So Whether Any Of Us Like It Or Otherwise

So whether any of us like it or otherwise, you do come to see that many intuitions that we may or may not have had during our younger formative years may have been correct all along.

I say this as someone who generally nurtured an independent streak from a relatively young age, my brother and I both falling into so-called latch key kid type categorisations, in terms of a working mother and a father off doing whatever it was that he was doing.

Anyway my daughter has gone to see her Aunty (Down London Way) so I thought I would take the opportunity to play catch up with some interesting emails and indeed various reading and drawing activities.

Yes my larger colouring set that I ordered arrived and I have spent some time colouring the free #colorliminals that came as part of the most recent Paraliminal releases.

Yes they may appear the same as previously published, though I did in fact print out the Templates and start over with a larger selection of colours and so on and it does actually take some time with a larger colour selection and so on to seemingly want to use the greater colour spectrum and so on, what I have noted with both colouring sets is an absence of particular colours.  Not something I noted when younger, and it perhaps a modern selling strategy by the manufacturers to exclude particular colours from particular ink or gel sets and so on, not a problem with regular felt tips, though I have changed opinion on the newer colouring set after seeing hoe the pictures appear at differing sizes and so on.

Yes the templates can of course give the impression that anyone can paint by numbers, though I did find myself considering what colours to use and where, simple things like colours of the rainbow and associated Chakra colours and locations and so on.

The positive is of course that the further you learn of various dynamics and those framework like differences between modalities you tend to notice more of where you may of being getting things correct previously or indeed changed the reasoning behind strategies and so on.  I think that is an interesting point of potential DILEMMA, where you can go through phases of seemingly being “In The Zone” without trying or necessarily thinking about what you are doing, auto-pilot fashion, and then on other occasions where you even try to think on things whether linear or non-linear and it goes awry.

Anyway since signing up to the Echo Bodine living by intuition modality I received email from Learning Strategies with this month’s Photoreading Book and it is of course one of Echo Bodine’s, she has written a number of books and I had actually considered emailing Learning Strategies for recommendations, though they have already considered the most appropriate of her works for recommendation.

I can also say that my reading of the book was interesting as it was very straight forward and easy to understand, despite her website and categorisation (for lack of better explanation) falling into those categorisations where you really can become confused and heavily conflicted as to differing EXPERTS etc.

So that particular book was quite easy and explanatory as to how she goes about things. I was also surprised at how much was quoted from the Bible as that is an area, much like Occultist LA-DI-DA materials I have generally steered away from, I of course spent several years in church as a youngster, and spoke previously as to early experimentation with EXPERT Hypnosis Modalities leading myself into exploration’s of more occultist like realms. That I then rushed to move away from.

This idea that everyone creates the World or Universe in there own image is great if You are already in a so-called good place, though not so great if all directions seemingly steer yourself toward what you consider (for whatever reason) to be falsehoods and-or  unexamined alignments and indeed arguments.  Yes many a person breaks or cracks or aligns themselves with IDEAS that cause them pain etc. rather than necessarily following a line of argument to some kind of genuine WITNESSED or OBSERVED COMPLETION.

Much like that classic film WAR GAMES where the computer was set to learn TIC-TAC-TOE prior to moving on to Global Thermo Nuclear War.  Interestingly most computer AI systems have now demonstrated levels of competence at many games previously thought unplayable by computers, whether through faster processors and greater storage facilities for database information retrieval and so on.

So very often you find that you are simply confirming calculations and deductions that you may have made consciously or non-consciously at a younger age, hence many proclaiming that knowing can be the so-called booby prize in the sense that we can spend much time studying though will we actually change opinion or point of view and perspective when something new genuinely offered.

I for example feel that having my name as seen above this blog may have contributed to various negative cause-effect events within my life, likewise what I like about Learning Strategies experts that we do not necessarily hear from particular Scientific or indeed La-Di-Da Quarters is that no matter what the modality or expertise, you can achieve a level of integration and indeed, begin to refine and edit how you personally think and feel and act in the world and so on.

The more you experience possible blocks and so on you encounter the more opportunity you perhaps have to try an alternative strategy or indeed change modality or options.

Those published pictures above are perhaps my favourites from among the larger #colorliminal collection, though interestingly you do see that particular pictures were kind of Trigger accompaniments to particular Paraliminals, I have actually coloured in the entire collection I have though interestingly did not rush to some OBVIOUS things that I could have done, for EXAMPLE there are a couple that kind of look like they contain many COINS, although I thought when looking and colouring them in many colours, well yes, they do look like coins, though they also look like flying saucers, bottle caps, movie theatre film canisters and so on.

Likewise I did find that all the pictures can have multiple depths to them and indeed can appear very differing at differing zooms closeup and at a distance and so on.

One or two really made myself chuckle when seen at sizes I had not considered when colouring or indeed at standard A4 size.Another option that is optioned in printing them out is that you can typically rotate and look at them from differing angles whilst colouring, something you cannot necessarily do onscreen.

So colouring was enjoyable, and indeed reading the Echo Bodine book was enjoyable.  I also found myself this morning, seeing that J.K. Rowling’s new Harry Potter Stage Play Script was available so also treated myself to that.

Yes I have enjoyed those Stories and from my point of view this particular story does conjure up some of those so-called fears and so on that we can typically have, much as with some of the Hypnosis Materials, prior to my finding Meditation and so on.

