So Just How Easy Is Scaling

Well the idea of scaling Ideas from local to National to International is once again seemingly as easy or as difficult as we have seemingly made such ideas for ourselves.

A simple example today for myself is that I have a look at news headlines that are appearing in today’s UK press.

Ronnie Corbett Funeral, comedians gather.

Brexit will cost this calculated sum of money to each and every household or person in the land.  £4300.  these figures whilst calculated via well documented mathematical formulas typically utilise averages, and it can be clearly demonstrated as said previously that such things as REPORTS typically only HIGH-LIGHT elements of any given dataset and are not the so-called full-monty dataset.

Why is that important, well £4300 is pretty low as a calculated sum covering some 14 years, and many of us living on the so-called breadline, are unlikely to see such money in real terms within our lives anyway, irrespective of whether we pay taxes or contribute to that nation’s coffers.  In fact it brings forward another topic and issue as to where any of us may or may not want such money’s directed.  So yes overall the figure is shown in so-called Billions for the overall Nation, though such sums are clearly heavily skewered, when someone such-as myself can claim to have spent an entire adult lifetime never ever getting anywhere near some ALLEGED average earnings.

Elsewhere the US Government is sending further Special Forces to Iraq to help with the efforts within that region, whilst Britain may potentially contributing further Forces elsewhere (Libya I think) on top of those already stationed in such outposts.

There are also repercussion’s and after-effects related to recent techtonic plate activity or Earthquakes as we usually call such events.  Friction and the rubbing together of below surface continental shelf’s and so on causes particular regions and areas about the globe to experience earthquake like activities.  In fact it is not always just earthquakes such as those seen in Japan and Ecuador, as we also often see linkages and knock-on effects as to Volcanic Activity within so-called RINGS OF FIRE etc.

Also this morning we saw it being High lighted as to London Air Pollution, a number of famous statues within London were given MASKS by Green Peace Activists seeking to high light the issue and topic of Air Pollution within major cities etc.

So I go outside this evening and notice a Helicopter within the immediate Skyline to my own North, the Helicopter has seemingly simply taken up a stationary position hovering perhaps (from my viewpoint) somewhere directly over the City or even possibly the local Police Station (again a kind of relativity kind of calculation as to perceived distance and location).  It is not going anywhere and continuous staring enables you to see that a darker fuel like black plume of smoke appears and dissipates every so often, the vehicle adjusting position, though seeming to burn up the fuel quite rapidly in holding position.

Anyway of course that story I can immediately link to those of the Military Deployment and indeed possibly the Air Pollution stories, so I could if I so desired or wished follow those threads of enquiry.

We also have breaking news that following the Royal Expedition to India The Royal couple will be joined at the weekend for a family get together, celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday, there will also be a visit from US President and 1st Lady.

Not quite sure what to make of such timetabling, though I did of course see a recent article in The Guardian making complaint as to the lack of manoeuvrability among Royal Positions and so on.  Typically the idea being that the young want young people, and relatable characters and both Younger Generation Princes are not getting any younger as they head into middle age.

I think such things nonsense, though even if the word abdication is not on any Royal Agenda, I am sure much like all former Presidents, the Queen could continue to be called such, even if she were to step aside for some younger generation person.

The problem of course comes down to what is regarded as SERVICE & DUTY and WORK (perhaps) versus inheritance and entitlement and golden spoons and so on.

I personally take the Royal Position, of them being somewhat caught between a rock and a hard place, in terms of manoeuvrability and being able to facilitate any kind of appeasement for all-comers etc.

Simply cannot be done, though I do think given the choice between a handed down lineage and voting for Presidents, that we are better off in maintaining the status quo, at least on a National Level, though of course any individual family can set themselves up in similar kind to the royal’s in terms of patterns and cycles and admire and aspire etc.

Elsewhere we are seeming reports once again from Jerusalem as to exploding bus’s and it is all well and good people saying those poor hard done by Philistines or Arab’s etc, though many really are seemingly intent on the destruction of Nation’s such-as Israel and any way of life that is not seen as compatible with Muslim Imperialism.

Yes Imperialism is considered a Dirty Word when we consider the History of Britain, though a simple truth is that most Nation’s and indeed Religious faction’s have indulged various forms and shapes of Imperialism even if commentators have not chosen to use such language in framing such perceptions.

Elsewhere I am of course still considering some of the informations received via the Super Powers Super You, workshop day.

Yes I can feel satisfied over the last year of two that many things have kind of clicked into place, and I am sure that the event was also geared toward any regular technology users getting a best kind of booster shot as to the integrative aspects of the technology’s.

