So I Perhaps feeling A Little Down

So I am perhaps feeling at little down at present, unsure as to reason, though clearly peaks and troughs and highs and lows effect all of us, and I do find that even with having raised awareness and enlightenment and the ability to step back or away from many a hot topic of debate, I do just for the hell of it, kind of find myself seeking some new challenge or options and choices and so on.

So today I stayed up this morning following work and strangely over the last day or two found myself posting some older generation songs on Twitter.  this morning I sat and then kind of had a mini-time-warp like session where I literally started ploughing through songs I have not heard in many years.

I kind of went link and chains across multiple songs and performers, one perhaps triggering the next, and some very interesting combinations were to be found.

Prince is perhaps topping many Search algorithms at present, though many obviously promoting many of the tracks he did not record himself.  My favourites among those were typically 3 standouts.  Nothing compares to U (Sinead O’Conner) multiple songs from (The Bangles) and strangely (Tom Jones /Art of Noise) cover of Kiss.

Yes many a Prince song was perhaps best performed by the man himself, and his Batman Soundtrack was another within my collection, and perhaps links in with my references to markhamill@himself in the sense that he of course provides the voice of Joker for modern day cartoon interpretations of that classic comic book character.

I also listened to Bon Jovi and Survivor and Def Leppard who strangely did some work in recent years with Country Singer Taylor Swift, demonstrating that a great deal of Rock and Country and indeed Folk Music is often simply the interpretation and sound of the given instruments.

Most or many a guitar player can go acoustic and sound very differing from the electric versioning of similar tracks etc.  I also saw a Prince Performance at the George Harrison tribute concert, that was a standout playing “My guitar gently weeps” with Tom Petty and several of American Midwest type musical luminaries.

So yes I then after that session, went straight to Twitter and began playing catch-up as to those whom I follow and what they have been saying and doing and interacting and so on.

You do find that you have perhaps gotten some IMBALANCE as to choice of follows and business interests versus personalities and indeed entertainments.

Often kind of finding that some systems must be truly on some automated keep pumping out the quotes and literature and so on.  I will perhaps have to unfollow some, because the OUTPUT, from the point of view of follower is just a continuous bombardment of repetitions of the me-me-me variety.

That is especially true of some of the American LOA community, which I find unfortunate (in honesty) because they typically could well be alienating or ruining the entire landscape for all-comers in particular market audience sectors and demographics.

Yes I have very few followers myself, though have not really cultivated a following and likewise I perhaps have been quite limited in how many variety of personality I do follow.

I perhaps NEWS MEDIA OUTLET  heavy with a small sprinkling of some individuals such-as Lord Sugar and Piers Morgan and one or two comics, anyway as suggested even those kinds of character in the UK at least are fairly discerning in what they pump out, Lord Sugar with various business interests, manages to have a set-up where you can choose and option following of business links and so on, as well as keeping the personality side of things fairly normal in output.

So anyway what I saw this morning was lots of Shakespeare Day pointers and promotions, so I though ah-ha I will get in on it, and grabbed a Shakespeares plays book and so on and started typing out some RANDOM open a page quotes and so on.

Yes he perhaps created many a short and sweet type of phrase that often manages to lend itself to smaller formats such-as your 140 letters in Twitter Account.  I generally of course avoiding links to blogs and other external sites, though I do of course have the medium account I could potentially greater utilise, as I did for some larger award ceremonies.

Yes so I output more myself in one morning than I perhaps have for a long time, and kind of perhaps had a getting it out of my system kind of attitude, whereby a conclusion reached was one of non-achievement and futility (why am I doing this).

I also of course looked at various news headlines, President Obama making a good impression I think, for those not biased as to politics, who simply want to see what the President is really like and so on. His pictures at Kensington Palace were quite enjoyable to view, of course, having a nose about a Royal Abode.  Prince George reminiscent of Sean Connery’s James Bond in Dressing Robe etc.

Yes one picture show on Sky News was at the front of the palace and the lighting from cameras and so on, caused a kind of SHADOW effect upon the wall behind the Royal’s and that Photo really just kind of grabbed my attention, as to the DETAIL of the pattern of the shadow and umbrella, not sure if Banksy had been passing and created the image or indeed the Umbrella Silhouette had myself thinking of those Umbrella on a beach pictures made famous by JACK VETRIANO.

So for what ever reason, I kind of went into a mini mental mood slump as to what next kind of thoughts and feelings, strange though true, you also (for someone with such a seemingly empty life as mine) find yourself disappointed when some folks have simply not published or broadcast.