No I do not really want to give spoilers, as the story is highly entertaining in its own right, though much like many film theatre and ongoing life realms, I do seemingly find my own life to be running somewhat synchronously with ever more realms that I investigate as I continue with my Meditation, and you do find more and more that previously unseen or ah-ha’s that had not previously occurred kind of occur now.

It is strange that of course that whilst my life had taken a turn for the worse years earlier further peaks and troughs and so on in my life can seemingly also be linked to so called other peoples lives and World Events, we all seemingly looked to CELEBRITY & STARS and Movie and Theatre and FAMED or indeed INFAMOUS CREATIVE REALMS & Individuals, J.K.Rowling has her birthday today and all information seemingly points to her magical appearance in the year 1997 as the Author of the then unknown Harry Potter Books, likewise it can of course be suggested that none of us exist to other peoples and persons until FAME or some kind of HERD like ZONING occurs whether through popularity of something created or however propels individuals above the so-called CROWD into a higher level of societal awareness.

You do of course also get people with shared names and birthdays and it is interesting for example that I found myself on Twitter actively looking for comparable name buddies or birthday shares and all these kinds of things can be suggested to have occurred to all generations at all levels of societies.

So yes the  pull to compare and do comparison is somewhat strange, though we all often said to get suckered into these things however much we seek to turn off and tune out and so on.

Many experts claim ISOLATION to be the bad option, though I find again and again, that what is often meant is that they cannot sell to myself. Likewise you often find the good for the goose, good for the gander attitudes and so on come into play, not just between sex’s, though also among any group of competing individuals, all well and good if the topic and subject or life ream is something you are expert in, though you will find again and again that many rush to so-called lowest common denominator topics and subjects as so-called equalizers, when in fact that are anything but.  They simply serve to remind myself of why solitude can actually be life’s calling for some of us, who perhaps through parental naming or societal blasphemy behaviours or however, can only ever get the short straw, when it comes to particularly FAVOURED herd like behaviours etc.

I would rather genuinely sit and meditate for a few years clearing out the mental junk and garbage and indeed try out some positive and uplifting courses, than continue in realms where dignity and respect are ignored or unexplored generalisations are constantly reinforced that upon research & study are completely absurd.

Whilst I recommend the various technologies such things do come down to personal choice and options as to usage, and indeed all experience is a personal one, so as much as I like very many modalities and the ah-ha’s and integration, the truth as to the so-called top of the mountain is an interesting one, multiple modalities and teachers say you reach particular plateaus and indeed upon reaching the top of the mountain have to then return to the bottom of the mountain (so to speak).

My experience is that during the so-called lower meditation levels, such thinking was correct and kind of obvious though I had not really considered the power of the waves and frequencies or indeed some of my OWN statements as to truth and fact.

Even though I am somewhat naïve to The Markets, I have studied them when younger due to business like courses and indeed more recently and the OBVIOUS is this one of the Markets (predominantly as a collective average) always rising over the longer time period, irrespective of short term cycles and patterns and so on.

Why is the long term plan so troubling, well many of us are caught in that so-called GAP whereby a successful short term remedy is required in order for us to be in a position to have long term options, at least in classical scales and measures of time.  Likewise multiple modalities seek to do away with those concepts of howe we see time, though those of us who have lived for many years with trauma or pain or illness, perhaps struggle when the BARRIERS and BLINDFOLDS etc. are removed or our Heart Body Spirit are seemingly re-engineered.

Anyway returning to the Mountain thing, I have concluded that you may never actually reach the summit of a given mountain because the more perceived barriers and  blinds are removed the Summit becomes almost HORIZON like in terms of all the potentially new or old (revisited) options and choices and ah-ha’s that can occur.

Yes that limited conscious awareness things means quality Super Powers  Super You auto-piloting is perhaps wanted desired and needed and indeed asking or bringing front and centre to awareness the most optimum knowledge of any given day or moment and so on.

I am clearly wittering, though  yes, frameworks and scaffolding and self-referencing and awareness are perhaps where any of us have knowledge that only we can know, beyond of course learning from examples from others.

memo to self-what is with all the sudden blah-blah

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

@TheAngelAtHeist (Twitter)

The Debatable Schedule

So I have persevered a little with Twitter I think mainly to prove & demonstrate to myself that you can have a positive, rewarding & uplifting social media experience.

These things are perhaps down to what we ourselves have in the way of personal experience of such realms, and of course access or otherwise of peoples & persons who may or may not share our Worldviews & opinions & attitudes, motives & incentives.

I typically have found myself commenting on some celebrity feeds more than others, though typically we always have choice in terms of politeness, agreement or otherwise as to subject matter.

Yes I could go rampaging adding a million & 1 peoples though generally have kept a relatively small number of follows, I can of course be more discerning and indeed given experience simply un follow feed hogs & tiresome humourists, you can sometimes feel when looking at other comments on particular celebrity feeds, that you are being categorised or placed in list groups that you may not option as your own choice.

Yes so-called trolls can come in all shapes & sizes and on all subject matter, though having maintained a general air of decorum etc. It can be tiresome being subjected to some retweets.  The problem of course that all communication potentially contains money often  depending typically in how well clued up on a given celebrity and favoured gambling realms and so on they may be secretly nurturing and pointing followers towards.

