A Somewhat Strange Day All-Round

So during the nightshift I found myself being presented with an all-new 2nd hand weapon of choice for an industrial cleaner or hygiene specialist.

Much perhaps like a year-old 2nd hand car, this particular generation water pistol was far more superior to the water pistol it was replacing.  Although in fact apart from a colour change to the trigger mechanism, you might be forgiven for thinking the 2 weapons identical.

In fact I have had multiple replacements over the years, and the guns do suffer wear and tare given the daily usage and so on.  In fact many a small adjustment or variance occurs as to user, to the degree that many a deficiency goes unnoticed until upon such occasion as you being issued with a newer model and suddenly finding your accuracy is improved and the pressure of water through the gun is somehow smoother and more refined.

Perhaps the best anology is that even when looking after an older instrument or weapon or whatever the artefact or life prop, you do find that a certain amount of aging and characterisations occur with such things.

we see such reference in films (for example) whereby someone loans a colleague or new starter a bit of kit and they (the new user) find using the weapon or gadget or however troublesome, it somehow kind of CUSTOMISED itself to previous owner, silly things that forensic like specialist would look for, such as tightness of grip, and Sherlock Holmes like analytical thoughts as to user’s balance and height and so on and so forth.  Many such things can through trial and effort be CALCULATED simply through testing of examples against  real world scenes and scenario’s.

Anyway having that gun replacement reminded myself of a favoured young childhood gun.

At some point I think a Christmas or Birthday I had received some money and had typically gone to a local department store and I seemingly remember getting a German LUGER gun.

It was made of metal and far hardier than many comparable molded plastic type cowboy pistols that I also kind of recall having had at some point.  So the German weapon stood out as simply being superior to earlier toy guns that I had, and had perhaps cost slightly more, though I think also lasted far longer than many an alternative that I had had.

Anyway moving on, during the night I heard some report from colleagues (Hereford news)that someone had been arrested relating to that Murder that was shown on Crimewatch last year.  I personally know nothing, I kind of got interested in it for a time and then typically moved on as life moves on.  Though clearly those investigating such things, perhaps develop profiles and both linear and non-linear methods as to identifying suspects.

The timing was a little strange for myself, because it seemingly occurred a day or two after I signed some online petition, asking for the release of a former SAS guy who happened to have stored away an old Trophy Pistol, from his lifetimes worth of exploits.  Never used or anything (within the UK), though sent to prison for possession of an illegal weapon, that could in theory at least be stolen and used for crime, that a well-known scenario that has unfortunately been seen not only in film and TV but in real life.  Clearly former Military personnel might have a better grip or handle on how to store and hide away such things, though degree’s of separation and the availability of psychological profiling and indeed any kind of information you could wish for via the internet can often invalidate how SAFE you think you are or are not.

Anyway on the way home I decided I would check out the local news, I also hearing that Hereford FC (a Pheonix like entity risen out of the ashes of Hereford United) are well on course to securing promotion should they go on to win the next couple of games and secure the division they are playing in, they also already having a trip to Wembley in a Cup Match sometime in mid-may.

So I checked out some local news and then typically charged over to Twitter to see what the folks I follow were up to.

My new bestie (Luke Skywalker) had an early start to the day, suggesting he is working or indeed possibly travelling, though noted for his early posts and then all quiet on the Western front, for much of the day.(I checked again on waking).

In fact I did find that he yesterday had posted some clip of character LUKE asking to many questions within original movie.

I think that was a plot devise, though also noted that the morning posts, were phrased in such a manner as to not really draw questions.  so he perhaps a little weary as to how all the twitter action can creep up on you and take over your life, much like many interactive technology.

I also found myself noting some nice Royal related pictures, those with the Star Wars cast and crew and indeed, some of the multiple generations of HEIR TO THE THRONE.  One chap suggesting, Prince George was stood on a giant Liquorice Allsort.

Another strange thing was that I had noticed a BROKEN RECORD in a grave yard I pass through on the way home, and found myself looking at the title etc.  It was INXS: KICK, and a quick look at that album on the Web reminded myself of multiple songs I quite liked from that Album.

Suicide Blonde and Mystify and so on, a great album and also a reminder that for some timing wise we may be presently reflecting what is going on DOWN UNDER, I also noted a Royal Site promoting some Prince Harry New Zealand blurb and so on.

Later news reached this David that Comedian Victoria Wood has died of cancer.  Whilst I can say rest in peace and all that, I do have to CONFESS that I was never really a FAN of her work, she typically not someone I related or found some kind of empathy with, perhaps when first seeing her materials.  Very seemingly middle-class hooray henryish possibly, and the fun and games of middle-England, a million miles away from Lower class type culture, and when that occurs, much of her later work perhaps seemed TO MOCK lower class culture rather than relate or as said previously empathise.

Yes I know I am way out on a limb given how popular she is among comedy culture and indeed Society like establishments, though I simply being honest in often upon seeing her, having “I don’t get it” moments.

That is not a commentary on female comedians because multiple others I do and did find funny, so she simply of a differing MINDSET or CULTURAL SENSIBILTY that I could not related or perhaps PROCESS.

It kind of reminded myself of some NHS “Professionals” I worked with years ago, who thought nothing of kind of mocking anyone and anything that did not fit the Rowing club and middle England Culture that they themselves were brought up with.  Very often seemingly based in everyone else but me, kinds of Politics, though based in class attitudes rather than any kind of societal Equalizers.  Your working class and culture and there to be mocked by my gang and group etc.

Yes so one of those boring middle April time periods and so on, where one can perhaps stop being distracted and get some concentration going as to what I personally want to be doing and achieving and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉


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