.

we generally think of ourselves as being able to TRUST that politicians will do as they say they will do when canvassing for support and so on.

Elsewhere we are seeing various reports as to William and Katherine’s visit to India taking in a number of major Cities and Tourist Attractions and so on.  Often easy to forget just how large some of these other Nation’s are when you consider how the empire was build from a relatively small island base.

UK news headlines are a complete turn-off at present, simply going on and on about Offshore Tax Haven’s and Tax Avoidance schemes and pretty much simply demonstrating I do not know what (to be honest).

Yes you perhaps have so-called spirit of the law debates and so on until the cows come home, though what Mr Cameron is suggested to have done is not necessarily illegal so much as against ideas as to integrity and good will and so on.

If finding ways and means to circumnavigate the Tax man or whomsoever is an Original Plot I might spend time studying the ways and means for myself.

Though the simple truth is of course, that you do generally require money in order to be able to afford offshore accounts and so on anyway.  I think all these Global Communications and Banking systems have brought the price down enormously and your average householder could perhaps attempt such things for themselves, though likewise Britain is quite well regulated when it comes to BANKING.  Some Nations seemingly have banking systems where the population are literally risking everything in simply using a bank.  How many American Bank’s seemingly get shut down every few years when they are discovered to be fiddling the books (for example) all well and good for being pro Free Market pro-capitalism though the downside seems to be that all and anyone can set themselves up as some sort of bank etc.

Having said that of course Britain has also had situations in which we have suddenly found ourselves (TAXPAYERS) having to invest in Major Banks going through failures.

Many such systems perhaps work on IDEAS and CONCEPTS such-as FAITH, HOPE & CHARITY, though such things have long been associated with Christian values and teachings, and most or many a Society typically rejects all and everything that might mean being bracketed in some fashion as religious.

I have spoken previously on people RELIGIOUSLY being a fan of POP IDOL, or SPORT, or CELEBRITY or whatever, though many of course perhaps do not have the Threshold or IDEAS as separating wheat from chaff etc. To see that many of the lessons and learnings lead you toward the conclusions, that despite the best efforts of many to not be the same as those neighbours or whomsoever you are unlikely at higher levels of Mediation etc, to be able to make such claims in terms of degree’s of separation.

Yes we all still have CHOICE and OPTIONS as to lifestyle choice, and those choices can include just about everything, though likewise it is perhaps not a particularly good option to alienate any given demographic that you might at some point in your life want or require help or assistance from.

Yes some folks do very well in playing Right Winger or Left Winger, though you typically see such folks in Parliamentary Terms often all rotating around the board room’s or branches of various LEFT WING or RIGHT WING Institutions and lobby groups and so on.

Each side of course, often suggested to require or need the opponent in order to justify there own existence or position.

Such things of course have served to drag many a person down in getting caught up in activities and behaviours that are not necessarily there own, though how are any external observers to now such things.

Elsewhere we are gradually also seeing more folks from the Write Well course, seemingly publishing books, it does appear to myself, that many were already authors and writers of one or another description.

We are also seeing greater advertising for this next Saturday’s Super Power Super You Event from Paul Scheele.


The event is American Time so I am not altogether sure, what the time of day will be in the UK, differing courses seemingly recommend differing US Coastal Times and this one given a US CENTRAL time.

Yes so another back to work day and perhaps back to school for the children and students.

I shall leave this one here for now and see what other activities I can take the opportunity to carry out at present.

Thank you for reading, God bless and be well 😉


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