I Traded Blog Post Non-entity For This

Yes so it has been again suggested that you can get into a rut, and that is kind of what has occurred as to regular blogging and being a non-entity in communication terms hidden away in some Blog Outpost Far Far from Madding Social Media Outlets.

I say Madding of coure though “how can I know?”

Well I have taken course after course that recommends outlets for stuff such as Facebook.

Much of my return to Hereford Nightmare was conducted via Facebook.

I made Facebook Friends with very many peoples and persons working the Factory that I existed within at that time.

The response was Highly Fascist in Nature.  Each Group wanting to be incredibly Prejudicial towards folks from alternative sphere groups within the environment.

I knew prejudice existed having already Suffered, though the increase was shocking.

I eventually narrowed things down to identifying 3 Dominant Groups.




In general you come to find that any one who made friends with any person or individual in one group was often cast and portrayed as being member of some alternate lifestyle choice to those bearing the PREJUDICE.

I could not really relate to the Prejudice as I have always generally been fairly broadminded and all-encompassing of differing lifestyle choices and peoples.

I accept that folks have differing cultures and backgrounds and types of relationships.

IE.  I was not interested in the lowest common denominator POLITICS that everyone from Factory Manager down to Lowest Level Manufacturing or Production Line Workers were seemingly obsessed with.

So after continuous abuse & bullying  from multiple sectors at work, I was driven to a simply stop utilising Facebook, no longer being able to TRUST that my interactions on the service were Fruitful to my own life.

That is of course WHAT those differing lowest common denominator groups want.

They seek to ISOLATE YOU and then CONVINCE you that you are this that or the other Label, much of which is ALIEN to those of us who have not got FACIST like POWER obsessions.

So I simply carried on with my studies interacted with folks on the http://www.centerpointe.com blog and indeed anyone who wanted to BULLY ABUSE myself would have to follow myself to that Internet location or Website and address and so on.

Anyway I hurriedly paced through those early years of Meditation and indeed eventually gave Learning Strategies Corporation a trial, in terms of there Programmes.

In honesty, Trust Issues and so-called BIAS were still forefront and center because many of my bullies and abusers were still present and so on.

So anyway I began this blog and just wrote and wrote, though monitoring of external world became troubled, because I had stopped on Facebook, beyond some interaction when daughter set up an account in her own name, she had played games on mine for several years. during Hereford Visits.

So anyway, course upon course and Meditation level upon Meditation Level and some admissions from the past and aspirations for the future, and continued seeming SABOTAGE from not only work, but alleged family an friends also, all in need for myself to belong to Societal Sectors that I did not belong too.

Being strong in the face of such bullshit and nonsense becomes virtually impossible.

Likewise when you meditate and realise that ALL has to be experienced from the so-called individuals own Inner World View, you again can tend towards Isolating yourself from negative and harmful influences.

So the problem then one of who to trust, and likewise being bombarded with associates courses and choices and options that were sometimes of little interest to myself.

Yes I decided to shut up shop and simply exist for a few years, though even that choice and option has been disappointing, apart from regularly seeing my daughter on visits and seeing her growing up and so on.

So a week away from this blog was replaced with a week on Twitter and in fairness it is genuinely fun to interact and comment on Twitter feeds such as Mark Hamill and indeed some other famed celebrities.

Though I also find that I add some individuals only to find that they fill the twitter feed with materials I am not personally interested in.  I call those people Feedhog’s and it is clear they probably simply have computerse set-up to post all day and everyday good for them not so good for  followers (in my opinion).

All the Big Stars and even media outlets and corporations have a level o discernment as to how regularly they post.

They know that folks can go to the website, though I am more and more having a preference to remove obsessive advertisers and so on, and those of course, whose materials I thought interested myself though in retrospect do not.

So many a former TV/Film interest was taken up on these media outlets, though clearly the years perhaps take a shine of some celebrity whilst others are adapting and changing and of course new ones coming through.

