Okay So Am I Refreshed?

A simple question to ask myself, though in typical HUMAN FASHION all sorts of ah-buts and provision’s spring to mind as to why a given leading question may or may not be incorrect.

So I was going to right an article on my MEDIUM account to publish on Twitter under my @TheAngelAtHeist accounts.

Meanwhile I can confirm I have been asked to update/upgrade the http://www.silvertoevelocity.com website or incur new costs, for keeping the old build etc.

Undecided at present whether to simply abandon the idea & ownership of the website and let it return to the wider community where someone else can pick it up and put it to better usage.

So yes the materials I was going to write about are of course so-called improved intelligence and intuition skills, something seemingly promised by many experts, though reality has often left myself wishing I had never investigated some “Experts” methods etc in the first place.

Sam Horn within the Write Well course spoke as to feeling like you have a constant splash of mud on your wind shields, that of course akin to your eyesight and what you are seeing and indeed how you are interpreting incoming information, or applying methods to turn communication into some versioning of financial reward.

The double-edged sword of course is that whilst agreeing with Sam Horn as to the comparison of the muddy windshield, I also seek to regularly practice PHOTO-READING from Learning Strategies and I still find such things confusing as to compatibilities.


Well photoreading kind of demonstrates to people who they get the mud on there windshield whilst at the same time continually giving encouragement to read and read and practice and practice etc.

My personal experience of course, and I see this in the British Press Articles as to How those who read a lot as children go on to have better incomes jobs and choices / options and so on.  My own personal experience is that these kinds of statements are a FALLACY, I read continuously as a child and was a major bookworm.

I can also of course suggest that the so-called British Class System has deep roots within British Culture, and I like many was schooled in games of comparison where middle-class background pupils etc, would often seemingly get better Grades in Teacher Marking simply through how they and parents presented themselves to school’s than those of us from lesser fortunate background’s.

Reasons of course, akin to excuses and procrastination, though all have bearing on how you see the World for better or worse.

Anyway I was thinking due to some relatively recent knowledge acquisitions as to the CLASSIC IDEA presented by Alfred Hitchcock. I may have mentioned him previously

.Within a particular classic Hitchcock film, a PLOT SCENARIO was devised/utilised by Hitchcock whereby two differing persons who wanted someone else dead would commit the other persons crime, thereby removing any obvious motive or linkages between the crimes (at least to the casual observers amongst us).

I think this PLOT DEVISE has been used many times, in various schematics and disguises or slight variations.

Anyway I am not of course interested in the Murder Aspect of the tail so much as the Degree’s of separation DATA & INFORMATICS type calculations.

So in INFORMATION EXCHANGE & ALIGNMENTS, you as a reader may want pointers & clues as to your favoured subject matter (I will once again use SPORT for example).

So you want clues and pointers to forthcoming Rugby Results as a Test Series is starting down-under this weekend whilst I myself want clues and pointers to The European Football.

When you look at some published work or article, you will typically have placed your focus & attention as to the BIAS of how you personally want to see the information.

I will of course do exactly the same thing, however my own BIAS (so to speak) will be geared toward the information that I want to see.

So we see the same thing, though have our own BIAS based upon our respective Experience, Epiphanies and Expertise.

Likewise very many BIAS is of course made from some memory construct.

When you follow through in study of IDEAS as to NOW, and if you gradually raise Threshold and remove previous blinds and BIAS from your World-View, you come to see hopefully with more CLARITY.

So Historical Memories, and indeed continuous pressure bombardment’s from external peoples & persons in your World, whether work colleagues or family members or Society in general, can constantly keep you distracted from maintaining your Focus & Concentration.

Likewise even when asked to Think upon Better Futures, using Historical Memory Components, you can still be ADVERSLY affected by bombardment from external peoples & persons in your World, whether work colleagues or family members or Society in general.

So I adopted a SHUT UP SHOP approach to meditation and raising Threshold and enlightenment and so on, quite simply because we are also constantly reminded that Whoever you are and WHERE-EVER you are, your mind body and the COLLECTIVE thoughts feelings and so on, that you possess go with you.

