More Meltdown’s Than Ice Cream

Yes it can sometimes feel as though one is having more meltdowns than an Ice cream in the sun Shine.

Since posting the road to rio movie I have of course continued in the monitoring and witnessing leagues and indeed so called sense and respond, though typically it does seem that no matter how experienced I have become to any given realm, I typically fall short of some greater awareness enlightenment and understanding.

The speed of time or the speed of now and so on, really does go at its own pace and as always INTERPRETATION really does require more narrowed focus and concentration in the sense, that once you get to particular levels through meditation or indeed via some of the paraliminal like Technologies you think AH-HA and then think you have once again been caught out by that raining coins effect, whereby you called one coin heads and another coin tails and found them being vice-versa as to HOW you were going to use some such DATA, REPORT or INFORMATION.

So That is why even after a continuous dedicated effort with Holosync I simply continued to accelerate and plough through my many years of collated information’s and knowledge and so on, because at each and every level, I seemingly found myself as some dedicated point of BLINDSPOT, yes my initials are there in the middle, somewhere though I really thought that reworking names and labels and identities and so on would resolve much of what was a lifelong issue of confusion and conflict.

So anyway thowing myself into the World of sense respond and so on, and monitoring and taking top-down and indeed bottom-up approach has not necessarily worked as well I as would have perhaps liked, though likewise any ENDORSMENT I give for a FILM/BOOK/THEATRE is akin to the old adage There is no such thing as bad publicity.

The INTERPRETATION all our own doing, though I would certainly suggest that FRUSTRATION can be a result of all these kinds of activities.

Hence the IDEA to find a passion and work on that passion and so on being the very best option.

You can only literally seemingly seek to have any kind of control over your own direct input and output and so-called through-put were you some kind of thorough faire.

Yes my absence from blogging here has seemingly seen a rise in my attention and time spent on Twitter (of all places) though it is difficult to have any DESIRE to follow many “CELEBRITIES” and persons with Large International following’s etc, because you kind of know that you are way down there somewhere in the scheme of things, as to being noticed for comments or any other kind of information’s interaction.

Highlight for myself on the Twitter was of course the High-lighting of the Rio Olympics and the so-called 100 Day Countdown.  We also of course treated to a clip of The President of the United states and Wife challenging Prince Harry and his team whilst sat with the Queen. that particular challenge related to The Invictus games taking place in Orlando Florida in the near Future, perhaps for those on the road to rio a kind of forgetting to take that left turn at

ALBUQUERQUE that always managed to put a smile on my face in classic BUGS BUNNY like cartoons, yes the clip was suggested to be a DROPPING THE MIKE incident made famous this year as a concept, through a MINIONS short on APRIL FOOLS DAY (I think) yes Google I think got into trouble through this well-documented story

Yes what else, well the World Continues to Revolve (so to speak) and also of course you do find that the everything moves on, so you see day to day material releases from many a Celebrity and Brand and likewise re-shows and reiterations and so on, those perhaps utilised once an initial step has been taken, all to easy to forget / or lose stuff in the so-called MIX when the relentless stream of incoming events and news stories are so that word again relentless.

Yes clearly some folks and media outlets perhaps have the utensils to fine-tune Life the Universe and Everything to some specific CALENDAR though those of us still learning and so on, and indeed struggling with our Finances and Budgets and so on, do of course have to make decisions and choices and options, that those higher up a given progress of life ladder perhaps never even have to consider.

Reports this week as to so many living in poverty within the UK, and that of course is exceptionally OLD NEWS for myself, given my circumstances these last few years.

Even harder is to be able to turn circumstances around, when you are under siege from particular negative demographics, again something that somehow managed to latch onto myself.

That why I sometimes go hardball angry at claims as to YOU did all of this to yourself and so on, because clearly many a person making such claims, is doing so with that famed word of Bill Harris’ “AGENDA”.

So my agenda was quite limited in wanting to be working and earning a living in order to have daughter visit and so on, and indeed help pay for upkeep and all the rest, as well as perhaps some NICETIES and SPECIAL TIMES and MEMORIES during her own childhood.