The Young royals really are worth watching as are some Military and Spy Agencies.

The quest for truth for my so-called unbiased CLU’ING systems has not worked out as it should, (in my opinion) I think Tennis tour’s are fairly good ones to follow and be interested in, though as a non-viewer f sports I generally have to rely on new feeds as to the various sports.

So Yes choice is choice and clearing out much mental flotsam and jetsam is a BLESSING when you realise how much you collated as a child.

Likewise monitoring and witnessing can take all your time up, so potentially better to turn everything off and come up with some writings and dedicated system of your own that you yourself can then sell to others etc.

As an expert within your own right etc.

Anyway this day is actually my ex-wife’s birthday and I can of course say Happy Birthday, should she ever stumble upon this blog.

My daughter had myself send some Amazon basket stuff to her address and I think a present was included, though daughter also has money income of her own, so I hope she also spends a little on that herself, bank of David struggles with just how much life costs without alternative streams of income.

Charge More say some, though clearly I also require having and expertise to actually charge more for.

Focus and concentration enabled myself to write regularly and keep going in the face of all comers and some hostility, though likewise even as those things all away, entering realms such-as Twitter also reminds myself as to why I left Facebook.

Games and Entertainments are Fun yes, though clearly I have reduced and reduced everything about life the universe and everything to some minimalist drop in the ocean

.What is a bot and what is an automated system versus who is really tweeting folks etc.

likewise of course once you have written articles you can simply repost them again and again and I am sure if I could find individuals on twitter who meditate with Holosync and indeed identify the sports they are secretly pointing at it would be all the better for myself in terms of regular income and so on.

I could then learn to WRITE and link articles to the given sports, and repost for them in similar fashion.

Likewise finding things you have a passion for is an ongoing exercise.

Some EXPERTS (for example) always claim ancient systems require not only oyur date of birth but the time and so on, and I genuinely do not know, though clearly early unconscious information’s must be somewhere within my collated cellular being.

Yes again and again, we come to see that 2nd chances and nonsense from some quarters and factions really are not worth the time and dime and you really can be better off, isolating yourself from all and anyone who is not like minded of kind minded enough to be forgiving and so on.

I get fed up of hearing prejudice from lefties as much as from righties and as suggested above all the undesirable lowest common denominator realms that many celebrity keep followers hooked and hinged with.

Anyway this alsomething of a catchup blah blah.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


Sunday Morning Blues

Yes so typically I am regularly up and about on Sunday’s due to the weekly working life schedule extending into my overall cycles and patterns and habits.

It is of course after a couple of years of regular blogging and carrying out courses, an enlightenment in and of itself to stop doing what no longer serves you and perhaps find activities that you really are enthusiastic about and so on.

I do enjoy writing, though the facility to perhaps relate what I think and feel and how I act on all levels of communication is typically limited through the confines of available symbolic descriptive abilities and so on.  Many courses say DRAW do ARTS get Creative and unlimited in order to perhaps get passed long held habits of thought and body and mind and spirit and so on.

It does seem that no matter how much we seek to control any given aspect about our selves that lifelong learning is a kind of pre-requisite to progress both on a personal and-or professional level.

So much advice is given from very many specialists across very many life realms and of course, no matter how much we want to cling tight or grasp to any given expertise on a given topic or issue, the truth is that many such things just fall away, become less interesting or inspirational.

So enthusiasm is currently on the wane then, though also of course whilst we are often told to multi-task we often at lower levels of society only have our own bodies and one pair of hands, not some gang or group of servants, unless you include family and friends and hired helps and so on, and then of course, you will always find some COMPROMISE has to be reached or ascertained or met and such things often serve to drag you down rather than haul you up.

So the repetition of positive thoughts feelings and indeed actions of mind body and spirit are clearly just as important habits to get into as some of the more outlandish learnings and teachings and navigating any map of reality becomes somewhat all-consuming, in some heroic attempt to demonstrate that you are not like all these others, often doing and saying very much the same thing.

