Sunday Morning Blues

Yes so typically I am regularly up and about on Sunday’s due to the weekly working life schedule extending into my overall cycles and patterns and habits.

It is of course after a couple of years of regular blogging and carrying out courses, an enlightenment in and of itself to stop doing what no longer serves you and perhaps find activities that you really are enthusiastic about and so on.

I do enjoy writing, though the facility to perhaps relate what I think and feel and how I act on all levels of communication is typically limited through the confines of available symbolic descriptive abilities and so on.  Many courses say DRAW do ARTS get Creative and unlimited in order to perhaps get passed long held habits of thought and body and mind and spirit and so on.

It does seem that no matter how much we seek to control any given aspect about our selves that lifelong learning is a kind of pre-requisite to progress both on a personal and-or professional level.

So much advice is given from very many specialists across very many life realms and of course, no matter how much we want to cling tight or grasp to any given expertise on a given topic or issue, the truth is that many such things just fall away, become less interesting or inspirational.

So enthusiasm is currently on the wane then, though also of course whilst we are often told to multi-task we often at lower levels of society only have our own bodies and one pair of hands, not some gang or group of servants, unless you include family and friends and hired helps and so on, and then of course, you will always find some COMPROMISE has to be reached or ascertained or met and such things often serve to drag you down rather than haul you up.

So the repetition of positive thoughts feelings and indeed actions of mind body and spirit are clearly just as important habits to get into as some of the more outlandish learnings and teachings and navigating any map of reality becomes somewhat all-consuming, in some heroic attempt to demonstrate that you are not like all these others, often doing and saying very much the same thing.

Identifying your own strengths and purpose and talents and how any given organisational ability fits into the model is another realm unto itself.

That perhaps why those who are genuinely raised up above the so-called lower echelons, can find it easier to be rewarding and generous and so on.

Clearly all judgement is a choice and option very often related to some bias that you may or may not have yet explored, though in reality terms the confusion seems to grow for myself.

Anyway not good to write in such a mood so leave this a short I think, and perhaps get some physical drawing and writing and so on done within my note books and sketch books, where oh where can my talent or abilities lie.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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