So Continuing In Similar Vain

So continuing onward in similar vain I yesterday found myself noting that it has been almost a year since I began refamiliarising myself with modern social media.

I having previously suffered large dollops of bullying, stalking and abusive behaviours from very many quarters generally chose to shut up shop apart from this somewhat backwater blog.

Interestingly keeping a daily journal for yourself is also regarded as bad form in some arena’s, though as stated above, it does ecome somewhat ludicrous & ridiculous when Corporations tell Management staff to (uninvited) stalk staff & monitor social media activities.

It is clearly a matter of not only permissions, though also one of dignity & respect, whereby, for example, some nosey parker stalker, comments on issues or subject & topic only mentioned within this diary , blog or journal.

Yes some degree’s of separation wisdom & discernment is required prior to rushing accusingly at all & sundry , though likewise a choice exists for all individual’s to not abuse alleged positions of power and influence, or indeed believe themselves to have some all empowering access all areas authority.

Clearly something is very wrong in some management training programmes when after a dozen years within a work environment, I can still witness spectacular over-bloated head enlargements occurring in multiple sectors.

It does in fact sometimes require highlighting when a genuinely rare reversal is seen on such subject matter & topic.

Whereby someone has worked an environment knows the job and steps up for further duties and simply “get’s on with it”, no fanfare that they are this particular role, no misplaced or misguided ego driven me-me-me wanting to control all aspect’s of other peoples working life’s & duties.

Yes a strange thing to say, though I have actually had someone make such a claim along the lines that they are the leader and I am the docile sheep who asks permissions left right & centre. WRONG, what said individual has done (and they’re not the only one) has created a straw man like argument of demanding they are asked permission for  everything from tying your shoelaces & having toilet trips upwards. When said ego massaging occurs & is carried out as requested (by staff) they then mistake the staff following such orders as CONFIRMATION BIAS of there self (often immature ego driven) importance.

So returning to the matter of Twitter, well quite simply it is perhaps less personal than Facebook, although provides similar features, so who you follow and have as any given community is Choice, interestingly (for example) when I was on Facebook (years ago) I would often get Tag in photo, and added to group messages, and such things were somewhat disconcerting.

You know you go out for a drink (for example) with a friend or colleague and there friends or mates whom you have zero idea or knowledge about, & someone takes a picture of you with group and tags you on social media, and you are later told that this one in the photo is a mad axe wielding murderer and so on.

Yes such issues are of course said to be common place among celebrity elites in larger cities, hence we seeing daily complaints from celebrities as to slander and or indeed denying having been friends with others in particular media circles who are simply on similar glad-handing promotion circuits and so on.

Such issues can become somewhat magnified and-or blown out of all proportion of course when you go to smaller cities and towns and villages, whereby the FOR LOCAL PEOPLE, or my gang, work community often strangely comes to the fore.

Anyway meditation & raising threshold can most definitely reduce ideas as to STIGMA by association and so on, and likewise gives something of a greater mental protection to “catching a bad dose” whether from colleagues or idiots or whomsoever.

I generally maintain the idea that I go to work to earn a living, do a respectable job and have a wage when that wage is due.  All other related work issues & parameters as to gangs & relationships and race colour creed sexuality, seniority and so on are weigh down the list of importances, though typically I see and do not have enough fingers to count witnessing the amount of peoples who act in a Biased fashion, the judgement then (if any) of course as to the reasoning that has occurred consciously or otherwise that created cause / effect issues that are very often nonsenses. I even with raised Threshold do find myself in bemused incredulousness  at how people reinforce BELIEFS & bias & ALIGNMENTS and so on.  Far better to ignore particular types of alleged banter & behaviours at all levels, or indeed remind yourself that outside Government Agencies whether business related or indeed customer whistleblower hotlines or simply the Police can easily be called upon, as can LAWYERS with regard to undesirable STALKING and so on, hence it being reiterated here on multiple occasions, that I generally write for myself and indeed do not generally mind other users of the Technologies I promote.

Unfortunately however, you do see over & again that even other users  of such Technologies can be given to abusing them in one or other fashion. So all I would suggest is that if you have a particular level of awareness & enlightenment it comes with little guarantee of honesty & truthful behaviours or integrity & so on, many actually rush to super-self serving immature ego based thought feelings and actions, that often blow up in there faces at some later point, that is why I generally isolated myself and continued to isolate myself as I went through multiple levels, because typically at the lower levels

 the inside outside criteria lessons and learnings & degree’s of separation, often mean that some of the worst aspects that many want to escape within there lives, are somewhat deeply entrenched within the human psyche.

The statement “the car has already driven off the cliff” also comes to bare in some ways and fashion, as with awareness you can often come to see that what is occurring now whether judged good/bad was the result of some long ago action within you life.

Anyway I keep digressing.  So yes the backwater blog & isolation has very many merit in terms of writing and getting on with it, though likewise you can run into those lacking of inspiration type days and moments and indeed the why bother with regard to photo’s and video’s and so on, yes if you earn money and your blog is your product then you have incentive, though journaling is a little different.

Likewise in utilising Twitter I found myself with constant bombardment of possible inspirations, points of interest, and more incentivised possibly through having to communicate in short messages and testing my poetry and even found myself more drawn to using pictures, though reality for myself is that I can convince and pretend to myself that I am buddies or friends with celebrity and so on, though I do see again & again aspects o personality & behaviours that I reject for myself as a choice being used by others.

Why, having fot example decided to not use bad language and abuse celebrities, do I see such individuals sometimes having there cake and eating it, in terms of displaying the very behaviours they whinge & whine about when it is from others.

Likewise have large bank accounts & staff perhaps shields them from very many  day to day realities that those of us lower down the societal spectrum have to face as our realities.

A major point is perhaps to simply pick and choose interactions and of course continue to witness respond according to what you think you see or otherwise.

We of course can and do have to accept that whether we are aware of our own BIAS & AGENDA at any given moment, each and every other person, also has a bias and agenda whether through conscious awareness or simply studied and nurtured auto-pilot.

Many long-term auto-pilot behaviours are what case most folks the most issues, the typical applying of a wrong strategy to the wrong aspect of life and so on.

We any of us can only control our own thoughts feelings and behaviours, I recently attended a course where much was given to the idea of staff engagement, all very well and good, though typically a dozen years of watching factions squabble and fight over job territory and so on does not bode well.

Too many will attend courses and nod in positive agreement at staff engagement ideas, only to go back to departments and have such ideas squashed by tinpot dictator like senior managers.

Anyone who has been in any given role for a while can of course see behaviour patterns & cycles being repeated over and again by differing communities of staff and folks thinking they are reinventing the wheel, though likewise such individuals may themselves have blind spots as to there own auto-pilot behaviour even though the CAUSE side of extremist action may no longer apply etc.

So I have enjoyed Twitter and the immediacy it offers, though do think something better can be accomplished by those prepared to get into the habit of journaling, and of course perhaps being aware enough to maintain focus & attention on positive thoughts and feelings etc, rather than get dragged into debates over other peoples dislikes attitudes & hates etc, far t easy to pay attention to negatively messaged externals when the only TRUE POWER anyone has is within themselves and indeed over themselves.

We can of course abide by various rules and regulations and societal behaviours and best working practice though compliance with someone elses MODEL of practice always comes with potential pitfalls.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

@TheAngelAtHeist (Twitter)

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