The Great Mobile Phone Con

So I am getting on in years and have been around the block in terms of knowing my stuff when it comes to many a technology and indeed knowing what I do and do not want.

I recently once again found myself purchasing a brand spanking new mobile phone for my daughter and it was a brand I had never heard of-such are the wonders of Amazon Shopping.

Indeed the early years of the mobile phone industry whether regarded as well regulated or otherwise, saw particular Big Brand Names come to the fore and indeed particular so-called SERVICE PROVIDERS come to the fore.

Typically they would advertise the High Points of Given Brands and why they were the top of the range or mid range or bargain basement.

People gradually more and more became fed-up of being locked into 2, 3 and 4 year contracts as they typically began to see through the various pricing models on offer.

New super duper phone retail cost £1000 yours for a mere £40 per month for 36 months in a locked in contract.

Sounds great they provide you with a phone and you get to have a must have object of desire now rather than when you can actually afford such things through saving up.  That example, if you do the necessary calculations also gives them a handsome profit of some £440 or just below half the full cost of the phone. Quite a large profit in fact, though they are taking a risk much like banks claim to take risks in handing out loans.

In fact the banking and loaning model and indeed most catalogue type systems can be seen to operate in similar fashion.

Anyway the seeming flaw in the model is quickly exposed when you find that everything is geared toward SHINY THING that everyone else has got, and basic usage requirements that come in as listed EXTRA COSTS usually shown in the small print.

Insurance Scams aplenty and many disappointed with the quickly ballooning costs, though typically everyone else is putting up with it so it must be the only option and model available etc.

Many competitors entered the FIELD though as did Citizen Complaints groups and so on, all with various VESTED INTERESTS.

Interestingly now quite a few years down the line, I am still unable to get a Buying and purchasing model that I personally think best for such things.

The problem of course that the Business Models quickly became seen as one for a fast route to riches and wealth and so on.(at least for those on the provider side of the model’s).

So super duper phones are now much like the 80’s Computer Boom often completely obsolete in Technological Terms before they are even released, and the huge swathes of World Wide buyers ensures that the various SCALES OF PRODUCTION enables more competitive pricing.

The downside that SHINY THING model’s of existence & TREND still dominates the industry.

What exactly is my complaint?

Well for myself with a background in Technology etc, I want a model that is geared toward actual USAGE up front and when I say usage for myself expecially DATA usage.

This idea of always online and so on is hampered because no model’s are created and crafted in that fashion.

I am more interested in purchasing DATA USAGE or NETWORK ACCESS than I am in calls & text messages (many now offer those free in bundles, for super phones, though the DATA GB charges are ridiculous.

Yes I bought the daughter a nice new phone at an affordable price, and she despite being a teen has perhaps had 3 or 4 phones in the same time period I have had 1 phone, although all hers have been PAY-AS-YOU-GO usage models. Likewise for years I was on pay as you go and treated myself to a contract at some point, because everyone else seems to be on contract, the contract ran out and the phone is rarely used though I still pay the monthly fee, so thought TIME FOR AN UPGRADE.

On looking at the Bundles on offer, they will typically (if I purchase one) lock myself into some long distance contract that I do not GENUINELY want.  Likewise all the UPGRADES are based around the SHINY THING Model.

I want a contract based around DATA & ACCESS & USAGE.


Well you think yes that’s the latest super duper phone starting at seemingly reasonable £20 per month.

You then go next screen where CALLS & TEXTS & DATA packages are additional costs, you then go to next page where Accessories are available (& oh deary me, all the cheapest accessories have out-of-stock markers next to them).  You then may decide upon wanting insurance for your complete collection of expenditure.

Yes by the time bundle costs are calculated you can be looking at ridiculous figures upwards of £40+ just for some minimum functionality.

Anyone who investigates a little will find that the bottom end packages are pretty worthless, because the INDUSTRY FIGURES & statistics show that most folks on average require 2-4 GB monthly like data quantities, (I am personally not sure how they manage to keep it down that low given many a home now having 50 GB month contracts and so on, especially when a regular HD MOVIE can be 1GB+ on its own).

Yes so what I really want is a data call cost and access costs up front package, and the shiny things importance reduced to some “IT IS A TOOL” ideology.

Yes many bells & whistles come as standard as do claims to PROGRESS, though if everyone stopped getting sucked into these ridiculous FALSE ECONOMICS of SHINY THING FIRST, someone somewhere would likely make a killing in the market place.

The typical truth of course that “EXCITING” SHINY SELLS like Hotcakes, whilst “BORING” DATA does not.

Yes reduce the importance of the PHYSICAL DEVICES and identify what it is you want and you will likely conclude it is the ABILITY to COMMUNICATE and that comes from investment in the DATA & CONTENT side of the model, that at the RETAIL SHOPPING END of these EMPIRES & INDUSTRIES is left at the backend like an


Of course if you go to the average user in the street and offered to sell them DATA & CONTENT they would likely refuse, whilst yawning at what you are on about, hence so much STUPIDITY invested in SHINY.

Yes again and again even prior to taking up meditation, the classic story of “The Emperors New Clothes” can been seen on display and indeed “The Empress’ New Clothes” also, strange though true,

The classical writing style of using MALE FORM language to represent ALL OF the human race, no longer fits with modern times, given how many female’s misuse or do not understand such concepts and use them as “get out of jail free cards”.

Such lack of understanding of said concepts can also of course be applied to very many cry wolf communities about this World also, though I actually in my studies have often concluded that many of the Original Meanings and Intentions behind these things can help anyone and everyone see the so-called wood for the tree’s.

Anyway rant over, not sure what to do now, will most likely find an inexpensive phone and cancel existing contract because they (the current provider) are getting money of myself for a predominantly unused gadget.  The lack of usage due to my paying for calls and texts etc and limited data capability.  A high data capability and low call model would also appeal given easy access to Skype and other technologies that make old-school models redundant.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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