4 New Paraliminals-A Review

So I recently like many others have received email informing myself of New Paraliminal releases, all the paraliminals can of course be purchased directly from Learning Strategies via my http://www.silvertoevelocity.com website address.


I have to admit that my earliest conscious or awakened encounters with Paraliminal Technology occurred after first taking up meditation with Centerpointe Research Institute and that I did go somewhat wild in mix and match fashion as to usage of combining of technologies, I typically would have a meditation CD playing whilst at the same time playing some Learning Strategies Course or Paraliminal at the same time, such practice is not recommended by either outlets, and my behaviour was perhaps a result of multiple lifetimes of various trauma’s that at that time I was seeking to come to terms with, find new angles and perspectives and so on upon.

I can now state that I have slowed my usage of Holosync to the recommended levels and indeed have also continued with various Paraliminal and Course usage in more appropriate fashion as to following given instructions and so on.

I can also of course state that some recent research from Harvard is seemingly very much in accordance with the enlightenment and awareness technologists as to brain function, many articles have appeared this week as to an article of a brain atlas of words.


So clearly the ability to improve such connections within our hemispheres and put such things as the links and knowledge to good use continues with progess.

So the first of the 4 that I personally listened to was titled

Seeing The Unseen

Whilst anyone can of course visit the website and gain information as to content, I do find that a group effort has occurred in the making and manufacturing of Paraliminals under the Learning Strategy’s and Paul Scheele Banner.

So on this occasion the very first thing I personally noted was the MUSIC, the Character Sherlock Holmes is mentioned within the blurb a little and the music beautifully captured that kind of investigative theme with a beautiful strings composition, the sort often found within such productions.

Also utilised within the Paraliminal was a sensory test of sight, sound and feelings, that very many experienced users of Paraliminal’s have perhaps experienced previously, though as suggested, I am perhaps now noticing a more all-encompassing creative process has gone into the creation, than I may have noted on other Paraliminals.

So the speaking in each ear with differing information’s is quite interesting in that you typically (if like myself) perhaps sometimes tune to the left ear and sometimes to the right, not always necessarily noting all that is said within each track.

I caught snippets as to talk on Theatre and Film (for example) and the seeing the unseen theme was very much in evidence throughout, I think this will likely gain great ratings from persons such as myself who want or enjoy getting those Investigative like questionings and linkages activated and AH-HA’D, it could well of course prove useful to those within particular Investigative Professions, though as a layman user, I think it has great all round potential for all-comers and as said above the overall package of talking on Sherlock like activities and the music and indeed Art Work, go into a great standalone product, as well as for those who want to testrun a Paraliminal or for those experienced who want to continue within the Paraliminal Universe.(so to speak).

next up I decided to listen to

Financial Security

So recent British news has been very much strangely focussed on the topic and subject matter of anti-Semitism against the Jews and it is of course a subject I am perhaps not qualified to comment upon beyond of course my poetry and “so do you wish…”

Yes raising threshold as to interpretation when so very many prejudice is coming to the fore in the World is a must and thankfully these technologies perhaps give that required booster shot.

This one has a stack of coins or indeed gambling Vegas casino chips on the cover, though the towered stacks are of course often given to ye olde dramas such as A Christmas Carol and those classical 18th Century Productions.

In seeing the title you might assume that it will be the same as previous “MONEY” related Paraliminals, though I think this is more modest and subtle and actually steers a more modest daily approach to Financial Matters and Goal Setting achievements.

Some good advice give at the outset, along to an acoustic guitar accompaniment that gradually gives way to a relaxing ocean type of sounds, as the Paraliminal is listened to.

This one perhaps took myself a little deeper than the previous one in the sense that little is recalled as to what was said, though I KNOW that it was not what I expected, yes some Law of Attraction elements are perhaps included though a focus was given initially to taking small steps and again we had CREATIVITY brought to mind, the encouragement to be creative in mind and heart and Spirit.

