Quick Sweep It Under The carpet

So I this afternoon found myself watching an address given by @realDonaldTrump, much news and debate as to his campaign to become @POTUS (President of the United States).

So I sat and watched merely because as we are a Country often affected by what is occurring within the United States, it can be wise to keep a so-called eye as to what the state of flay and so on is over the Atlantic.

Yes he is actually a good speaker and worth listening too, and does not necessarily come across as extremist when you remove the Headlines etc, though in honesty he does seem something of a COMB-OVER Man, a lot of coverage has already covered his hair and so on, though I suspect that could well be returned to at some future point, quite simply he really may well be better of with a short haircut, though unfortunately such things are of course quite mind altering for some folks, short haircuts often linked to militaristic types and indeed strangely with some other surprising sectors of the populace when you take to such witness and monitoring.  Anyway yes, I have no idea who will win the presidential election on my birthday, though I do in all honesty suspect that if Mr Trump loses, his haircut could well have played apart, along with perhaps some as yet unknown scandal, that we all us us suspect must be there somewhere waiting to break, will it happen on the road or will it happen whilst in office? All speculation on my part of course, though one really cannot help think he must have some as yet unexplored reason to not be President.

The problem for most folks is of course 2nd Hand regurgitated news articles that are heavily skewered, biased and shaped by your usual Habits to a certain extent and these days also very much by computer systems that upon discovering you read this article within this magazine or newspaper previously continuously floods your news pages with pages from the same paper and so on.

Yes another pet annoyance about these things, I use to like a broad and varied amount of press articles appearing on my pad.

However when I purchased a Lenova and it asked if I wanted to sync it with my PAD the nightmares began.

Instead of syncing in with all the quite strict setting on the pad, the system attuned my pad to the Lenova, and I have now got a Laptop and a PAD bombarding myself with GARBAGE and TRASH that I most definitely do not want appearing on either.

Typical Example:  I clicked a link to some Daily Mirror article last year, and ever since my news links floods with Mirror articles, even though I will happily read some articles within the red-tops I more often than not prefer the broadsheets.

So now I have to go to the annoyance of ptobably having to block all this automated nonsense, because the system set-up is SHAPING in a way, manner and fashion that I would not choose for myself.

Turn of the automated crap and stop trying to FORCE what I read, write and think, and where I spend my time dime and money etc.

Yes anger is not something I want in my life, though these pet hates are exactly why I usually option really hardnosed and hardball choices on my computers and gadgets, because the automated systems come with the nonsense and bias of those wanting a return on there advertising revenues and not those of us who want and desire some discernment in what we are paying attention to.

What else, well all this Hillsborough stuff is still going on.  I did actually grow up a Liverpool fan (my mum is from up that way or neck of the woods etc), though strangely found myself stopping when King Kenny (Dalglish) childhood hero etc left the club.

Anyway I still think all those present have to take a certain apportion blame etc. and bombarding the rest of us with such information is irritating.

Elsewhere I found myself retweeting one or two articles, and typically doing a song for the day, though yes twitter is perhaps all to easy to get sucked into and distracted by in many ways.

Again I think the best option for myself is to switch of and tune out etc, the double edged sword being as to what will I do in replacement of such activities, especially if I want ot change or turn my life around and so on.

Yes the snooker is continuing apace, though as are many a World-Wide Global Sport, so as always and as I have repeated, you really do have to become quite astute and even quite focussed and dedicated as to what you are watching and following and so on, in order to have some high quality or accurate and precise translation system going on.

Elsewhere one or two minor scandals are also being high-lighted though it does appear that things are mostly being eased into mild mannered landscapes and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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