So What Else Differing

So on Twitter with limited output parameters at any given moment, you generally find yourself having to condense information and what you are seeking to get across.

This is exceptionally useful if you simply as I have done, taken photo’s and simply repeated similar informatics as to what I have written in longer form here on this blog, although I generally do like to keep the 2 realms separate, and found an alternative blog site to broadcast to Twitter with, I deciding that this is a preferred longer term backwater like location for any output.

So here you get longer form perhaps combination words and text and photo’s to play around with, whilst on Twitter everything is summary snapshot, although seeing witness respond quantities on some Celebrity Accounts is interesting, some are regularly pleasant and fun or polite, whilst others seemingly continuously fall into the realm of irritating and abusive, why follow a celebrity if your only intent is to abuse, yes such return feedback can of course serve as data in and of itself, though I personally have little interest in that variety of information.

Swearing and extremist abuse are all tiresome lowest common denominator type outputs that any of us can experience in our home lives or working day to day lives without seeking them out in online communities, especially when you know some individuals portray themselves in exceptionally differing fashion and manner in differing life realms.

Taking up meditation and raising Threshold really can allow and enable anyone to come to a point of consistency across all areas of life, the Universe and everything, though likewise typically I can well imagine people of extremist tendencies may struggle or indeed simply adopt an attitude of taking the piss.

Anyway So LA-DI-DA intuitions of course can come in very many forms, and despite many differing people seeking to narrow down or identify best practices you find again and again that some aspects are more seemingly true than others.


So for example the above book to the Right, is entitled technical Remote Viewing and typically explains that much intuitive insight can come to peoples and persons in a somewhat FRAGMENTED fashion that gives pointers at the issue or problem in a somewhat indirect fashion.  Fragmented in ART might of course be akin to a shattered mirror rather than a whole mirror, although interestingly fractal like maths and so on these days demonstrates the Holography IDEA hat each piece contains the WHOLE.

So an artistic style such-as that of a Picasso that seems warped and weird and so on, may actually be a truthful representation of how an individual receives information, even if the seeming output from such data looks outwardly to be nonsense et al.

A recent Terrorist Attack in Nice, France kind of examples the problem in that so many witness’s can give accounts that they will likely not see the wood for the tree’s unless those investigating can change the way they look at witness INFORMATION.

And that is where book like editing and cross referencing can come to the fore.


The above books do it like this as shown in these pictures whereby information within a given output is linked in somewhat non-linear fashion to other snippets of information elsewhere in the text much like a possible Lawyer style cross examination that you do upon yourself.

Interestingly  many computer filing system’s work in this fashion and manner, replicating the manner of the brain perhaps, though most users in day to day like are unaware of the differing operating systems running in the background, such-as UNIX and DOS and more recent Apple and Window’s OS’.

So I kind of repeat this detail in day to day shortform snippets that I can bring together in larger articles here.

Likewise peoples who already have good intuitive skill and so on do this perhaps on auto-pilot where those of us with lesser quality skills have to keep on working t it until our old habit has been replaced with something a little more useful and useable.

Likewise when you know what the issues and problems are you can potentially take yourself out of the fast buck market place, (even though I still think all decision and choice making are gambling)., by writing and explaining the very many dynamics to others.

Got to go early work, so without further ado

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

@TheAngelAtHeist (Twitter)

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