Identifying your own strengths and purpose and talents and how any given organisational ability fits into the model is another realm unto itself.

That perhaps why those who are genuinely raised up above the so-called lower echelons, can find it easier to be rewarding and generous and so on.

Clearly all judgement is a choice and option very often related to some bias that you may or may not have yet explored, though in reality terms the confusion seems to grow for myself.

Anyway not good to write in such a mood so leave this a short I think, and perhaps get some physical drawing and writing and so on done within my note books and sketch books, where oh where can my talent or abilities lie.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


Yes It Can Take Time To Focus

Yes it can seemingly take time to focus and concentrate on any given set of parameters and course requirements, though eventually I do feel that differing modular aspects of awareness and enlightenment and so on and so forth start clicking into place as to so-called ideas of AS WAS IS and how we simply require quieting the mind and seeking to be somewhat fully present in an illusory realm known as the here and now.

I have of course not written here for a few days, though have tweeted a number of times on various so-called celebrity feeds, and likewise have done another of my BAFTA prophesies, that I can do a compare upon after the fact.

Another Book I recently purchased and read was entitle “The Perfect Bet” Adam Kucharski I think the name of the Author, I also have one or two to catch up with recommendations from Learning Strategies Corporation, Photo reading List’s.

So a week where very little perhaps has been happening in the day to day life of boring David (someone has to be).

Yes this morning I decided to stay up for an hour or two to write that Bafta article and of course see this morning’s news.  Mostly dominated by recent Council Elections and of course a new Muslim Mayor of London, perhaps demonstrating how psychologically at least many prefer a non-news related life, that is full of more interesting and exciting entertainment’s and so on.

Elsewhere we have seen an increase in folks ( I think) following my advice to a certain extent and monitoring and comparing enlightenment information against chosen Sport’s.  Leicester recently won the Premier League of course and we are also seeing Liverpool strangely in a 2nd Final two years running, much as it was during my younger years in the 1970’s.

We also of course have seen Formula one beginning, with a great start to the season from Rosberg and not so great for Hamilton, whilst on the Tennis Ciruit I think we may well be seeing Andy Murray doing well in Madrid.  Again the Choice seems to be to back RANK FAVOURITES, in early rounds of competition, yes Leicester perhaps demonstrated such a TACTIC with odds of 5000-1 at the beginning of the season.

So you could (in theory at least) spare £20+ at the start of a season and place a £1 on each team.  Yes the odds struggle due to ranking BIAS though the earlier or more long term a sequence of patterns and cycles you can seemingly come into alignment with the better perhaps for believing in your given success at taking such opportunities and chances.

Of course my own reasoning was If I can win at gambling, I can bypass the banks and building society in terms of raising cash for some Business start-up or level of Freedom from Bill’s and so on, clearly if you are chosen to be continuously told no, at every term, whether for housing or any area and aspect of life, you are going to feel somewhat forced into ever decreasing circles of options and opportunities, hence my desire so to speak as to getting some great break-out going.

Yes these Witness & Respond matters are far more difficult than at first believed, if you allow any given demographic to keep you attention and so on, beyond a given point where you feel you cannot carry out some form of a U-turn manoeuvre.

So once you raise Threshold, you then perhaps have a choice as to what to do with such information, clearly there are very differing forces and influences at play, though surely the most basic of wants and needs is where many at the lower end of society always find themselves.

Yes so Twitter is quick and easy and perhaps much like all that has been taken up in the modern World in terms of disposability, where once hoarding quality items and antiques was a preference to pile it high sell it cheap quotes of Mr Tesco Bless his cotton socks.

Anyway time for some shut eye

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉


4 New Paraliminals-A Review

So I recently like many others have received email informing myself of New Paraliminal releases, all the paraliminals can of course be purchased directly from Learning Strategies via my http://www.silvertoevelocity.com website address.