You also then of course, also get into debates as to who is the so-called Guardian of the Guardian’s, I think the larger groups can get into position of too much power & influence, though likewise individuals can often demonstrate an ignorance of someone else’s rules & regulations of permissible conduct.

The US presidential campaign’s seemingly highlighting this matter in the sense of “Who would of thought you could have a woman as the next President of the United States of America”.


“Who would have thought you could have such a tasteless character as the next President of the United States Of America”.

The latter phrase perhaps more AMBIGUOUS because Taste like many choices and options is personal, though Donald Trump does generally seem to deliberately navigate toward what many an individual might regard as somewhat VEGAS GAUDY, yes both candidates  have NEW YORK “Big City, Bright Lights” backgrounds, though where many a Nation does Gaudy for Tourism, Royalty & Ceremony, few long established Monarchy’s seemingly live in such day-to-day reality.  I think we saw this in terms of the recent Obama visit to Kensington Palace, where the rooms (in the photo’s) whilst generally smart & tidy were in no way excessive, as to our typical History/Movie projected view of gold & silver and everything encrusted with Diamonds and Jewells etc.

So if I were to win the Lottery, I may well splash out and be excessively gaudy due to the Role Model perceived through entertainment realms, as to how one is supposed to portray oneself etc, though I can also imagine I would likely soon tire of such things and either return to more modest ideas or indeed revert to some unconscious long held “norm”, this a potential (mental world) glass ceiling many folks have as to how well developed a personality character & attributes they have for themselves (internally referenced) versus the demands of the external world etc.

Anyway I  wrote schedule at the top because I found myself thinking on timetables that we grow accustomed to and so on.  The school calendar my daughter has grown up with, is fairly similar to the one I grew up with, and possibly that of my parents beforehand.

The daughter having left school over the last year or two has altered/ changed visiting schedule and likewise included trips to visit an Aunty living down London way.

I when young would often along with brother & mother head North to Crewe and visit relatives  there, also often spending a week in North Wales, Rhyl and so on.  Interestingly you do come to see how many folks live by school year patterns & cycles even without kids and timetable restrictions, interesting how British Society has sought to enforce Education Timetables in recent years, especially given how those patterns & schedules have all been given excessive associated costs.

So holiday & tourism companies are suggested to cash in on a captive audience (those who abide by Herd Rules), even though scales & measures of production (so to speak) in ECONOMICS terms, should mean that the Annual British Holiday Season is at it’s cheapest, when reality always shows it is at its most costly.

Yes they always claim that peak season subsidies less  popular times of year, though given modern Global Population Movement, I think the subsidization Model claims no longer hold water.

I also have continued with regular Meditation and indeed signed up for the odd course here & there, strangely still searching for something that works for myself in as successful a manner & fashion as others claim for themselves.

Interestingly I found myself signing up for a course with another “out there” candidate, a lady titled Echo Bodine.”Living By Intuition”.

I like the idea of being attuned and indeed improving my linear and non-linear, thoughts feelings and so on.  I used to typically always talk as to achieving balance and Neutrality in the earlier years of Holosync meditation especially, though the courses from Learning Strategies have generally guided towards questioning even that.

If you have spent a lifetime on the wrong side of the so-called success, fame & fortune coin, why not choose to always be well “in the zone” in terms of Health, Wealth, friendships & family and so on.

Clearly that potentially where editing may come to hand, as we cannot choose relatives or indeed the values interpretations motives & incentives they themselves prefer to live by, or indeed those of other people we come into contact with in daily life, clearly we may option to think of all relationships in terms of swings & roundabouts & bank accounts of goodwill or otherwise, though my own experience is that the vast majority in society even many who preach & claim otherwise are often operating on some “Selfish Gene” Richard Dawkins Model, and transitioning any individual or indeed group toward seeing greater realities can take time.

I have gradually grown to enjoy many of the LS courses, though still do not necessarily know where my best qualities and attributes lie.  For example I can say well I like this course and Tutor though would not wish to necessarily choose that Modularity as one that I would teach or have a preference for.  Likewise having a jack of all trades approach can leave you flagging somewhat when it comes to higher levels of expertise.

So why the Echo course, well I looked up her books, and she sits or fits comfortably into that Ghosts and Spirit Realm  materials & area where I think some of my biggest blocks may be, I DESPITE DOING LA-DI-DA courses and studying many Occult Modalities such-as Tarot am somewhat of a Skeptic when it comes to issues of Ghosts etc.

Yes I have always been a sucker for enjoying the Stories and Films, growing up watching many Hammer House Horror movies and indeed visiting friends whose house was built on a graveyard or indeed visiting multiple relatives houses that were old and creepy with strange or unfamiliar smells and other sensory distractions or oddities, (Triggers can be experienced throughout all known senses).

Anyway in meditating heavily and excessively and Learning & familiarising myself with ideas as to Waves & Frequencies and the idea that in both Science and Spiritual or La-Di-Da realms our Physical Solidity IS ILLUSION,  as is the World within and without us, such IDEAS can of course be RE-EVALUATED from a higher awareness & place on the hill.

Anyway I do still think that room exists for new ideas and modalities etc. to be conceived designed and created or crafted though typically we all perhaps owe it to ourselves to evaluate what the ROI (Return On Investment) will be when deciding whether to go with a course or not.

Echo in the introductory interview with Pete did speak as to what might be regarded as intuition versus psychic ability and of course listening to you body or own small quiet voice etc.

