Is Trophy Hunting All There Is

Yes a simple question that of course can also in terms of motivation and influence be given a simple answer, we are often TAUGHT or given to believe that those with a Trophy are better than those without a so-called TROPHY, though in reality many a so-called TROPHY ARTIFACT is only of said value to the purveyor of a given scene and scenario or STORY.

Yes I have seen several references to TROPHY’S in recent days, hence my own writing of it today or now.

This morning I wrote that I had seemingly had the SAS on my mind during the course of working the night and today I see a Hereford Times Headline as to a former local Regiment Soldier being sent to prison for FIREARM related offences.

A quick look at the article was all I really noted, though apparently the chap had kept a Pistol that he had gained during the Falklands Conflict, If I understood such things correctly from an Argentine Officer.

In fact  you might be forgiven for thinking that so-called Trophy collecting is rare, though my own recollection is that such activities are kind of common place, and not just among serving military personnel but through Society as a whole.

How many a person, keep’s the Rosettes and Prizes won in childhood for various activities and indeed gradually adds to such collections, such things can of course be done with regular trophy like activities within Sporting realm and Circles.  though likewise some kinds of Trophy’s really are not things you may necessarily consider as such.

I for example, have a small wooden box I made within a carpentry lesson at school some 20 years ago, I also have a couple of small stools also made within that carpentry class and they still find a usage in day to day life.  Interestingly that small box became somewhere to place various artifacts, I know it is in a larger packaged box somewhere, though I also know it contains 4 teeth I had removed by a dentist during my teenage years.  It also contains the PINS that were drilled through my bone and flesh and so on, from when I had an accident.

Strange why I might keep the pins as a Trophy though I did, and that had during that time period become a part of myself (I guess) to the extent that they kind of carry various story like linkages that to any outside observer would probably think as mad.

Another STRANGE story is that I recall one former SAS chap went on to work for The Royalty of one of the Arab states, many such former regiment Personal did similar kinds of activities, security services and bodyguards and so on.  This chap was constantly being given things such-as Highly expensive perfumes by the Arab’s that he simply passed onto his wife back in the UK.  Likewise he even had some genuine Ceremonial Swords that were hung on a wall (within there Sheath’s, so to speak) though anyone who has seen such blades knows they really can do you some serious damage in short order.

Yes many sorts of weapons bans have occurred since that time period, and so-called amnesties though such calls for Amnesty often ASSUME or PRESUME that some intent of some description is there for USAGE of such things as guns and knives and swords.

I genuinely think many individuals who have such things (as keep sakes and momento’s) really do simply have them as keep sake like momento’s  rather than necessarily for illicit or other nefarious activities.

Clearly times and attitudes change, from generation to generation though you do often think that the debate on what is appropriate versus otherwise, requires some form of critical thinking on the part of the individual and indeed those who encounter such peoples and persons as those who are typically tasked as living outside of your regular everyday lifestyle choices and so on.

So yes, prison terms and sentences can seem somewhat harsh, for simple possession or owning of goods that can be used for negative activities.

So yes, we can all perhaps relate to collecting of articles and items that may be regarded as some form of Trophy Possession that typically also serves or acts as reminder to some given time period of life the Universe and everything.

So any of us can sit down then and of course imagine or indeed write a story related to some article or possession.

You could have an identical possession to someone else, though the story that you relate to said possession or artefact is very differing indeed.  Hence many of these IDEAS as to all meaning being given or coming from the INDIVIDUAL.

I spoke on Star War’s and within that of course we saw Kylo Ren given to conversation’s with THE HELMUT & MASK OF DARTH VADER.

That perhaps again a strange thing to be doing, though how many a person has conversation’s with things dotted around the house.  I know when younger I purchased several face mask ornamental like decorations that hang on wall’s and whilst films such-as THE MASK high light the potential danger’s in such activities, I do think they are simply decorative display items, some go in and out of fashion, whilst others perhaps have that long term Never going out of fashion classical appeal to them.

Elsewhere, we are seeing stories done to death as to meanings and interpretations given.

The Eruo debate continues and The Princess and Princess are now staying in some obscure Himalayan Nation state, much like many a superhero or super villain within the DC and Marvel comic realms.

Japan has apparently suffered further Earthquakes, to some Southern Islands, and a building collapsed in a popular Spanish Tourist destination.

The world continues to spin then and clearly we all have choice and options as to where best to place our own focus and concentration and so on.

Microsoft is apparently suing the US Government over so-called privacy issues, though again such things are becoming confusing as to the purpose of such actions.

Clearly many a Corporation has done a great deal of disservice to many a Nation that they operate within, not only in terms of TAX issues and avoidance of paying the Bill’s, but though failure to act in the Interest of said Nation’s.

Do Global Entities have the RIGHT to some self assumed immunity from Local and regional Governance, simply because they want to create monsters and advance the cause of there business interests unimpeded by some of the simpler attributes and values that the rest of the Human race still regards themselves as having.

In the UK we are hearing that West Ham Football Club is getting The Olympic Stadium on the relatively cheap, though suggestions that it is good for the Taxpayer is questionable.

Much like many a London bias exists as to what is good for Taxpayer’s, many a person would likely prefer to not subsidize London Bias and see money spent and distributed in an improved and genuinely fair way and fashion throughout the Nation.

I spoke on this issue as to Lotto Money’s for example, where a simple distribution mechanism would be to send the “cause” money back to the region’s of those buying and purchasing the tickets.  Strange though true such COMMUNIST IDEAS are ALIEN to those who think the rest of the Nation is best ruled from London and so on.

Unfortunately you do typically find that the simple activity of zooming into any given suburb of said Larger Metropolis areas typically also shows a great deal of inner disputes between those within a given region or locality.  The same can be said for most of Britain’s Major or Larger Cities.

So who to believe and is it all that important.

well I think that a certain level of importance exists simply because earlier generations have done such a job on younger generations as to what is genuinely TRUE versus what is simply some upheld as true FALSEHOOD, that might serve an earlier generation though most certainly does not serve those who came later.

The requirement to remove many of the mental blinds and indeed BIAS and so on within many a World realm continues apace.  Many a topic and debate not worth investing any kind of time and space within.

Yes what to do indeed.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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