I have to admit that my earliest conscious or awakened encounters with Paraliminal Technology occurred after first taking up meditation with Centerpointe Research Institute and that I did go somewhat wild in mix and match fashion as to usage of combining of technologies, I typically would have a meditation CD playing whilst at the same time playing some Learning Strategies Course or Paraliminal at the same time, such practice is not recommended by either outlets, and my behaviour was perhaps a result of multiple lifetimes of various trauma’s that at that time I was seeking to come to terms with, find new angles and perspectives and so on upon.

I can now state that I have slowed my usage of Holosync to the recommended levels and indeed have also continued with various Paraliminal and Course usage in more appropriate fashion as to following given instructions and so on.

I can also of course state that some recent research from Harvard is seemingly very much in accordance with the enlightenment and awareness technologists as to brain function, many articles have appeared this week as to an article of a brain atlas of words.


So clearly the ability to improve such connections within our hemispheres and put such things as the links and knowledge to good use continues with progess.

So the first of the 4 that I personally listened to was titled

Seeing The Unseen

Whilst anyone can of course visit the website and gain information as to content, I do find that a group effort has occurred in the making and manufacturing of Paraliminals under the Learning Strategy’s and Paul Scheele Banner.

So on this occasion the very first thing I personally noted was the MUSIC, the Character Sherlock Holmes is mentioned within the blurb a little and the music beautifully captured that kind of investigative theme with a beautiful strings composition, the sort often found within such productions.

Also utilised within the Paraliminal was a sensory test of sight, sound and feelings, that very many experienced users of Paraliminal’s have perhaps experienced previously, though as suggested, I am perhaps now noticing a more all-encompassing creative process has gone into the creation, than I may have noted on other Paraliminals.

So the speaking in each ear with differing information’s is quite interesting in that you typically (if like myself) perhaps sometimes tune to the left ear and sometimes to the right, not always necessarily noting all that is said within each track.

I caught snippets as to talk on Theatre and Film (for example) and the seeing the unseen theme was very much in evidence throughout, I think this will likely gain great ratings from persons such as myself who want or enjoy getting those Investigative like questionings and linkages activated and AH-HA’D, it could well of course prove useful to those within particular Investigative Professions, though as a layman user, I think it has great all round potential for all-comers and as said above the overall package of talking on Sherlock like activities and the music and indeed Art Work, go into a great standalone product, as well as for those who want to testrun a Paraliminal or for those experienced who want to continue within the Paraliminal Universe.(so to speak).

next up I decided to listen to

Financial Security

So recent British news has been very much strangely focussed on the topic and subject matter of anti-Semitism against the Jews and it is of course a subject I am perhaps not qualified to comment upon beyond of course my poetry and “so do you wish…”

Yes raising threshold as to interpretation when so very many prejudice is coming to the fore in the World is a must and thankfully these technologies perhaps give that required booster shot.

This one has a stack of coins or indeed gambling Vegas casino chips on the cover, though the towered stacks are of course often given to ye olde dramas such as A Christmas Carol and those classical 18th Century Productions.

In seeing the title you might assume that it will be the same as previous “MONEY” related Paraliminals, though I think this is more modest and subtle and actually steers a more modest daily approach to Financial Matters and Goal Setting achievements.

Some good advice give at the outset, along to an acoustic guitar accompaniment that gradually gives way to a relaxing ocean type of sounds, as the Paraliminal is listened to.

This one perhaps took myself a little deeper than the previous one in the sense that little is recalled as to what was said, though I KNOW that it was not what I expected, yes some Law of Attraction elements are perhaps included though a focus was given initially to taking small steps and again we had CREATIVITY brought to mind, the encouragement to be creative in mind and heart and Spirit.

I liked it though as suggested I will perhaps have to return again to this one a little more than some of the abundance and money ones as this appealed perhaps more to my CLASSICAL ENGLISH SENSIBILTIES (whatever those are).

