The Debatable Schedule

So I have persevered a little with Twitter I think mainly to prove & demonstrate to myself that you can have a positive, rewarding & uplifting social media experience.

These things are perhaps down to what we ourselves have in the way of personal experience of such realms, and of course access or otherwise of peoples & persons who may or may not share our Worldviews & opinions & attitudes, motives & incentives.

I typically have found myself commenting on some celebrity feeds more than others, though typically we always have choice in terms of politeness, agreement or otherwise as to subject matter.

Yes I could go rampaging adding a million & 1 peoples though generally have kept a relatively small number of follows, I can of course be more discerning and indeed given experience simply un follow feed hogs & tiresome humourists, you can sometimes feel when looking at other comments on particular celebrity feeds, that you are being categorised or placed in list groups that you may not option as your own choice.

Yes so-called trolls can come in all shapes & sizes and on all subject matter, though having maintained a general air of decorum etc. It can be tiresome being subjected to some retweets.  The problem of course that all communication potentially contains money often  depending typically in how well clued up on a given celebrity and favoured gambling realms and so on they may be secretly nurturing and pointing followers towards.

You also then of course, also get into debates as to who is the so-called Guardian of the Guardian’s, I think the larger groups can get into position of too much power & influence, though likewise individuals can often demonstrate an ignorance of someone else’s rules & regulations of permissible conduct.

The US presidential campaign’s seemingly highlighting this matter in the sense of “Who would of thought you could have a woman as the next President of the United States of America”.


“Who would have thought you could have such a tasteless character as the next President of the United States Of America”.

The latter phrase perhaps more AMBIGUOUS because Taste like many choices and options is personal, though Donald Trump does generally seem to deliberately navigate toward what many an individual might regard as somewhat VEGAS GAUDY, yes both candidates  have NEW YORK “Big City, Bright Lights” backgrounds, though where many a Nation does Gaudy for Tourism, Royalty & Ceremony, few long established Monarchy’s seemingly live in such day-to-day reality.  I think we saw this in terms of the recent Obama visit to Kensington Palace, where the rooms (in the photo’s) whilst generally smart & tidy were in no way excessive, as to our typical History/Movie projected view of gold & silver and everything encrusted with Diamonds and Jewells etc.

So if I were to win the Lottery, I may well splash out and be excessively gaudy due to the Role Model perceived through entertainment realms, as to how one is supposed to portray oneself etc, though I can also imagine I would likely soon tire of such things and either return to more modest ideas or indeed revert to some unconscious long held “norm”, this a potential (mental world) glass ceiling many folks have as to how well developed a personality character & attributes they have for themselves (internally referenced) versus the demands of the external world etc.

Anyway I  wrote schedule at the top because I found myself thinking on timetables that we grow accustomed to and so on.  The school calendar my daughter has grown up with, is fairly similar to the one I grew up with, and possibly that of my parents beforehand.

The daughter having left school over the last year or two has altered/ changed visiting schedule and likewise included trips to visit an Aunty living down London way.

I when young would often along with brother & mother head North to Crewe and visit relatives  there, also often spending a week in North Wales, Rhyl and so on.  Interestingly you do come to see how many folks live by school year patterns & cycles even without kids and timetable restrictions, interesting how British Society has sought to enforce Education Timetables in recent years, especially given how those patterns & schedules have all been given excessive associated costs.

So holiday & tourism companies are suggested to cash in on a captive audience (those who abide by Herd Rules), even though scales & measures of production (so to speak) in ECONOMICS terms, should mean that the Annual British Holiday Season is at it’s cheapest, when reality always shows it is at its most costly.

Yes they always claim that peak season subsidies less  popular times of year, though given modern Global Population Movement, I think the subsidization Model claims no longer hold water.

I also have continued with regular Meditation and indeed signed up for the odd course here & there, strangely still searching for something that works for myself in as successful a manner & fashion as others claim for themselves.

Interestingly I found myself signing up for a course with another “out there” candidate, a lady titled Echo Bodine.”Living By Intuition”.

I like the idea of being attuned and indeed improving my linear and non-linear, thoughts feelings and so on.  I used to typically always talk as to achieving balance and Neutrality in the earlier years of Holosync meditation especially, though the courses from Learning Strategies have generally guided towards questioning even that.

