Two Parts Super, One Part Power, One Part You

So after much enthusiastic build-up and advertising, yesterday of course saw the broadcast of the much lauded and pre-recorded Super Powers Super You Programme from Paul R Scheele and some of his associates at Learning Strategies.

Overall I think that the day-long course and programme was put together exceptionally well and I do think that many a person may well of course want, wish or desire that they be able to simply sit and watch 1 given segment or sequence within the overall architecture of the delivered packages.

So the event was advertised as being made up of X many segments, and is best perhaps described as a best usage programme for multiple Paraliminal’s, so for those wanting to improve this aspect or area of life they can best use these Paraliminals, for those wanring to see improvements within this alternative area of life you may well discover that this other combination is what you are looking for.

Each area and topic or subject HEADING was inclusive and complete within its own right, whilst also typically being a useful component within the overall arc of the days theme.  Super Power’s, Super You.

Yes it could well be suggested that such a long day is not for the faint hearted or those who already live busy lives though I do think it could well be worthwhile, for those who have decided to make some commitment to the usage of such Technology and indeed I also if offered the opportunity, would not mind having this on-line course within my on-line Library, where I  could for example simply re-watch a given section or segment for an hour, without having to necessarily wait or watch the complete package.

Yes it was suggested taking notes,  might be useful, though again I did kind of feel much was repetition of previously heard materials, and that is of course useful, for those who have not got several years experience of these Technologies.  I also can of course state that I came to Paraliminal’s, after going to already Higher levels of Holosync, although in retrospect can also point out that some pre-existing non-linear linkages existed in the sense that unbeknown to myself some earlier Hypnosis Material’s (such as those of Paul McKenna) were built or crafted on shared foundations with those of Paul Scheele.

So I having spent several years having stopped watching huge swathes of TV / Film media have typically again and again found myself being drawn to such materials.

Of course the difference provided is perhaps in the ability to WITNESS and not necessarily get all wrapped up in any given DRAMA or STORY.

I did note for example that a chat facility was available and did briefly enter a conversation relating to a question I posed as to transference of already purchased Paraliminal’s to my on-line Library.  Pete Bisonette believed that they could carry out a complete transfer for the sum of $55, which I believe is exceptionally reasonable, for those of us who already have rather large Learning Strategy Collections, whether on-line or indeed on older generation CD’S & DVD’S.

Anyway another chap from the Write Well course was present and took the opportunity to say hi, and I of course responded in kind.  I also noted that I found myself being a little distrustful of some interactions that were whizzing or appearing on the chat feed.

I had of course to sign up to the Livestream Technology, in order to take part in the chat facility, not a biggie, though such technologies are ten-a-penny and one does feel ever more grateful for having more universalised passwording systems and interactions available through the differing peer-to-peer networks.

So what causes the distrustfulness as to interaction’s on newsfeeds and chats in general? I think much comes down to what you have unfortunately witnessed and so on previously or historically as to motivation and incentive (or indeed personally EXPERIENCED).  Many technologies at some level typically seemingly tap into various male-female psychologies and interactions and whilst many I think are harmless or mostly harmless, one does feel that some behaviours are OVERINDULGENT of particular demographics or however, the guys rushing to offer advice and assistance to the girl with the pretty photo, yawn, roll eyes, though not necessarily offering similar advice to those without photo or however.  Yes such things are pet annoyances not because there is anything necessarily wrong with people flirting or interacting and making such exchanges etc, so much as the AGENDA or otherwise that is being demonstrated.

I withdrew from particular areas and topics of study and indeed associated lifestyle choices, because, being an older guy already divorced with kid, and having had multiple relationships, some kinds of interactions simply IRRITATE and ANNOY profusely.

So in effect that is perhaps my saying that my own “agenda” is perhaps a simple and innocent one of showing up to Learn or see if anything NEW is being proffered within such courses.  Likewise I when witnessing some interactions cannot help to find myself speculating on where exactly some interactions and discussions and so on are heading.

Anyway overall I had not initially intended to stay the entire course, though I did, such is the underlying desire perhaps to find something new or have an ah-ha not previously experienced etc.

So the topic and area of most INTEREST to myself actually came at the very last, when Paul R Scheele spoke on SUPER MIND and the area and topic of INTELLIGENCE and ideas as to IQ, Intelligence Quotient, EQ, Emotional Intelligence and indeed  SQ, Spiritual Intelligence. (Although he only really touched upon them briefly within his Lecture.

Interestingly my own research seemingly kind of hits a brick wall when it comes to the topic and subject matter of SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE,(SQ) and I did actually begin writing a question to Pete Bissonette on the subject and topic, though then found myself deleting the question, figuring that others may well seek to rush to answer, and my being somewhat distrustful of multiple interactions and exchanges previously seen on the chat feed.

I may well email Learning strategies as to some resources regarding Spiritual Intelligence because quite simply you can find all sorts of DATA and INFORMATION as to IQ and indeed EQ, though SQ is another kind of “out there” realm or facility that is often circumnavigated by those seeking to stay on the appropriate side of SCIENTIFIC DEBATE and so on.

