So I purchased New Paraliminals

So I purchased some new paraliminals from Learnings Strategies and they came with what were enticingly titled COLORLIMINALS and a few days ago I published the 1st four that I had coloured in with little problem.

Since then however a further 4 colouring templates have been printed out and I again decided to publish on twitter, where I have now perhaps been hanging out regularly for a month or two, still seeking and decided who best to interact with versus otherwise, though clearly it is a big wide World and we can all pick and choose where our attention or otherwise goes.

Likewise of course having had a more than a lifetimes worth of nonsense related to some subjects & topics, I have zero interest (personally) into returning to topics & subjects of debate that do not serve myself or more often get misrepresented & misquoted or skewered and so on. I can see many celebrities of all stripes promoting various rights for various communities though strangly some of the biggest demographics are actually absent, not because they are undeserving of rights, so much as quite simply many automatically assume particular mantles and then spectacularly fail to question themselves deeper on particular subjects and topics.

So anything anyone presumes themselves to be at any level of being and awareness is worthwhile shining the light of enquiry upon, whether regarded as positive or indeed negative.

Far better to look for fun things and activities to focus upon and so on.

On another note, I have in recent days found myself thinking heavily upon alphabets & numbers, they of course when you think upon them are drawn, much like any other representative sign & symbol.

we of course learn them at young ages and encouraged to practice and so on, though such practice & thinking can do us more harm than good (I think) in many ways.

What if we always regard alphabets and numbers as just symbols or patterns of squiggly lines and so on, yes I said deep, though what I am getting at is quite simply this idea of the famed Sherlock Holmes like investigative quotes of remove all possibilities until what you are left with however outlandish or seemingly impossible must be the answer or truth.

Yes a little confused in my delivery though it can be looked up.

Yes so here are the most recent images that I coloured in, some templates created by Learning Strategies and coloured using my own set of colours and I will no doubt (I think) buy some more colours and print em and colour them again, though I still have another 4 in the collection I have yet to print & colour.


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