So I Arrive Home &

So I arrive home from the night shift and have one or 2 topics spinning through one’s mind related of course to ideas as to what you see is what you get and indeed attention & focus and IDEAS as to so-called BIAS.

Focus & Concentration an interesting topic as for example I recently took a relatively short rail trip compared to many I have taken over the years and I decided as I had a gadget with myself and it was quiet I would take a few snaps.

So anyway I posted on Twitter a couple of piccies of Railway related pictures and then presto A big story related to a rail crash in Italy, that kind of fits into so-called realms of synchronicity.

The truth of course is that without much threshold and attention and direction, such events & incidents would typically be lost in the greater scheme of the World and News media and so on at large.

Though having raised Threshold and gone through various Purification type levels as well as various La-Di-Da styled courses, you come to realise that you really do have a greater capacity to not only direct your own attention though recognise synchronicity and cause effect and so on to the point or degree, that very many previously potentially scary events and so on may kind of fall away.

I can also of course state that further progress, can typically in exploration of so-called getting your artistic capabilities going return to recognising alphabets and numbers as simply represented drawings of so-called sounds, and sounds can of course be said fast & slow and with regional accents and effectively in a million & one permutations that are not genuinely necessarily represented by a particular configuration of letters.

Likewise many a course suggests action verbs as the place to be in terms of description and getting the blood pumping and so on.

In fact a scan or straight forward study of very many realms literature and formatting and so on again and again demonstrates PREFERENCE GUIDELINES rather than absolutes.

You can follow very many Journalists for example on Twitter and they typically write in a style and fashion preferred by the present publisher, though repetition of some kinds of generic articles is also becoming more and more common place.

That is interesting because some Papers will give a few free views per week whilst other demand immediate subscription and so on.  I often finding that an unreadable you have to subscribe article often originated elsewhere where it can be seen for free, so signing up to very many media outlets and indeed learning a little about the so-called owners of differing groups can pay dividends, the SMALL WORLD syndrome typically seen for example in the way that Multi-National Groups such-as NewsCorp swap and interchange US and UK and indeed European articles, Stories often appearing in multiple publications in a regional fashion, so FOX US and Sky UK have broadcast links and newspapers and so on also operate in similar fashion.

Now I also had recently buzzing in my head thoughts as to Princess Royal and a little research came back with Princess Anne, although it is a title that typically is expected to be transferred to Kate Middleton at some point probably in the distant or longer term future of the Royal Family.

Anne of course took over various Royal Duties from Her Grandmother and indeed her mother at various points and has quite an active calendar as well as quite a large number of Commonwealth Military Connections and indeed Sporting and Olympic Connections.

So reports in the UK are at present saying red and fair haired genes are strongly linked with skin cancer, and I of course along with the Princess Anne linkages went into Degree’s of Separation as to our Aussie and New Zealand cousins and so on.  Anyone who grew up with Aussie Sitcom’s can probably relate to ideas that whilst Celtic/Gaelic like connections are quite strong amongst particular UK populations, they are also quite strongly linked and exist in multiple former colonial countries, such-as Australia and indeed I think the US can boast a fair amount, I think Donald Trump probably can demonstrate such ancestry.

Anyway all that kind of material of course got myself thinking on so-called ROTATIONS and GEOSTATIONARY ORBIT and all that kind of stuff and of course the pattern & cycles matching idea as to reflective Worlds and so on.  Many Navigational Systems exist throughout the World as to measure and scales of locations, though of course you also have those IDEAS as to Babies in the Womb and how they grow in one particular direction and prior to birth do a kind of spin within the Womb and so on.

All these things I think are kind of represented in very many mapping systems though obviously knowing what is genuinely best and good information and what is completely unnecessary to know is again a topic of interest.

Knowledge whilst typically shared and handed down via book and film and Libraries and so on rarely means the same to two people who have differing ways and means of judging or defining meanings.  We all kind fo live in versions of subjective World Bubbles, often spending inordinate amounts of time claiming to be something invented called OBJECTIVE, though again such a term is FAKE or FRAUDULENT or perhaps best regarded as a kind of POINTER REFERENCE Concept, taking a differing angle or viewpoint rather than .pretending that it actually exists.

Anyway what else well cars appear again and again and differing people regard information in differing ways so one person might see a blue car with a C4 badge and Think ahh FRANCE, whilst another might make a link to a type of explosive’s given label or name, and myself, I have to admit to thinking SUBMARINEs and DEPTH CHARGES.

Yes whilst I live in Hereford, home of SAS, they do of course also have kindred Naval Forces SBS down south and literature.books demonstrate very many shared learnings and teachings and operational capability.

Yes in fact my mind went to Submarines and then Uncle Albert type stories and then trying to remember from childhood early impressions.  I think I recall watching some classic War time type Naval Movies, as well as Jules Vern type materials, I think captain Nemo type movies saw depth charges etc.

So again we all have so very many pointers and references and it is easy to see how the World at large that we may have sponged up as youngsters can lead to confusion and so on upon leaving school, all to often schooling and schoolyard politics as well as teacher politics, gives greater emphasis to particular types of characters and personalities than others.

Raising Threshold and indeed not getting involved in topics & subjects that are nonsense extremisms can be the best option as well of course practicing how you interpret sensory realm impressions and data, broadening your internal reporting capabilities.

Interestingly I quite enjoyed the Terry Pratchett Disk World novels years ago and they included highly comical impressions of peoples behaviours that often poked fun at characters seen within TV Film and society at large.  I mention that because one famed Establishment within disk world was UNSEEN UNIVERSITY of The Wizards and as well as enjoying colouring in The #Colorliminals in recent weeks I have on multiple occasion tried the new Paraliminals mentioned in a previous article including Seeing The Unseen.

Paul Scheele often within presentation (seen in online recordings by myself) in several courses speaks on the idea of Wizard Hat’s etc.

So yes we are all clearly far more capable creatures than we necessarily realise, though attaining consistency and a quality habit of translation and indeed identifying your own personal best means of such capacities and capabilities and so on does take a little work, intuition eye openers can come as quite a shock, as , can being overwhelmed as to how best to utilise any given or witnessed feedback return system.

Not sure at present if I will get back into daily blogging or otherwise though understanding how differing sequences and datasets can be best used in life is itself an interesting debate to have.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

@TheAngelAtHeist (Twitter)

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