So Paul Scheele historically I seem to recall will much like Paul McKenna ,mention Howard Gardner and his seminal work on MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES, though Howard Gardner chose or optioned to exclude Spiritual Intelligence from his work.

Emotional Intelligence is another area that a guy has developed a system around, and again I have kind of been there studied that.  Yes spiritual Intelligence does have a wiki page and some Lady did seek to write up on the matter though it is always on the outer regions of where any scientifically based research is willing to go.

So again and again the OUTLIER REALM or AREA is this topic of debate as to CONSCIOUSNESS (I think).

I spoke on SOUL previously as to some of Deepak Chopra’s work and indeed some Scientist’s are seeking to partially delve into the TOPIC and ARENA of quantifying or gaining a greater understanding of Soul, though it might well be akin to those taking a leap into darkness, kinds of experiences, as to FAITH and so on.

So you can study just about all areas and find a CONSENSUS on very many areas and topics and so on, though as soon as you go down a path that might be suggested to have linkages to Historical religion’s whether a debate about SOUL or SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE or whatever you typically find yourself looking from the outside in, at here’s what you could have done or achieved if only you had stayed on the better side of Historical doctrines and teachings and all the rest.

They do of course suggest that being one step ahead of Science is akin to possibly being regarded as Genius, whilst being two steps ahead is akin to being a nutter or crank or whatever.

The other interesting area that appears again and again, is this one of self fulfilling prophecy type debates, and indeed what Carl Harvey mentioned as to book’s such-as Think and Grow Rich (Napolean Hill).  Whereby a study of generations of Rich and Powerful and Wealthy and so on always usually distils all learning into IDEAS as to what the mind can conceive can be achieved and so on.

So yes also mentioned by Pete Bissonette within the online chat was that another 4 Paraliminal’s are due for release this year, though I did not see mention as to what they might be.

I of course have long suggested I wanted something related to the writing course I participated in, although many such IDEAS can already have been demonstrated to exist within the overall Paraliminal collection.

So something that boosts CREATIVITY and indeed MULTIPLE SENSORY INVESTIGATIONS, yes they may well be ten-a penny from alternate providers, though I do not think Learning strategies has necessarily crafted anything whereby I can think and feel very much in the zone for writing or artistic endevours as to INTERPRETATIVE CAPABILITY and CAPACITY.

I think such things are often alluded to, though given Societal Development, it could well be suggested that Society has become greatly dumbed down in many respects.

so keywords that I am looking at then are boosting of the 5 baseline senses and a stable equilibrium for any 6th sense brought about by that.

I also want a Spiritual or Soul related Paraliminal.

I also want greater Cross Realm Interpretative Capability.

Not to many wants, then, well I keep finding that I can be in the zone one minute and totally of base the next, and surely a FOUNDATION for success is believing in yourself and trusting in your own abilities and so on.

Yes we are often told by many a guru that you have to go through this stage of growth to get to the next stage, though I also feel that the conflict and confusion arena has had its day, because it is overcrowded with EXPERTS who do nothing in terms of contribution beyond self promotion and so on, often dragging all around themselves into undesirable conflicts and nonsenses.

So yes an interesting amount of information provided within the course, though one does still feel that particular area’s and subject matters require a booster shot.

Craft & Creativity, Soul & Spirituality,

whilst an intuition amplifier exists, I would probably prefer a more direct approach as to this is what you need to do and study in order to improve your CROSS-REALM-INTERPRETAIVE capabilities and so on.

Where a realm can be any one of the given senses, or indeed some area or region and topic that you want to have an alternative window upon.

Emerging Futures of course was mentioned and I do in fact find over and again, that timelines and four path like ideas are well defined and worked out, though the stepping stone nature of many such courses and so on make huge demands for those seeking to break free of pre-existing definitions and so on.

Bill Harris said with Holosync that folks should come to term’s with there demons, when most or many of us, if we are to conclude such things are going to stay with us as baggage, could well do with a jettison Demon function.

The world within and world without or inside-outside IDEAS only work well, if one or the other offers something of a positive change or difference, because if a realm existence you find yourself seemingly trapped within, only offers misery and then that is projected to the broader and wider world, some particular IDEAS that many reject clearly become preferable.  We hear often over and again that particular choices and options are for cowards (for example)  or this demographic, though my own studies conclude again and again that such rantings have not been followed through to very well formed long term projections and outcomes etc.

Hmmnn not sure why I have drifted again, though of course, we are often told that no matter how much we want things to be other than how they are, the brain is a goal seeking mechanism.  In that instance then, we perhaps want or desire to ensure that any goals we have are within our own sphere of control and so on, far to much time and energy can be wasted in seeking to control external’s, and indeed entering debates or areas and subjects and topics that are not within our own agenda of life style choices and remit.

I will leave this one here

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

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