I think it interesting because after my early Hypnosis trials, I did rush to those kinds of Classical Occultist Modalities prior to later abandoning such things in favour of straight forward Meditation.

I am generally these day pre-disposed to regarding many things such-as cards and dowsing tools and so on as props and tools and indeed LANGUAGE and the ability of our senses also perhaps fits in with such IDEAS, though we can of course be positive/negative in beliefs as to benefits from any area we give focus and attention.

Yes we have spent years developing alleged 5 senses with a 6th Global sense, though I have concluded that even those numbers are misleading and-or 2 simplistic.

Who possibly can recall primary education and being introduced to the idea of primary and secondary and so on colours, those that occur naturally, those that are created by the combining of two or more, similar studies occurred for TV sets, where instead of ART’S yellow, red and blue, we were given green as a base colour.

So just as Ideas of multiple intelligences & dimensions has grown and differing aspects angles and perspectives provided, I genuinely think as yet unidentified sensory capacity and capability exist, we all know of course about the modelling of The World about us, animal senses and behaviours though like the deepest waters of the Earth’s Ocean’s & Sea’s, I think that the human brain & body has yet to have been fully researched, I know brain and medical sciences claim that much remains unknown, though likewise such groups are distracted by USAGE issues, everything expected to have an ROI of some description, cross pollination of subjects often works because an individual can be so strongly affiliated with one realm and respective mental pathways and so on, that they fail to see what they have in terms of what someone else from another realm can see.

enough ting on with, I have also coloured in more #colorliminals though may have to order more colours, my original colour set was missing particular colours, though the ones I ordered seemed to be of a lesser quality, although the templates themselves seemingly manage to make anyone a good colourist or paint by numbers officonado.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

@TheAngelAtHeist  (Twitter)

So What Else Differing

So on Twitter with limited output parameters at any given moment, you generally find yourself having to condense information and what you are seeking to get across.

This is exceptionally useful if you simply as I have done, taken photo’s and simply repeated similar informatics as to what I have written in longer form here on this blog, although I generally do like to keep the 2 realms separate, and found an alternative blog site to broadcast to Twitter with, I deciding that this is a preferred longer term backwater like location for any output.

So here you get longer form perhaps combination words and text and photo’s to play around with, whilst on Twitter everything is summary snapshot, although seeing witness respond quantities on some Celebrity Accounts is interesting, some are regularly pleasant and fun or polite, whilst others seemingly continuously fall into the realm of irritating and abusive, why follow a celebrity if your only intent is to abuse, yes such return feedback can of course serve as data in and of itself, though I personally have little interest in that variety of information.

Swearing and extremist abuse are all tiresome lowest common denominator type outputs that any of us can experience in our home lives or working day to day lives without seeking them out in online communities, especially when you know some individuals portray themselves in exceptionally differing fashion and manner in differing life realms.

Taking up meditation and raising Threshold really can allow and enable anyone to come to a point of consistency across all areas of life, the Universe and everything, though likewise typically I can well imagine people of extremist tendencies may struggle or indeed simply adopt an attitude of taking the piss.

Anyway So LA-DI-DA intuitions of course can come in very many forms, and despite many differing people seeking to narrow down or identify best practices you find again and again that some aspects are more seemingly true than others.


So for example the above book to the Right, is entitled technical Remote Viewing and typically explains that much intuitive insight can come to peoples and persons in a somewhat FRAGMENTED fashion that gives pointers at the issue or problem in a somewhat indirect fashion.  Fragmented in ART might of course be akin to a shattered mirror rather than a whole mirror, although interestingly fractal like maths and so on these days demonstrates the Holography IDEA hat each piece contains the WHOLE.

So an artistic style such-as that of a Picasso that seems warped and weird and so on, may actually be a truthful representation of how an individual receives information, even if the seeming output from such data looks outwardly to be nonsense et al.

A recent Terrorist Attack in Nice, France kind of examples the problem in that so many witness’s can give accounts that they will likely not see the wood for the tree’s unless those investigating can change the way they look at witness INFORMATION.

And that is where book like editing and cross referencing can come to the fore.


The above books do it like this as shown in these pictures whereby information within a given output is linked in somewhat non-linear fashion to other snippets of information elsewhere in the text much like a possible Lawyer style cross examination that you do upon yourself.

Interestingly  many computer filing system’s work in this fashion and manner, replicating the manner of the brain perhaps, though most users in day to day like are unaware of the differing operating systems running in the background, such-as UNIX and DOS and more recent Apple and Window’s OS’.

So I kind of repeat this detail in day to day shortform snippets that I can bring together in larger articles here.

Likewise peoples who already have good intuitive skill and so on do this perhaps on auto-pilot where those of us with lesser quality skills have to keep on working t it until our old habit has been replaced with something a little more useful and useable.

Likewise when you know what the issues and problems are you can potentially take yourself out of the fast buck market place, (even though I still think all decision and choice making are gambling)., by writing and explaining the very many dynamics to others.

Got to go early work, so without further ado

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

@TheAngelAtHeist (Twitter)

The Great Mobile Phone Con

So I am getting on in years and have been around the block in terms of knowing my stuff when it comes to many a technology and indeed knowing what I do and do not want.

I recently once again found myself purchasing a brand spanking new mobile phone for my daughter and it was a brand I had never heard of-such are the wonders of Amazon Shopping.

