So I Can Of course

So I can of course find it all to easy to go of and neglect this blog, though in fact such things are not as good an idea as they may be made out to be.

What have I been up to, well that little cartoon I posted a day or two ago, I also shared on twitter and it was in fact, retweeted by non other than Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), and it kind of went Global in terms of retweeting and likes and I guess that is the power of celebrity and so on.  He well known as a comic and cartoon’s fan and indeed much of his working life is perhaps spent around those kinds of fan bases and so on.

So that was quite amazing just getting notifications, that so and so bizarre name has retweeted/ liked your post etc.

Interesting of course, is that all the big personalities must surely have some level of organisational ability as it can very quickly descend into chaos as to organisation and where you are paying attention and so on.

Yes a great deal of press is going on in respect of Beyoncé and Jay-Z though one can only typically speak from one’s own experience, and that is one of falsely being accused of cheating whilst being cheated upon.

Meditation such-as those found on can clear much mental flotsam & jetsam as to all those kind of debates via the raising of Threshold.

Else where we are seeing reports as to Hillsborough and again it is like a pendulum swinging from side to side, when it can clearly be demonstrated that ALL those present must surely bear some responsibility etc, singling out any one demographic in Tragedy’s rarely works, because many a person can get swept up or caught up in some Crisis that causes any number of rules and regulations and ideas as to fair play to go out of the so-called window etc.

The question then is one of training and experience to know how to handle such events in future, what are the lessons and learnings.

Whilst we can learn our lessons individually and personally, does not mean any given demographic crowd or grouping will think and feel any differently.

The Junior Doctor’s Strike has also taken place today, and whilst widely supported, I again do struggle whn it comes to such community based groupings pleading poverty, they often typically manage to gain support from working classes and so on, when those classes are often far far worse off, than those doing the “Crying Wolf”.

That perhaps part of the , you cannot put a price on your health issue, and again personal responsibility perhaps comes to the fore as to decisions and choices and options, and how any of us might act in such circumstance.

The other high-lighted topic is seemingly BHS going into administration and I cannot help to think there must be some subtle NHS/BHS parallel or link though clearly you perhaps have to play some ALPHABETIZING games of some description to see what such things might be.

Anyway this one a short

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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