As a digression, it is interesting for example J.K.Rowling invented baddie Voldemort for her Harry Potter Book Series, and indeed his attempts or his followers attempts to return him back to life.

The Secret of course that he put part of himself within items entitled HORCRUX’S (if memory correct).  In real reality of course it might be suggested that Those Books are akin to being J.K.Rowling’s Horcrux’s and in taking in her writings and Celebrity etc, you have also taken on board her.

So the debate as to sources & resources can continue on and on.  Though I having Meditated with Holosync from Centerpointe for several years, really would encourage anyone to stick with it and keep going, whatever else is happening in your life.

I of course adopted the top-down, bottom-up approach at the same time in also using various Learning strategies courses after having passed the Awakening Levels of Holosync.

So yes, getting to a point or state whereby you are personally happy with your own thoughts feelings and actions, and have all but eradicated many an assumed Negative Indoctrination from your life is a lifestyle choice or decision option.

Do I step of the road & teachings at this point or continue & persevere, at what point does the negatives or positives outweigh other factors that I have to take into consideration within my lilfe.

The Navigation Aspect can also of course come to the Fore.

So yes, I personally want to not only look at what others are writing and clearly and accurately be able to with precision DECIPHER and INTERPRET DATA in a positive and rewarding light for my own life, I want to also be able to reciprocate such things in some manner or fashion.

Clearly doing the same set of courses and so on, can seem GREAT & FANTASTIC, though even then, you strangely find a great deal of diversity and differences as to FEEDBACK & RETURN.

I made a big deal as to being a Communication Conduit at one point, though the EXPERTISE that you hear again and again as to the information comes through you though is not you is somewhat FRUSTRATING.

You of course wanting to also be able to read back and witness respond upon your own date set & reports in ever greater degree’s of accuracy and ability or skills and so on.

The problem I have fond upon Facebook previously was one of degree’s of separation, whereby people not using those FACILITIES would have others spy on all that I said & did & then effectively bully and abuse myself.

That is why I continue to say that anyone who is not using the technology’s I promote may be better of not following myself, as you could effectively be placing yourself into the realm of STALKER.

Some Companies (the employer one of them) strangely thinks that they can control there staff and how those staff report on work and the environment and so on, this is where the recent DIRECT SPORTS SCANDAL comes to the fore, because many a long established MAFIA will do all & anything to maintain some control grip on peoples and persons within the Psychological Matrix of an environment, claiming they represent the Company.

The HIERARCHY issue is one where it can be demonstrated again & again that many decisions have been more about protecting old STATUS QUO’S & Social Groups & gangs & the positions of managers than the Best Interests of the Business & company.

I can of course state categorically that many POSITIVE great strides have taken place within the environment in recent years, though new managers and “OLD GUARDS” can typically be found to have LAPSES when it comes to particular subject & topics.

I in taking up Twitter over the last year or two have come to find that many a Celebrity is actually disagreeable to the Direction that I want my life to go.

So many things simply come down to EGO WARS & what you personally are putting front & centre as the most important things within your life and how you seek to categorise or otherwise compartmentalise such things.

It can be suggested that my study of the Enlightenment & Awareness realms, genuinely does have room for all-comers, irrespective of Race colour creed sexuality and so on, though likewise having progressed on particular subject matters (as to extremisms) I have little desire to get bogged down with any grouping that seeks to reset things to some mental construct “good ‘ol days”.

Many folks took up the Technology and people from all groups races etc. have benefitted, likewise differing FACILTIES have differing & disparate groups who want to carry “There ways” to wherever they themselves go, I am all for integration, though would suggest EGO’S are left at the gate or in the old facility as Rotation of Staff & the deck chairs can be both a positive & negative influence on any given REALM EQUILIBRIUM.

Anyway, out of practice at writing, I may seek to get back into the habit, I think I have had a change of Heart on some areas I was going to delve into so will think on it some more and perhaps publish tomorrow.

error in haste & repent at leisure spring to mind.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.


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