Indeed the early years of the mobile phone industry whether regarded as well regulated or otherwise, saw particular Big Brand Names come to the fore and indeed particular so-called SERVICE PROVIDERS come to the fore.

Typically they would advertise the High Points of Given Brands and why they were the top of the range or mid range or bargain basement.

People gradually more and more became fed-up of being locked into 2, 3 and 4 year contracts as they typically began to see through the various pricing models on offer.

New super duper phone retail cost £1000 yours for a mere £40 per month for 36 months in a locked in contract.

Sounds great they provide you with a phone and you get to have a must have object of desire now rather than when you can actually afford such things through saving up.  That example, if you do the necessary calculations also gives them a handsome profit of some £440 or just below half the full cost of the phone. Quite a large profit in fact, though they are taking a risk much like banks claim to take risks in handing out loans.

In fact the banking and loaning model and indeed most catalogue type systems can be seen to operate in similar fashion.

Anyway the seeming flaw in the model is quickly exposed when you find that everything is geared toward SHINY THING that everyone else has got, and basic usage requirements that come in as listed EXTRA COSTS usually shown in the small print.

Insurance Scams aplenty and many disappointed with the quickly ballooning costs, though typically everyone else is putting up with it so it must be the only option and model available etc.

Many competitors entered the FIELD though as did Citizen Complaints groups and so on, all with various VESTED INTERESTS.

Interestingly now quite a few years down the line, I am still unable to get a Buying and purchasing model that I personally think best for such things.

The problem of course that the Business Models quickly became seen as one for a fast route to riches and wealth and so on.(at least for those on the provider side of the model’s).

So super duper phones are now much like the 80’s Computer Boom often completely obsolete in Technological Terms before they are even released, and the huge swathes of World Wide buyers ensures that the various SCALES OF PRODUCTION enables more competitive pricing.

The downside that SHINY THING model’s of existence & TREND still dominates the industry.

What exactly is my complaint?

Well for myself with a background in Technology etc, I want a model that is geared toward actual USAGE up front and when I say usage for myself expecially DATA usage.

This idea of always online and so on is hampered because no model’s are created and crafted in that fashion.

I am more interested in purchasing DATA USAGE or NETWORK ACCESS than I am in calls & text messages (many now offer those free in bundles, for super phones, though the DATA GB charges are ridiculous.

Yes I bought the daughter a nice new phone at an affordable price, and she despite being a teen has perhaps had 3 or 4 phones in the same time period I have had 1 phone, although all hers have been PAY-AS-YOU-GO usage models. Likewise for years I was on pay as you go and treated myself to a contract at some point, because everyone else seems to be on contract, the contract ran out and the phone is rarely used though I still pay the monthly fee, so thought TIME FOR AN UPGRADE.

On looking at the Bundles on offer, they will typically (if I purchase one) lock myself into some long distance contract that I do not GENUINELY want.  Likewise all the UPGRADES are based around the SHINY THING Model.

I want a contract based around DATA & ACCESS & USAGE.


Well you think yes that’s the latest super duper phone starting at seemingly reasonable £20 per month.

You then go next screen where CALLS & TEXTS & DATA packages are additional costs, you then go to next page where Accessories are available (& oh deary me, all the cheapest accessories have out-of-stock markers next to them).  You then may decide upon wanting insurance for your complete collection of expenditure.

Yes by the time bundle costs are calculated you can be looking at ridiculous figures upwards of £40+ just for some minimum functionality.

Anyone who investigates a little will find that the bottom end packages are pretty worthless, because the INDUSTRY FIGURES & statistics show that most folks on average require 2-4 GB monthly like data quantities, (I am personally not sure how they manage to keep it down that low given many a home now having 50 GB month contracts and so on, especially when a regular HD MOVIE can be 1GB+ on its own).

Yes so what I really want is a data call cost and access costs up front package, and the shiny things importance reduced to some “IT IS A TOOL” ideology.

Yes many bells & whistles come as standard as do claims to PROGRESS, though if everyone stopped getting sucked into these ridiculous FALSE ECONOMICS of SHINY THING FIRST, someone somewhere would likely make a killing in the market place.

The typical truth of course that “EXCITING” SHINY SELLS like Hotcakes, whilst “BORING” DATA does not.

Yes reduce the importance of the PHYSICAL DEVICES and identify what it is you want and you will likely conclude it is the ABILITY to COMMUNICATE and that comes from investment in the DATA & CONTENT side of the model, that at the RETAIL SHOPPING END of these EMPIRES & INDUSTRIES is left at the backend like an


Of course if you go to the average user in the street and offered to sell them DATA & CONTENT they would likely refuse, whilst yawning at what you are on about, hence so much STUPIDITY invested in SHINY.

Yes again and again even prior to taking up meditation, the classic story of “The Emperors New Clothes” can been seen on display and indeed “The Empress’ New Clothes” also, strange though true,

The classical writing style of using MALE FORM language to represent ALL OF the human race, no longer fits with modern times, given how many female’s misuse or do not understand such concepts and use them as “get out of jail free cards”.

Such lack of understanding of said concepts can also of course be applied to very many cry wolf communities about this World also, though I actually in my studies have often concluded that many of the Original Meanings and Intentions behind these things can help anyone and everyone see the so-called wood for the tree’s.

