Yes It Can Take Time To Focus

Yes it can seemingly take time to focus and concentrate on any given set of parameters and course requirements, though eventually I do feel that differing modular aspects of awareness and enlightenment and so on and so forth start clicking into place as to so-called ideas of AS WAS IS and how we simply require quieting the mind and seeking to be somewhat fully present in an illusory realm known as the here and now.

I have of course not written here for a few days, though have tweeted a number of times on various so-called celebrity feeds, and likewise have done another of my BAFTA prophesies, that I can do a compare upon after the fact.

Another Book I recently purchased and read was entitle “The Perfect Bet” Adam Kucharski I think the name of the Author, I also have one or two to catch up with recommendations from Learning Strategies Corporation, Photo reading List’s.

So a week where very little perhaps has been happening in the day to day life of boring David (someone has to be).

Yes this morning I decided to stay up for an hour or two to write that Bafta article and of course see this morning’s news.  Mostly dominated by recent Council Elections and of course a new Muslim Mayor of London, perhaps demonstrating how psychologically at least many prefer a non-news related life, that is full of more interesting and exciting entertainment’s and so on.

Elsewhere we have seen an increase in folks ( I think) following my advice to a certain extent and monitoring and comparing enlightenment information against chosen Sport’s.  Leicester recently won the Premier League of course and we are also seeing Liverpool strangely in a 2nd Final two years running, much as it was during my younger years in the 1970’s.

We also of course have seen Formula one beginning, with a great start to the season from Rosberg and not so great for Hamilton, whilst on the Tennis Ciruit I think we may well be seeing Andy Murray doing well in Madrid.  Again the Choice seems to be to back RANK FAVOURITES, in early rounds of competition, yes Leicester perhaps demonstrated such a TACTIC with odds of 5000-1 at the beginning of the season.

So you could (in theory at least) spare £20+ at the start of a season and place a £1 on each team.  Yes the odds struggle due to ranking BIAS though the earlier or more long term a sequence of patterns and cycles you can seemingly come into alignment with the better perhaps for believing in your given success at taking such opportunities and chances.

Of course my own reasoning was If I can win at gambling, I can bypass the banks and building society in terms of raising cash for some Business start-up or level of Freedom from Bill’s and so on, clearly if you are chosen to be continuously told no, at every term, whether for housing or any area and aspect of life, you are going to feel somewhat forced into ever decreasing circles of options and opportunities, hence my desire so to speak as to getting some great break-out going.

Yes these Witness & Respond matters are far more difficult than at first believed, if you allow any given demographic to keep you attention and so on, beyond a given point where you feel you cannot carry out some form of a U-turn manoeuvre.

So once you raise Threshold, you then perhaps have a choice as to what to do with such information, clearly there are very differing forces and influences at play, though surely the most basic of wants and needs is where many at the lower end of society always find themselves.

Yes so Twitter is quick and easy and perhaps much like all that has been taken up in the modern World in terms of disposability, where once hoarding quality items and antiques was a preference to pile it high sell it cheap quotes of Mr Tesco Bless his cotton socks.

Anyway time for some shut eye

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉


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