So I will not say who I follow in great detail, though I generally seek to be pleasant and so on and do kind of seemingly form mental attachments to various publicists etc, who are noted for there ABSENCE, and indeed can sometimes cause mini-scare as to WHAT HAVE I DONE, have I offended a hero and been blocked from seeing there Tweets etc.

No you do of course as you grow older and so on, generally learn to toughen up and all the rest and not take many external’s for granted or indeed assume that you are the cause etc.

So anyway I went to sleep and upon awakening kind of recalled the somewhat down feeling I had gone to bed with.  The problem with any kind of mood setting is of course that like all things they can become HABIT FORMING.

Anyway I wondered as to Big events I had missed during a regular (for most folks) Saturday.

Lots of St George Materials flying around, and continuing Shakespeare related materials all intermixed with continuing Prince and President in the UK materials.

So Manchester United won the FA Cup semi and the Premiership was fairly standard fayre.

Elsewhere people are growing more interested of course in the Snooker, and I have already found myself looking for related CLUES & INTUITIONS.

Yes I kind of experiences IMPULSES as to do this and all will be right with the World, followed by that path already failed you previously etc.

Anyway I have made some stupid comments at times, (on twitter) though clearly we are our own best friend/enemy in equal measure.

So yes still a little down perhaps, and undecided as to what I can do for a so-called pick-me-up.  Clearly many a historical remedy was over indulged or indeed under indulged, so one has to decide on activities to make oneself prosper.

this evening I was reminded of character Donna upon seeing the Brand Spanking New Dr Who Companion.  Yes I know that all are somewhat interwoven in terms of personalities and characters, though I do hope she has some brain cells or however, as I was not so keep on Donna as a character.

so they need to be just enough differing from previous incarnations and interpretations and indeed perhaps be able to demonstrate differing DYNAMICS between lead character actors and actresses.  That possibly why Steven Moffatt is moving on, because you stay in any given position for too long and you typically perhaps get into variations on a kind of rut and so on, though I think overall all the modern day Dr Who’s and CONTRIBUTING writers and artistic realm peoples and personalities have brought something refreshing to the various incarnations and reboots and so on.

So yes a MIXED feeling as to new assistant, although it was an INTRODUCTORY CLIP and of course dissecting and pulling things apart before or prior to seeming things in a FULLER CONTEXT is a human trait that many of us require reframing somewhat.

So I presently have an OPEN VERDICT, though any future teasers, might want to include some Oh That is what she does or can do INSPIRED MOMENT.

So this evening I think one channel (BBC2) has an ALL-STAR line-up for Shakespeare and so on, and I may well have a look over the last couple of hours of broadcast materials just to see some of Britain’s finest actors and actresses demonstrating that they are far more capable than simple script fodder, that many a modern TV/FILM demands from performers in the desire to stick with herd like levels of the ARTS and what passes for modern celebrity.

An article I forgot to MENTION yesterday actually demonstrated this matter in suggesting that it is not that more Celebrities are dying so much as we having lowered our sights as to what passes for modern CELEBRITY.

A comparison was then done as to Classical Celebrity Obituary Counts within some of the broadsheets versus modern Obituary Count’s.  So for example, someone suggested that a David Gest or Jade Goodey and other famed for Fly on the wall celebrity kinds of shows, did not merit popular opinion obituaries.  Whereas that tier or level of celebrity has developed whereby anyone famous for 15 minutes (Andy Warhol) merits being commemorating or celebrating etc.

Likewise we can say well yes a Prince or David Bowie were always going to have those big bradsheet Obituaries, because they really did stand head and shoulders above peers and so on in terms of popularly known acheivements and merit.

So the article then went on to say we are talking about HOUSEHOLD NAME celebrity versus perhaps some given population or AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC celebrity.

So I in going Stateside with my research into Meditation and so on, am aware of very many guru’s and famed people, from America that most or many of the UK populace has never heard of.  Likewise I am unaware of many modern UK celebrity because I turned the TV /Radio off and so on.

I actually read an article on Box Office returns earlier, and Stars who have been within films that have created or generated the most Box Office Monies.

For the most part you get well-known household names, though some interestingly might be considered LUCKY (for having been in BIG FRANCHISE’S) whilst others you can  see and know that yes you have seen them in very many varied and diverse productions.

A strange one on the list (for myself) was the chap who played C3PO in Star Wars, though also on the list was Andy Serkis, whom I know for similar make-up special effects disguised characters, so you do come to see that some areas can keep you working and working and doing very well and successful, without it ever registering to Audience where they may or may not know you from and so on.

Anyway enough from Dave for know, what can I do to raise a smile.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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