Anyway rant over, not sure what to do now, will most likely find an inexpensive phone and cancel existing contract because they (the current provider) are getting money of myself for a predominantly unused gadget.  The lack of usage due to my paying for calls and texts etc and limited data capability.  A high data capability and low call model would also appeal given easy access to Skype and other technologies that make old-school models redundant.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


So I Arrive Home &

So I arrive home from the night shift and have one or 2 topics spinning through one’s mind related of course to ideas as to what you see is what you get and indeed attention & focus and IDEAS as to so-called BIAS.

Focus & Concentration an interesting topic as for example I recently took a relatively short rail trip compared to many I have taken over the years and I decided as I had a gadget with myself and it was quiet I would take a few snaps.

So anyway I posted on Twitter a couple of piccies of Railway related pictures and then presto A big story related to a rail crash in Italy, that kind of fits into so-called realms of synchronicity.

The truth of course is that without much threshold and attention and direction, such events & incidents would typically be lost in the greater scheme of the World and News media and so on at large.

Though having raised Threshold and gone through various Purification type levels as well as various La-Di-Da styled courses, you come to realise that you really do have a greater capacity to not only direct your own attention though recognise synchronicity and cause effect and so on to the point or degree, that very many previously potentially scary events and so on may kind of fall away.

I can also of course state that further progress, can typically in exploration of so-called getting your artistic capabilities going return to recognising alphabets and numbers as simply represented drawings of so-called sounds, and sounds can of course be said fast & slow and with regional accents and effectively in a million & one permutations that are not genuinely necessarily represented by a particular configuration of letters.

Likewise many a course suggests action verbs as the place to be in terms of description and getting the blood pumping and so on.

In fact a scan or straight forward study of very many realms literature and formatting and so on again and again demonstrates PREFERENCE GUIDELINES rather than absolutes.

You can follow very many Journalists for example on Twitter and they typically write in a style and fashion preferred by the present publisher, though repetition of some kinds of generic articles is also becoming more and more common place.

That is interesting because some Papers will give a few free views per week whilst other demand immediate subscription and so on.  I often finding that an unreadable you have to subscribe article often originated elsewhere where it can be seen for free, so signing up to very many media outlets and indeed learning a little about the so-called owners of differing groups can pay dividends, the SMALL WORLD syndrome typically seen for example in the way that Multi-National Groups such-as NewsCorp swap and interchange US and UK and indeed European articles, Stories often appearing in multiple publications in a regional fashion, so FOX US and Sky UK have broadcast links and newspapers and so on also operate in similar fashion.

Now I also had recently buzzing in my head thoughts as to Princess Royal and a little research came back with Princess Anne, although it is a title that typically is expected to be transferred to Kate Middleton at some point probably in the distant or longer term future of the Royal Family.

Anne of course took over various Royal Duties from Her Grandmother and indeed her mother at various points and has quite an active calendar as well as quite a large number of Commonwealth Military Connections and indeed Sporting and Olympic Connections.

So reports in the UK are at present saying red and fair haired genes are strongly linked with skin cancer, and I of course along with the Princess Anne linkages went into Degree’s of Separation as to our Aussie and New Zealand cousins and so on.  Anyone who grew up with Aussie Sitcom’s can probably relate to ideas that whilst Celtic/Gaelic like connections are quite strong amongst particular UK populations, they are also quite strongly linked and exist in multiple former colonial countries, such-as Australia and indeed I think the US can boast a fair amount, I think Donald Trump probably can demonstrate such ancestry.

Anyway all that kind of material of course got myself thinking on so-called ROTATIONS and GEOSTATIONARY ORBIT and all that kind of stuff and of course the pattern & cycles matching idea as to reflective Worlds and so on.  Many Navigational Systems exist throughout the World as to measure and scales of locations, though of course you also have those IDEAS as to Babies in the Womb and how they grow in one particular direction and prior to birth do a kind of spin within the Womb and so on.

All these things I think are kind of represented in very many mapping systems though obviously knowing what is genuinely best and good information and what is completely unnecessary to know is again a topic of interest.

Knowledge whilst typically shared and handed down via book and film and Libraries and so on rarely means the same to two people who have differing ways and means of judging or defining meanings.  We all kind fo live in versions of subjective World Bubbles, often spending inordinate amounts of time claiming to be something invented called OBJECTIVE, though again such a term is FAKE or FRAUDULENT or perhaps best regarded as a kind of POINTER REFERENCE Concept, taking a differing angle or viewpoint rather than .pretending that it actually exists.

Anyway what else well cars appear again and again and differing people regard information in differing ways so one person might see a blue car with a C4 badge and Think ahh FRANCE, whilst another might make a link to a type of explosive’s given label or name, and myself, I have to admit to thinking SUBMARINEs and DEPTH CHARGES.

Yes whilst I live in Hereford, home of SAS, they do of course also have kindred Naval Forces SBS down south and literature.books demonstrate very many shared learnings and teachings and operational capability.

Yes in fact my mind went to Submarines and then Uncle Albert type stories and then trying to remember from childhood early impressions.  I think I recall watching some classic War time type Naval Movies, as well as Jules Vern type materials, I think captain Nemo type movies saw depth charges etc.

So again we all have so very many pointers and references and it is easy to see how the World at large that we may have sponged up as youngsters can lead to confusion and so on upon leaving school, all to often schooling and schoolyard politics as well as teacher politics, gives greater emphasis to particular types of characters and personalities than others.