Anyway I think I managed that to a certain extent, though likewise not without saboteurs seemingly crawling out of the word work from many a direction etc. and very often on topics and subject matter that as far as I personally was concerned were often “nothing to do with myself”.

We have also of course this week seen a HUGE MAMMOTH RETURN to issues as to Hitler and Jews and indeed so-called London Affairs (in my opinion).

My view is that everyone is of course a brother or sister or parent or child of someone else, and given such dynamics it can be troubling, when any kind of EXTREMISM rises its ugly head from any given quarter or demographic, or indeed promotor of a given WORLD-VIEW because whilst the celebrity might be sitting pretty in some big mansion a million zillion miles out of harm’s way, there following’s, could well be living and working in the council estates and factories and in HEAVILY SANCTIONED or PREJUDICED REGIONS ZONES & COUNTRY’S, and being allowed to run riot in opinions that are UNHELPFUL to any given individual or demographic.

We seeing lots of coverage as to Beyoncé new album for example, whilst also having it suggested that the Socialist Party has gone completely Looney Tune Crazy and so on.

Yes many a person can watch TV and not get caught up in all the politicking and so on, though trying to REINTERPRET any given understanding of DATA into money is an altogether differing kettle of fish.

So Ken Livingstone (Far Left Preacher) has ineffect placed himself firmly in the Zone usually strongly associated with the Far Right.

hence that IDEA that you can draw a circle and then place political like positions along points of the circle until the so-called EXTREMITIES are at a give meeting point.

Some say, GREAT that is the point for EVERWHELM and creating a SHIFT or Break into some


All I can say is, that in quoting the song from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess “it aint necessarily so”.

Most or many of us GRIT TEETH or simply dissociate from thoughts and feelings and emotions that may cause a tear.  That scenario, could well be regarded as the one I myself have seemingly had as a lifelong issue.

The shedding a tear option seemingly through Holosync Stimulus really can give new insights and AWARENESS & ENLIGHTENMENT perhaps not experienced since young childhood when you were unlikely to be able to no any better or soundly judge between decisions as to right and wrong and all the very rest of the moral landscape.

Yes so whilst some very rich folks with lots of money an staff and isolation from the masses can continuously preach nonsense, those of us in amongst it all, can well be wishing they would stop commenting on issues and realities they know nothing off.

Such things are well known in many an area of debate, whereby someone got lucky break or promotion after short period as apprentice and thinks that they KNOW a given job or ARENA, when the reality is they spent a short time as a worker, and far longer as a CLIMBER of some description, scurrying as fast as the greasy pole or ladder would enable them.

Yes some learn a given set of lessons in later life and do change, though next generation issues are always ’round the corner” so to speak, so unless some ENVIRONMENTAL CULTURE CHANGE is adopted and widespread by all within a community, you really do have to guard against a return to many of the potential pitfalls and negatives and so on.

I can also of course suggest that my monitoring of british materials and press is not as good as it was whilst international montiroing has improved, via access to international media companies and so on, interestingly much of the

layer upon layer

of media breakdowns has come at the cost of where any of us can keep focus.  Several NEWS outlets I use, I typically give up at the first hurdle as to my investigation’s because whilst they may be designing according to given feedback, it could well be that it is not the feedback I personally was wanting to monitor, that similar to the issue I spoke on as to automated systems latching onto some algorithm that says you read this article, so will want to read this article, leading to unwanted BIAS within the shaping and weighting of the algorithm.

So I cannot decide where my passion lies or indeed, what to do with information or data I have or have monitored, when my interpretation and alignments are not yet ALIGNED enough to DISCERN with accuracy and precision the very best option and choice at any given point in time or now etc.

So this a rambler, we are also of course seeing that the Premieer League is almost at an end, I can say well done to Hereford FC on winning there respective league, whilst it is looking as though Leicester City Fans and bi-partisan supporters could well be singing that Queen Classic in the very near future.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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