Another Motherload of Turn-off

Yes the problem I seemingly find of course with regular meditation and indeed the associated WITNESS-RESPOND kind of model, is that modern technology seemingly enables the witnessing of so many a media outlet, all with its own spin and versioning of “The Same Story” that you kind of go into metdown, whenever some BIG event occurs, such-as the death of Musical Legend Prince.

I enjoyed his music often upon hearing it, though likewise do not feel any particular need or requirement to be continuously bombarded by a million and one obituaries and reasons that I should not be or feel sad or to be actually be sad or however.

The control the population’s thoughts feelings and actions has seemingly gone into overdrive MELTDOWN as repeated from above.

So a great all-round performer, who blazed his own trail, and whilst known for many a negative commentary on Michael Jackson, was also somewhat mentally warped or “out there” as Mr Jackson was.

Elsewhere the President of The United States known on Twitter as @POTUS does not play snooker, at least that is the impression I get from recent comments on Europe and “Special relationships”.  No American’s far prefer the number 8 such-as that found in 8-Ball Pool and I believe the Quarterback in American Football is a Number Eight, though do not quote myself as that has perhaps gone the way of our football in having so many SQUAD NUMBERING SYSTEMS as to confuse and conflict anyone wanting to commentate upon such matters.

Elsewhere I see that it is apparently Jewish Passover.  Whilst not a Jew (so to speak) I am of course well known for having written the Poetic Ode

So do you wish upon a Star, one day I may know of who you are, until that day presents itself…

Yes I kind of leave it open to encourage folks to do a line-completion or CONTINUANCE for themselves.

So the Queen is 90 and various Royal’s are spending time with the Outgoing President of the United States.  The Obama’s perhaps more a modest family, than what could well be replacing them with Trump.  Yes the Clinton’s also have White House History, though many commentator Experts are seemingly resigning themselves to a Trump Victory.

I of course can note that both he and Hillary recently won “NEW YORK” primary’s for there respective parties, and indeed it also suggested they both New Yorker’s.  Although I (for whatever reason) do not consider Hillary a strange kind of comic book “SLEAZE” character in the way that Trump has seemingly lived his life and so on.

Not sure the Trigger’s or reason’s that I come to such thoughts and feelings on “The Don” though he perhaps seemingly fit’s that comic book profile of CORRUPT DESPOTIC Businessman, that Superhero’s are oft having to deal with.

That also perhaps WHY we are seeing reports suggesting he intents to change his image a little to appease hardened critics of his more outrageous liberty taking rhetoric.

Yes rhetoric is of course something I kind of went through a stage of STUDYING.

I think it came down to my purchase of million dollar vocabulary or Four Power’s For Greatness, where the now deceased chap who created those courses, with Learning Strategies, brought up the topic of RHETORIC on multiple occasions.

I do understand the concept and enjoy the IDEA of RHETORIC though likewise again find that many such IDEAS are simply in continuous turmoil or conflict and confusion.

With all the information overload, it is all to easy to simply switch off and tune out and so on without FINDING or DISCOVERING any kind of a Formula or mechanism  toward enlightenment or awareness.

I am again reminded of many a Trauma and indeed many an EXPERT, promising the Solution and then failing to deliver, in terms of simply keeping you buying or purchasing there versioning of TRUTH, JUSTICE and THE AMERICAN WAY.

Yes, once I was using Holosync I almost kind of thought and felt immediately that this was a Solution long sought after and so on, after going through various disappointments of AH-HA followed by What has changed or is different? (with previous Hypnosis and tapping like remedies.

Yes far too many, are happy to take your money and have you fund there lifestyle, without actually having any kind of carry forward or path to higher or more experienced knowledge and so on.

My work begins a little earlier than usual on a Friday, so this one perhaps best kept as a short, though it is of course a 22nd and I do kind of reiterate that “David, Hereford, England” line far to often, though it perhaps demonstrates in some fashion that as much as we want to release STRINGS & TIES to locations and associated realm or World IDEAS or IDEALOGUES and so on, that some are seemingly quite troublesome in moving forward from.

So I have kind of sought to extend and branch out on the associative name thing, a typical example was that I follow Royalty, no David’s there of note (for myself at least) and then KABOOM, King Edward (of & Mrs Simpson FAME) was apparently also known as Uncle David to the Queen.

So you kind of find over and again, that the more you investigate and go to higher awareness levels and so on, that what-ever your own personal set of values and attributes and associations, you will likely find PARADOXICAL KNOWLEDGE within your sphere or study and research that brings you back to kind of SQUARE ONE all over again.

I clearly do not necessarily want to ESCAPE my life and choices so much as Historically, perhaps, so much as make some graduated SHIFT into some Zone that is not on constant conflict and confusion and turmoil and so on.

Clearly that possibly where DISCERNMENT can come to the fore.

The problem of course, that you will however much you continue to SEEK, likely find that TRUTH of RELATIVITY that Einstein perhaps intended folks to realise, after spending so much time studying in Library’s and so on.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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