Yes you do come to see that as a Company operating in 190+ Countries Learning Strategies has a task on its hands in simply catching the ESSENCE of differing audience demographic mindset’s.  What we in the UK mind find off-putting, the American’s may love and other Nationalities of course also have various Stereotype Patterns to fall into.

Yes I am not displeased as to FINANCIAL SECURITY related Paraliminal because it perhaps addresses a topic I know only to well of seeking to separate FINANCE from stuckness distractions and communications and so on.  Many of us through HABIT rush to those negative money mindset’s when seeking some FINANCIAL SECURITY mind set could well be a SOLUTION FOCUS.

next up I decided upon a listen to

Overcoming Overwhelm

Not sure when I saw the title as to what exactly such a phrase means so I type this in advance of listening though having read the booklet acting with Calm, Clarity and Effectiveness.

So in listening to this Paraliminal I was kind of drawn into the interesting drum rhythm and a sort of classical Turkish Delight Lawrence of Arabia styled soundtrack, not heavy, quite subtle though I found myself thinking on Aladdin and the Famed cave of wonders when Paul Scheele spoke upon entering a cave within the Paraliminal, I also kind of switched to other stories encountered with caves, such as those within the Harry Potter stories and indeed some older generation children’s works that I myself have read, though are potentially lesser known on today’s bookshelves.

I did again find myself going into relaxed and drifting like state where I let go of paying attention to what was being said, sculpted and crafted within my mind though that is of course part of the way in which Paraliminal’s work, a kind of more gentler way to enlightenment and awareness, perhaps than my own Heavy Duty Holosync Usage.  I do recall strength being mentioned on multiple occasions and perhaps that was about identifying the strengths you already have and bringing them more to the fore in terms of multiple aspects of life and indeed WISDOM.

So yes it can be troublesome once you begin listening even with appropriate 20 minute gaps between paraliminals, to be sure that you are not getting one mixed with another, though again the modular like system and process kind of interlinks and weaves connectivity and the ability to perhaps have graduated ah-ha’s occurring whereby you are less shocked and surprised when things are already clicking and falling into place and so on.  that perhaps part of my classical hypnosis study as to IS WAS AS and NOW.  Although I do feel that having raised Threshold, much old information and data certainly does require re-evaluating in LIGHT of the AWARENESS and ENLIGHTENMENT that is oft brought about.

The Final Paraliminal although I have not listened in the Order they were necessarily delivered is


Now prior to speaking and listening on Gratitude I should say that a BONUS was also  included within this package of Paraliminal’s.  Some Colour Drawing Pictures that users can not only use with there children, but also possibly use as kind of like Mandela’s.  The pictures actually are well designed and room is aplenty for investigating or associating meaning within them.  Interestingly A vesuvian man (that LS EMBLEM that is also well known to have been drawn by Leonardo da Vinci,  is included within them and is kind of tiny, very small hidden within the pictures and is akin to my kind of Fractal Zoom like suggestion as to how you can Chunk up and chunk down via those kinds of mathematical formula’s.  Although in day to day usage it is of course just a bit of engaging FUN.

Yes the colouring things were suggestively titled Coloriminals although they are a nice ENCOURAGEMENT to craft and creativity that I think is alluded to in several of this collection.

I shall let the Gratitude Paraliminal Speak for itself as such things are perhaps a personnel life and journey to Live Love Laugh and so on and so forth.

I have positive thoughts and feelings and attitudes towards this group of paraliminal’s and as suggested above, they may well become favourites and classics for many a person taking such life journey’s lessons and learnings from Learning Strategies and the very many courses and affiliates to be found around the Globe.

Thank you for reading

God Bless and Be Well 😉


More Meltdown’s Than Ice Cream

Yes it can sometimes feel as though one is having more meltdowns than an Ice cream in the sun Shine.

