Slytherin & Salamanders

Yes strange title perhaps though I seemingly at present have a couple of intermixed subject matters and topics swimming around the noggin and am not quite sure what information is supposed to be bubbling up and so on, this part of the problem in wanting an organised mind (for example) when INTUITIONS and so on, can often come through multiple layers and links of non-linear cycles and patterns and all the rest of those things.

So I during the course of my working night found myself thinking upon the subject of the local Regiment aka The Special Air Service, The 22nd etc.

Anyway in association with that I can of course say that I did of course recently watch the relatively new Star Wars: The Force Awaken’s, movie and for those interested, there are several SUBTLE kinds of Military pointers and so on within the Script and Storyline.

Okay I of course mentally perhaps linked it into my Diana Daisy Story, although of course Prince George was also born on the 22nd (albeit July).

So BB-8 (easy to substitute BB for 22 (for example)) is the name of the android and that robot happens to belong or work immediately with The Best Fighter in the Resistance and so on, also known as Poe Dameron, and the opening yellow text blurb gave mention of a DARING MISSION.

I of course when I first started exploring Hypnosis and so on, found myself going through a heavy period of writing lots of POETRY and small odes.

Whilst it is easy to suggest that such patterns were contained within the listening materials I was utilising, I do in fact think that the materials I was listening to were actually geared or created with the IDEA in mind to utilise what any listener and so on already had recorded and so on within there own hearts and minds and bodies throughout there lives etc.

So anyway having watched that film again, I was of course reminded that around the ERA of the original Star Wars movie release, was in fact where I first encountered some real live genuine SAS men and so on, although there exploits were perhaps as I also suggested overshadowed by the new cinematic phenomena that was going around at that time, hence my suggestion of living in the shadow of star wars.

Anyway I got to also recently see a clip from the new FANTASTIC BEASTS movie, created by famed Harry Potter author JK Rowling, and it is set in New York early 20th Century (I think) an era that I personally always enjoyed many a film and movie about.  Although the story is said to be about some guy called NEWT SCAMANDER.

I of course grew up on Newton farm estate when very young, and Isaac Newton was a famed Gravitational Expert, whilst Poe Dameron was portrayed by Oscar Isaac, although I perhaps know the name better from Isaac Asimov, or biblical Issac.

Anyway a Newt is often related of course to Frogs and Frogspawn and tadpoles and I did mention an email from Pete Bisonette at some point as he had purchased himself some sculpted Frog Statues from Bali whilst holidaying there.

SCAMANDER seemed to myself to easily get broken down into SCAM and DARE, strange though true.

So anyway Slytherin was of course the name of a Hogwarts school house, named after some historical magical character within that realm.  I think I kept thinking Salamander when seeing the FANTASTIC BEASTS title sequence, where a snake or dragon like shape is given to the letter S.

Anyway all that digression, so during the night at work I found myself thinking on these SAS training exercise deaths and wondering what the differences were through generation to generation of so-called troops and differing regiments and personnel and so on.

You can (in my opinion) actually see a difference when you simply read some of the differing literatures down through the ages, attitudes among the men with each other, and indeed attitudes toward the so-called soldiering World and life and so on in general, and indeed attitude towards civilians and family and friends and AUDIENCE.

It does appear that what has occurred at some point is that some genuinely worthwhile attributes and values of some of the elder generations have been mistaken or eradicated through some of the perceived requirements and so on given through a generation raised on VIDEO CONSOLE GAMES of all guns blazing at all times and so on.  The situation and circumstances of individuals dying is of course always going to get some investigation of sorts anyway, even though soldiers are men trained to kill and indeed possibly be killed, and accidents do occur in day to day life within most or many a realm.

However when you open up some of the classical literature as to training and see many of the basic survival like skills, you also see that much of that material is a kind of knowing your body and knowing your environment and making sensible judgements and so on based on you knowing your body and attributes and values and so on.

Of course we have all perhaps decided to push through some pain barrier at some point or go through the wall though we also know that such things are likely to have to be addressed at some point.

So what I am seemingly getting at is that a kind of mental disconnect or disassociation must be occurring and that of course falls into the realm of some of the hypnosis NLP type studies I have carried out.