Raising Threshold and indeed not getting involved in topics & subjects that are nonsense extremisms can be the best option as well of course practicing how you interpret sensory realm impressions and data, broadening your internal reporting capabilities.

Interestingly I quite enjoyed the Terry Pratchett Disk World novels years ago and they included highly comical impressions of peoples behaviours that often poked fun at characters seen within TV Film and society at large.  I mention that because one famed Establishment within disk world was UNSEEN UNIVERSITY of The Wizards and as well as enjoying colouring in The #Colorliminals in recent weeks I have on multiple occasion tried the new Paraliminals mentioned in a previous article including Seeing The Unseen.

Paul Scheele often within presentation (seen in online recordings by myself) in several courses speaks on the idea of Wizard Hat’s etc.

So yes we are all clearly far more capable creatures than we necessarily realise, though attaining consistency and a quality habit of translation and indeed identifying your own personal best means of such capacities and capabilities and so on does take a little work, intuition eye openers can come as quite a shock, as , can being overwhelmed as to how best to utilise any given or witnessed feedback return system.

Not sure at present if I will get back into daily blogging or otherwise though understanding how differing sequences and datasets can be best used in life is itself an interesting debate to have.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

@TheAngelAtHeist (Twitter)

So Continuing In Similar Vain

So continuing onward in similar vain I yesterday found myself noting that it has been almost a year since I began refamiliarising myself with modern social media.

I having previously suffered large dollops of bullying, stalking and abusive behaviours from very many quarters generally chose to shut up shop apart from this somewhat backwater blog.

Interestingly keeping a daily journal for yourself is also regarded as bad form in some arena’s, though as stated above, it does ecome somewhat ludicrous & ridiculous when Corporations tell Management staff to (uninvited) stalk staff & monitor social media activities.

It is clearly a matter of not only permissions, though also one of dignity & respect, whereby, for example, some nosey parker stalker, comments on issues or subject & topic only mentioned within this diary , blog or journal.

Yes some degree’s of separation wisdom & discernment is required prior to rushing accusingly at all & sundry , though likewise a choice exists for all individual’s to not abuse alleged positions of power and influence, or indeed believe themselves to have some all empowering access all areas authority.

Clearly something is very wrong in some management training programmes when after a dozen years within a work environment, I can still witness spectacular over-bloated head enlargements occurring in multiple sectors.

It does in fact sometimes require highlighting when a genuinely rare reversal is seen on such subject matter & topic.

Whereby someone has worked an environment knows the job and steps up for further duties and simply “get’s on with it”, no fanfare that they are this particular role, no misplaced or misguided ego driven me-me-me wanting to control all aspect’s of other peoples working life’s & duties.

Yes a strange thing to say, though I have actually had someone make such a claim along the lines that they are the leader and I am the docile sheep who asks permissions left right & centre. WRONG, what said individual has done (and they’re not the only one) has created a straw man like argument of demanding they are asked permission for  everything from tying your shoelaces & having toilet trips upwards. When said ego massaging occurs & is carried out as requested (by staff) they then mistake the staff following such orders as CONFIRMATION BIAS of there self (often immature ego driven) importance.

So returning to the matter of Twitter, well quite simply it is perhaps less personal than Facebook, although provides similar features, so who you follow and have as any given community is Choice, interestingly (for example) when I was on Facebook (years ago) I would often get Tag in photo, and added to group messages, and such things were somewhat disconcerting.

You know you go out for a drink (for example) with a friend or colleague and there friends or mates whom you have zero idea or knowledge about, & someone takes a picture of you with group and tags you on social media, and you are later told that this one in the photo is a mad axe wielding murderer and so on.

Yes such issues are of course said to be common place among celebrity elites in larger cities, hence we seeing daily complaints from celebrities as to slander and or indeed denying having been friends with others in particular media circles who are simply on similar glad-handing promotion circuits and so on.

Such issues can become somewhat magnified and-or blown out of all proportion of course when you go to smaller cities and towns and villages, whereby the FOR LOCAL PEOPLE, or my gang, work community often strangely comes to the fore.

Anyway meditation & raising threshold can most definitely reduce ideas as to STIGMA by association and so on, and likewise gives something of a greater mental protection to “catching a bad dose” whether from colleagues or idiots or whomsoever.

I generally maintain the idea that I go to work to earn a living, do a respectable job and have a wage when that wage is due.  All other related work issues & parameters as to gangs & relationships and race colour creed sexuality, seniority and so on are weigh down the list of importances, though typically I see and do not have enough fingers to count witnessing the amount of peoples who act in a Biased fashion, the judgement then (if any) of course as to the reasoning that has occurred consciously or otherwise that created cause / effect issues that are very often nonsenses. I even with raised Threshold do find myself in bemused incredulousness  at how people reinforce BELIEFS & bias & ALIGNMENTS and so on.  Far better to ignore particular types of alleged banter & behaviours at all levels, or indeed remind yourself that outside Government Agencies whether business related or indeed customer whistleblower hotlines or simply the Police can easily be called upon, as can LAWYERS with regard to undesirable STALKING and so on, hence it being reiterated here on multiple occasions, that I generally write for myself and indeed do not generally mind other users of the Technologies I promote.