I liked it though as suggested I will perhaps have to return again to this one a little more than some of the abundance and money ones as this appealed perhaps more to my CLASSICAL ENGLISH SENSIBILTIES (whatever those are).

Yes you do come to see that as a Company operating in 190+ Countries Learning Strategies has a task on its hands in simply catching the ESSENCE of differing audience demographic mindset’s.  What we in the UK mind find off-putting, the American’s may love and other Nationalities of course also have various Stereotype Patterns to fall into.

Yes I am not displeased as to FINANCIAL SECURITY related Paraliminal because it perhaps addresses a topic I know only to well of seeking to separate FINANCE from stuckness distractions and communications and so on.  Many of us through HABIT rush to those negative money mindset’s when seeking some FINANCIAL SECURITY mind set could well be a SOLUTION FOCUS.

next up I decided upon a listen to

Overcoming Overwhelm

Not sure when I saw the title as to what exactly such a phrase means so I type this in advance of listening though having read the booklet acting with Calm, Clarity and Effectiveness.

So in listening to this Paraliminal I was kind of drawn into the interesting drum rhythm and a sort of classical Turkish Delight Lawrence of Arabia styled soundtrack, not heavy, quite subtle though I found myself thinking on Aladdin and the Famed cave of wonders when Paul Scheele spoke upon entering a cave within the Paraliminal, I also kind of switched to other stories encountered with caves, such as those within the Harry Potter stories and indeed some older generation children’s works that I myself have read, though are potentially lesser known on today’s bookshelves.

I did again find myself going into relaxed and drifting like state where I let go of paying attention to what was being said, sculpted and crafted within my mind though that is of course part of the way in which Paraliminal’s work, a kind of more gentler way to enlightenment and awareness, perhaps than my own Heavy Duty Holosync Usage.  I do recall strength being mentioned on multiple occasions and perhaps that was about identifying the strengths you already have and bringing them more to the fore in terms of multiple aspects of life and indeed WISDOM.

So yes it can be troublesome once you begin listening even with appropriate 20 minute gaps between paraliminals, to be sure that you are not getting one mixed with another, though again the modular like system and process kind of interlinks and weaves connectivity and the ability to perhaps have graduated ah-ha’s occurring whereby you are less shocked and surprised when things are already clicking and falling into place and so on.  that perhaps part of my classical hypnosis study as to IS WAS AS and NOW.  Although I do feel that having raised Threshold, much old information and data certainly does require re-evaluating in LIGHT of the AWARENESS and ENLIGHTENMENT that is oft brought about.

The Final Paraliminal although I have not listened in the Order they were necessarily delivered is


Now prior to speaking and listening on Gratitude I should say that a BONUS was also  included within this package of Paraliminal’s.  Some Colour Drawing Pictures that users can not only use with there children, but also possibly use as kind of like Mandela’s.  The pictures actually are well designed and room is aplenty for investigating or associating meaning within them.  Interestingly A vesuvian man (that LS EMBLEM that is also well known to have been drawn by Leonardo da Vinci,  is included within them and is kind of tiny, very small hidden within the pictures and is akin to my kind of Fractal Zoom like suggestion as to how you can Chunk up and chunk down via those kinds of mathematical formula’s.  Although in day to day usage it is of course just a bit of engaging FUN.

Yes the colouring things were suggestively titled Coloriminals although they are a nice ENCOURAGEMENT to craft and creativity that I think is alluded to in several of this collection.

I shall let the Gratitude Paraliminal Speak for itself as such things are perhaps a personnel life and journey to Live Love Laugh and so on and so forth.

I have positive thoughts and feelings and attitudes towards this group of paraliminal’s and as suggested above, they may well become favourites and classics for many a person taking such life journey’s lessons and learnings from Learning Strategies and the very many courses and affiliates to be found around the Globe.

Thank you for reading

God Bless and Be Well 😉


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