OMG I Never Realised How Much

Yes one of those things that age tends to seemingly repress is just how much or indeed how little you may or may have not been a FAN so to speak of societal wide like herd cultures.

In recent days as I have added one or two childhood Luminaries such as the Stars from Star Wars to my twitter newsfeed I have suddenly found myself in NERDLAND ZONE without any forewarning that such thoughts feelings and events would occur.

I have of course studied and worked hard at meditation and related courses, and indeed made conscious effort to be more discerning in choice of where I place attention and so on.

Anyway I of course have admitted to following the Royal’s more, they seeming to be an obvious selection, along with some of the major entertainment Corporations, such-as Disney and Marvel and so on.

So the young Royal couple now have there own memories of visiting distant Himalayan temples and indeed perhaps get to write there own chapter as to the events surrounding there own marriage and indeed that Magnificent Wonder of the World The Taj Mahal.

Anyway, I did not really think it appropriate to comment, because I was not all that believing in the News etc, of the time period of Diana and Charles, they perhaps a generation a little older than my own and whilst I am sure newsworthy, perhaps mostly for myself life experiences YET to be had and so on, as to maturity and indeed relationships or various sorts.

No matter how advanced or mature you think or feel you are when it comes to relationships, you will very often nearly also find, that some folks manage to trigger you left right and centre as to issues and topics of debate that you never thought to have as some attribute or value etc.

Anyway they can say they have there own memories and stories, whilst the nation perhaps encouraged by various medias was told “go compare”.  I say that is exactly what you do not want or desire.

Create and craft your own lifestyle and choices and do not get mixed up in commentating on issues and topics that can really only ever be SPECULATED upon.  The younger Royal’s thoughts feelings as to there mother and so on.

Anyway a surprise announcement (at least a surprise to myself) was that the Royal’s would be visiting the set of Pinewood Studio’s and meeting and greeting some current Star and old alike.  despite Mark Hamill’s good humour, he does seem to be there for the duration of the story at least in filming terms, maybe they pay him not to leave, so as not to encourage SPOILERS.  Noticable by his absence with the Royal tour was in fact probably the very best character Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) I will have to admit to some disappointment, though he could of course be on location elsewhere or indeed have already filmed scenes and be returning at a later date etc.

Anyway yes I have gotten completely sucked in to Star wars and what is really bad, is that my own KNOWLEDGE is far superior to that of many commentators and “EXPERTS”, I have seen article upon article and so called fanzine materials, and it really is no joke to be able to state that compared to my own knowledge set, predominantly taken in whilst viewing the films some 20-30 times, due to elder sibling’s TV /Video control.  I really am a GREATER EXPERT than many who claim such identity and then fall at the easiest of QUESTION HURDLES.

Anyway Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker “LIKED” my Tweet among millions that he probably receives daily (he has a million + twitter following).  It went STRAIGHT TO MY HEAD.

Luke Skywalker like my Tweet YAHOO went some inner child, and that was yesterday evening just prior to my setting out to work and indeed, the visit to the Studio’s by the Two Princes.

I have seen various pictures and articles on the visit and it looks as though an enjoyable day was had by not only the cast and crew but the Princes themselves.

I have to perhaps admit to some pangs of JEALOUSY or though again that is probably the WRONG WORD or PHRASE, no more like pangs of ENVY.

Envious perhaps that they get to visit such places and meet the Stars and so on, whilst my own life is perhaps far removed from such activities.

So yes good fun for cast and crew, and indeed there are far worse people you could follow on Twitter than some Personalities such-as Mark Hamill, who really genuinely does go to great length to have a certain level of FUN INTERACTION with his audience and so on.

The Royal’s of course also have Twitter and other media outlets, though it always kind of seems as though such things are coming from third party officialdom employee’s rather than the Royal’s themselves.

Likewise of course in truth, even if William and Harry to have interactive accounts where they interact and communicate with people, would we want to know that we were communicating directly with Prince’s of the realm, or indeed to they benefit in such circumstance from feeling more ORDINARY, in many ways.

When you see some Lord’s and Ladies and CELEBRITIES, you kind of come to see that many things in life are GREAT EQUALIZERS.

I think that if the Royal’s do have such accounts then they to can enjoy that equalizing effect, were they feeling in need of some daily dose of sanity.

Guess What Mark Hamill just liked another tweet I made to days in a row WOW, I am getting made up.

He asked the Prince’s to be given the title Duke, and I suggested the Wookie Must be MarmaDuke along with posting famed ancient video

Anyway, I am somewhat way out there at present so will leave this one here.

I had Tottenham down for 2 yesterday and they scored 4.

Today I have Manc City for 2 so I wonder?

Yes Lord Sugar is going nuts because he took his hands of the flight controls to take a picture of his grandson (I think) and having it pointed out to him is upsetting him.

Likewise I would likely soon begin a campaign as to the DRINKS machines in my place of work.

I LIKE A CUP OF TEA from TEA LEAVES and TEA BAGS, they have put in new machines that makes the very worst tea and indeed the variations of coffee are dreadful as well.

There ought to be trials of such things prior to simply making the change or transference.  Now half of us are complaining about the raise in prices and the other half are boycotting due to just how bad these artificial drinks actually taste.

Even the addition of sugar for non-sugar takers is not helping the issue.

rage day huh.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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