Since posting the road to rio movie I have of course continued in the monitoring and witnessing leagues and indeed so called sense and respond, though typically it does seem that no matter how experienced I have become to any given realm, I typically fall short of some greater awareness enlightenment and understanding.

The speed of time or the speed of now and so on, really does go at its own pace and as always INTERPRETATION really does require more narrowed focus and concentration in the sense, that once you get to particular levels through meditation or indeed via some of the paraliminal like Technologies you think AH-HA and then think you have once again been caught out by that raining coins effect, whereby you called one coin heads and another coin tails and found them being vice-versa as to HOW you were going to use some such DATA, REPORT or INFORMATION.

So That is why even after a continuous dedicated effort with Holosync I simply continued to accelerate and plough through my many years of collated information’s and knowledge and so on, because at each and every level, I seemingly found myself as some dedicated point of BLINDSPOT, yes my initials are there in the middle, somewhere though I really thought that reworking names and labels and identities and so on would resolve much of what was a lifelong issue of confusion and conflict.

So anyway thowing myself into the World of sense respond and so on, and monitoring and taking top-down and indeed bottom-up approach has not necessarily worked as well I as would have perhaps liked, though likewise any ENDORSMENT I give for a FILM/BOOK/THEATRE is akin to the old adage There is no such thing as bad publicity.

The INTERPRETATION all our own doing, though I would certainly suggest that FRUSTRATION can be a result of all these kinds of activities.

Hence the IDEA to find a passion and work on that passion and so on being the very best option.

You can only literally seemingly seek to have any kind of control over your own direct input and output and so-called through-put were you some kind of thorough faire.

Yes my absence from blogging here has seemingly seen a rise in my attention and time spent on Twitter (of all places) though it is difficult to have any DESIRE to follow many “CELEBRITIES” and persons with Large International following’s etc, because you kind of know that you are way down there somewhere in the scheme of things, as to being noticed for comments or any other kind of information’s interaction.

Highlight for myself on the Twitter was of course the High-lighting of the Rio Olympics and the so-called 100 Day Countdown.  We also of course treated to a clip of The President of the United states and Wife challenging Prince Harry and his team whilst sat with the Queen. that particular challenge related to The Invictus games taking place in Orlando Florida in the near Future, perhaps for those on the road to rio a kind of forgetting to take that left turn at

ALBUQUERQUE that always managed to put a smile on my face in classic BUGS BUNNY like cartoons, yes the clip was suggested to be a DROPPING THE MIKE incident made famous this year as a concept, through a MINIONS short on APRIL FOOLS DAY (I think) yes Google I think got into trouble through this well-documented story http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2016/04/googles_april_fools_day_minion.html

Yes what else, well the World Continues to Revolve (so to speak) and also of course you do find that the everything moves on, so you see day to day material releases from many a Celebrity and Brand and likewise re-shows and reiterations and so on, those perhaps utilised once an initial step has been taken, all to easy to forget / or lose stuff in the so-called MIX when the relentless stream of incoming events and news stories are so that word again relentless.

Yes clearly some folks and media outlets perhaps have the utensils to fine-tune Life the Universe and Everything to some specific CALENDAR though those of us still learning and so on, and indeed struggling with our Finances and Budgets and so on, do of course have to make decisions and choices and options, that those higher up a given progress of life ladder perhaps never even have to consider.

Reports this week as to so many living in poverty within the UK, and that of course is exceptionally OLD NEWS for myself, given my circumstances these last few years.

Even harder is to be able to turn circumstances around, when you are under siege from particular negative demographics, again something that somehow managed to latch onto myself.

That why I sometimes go hardball angry at claims as to YOU did all of this to yourself and so on, because clearly many a person making such claims, is doing so with that famed word of Bill Harris’ “AGENDA”.

So my agenda was quite limited in wanting to be working and earning a living in order to have daughter visit and so on, and indeed help pay for upkeep and all the rest, as well as perhaps some NICETIES and SPECIAL TIMES and MEMORIES during her own childhood.

