I Traded Blog Post Non-entity For This

Yes so it has been again suggested that you can get into a rut, and that is kind of what has occurred as to regular blogging and being a non-entity in communication terms hidden away in some Blog Outpost Far Far from Madding Social Media Outlets.

I say Madding of coure though “how can I know?”

Well I have taken course after course that recommends outlets for stuff such as Facebook.

Much of my return to Hereford Nightmare was conducted via Facebook.

I made Facebook Friends with very many peoples and persons working the Factory that I existed within at that time.

The response was Highly Fascist in Nature.  Each Group wanting to be incredibly Prejudicial towards folks from alternative sphere groups within the environment.

I knew prejudice existed having already Suffered, though the increase was shocking.

I eventually narrowed things down to identifying 3 Dominant Groups.




In general you come to find that any one who made friends with any person or individual in one group was often cast and portrayed as being member of some alternate lifestyle choice to those bearing the PREJUDICE.

I could not really relate to the Prejudice as I have always generally been fairly broadminded and all-encompassing of differing lifestyle choices and peoples.

I accept that folks have differing cultures and backgrounds and types of relationships.

IE.  I was not interested in the lowest common denominator POLITICS that everyone from Factory Manager down to Lowest Level Manufacturing or Production Line Workers were seemingly obsessed with.

So after continuous abuse & bullying  from multiple sectors at work, I was driven to a simply stop utilising Facebook, no longer being able to TRUST that my interactions on the service were Fruitful to my own life.

That is of course WHAT those differing lowest common denominator groups want.

They seek to ISOLATE YOU and then CONVINCE you that you are this that or the other Label, much of which is ALIEN to those of us who have not got FACIST like POWER obsessions.

So I simply carried on with my studies interacted with folks on the http://www.centerpointe.com blog and indeed anyone who wanted to BULLY ABUSE myself would have to follow myself to that Internet location or Website and address and so on.

Anyway I hurriedly paced through those early years of Meditation and indeed eventually gave Learning Strategies Corporation a trial, in terms of there Programmes.

In honesty, Trust Issues and so-called BIAS were still forefront and center because many of my bullies and abusers were still present and so on.

So anyway I began this blog and just wrote and wrote, though monitoring of external world became troubled, because I had stopped on Facebook, beyond some interaction when daughter set up an account in her own name, she had played games on mine for several years. during Hereford Visits.

So anyway, course upon course and Meditation level upon Meditation Level and some admissions from the past and aspirations for the future, and continued seeming SABOTAGE from not only work, but alleged family an friends also, all in need for myself to belong to Societal Sectors that I did not belong too.

Being strong in the face of such bullshit and nonsense becomes virtually impossible.

Likewise when you meditate and realise that ALL has to be experienced from the so-called individuals own Inner World View, you again can tend towards Isolating yourself from negative and harmful influences.

So the problem then one of who to trust, and likewise being bombarded with associates courses and choices and options that were sometimes of little interest to myself.

Yes I decided to shut up shop and simply exist for a few years, though even that choice and option has been disappointing, apart from regularly seeing my daughter on visits and seeing her growing up and so on.

So a week away from this blog was replaced with a week on Twitter and in fairness it is genuinely fun to interact and comment on Twitter feeds such as Mark Hamill and indeed some other famed celebrities.

Though I also find that I add some individuals only to find that they fill the twitter feed with materials I am not personally interested in.  I call those people Feedhog’s and it is clear they probably simply have computerse set-up to post all day and everyday good for them not so good for  followers (in my opinion).

All the Big Stars and even media outlets and corporations have a level o discernment as to how regularly they post.

They know that folks can go to the website, though I am more and more having a preference to remove obsessive advertisers and so on, and those of course, whose materials I thought interested myself though in retrospect do not.

So many a former TV/Film interest was taken up on these media outlets, though clearly the years perhaps take a shine of some celebrity whilst others are adapting and changing and of course new ones coming through.

The Young royals really are worth watching as are some Military and Spy Agencies.

The quest for truth for my so-called unbiased CLU’ING systems has not worked out as it should, (in my opinion) I think Tennis tour’s are fairly good ones to follow and be interested in, though as a non-viewer f sports I generally have to rely on new feeds as to the various sports.

So Yes choice is choice and clearing out much mental flotsam and jetsam is a BLESSING when you realise how much you collated as a child.

Likewise monitoring and witnessing can take all your time up, so potentially better to turn everything off and come up with some writings and dedicated system of your own that you yourself can then sell to others etc.

As an expert within your own right etc.

Anyway this day is actually my ex-wife’s birthday and I can of course say Happy Birthday, should she ever stumble upon this blog.

My daughter had myself send some Amazon basket stuff to her address and I think a present was included, though daughter also has money income of her own, so I hope she also spends a little on that herself, bank of David struggles with just how much life costs without alternative streams of income.

Charge More say some, though clearly I also require having and expertise to actually charge more for.

Focus and concentration enabled myself to write regularly and keep going in the face of all comers and some hostility, though likewise even as those things all away, entering realms such-as Twitter also reminds myself as to why I left Facebook.

Games and Entertainments are Fun yes, though clearly I have reduced and reduced everything about life the universe and everything to some minimalist drop in the ocean

.What is a bot and what is an automated system versus who is really tweeting folks etc.

likewise of course once you have written articles you can simply repost them again and again and I am sure if I could find individuals on twitter who meditate with Holosync and indeed identify the sports they are secretly pointing at it would be all the better for myself in terms of regular income and so on.

I could then learn to WRITE and link articles to the given sports, and repost for them in similar fashion.

Likewise finding things you have a passion for is an ongoing exercise.

Some EXPERTS (for example) always claim ancient systems require not only oyur date of birth but the time and so on, and I genuinely do not know, though clearly early unconscious information’s must be somewhere within my collated cellular being.

Yes again and again, we come to see that 2nd chances and nonsense from some quarters and factions really are not worth the time and dime and you really can be better off, isolating yourself from all and anyone who is not like minded of kind minded enough to be forgiving and so on.

I get fed up of hearing prejudice from lefties as much as from righties and as suggested above all the undesirable lowest common denominator realms that many celebrity keep followers hooked and hinged with.

Anyway this alsomething of a catchup blah blah.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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