Unfortunately however, you do see over & again that even other users  of such Technologies can be given to abusing them in one or other fashion. So all I would suggest is that if you have a particular level of awareness & enlightenment it comes with little guarantee of honesty & truthful behaviours or integrity & so on, many actually rush to super-self serving immature ego based thought feelings and actions, that often blow up in there faces at some later point, that is why I generally isolated myself and continued to isolate myself as I went through multiple levels, because typically at the lower levels

 the inside outside criteria lessons and learnings & degree’s of separation, often mean that some of the worst aspects that many want to escape within there lives, are somewhat deeply entrenched within the human psyche.

The statement “the car has already driven off the cliff” also comes to bare in some ways and fashion, as with awareness you can often come to see that what is occurring now whether judged good/bad was the result of some long ago action within you life.

Anyway I keep digressing.  So yes the backwater blog & isolation has very many merit in terms of writing and getting on with it, though likewise you can run into those lacking of inspiration type days and moments and indeed the why bother with regard to photo’s and video’s and so on, yes if you earn money and your blog is your product then you have incentive, though journaling is a little different.

Likewise in utilising Twitter I found myself with constant bombardment of possible inspirations, points of interest, and more incentivised possibly through having to communicate in short messages and testing my poetry and even found myself more drawn to using pictures, though reality for myself is that I can convince and pretend to myself that I am buddies or friends with celebrity and so on, though I do see again & again aspects o personality & behaviours that I reject for myself as a choice being used by others.

Why, having fot example decided to not use bad language and abuse celebrities, do I see such individuals sometimes having there cake and eating it, in terms of displaying the very behaviours they whinge & whine about when it is from others.

Likewise have large bank accounts & staff perhaps shields them from very many  day to day realities that those of us lower down the societal spectrum have to face as our realities.

A major point is perhaps to simply pick and choose interactions and of course continue to witness respond according to what you think you see or otherwise.

We of course can and do have to accept that whether we are aware of our own BIAS & AGENDA at any given moment, each and every other person, also has a bias and agenda whether through conscious awareness or simply studied and nurtured auto-pilot.

Many long-term auto-pilot behaviours are what case most folks the most issues, the typical applying of a wrong strategy to the wrong aspect of life and so on.

We any of us can only control our own thoughts feelings and behaviours, I recently attended a course where much was given to the idea of staff engagement, all very well and good, though typically a dozen years of watching factions squabble and fight over job territory and so on does not bode well.

Too many will attend courses and nod in positive agreement at staff engagement ideas, only to go back to departments and have such ideas squashed by tinpot dictator like senior managers.

Anyone who has been in any given role for a while can of course see behaviour patterns & cycles being repeated over and again by differing communities of staff and folks thinking they are reinventing the wheel, though likewise such individuals may themselves have blind spots as to there own auto-pilot behaviour even though the CAUSE side of extremist action may no longer apply etc.

So I have enjoyed Twitter and the immediacy it offers, though do think something better can be accomplished by those prepared to get into the habit of journaling, and of course perhaps being aware enough to maintain focus & attention on positive thoughts and feelings etc, rather than get dragged into debates over other peoples dislikes attitudes & hates etc, far t easy to pay attention to negatively messaged externals when the only TRUE POWER anyone has is within themselves and indeed over themselves.

We can of course abide by various rules and regulations and societal behaviours and best working practice though compliance with someone elses MODEL of practice always comes with potential pitfalls.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

@TheAngelAtHeist (Twitter)

So I purchased New Paraliminals

So I purchased some new paraliminals from Learnings Strategies and they came with what were enticingly titled COLORLIMINALS and a few days ago I published the 1st four that I had coloured in with little problem.

Since then however a further 4 colouring templates have been printed out and I again decided to publish on twitter, where I have now perhaps been hanging out regularly for a month or two, still seeking and decided who best to interact with versus otherwise, though clearly it is a big wide World and we can all pick and choose where our attention or otherwise goes.

Likewise of course having had a more than a lifetimes worth of nonsense related to some subjects & topics, I have zero interest (personally) into returning to topics & subjects of debate that do not serve myself or more often get misrepresented & misquoted or skewered and so on. I can see many celebrities of all stripes promoting various rights for various communities though strangly some of the biggest demographics are actually absent, not because they are undeserving of rights, so much as quite simply many automatically assume particular mantles and then spectacularly fail to question themselves deeper on particular subjects and topics.

So anything anyone presumes themselves to be at any level of being and awareness is worthwhile shining the light of enquiry upon, whether regarded as positive or indeed negative.

Far better to look for fun things and activities to focus upon and so on.

On another note, I have in recent days found myself thinking heavily upon alphabets & numbers, they of course when you think upon them are drawn, much like any other representative sign & symbol.

we of course learn them at young ages and encouraged to practice and so on, though such practice & thinking can do us more harm than good (I think) in many ways.

What if we always regard alphabets and numbers as just symbols or patterns of squiggly lines and so on, yes I said deep, though what I am getting at is quite simply this idea of the famed Sherlock Holmes like investigative quotes of remove all possibilities until what you are left with however outlandish or seemingly impossible must be the answer or truth.

Yes a little confused in my delivery though it can be looked up.

Yes so here are the most recent images that I coloured in, some templates created by Learning Strategies and coloured using my own set of colours and I will no doubt (I think) buy some more colours and print em and colour them again, though I still have another 4 in the collection I have yet to print & colour.