Anyway I think I managed that to a certain extent, though likewise not without saboteurs seemingly crawling out of the word work from many a direction etc. and very often on topics and subject matter that as far as I personally was concerned were often “nothing to do with myself”.

We have also of course this week seen a HUGE MAMMOTH RETURN to issues as to Hitler and Jews and indeed so-called London Affairs (in my opinion).

My view is that everyone is of course a brother or sister or parent or child of someone else, and given such dynamics it can be troubling, when any kind of EXTREMISM rises its ugly head from any given quarter or demographic, or indeed promotor of a given WORLD-VIEW because whilst the celebrity might be sitting pretty in some big mansion a million zillion miles out of harm’s way, there following’s, could well be living and working in the council estates and factories and in HEAVILY SANCTIONED or PREJUDICED REGIONS ZONES & COUNTRY’S, and being allowed to run riot in opinions that are UNHELPFUL to any given individual or demographic.

We seeing lots of coverage as to Beyoncé new album for example, whilst also having it suggested that the Socialist Party has gone completely Looney Tune Crazy and so on.

Yes many a person can watch TV and not get caught up in all the politicking and so on, though trying to REINTERPRET any given understanding of DATA into money is an altogether differing kettle of fish.

So Ken Livingstone (Far Left Preacher) has ineffect placed himself firmly in the Zone usually strongly associated with the Far Right.

hence that IDEA that you can draw a circle and then place political like positions along points of the circle until the so-called EXTREMITIES are at a give meeting point.

Some say, GREAT that is the point for EVERWHELM and creating a SHIFT or Break into some


All I can say is, that in quoting the song from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess “it aint necessarily so”.

Most or many of us GRIT TEETH or simply dissociate from thoughts and feelings and emotions that may cause a tear.  That scenario, could well be regarded as the one I myself have seemingly had as a lifelong issue.

The shedding a tear option seemingly through Holosync Stimulus really can give new insights and AWARENESS & ENLIGHTENMENT perhaps not experienced since young childhood when you were unlikely to be able to no any better or soundly judge between decisions as to right and wrong and all the very rest of the moral landscape.

Yes so whilst some very rich folks with lots of money an staff and isolation from the masses can continuously preach nonsense, those of us in amongst it all, can well be wishing they would stop commenting on issues and realities they know nothing off.

Such things are well known in many an area of debate, whereby someone got lucky break or promotion after short period as apprentice and thinks that they KNOW a given job or ARENA, when the reality is they spent a short time as a worker, and far longer as a CLIMBER of some description, scurrying as fast as the greasy pole or ladder would enable them.

Yes some learn a given set of lessons in later life and do change, though next generation issues are always ’round the corner” so to speak, so unless some ENVIRONMENTAL CULTURE CHANGE is adopted and widespread by all within a community, you really do have to guard against a return to many of the potential pitfalls and negatives and so on.

I can also of course suggest that my monitoring of british materials and press is not as good as it was whilst international montiroing has improved, via access to international media companies and so on, interestingly much of the

layer upon layer

of media breakdowns has come at the cost of where any of us can keep focus.  Several NEWS outlets I use, I typically give up at the first hurdle as to my investigation’s because whilst they may be designing according to given feedback, it could well be that it is not the feedback I personally was wanting to monitor, that similar to the issue I spoke on as to automated systems latching onto some algorithm that says you read this article, so will want to read this article, leading to unwanted BIAS within the shaping and weighting of the algorithm.

So I cannot decide where my passion lies or indeed, what to do with information or data I have or have monitored, when my interpretation and alignments are not yet ALIGNED enough to DISCERN with accuracy and precision the very best option and choice at any given point in time or now etc.

So this a rambler, we are also of course seeing that the Premieer League is almost at an end, I can say well done to Hereford FC on winning there respective league, whilst it is looking as though Leicester City Fans and bi-partisan supporters could well be singing that Queen Classic in the very near future.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