If you have spent a lifetime on the wrong side of the so-called success, fame & fortune coin, why not choose to always be well “in the zone” in terms of Health, Wealth, friendships & family and so on.

Clearly that potentially where editing may come to hand, as we cannot choose relatives or indeed the values interpretations motives & incentives they themselves prefer to live by, or indeed those of other people we come into contact with in daily life, clearly we may option to think of all relationships in terms of swings & roundabouts & bank accounts of goodwill or otherwise, though my own experience is that the vast majority in society even many who preach & claim otherwise are often operating on some “Selfish Gene” Richard Dawkins Model, and transitioning any individual or indeed group toward seeing greater realities can take time.

I have gradually grown to enjoy many of the LS courses, though still do not necessarily know where my best qualities and attributes lie.  For example I can say well I like this course and Tutor though would not wish to necessarily choose that Modularity as one that I would teach or have a preference for.  Likewise having a jack of all trades approach can leave you flagging somewhat when it comes to higher levels of expertise.

So why the Echo course, well I looked up her books, and she sits or fits comfortably into that Ghosts and Spirit Realm  materials & area where I think some of my biggest blocks may be, I DESPITE DOING LA-DI-DA courses and studying many Occult Modalities such-as Tarot am somewhat of a Skeptic when it comes to issues of Ghosts etc.

Yes I have always been a sucker for enjoying the Stories and Films, growing up watching many Hammer House Horror movies and indeed visiting friends whose house was built on a graveyard or indeed visiting multiple relatives houses that were old and creepy with strange or unfamiliar smells and other sensory distractions or oddities, (Triggers can be experienced throughout all known senses).

Anyway in meditating heavily and excessively and Learning & familiarising myself with ideas as to Waves & Frequencies and the idea that in both Science and Spiritual or La-Di-Da realms our Physical Solidity IS ILLUSION,  as is the World within and without us, such IDEAS can of course be RE-EVALUATED from a higher awareness & place on the hill.

Anyway I do still think that room exists for new ideas and modalities etc. to be conceived designed and created or crafted though typically we all perhaps owe it to ourselves to evaluate what the ROI (Return On Investment) will be when deciding whether to go with a course or not.

Echo in the introductory interview with Pete did speak as to what might be regarded as intuition versus psychic ability and of course listening to you body or own small quiet voice etc.

I think it interesting because after my early Hypnosis trials, I did rush to those kinds of Classical Occultist Modalities prior to later abandoning such things in favour of straight forward Meditation.

I am generally these day pre-disposed to regarding many things such-as cards and dowsing tools and so on as props and tools and indeed LANGUAGE and the ability of our senses also perhaps fits in with such IDEAS, though we can of course be positive/negative in beliefs as to benefits from any area we give focus and attention.

Yes we have spent years developing alleged 5 senses with a 6th Global sense, though I have concluded that even those numbers are misleading and-or 2 simplistic.

Who possibly can recall primary education and being introduced to the idea of primary and secondary and so on colours, those that occur naturally, those that are created by the combining of two or more, similar studies occurred for TV sets, where instead of ART’S yellow, red and blue, we were given green as a base colour.

So just as Ideas of multiple intelligences & dimensions has grown and differing aspects angles and perspectives provided, I genuinely think as yet unidentified sensory capacity and capability exist, we all know of course about the modelling of The World about us, animal senses and behaviours though like the deepest waters of the Earth’s Ocean’s & Sea’s, I think that the human brain & body has yet to have been fully researched, I know brain and medical sciences claim that much remains unknown, though likewise such groups are distracted by USAGE issues, everything expected to have an ROI of some description, cross pollination of subjects often works because an individual can be so strongly affiliated with one realm and respective mental pathways and so on, that they fail to see what they have in terms of what someone else from another realm can see.

enough ting on with, I have also coloured in more #colorliminals though may have to order more colours, my original colour set was missing particular colours, though the ones I ordered seemed to be of a lesser quality, although the templates themselves seemingly manage to make anyone a good colourist or paint by numbers officonado.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

@TheAngelAtHeist  (Twitter)

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