The viewpoint of placing yourself within a scene directly versus watching yourself within a scene and so on, all little tricks and mental algorithms that people can utilise to heighten or lessen particular thoughts feelings and so on.

Likewise of course my studies have also included some of those more “out there” kinds of materials as to TECHNICAL REMOTE VIEWING and some of the kindred LA-DI-DA type materials, interestingly we are at present seeing news reports as to the EFFECTS of LSD on the brain and of course also seeing reports as to long term effects of drugs used by sporting stars.

Some substances stay in the body far longer than others and all the rest of that material.  Yes I think it was the men who stare at goats and part of those early studies that also studied effects of HALLUCINOGENS on peoples, though clearly the recent LSD material is interesting in that the brain scans demonstrate GREATER CROSS HEMISPHERIC communications between differing areas and aspects of the brain, that may well in the normal scheme of things be shut down for the average individual.

I know I can relate to that, as it was several stages into Holosync Meditation and indeed quite heavy breathing that finally kind of got some of the so-called Neuroplasticity occurring, whereby I could genuinely feel as though some inner brain like shells were dissolving or opening out for greater brain access and so on.

Likewise I really do think much of what we accumulate through our lives is JUNK & GARBAGE, though most are not going to be told such things, and experiencing any such things first hand is not exactly convenient with getting on with life and so on.

Yes also interesting is of course, that many attempts to harness one particular area or region of the brain functioning has often come at the cost of some negative side effects or other regions being activated that you may or may well not want or desire, or indeed other sectors being deactivated (for example).

Lots of interesting dynamics surrounding many of these topics and issues, though I do think as said above that a certain level of personality and character and so on has seemingly vanished from particular force demographics in favour of almost robotic like automatons.

Yes I also fond myself thinking about Davros of Dr who fame and how he has for many generations of series episodes, seemingly been kept like a pet by the Daleks.  This is our creator, we will keep him safe in the dungeon etc, almost akin to that old granny or granddad at the wedding hidden away in a back room, lest they scare any of the guests.

So not really sure what is going on or why my mind has drifted onto these particular topics, though I write them anyway, information is always useful to someone somewhere and indeed it could just be that I (for example) happened to read some literature on those topics on this day historically or some such.

Anyway what else, well I have wanted to write the last few days, though kept finding myself kind of stalling and procrastinating again, I also noted that when I viewed Twitter for example, several that I regularly follow had gone onto topics I  have little desire to get involved in.

So at present all is seemingly up in the AIR regarding BREXIT and all is seemingly up in the AIR regarding US Presidential Election and so on.

I think that where the Davros and dalek’s like thoughts originated.


well I thought about us THE UNITED KINGDOM leaves Europe, okay not that a big deal (in my opinion) given how we all know when we study such things, that international infrastructures and all the rest are not going to go to pieces, just because we in Great Britain decide we can do better going it alone as an Island Nation with our own National Sterling Currency.

The USA also votes TRUMP for President and we are unable to continue as Strong Allies, because Trump as president brings the US to the brink of Civil War and the Country collapses in on itself going somewhat insular.

Yes all the ISOLATIONIST like policies such-as we in the UK and America is rushing toward are seemingly being brought about quite simply because for very many people, the CONNECT philosophy is not working.

I for example stopped going on facebook for several years and people who visited my blog were shocked because, after meditating regularly for several years and so on, you would not KNOW that I did not use Facebook or watch TV or however, all that I was writing was simply stuff springing to mind from within, and it happened to seemingly be happily synchronous with what colleagues or friends and family etc. were themselves writing and communicating and so on upon.

So The Meditation and so on, can be proven to work and we do not need to CONNECT because we very much often already are, in terms of degree’s of separation and so on, in fact THRESHOLD does seem to be the answer to very many an ill thought and feeling and all the rest of that stuff.

So I have also found myself wanting desperately to do some fantasy fiction like writing that I can earn money and so on from, though likewise, in raising threshold as I suggested before, the brain still works, though the imaginings perhaps require or need a booster shot of some description.

Yes wierd writing day and meanderings from David.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and Be Well 😉


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