Elsewhere I think I mentioned that various books from those who took part in the Write well course are appearing, and Sam Horn herself has recently released a new addition to her own repertoire and catalogue “IDEApreneur: Monetize Your Mind”.  That of course an area or topic that I myself kept perhaps seeking to highlight somewhat within some of my interactions both more recently within that course, and of course HISTORICALLY in my saying “Hey you guyz, look at this”.

Yes if only many a person had fallen into alignment with the IDEA that we can become our own best friend of indeed not, when it comes to information exchanges and intuition and so on.

It does seem to myself that many or most people, want much the same things in life, though likewise, getting to any kind of stable position, when you are under siege from people obsessively trained in particular demographics of nonsense name calling, threats and idiocy and so on, is troubling.

So I can most certainly be in Alignment with IDEAS as to Monetize your mind, not only in Technological advancement terms of science and so on, but also in the fun ways and fashion’s I promoted as to gambling.

The problem for myself of course, one of being unable to focus and concentrate when continuously being plaed under threat and pressure from particular quarters with particular AGENDA’S.

I think especially with regard to Business, that many a thought, feeling, and action, can be taken at positive face value, or indeed dissected as to ULTERIOR Motive and so on, being an employee of a company, or indeed Manager, or other higher level figure does not automatically mean that some senior person is always correct whilst those below do not have positives to contribute.

The problem is perhaps one of communication and indeed IDENTIFYING positive and negative attributes and values and so on.  I know this can be done through simply writing BIG or small and also scratching out notes of interviews and discussions and so on.

Every one typically can have higher level objectives and so on that clash with no-one, whilst also you do find that some simply really are oppositional for opposition sake, rather than necessity.

So we continue along with APRIL and apart from sometimes being used as a girl’s name, the most obvious linkage to money perhaps comes via Annual Percentage Rate or APR though clearly we have choice as to the references and triggers and linkages we utilise and make, clearly APRIL SHOWERS are possibly part of experiencing overwhelm whether consciously or otherwise.

The problem of course that it really does seem, that particular courses and strategies whilst possibly fun when young are often LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR topics and areas of discussion and debate, great if such things are working for you, though braking free or raising your HAPPYNESS POINT is actually suggested to be tougher than expected.

Human’s typically can change for so long, before very often returning to some given MEAN POINT or AVERAGE POINT, therefore THRESHOLD RAISING again perhaps provides solution along with some positive reinforcement of particular kinds of AFFIRMATIONS.

Yes it can be troublesome to know what is best, given the very may systems and so on available though I do n=have to admit that each level of Holosync has come with its own kind of AH-HA or differing perspective or angle.

I of course keep returning to this topic of SOUL & SPIRIT and in Quantum Physics terms we do see that a kind of convergence has occurred as to where Science has found itself heading and of course older ancient religious like topics and issues.

The problem perhaps one of worship this OUTSIDE HERO/HEROINE or GOD IDOL type character either male or female and indeed possibly model yourself on them, or indeed set out with your own STRONG IDENTITY and CHARACTER and WILL etc and become the New Godl IDOL to be worshipped by others etc.

Yes Iunderstand that religion an kind of keep folks stuck in how much they are willing to progress for themselves, though likewise even with Technological Proof, many a Scientist also keeps Followers and so on STUCK through various high level forms of intransigence as to so-called GAMES of BLACK & WHITE.

With that in mind, I saw a new book due for release in August from Roger Penrose, Fashion, Faith and Fantasy in the physical World (something like that) and look forward to reading that later in the year.

Another book that peaked my interest, was called “The Perfect Bet: How Science and Maths are taking the luck out of gambling” from some younger generation writer called Adam Kucharski.

Such books are of course ten a penny, and I have read many a book, though do feel that it it perhaps Learning Strategy and Holosync like Technologies that make the understanding of such formulas and Strategies feasible.

I know I used to when young think I had a great mind, doing quiz’s etc, though also after mediating for several years regularly, do not feel I miss not knowing the answers to many a question, that I am told is important, because you do often come to conclude that many topics, issues and discussion debates are for many a person, simply time fillers, given to much time and irrelevant to personal life progression.

Yes the simplest question, that any of us can ask again and again, is this topic and debate and respective communication going to put money on the table and food in the belly of myself and family and friends and so on. If those basic lower levels needs and requirements are already being served and met, what are the next level of desires wants and needs that I want any communcations to include and so on.

Yes I like the Sam Horn Monetize your mind, IDEA.  quite simply because it does in and of itself, plough through the tonnage of garbage and lies that folks come out with.

Simplify your mind, and then begin to trust your own judgement call’s as to those other W questions.

I find again and again, that many a lowest common denominator topics, that some folks obsessively  want front and centre, are far better being regarded as the nonsense and so n that they are.

Anyway I am wittering on somewhat, so without further ado

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well


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