So Whether Any Of Us Like It Or Otherwise

So whether any of us like it or otherwise, you do come to see that many intuitions that we may or may not have had during our younger formative years may have been correct all along.

I say this as someone who generally nurtured an independent streak from a relatively young age, my brother and I both falling into so-called latch key kid type categorisations, in terms of a working mother and a father off doing whatever it was that he was doing.

Anyway my daughter has gone to see her Aunty (Down London Way) so I thought I would take the opportunity to play catch up with some interesting emails and indeed various reading and drawing activities.

Yes my larger colouring set that I ordered arrived and I have spent some time colouring the free #colorliminals that came as part of the most recent Paraliminal releases.

Yes they may appear the same as previously published, though I did in fact print out the Templates and start over with a larger selection of colours and so on and it does actually take some time with a larger colour selection and so on to seemingly want to use the greater colour spectrum and so on, what I have noted with both colouring sets is an absence of particular colours.  Not something I noted when younger, and it perhaps a modern selling strategy by the manufacturers to exclude particular colours from particular ink or gel sets and so on, not a problem with regular felt tips, though I have changed opinion on the newer colouring set after seeing hoe the pictures appear at differing sizes and so on.

Yes the templates can of course give the impression that anyone can paint by numbers, though I did find myself considering what colours to use and where, simple things like colours of the rainbow and associated Chakra colours and locations and so on.

The positive is of course that the further you learn of various dynamics and those framework like differences between modalities you tend to notice more of where you may of being getting things correct previously or indeed changed the reasoning behind strategies and so on.  I think that is an interesting point of potential DILEMMA, where you can go through phases of seemingly being “In The Zone” without trying or necessarily thinking about what you are doing, auto-pilot fashion, and then on other occasions where you even try to think on things whether linear or non-linear and it goes awry.

Anyway since signing up to the Echo Bodine living by intuition modality I received email from Learning Strategies with this month’s Photoreading Book and it is of course one of Echo Bodine’s, she has written a number of books and I had actually considered emailing Learning Strategies for recommendations, though they have already considered the most appropriate of her works for recommendation.

I can also say that my reading of the book was interesting as it was very straight forward and easy to understand, despite her website and categorisation (for lack of better explanation) falling into those categorisations where you really can become confused and heavily conflicted as to differing EXPERTS etc.

So that particular book was quite easy and explanatory as to how she goes about things. I was also surprised at how much was quoted from the Bible as that is an area, much like Occultist LA-DI-DA materials I have generally steered away from, I of course spent several years in church as a youngster, and spoke previously as to early experimentation with EXPERT Hypnosis Modalities leading myself into exploration’s of more occultist like realms. That I then rushed to move away from.

This idea that everyone creates the World or Universe in there own image is great if You are already in a so-called good place, though not so great if all directions seemingly steer yourself toward what you consider (for whatever reason) to be falsehoods and-or  unexamined alignments and indeed arguments.  Yes many a person breaks or cracks or aligns themselves with IDEAS that cause them pain etc. rather than necessarily following a line of argument to some kind of genuine WITNESSED or OBSERVED COMPLETION.

Much like that classic film WAR GAMES where the computer was set to learn TIC-TAC-TOE prior to moving on to Global Thermo Nuclear War.  Interestingly most computer AI systems have now demonstrated levels of competence at many games previously thought unplayable by computers, whether through faster processors and greater storage facilities for database information retrieval and so on.

So very often you find that you are simply confirming calculations and deductions that you may have made consciously or non-consciously at a younger age, hence many proclaiming that knowing can be the so-called booby prize in the sense that we can spend much time studying though will we actually change opinion or point of view and perspective when something new genuinely offered.

I for example feel that having my name as seen above this blog may have contributed to various negative cause-effect events within my life, likewise what I like about Learning Strategies experts that we do not necessarily hear from particular Scientific or indeed La-Di-Da Quarters is that no matter what the modality or expertise, you can achieve a level of integration and indeed, begin to refine and edit how you personally think and feel and act in the world and so on.

The more you experience possible blocks and so on you encounter the more opportunity you perhaps have to try an alternative strategy or indeed change modality or options.

Those published pictures above are perhaps my favourites from among the larger #colorliminal collection, though interestingly you do see that particular pictures were kind of Trigger accompaniments to particular Paraliminals, I have actually coloured in the entire collection I have though interestingly did not rush to some OBVIOUS things that I could have done, for EXAMPLE there are a couple that kind of look like they contain many COINS, although I thought when looking and colouring them in many colours, well yes, they do look like coins, though they also look like flying saucers, bottle caps, movie theatre film canisters and so on.

Likewise I did find that all the pictures can have multiple depths to them and indeed can appear very differing at differing zooms closeup and at a distance and so on.

One or two really made myself chuckle when seen at sizes I had not considered when colouring or indeed at standard A4 size.Another option that is optioned in printing them out is that you can typically rotate and look at them from differing angles whilst colouring, something you cannot necessarily do onscreen.

So colouring was enjoyable, and indeed reading the Echo Bodine book was enjoyable.  I also found myself this morning, seeing that J.K. Rowling’s new Harry Potter Stage Play Script was available so also treated myself to that.

Yes I have enjoyed those Stories and from my point of view this particular story does conjure up some of those so-called fears and so on that we can typically have, much as with some of the Hypnosis Materials, prior to my finding Meditation and so on.

No I do not really want to give spoilers, as the story is highly entertaining in its own right, though much like many film theatre and ongoing life realms, I do seemingly find my own life to be running somewhat synchronously with ever more realms that I investigate as I continue with my Meditation, and you do find more and more that previously unseen or ah-ha’s that had not previously occurred kind of occur now.

It is strange that of course that whilst my life had taken a turn for the worse years earlier further peaks and troughs and so on in my life can seemingly also be linked to so called other peoples lives and World Events, we all seemingly looked to CELEBRITY & STARS and Movie and Theatre and FAMED or indeed INFAMOUS CREATIVE REALMS & Individuals, J.K.Rowling has her birthday today and all information seemingly points to her magical appearance in the year 1997 as the Author of the then unknown Harry Potter Books, likewise it can of course be suggested that none of us exist to other peoples and persons until FAME or some kind of HERD like ZONING occurs whether through popularity of something created or however propels individuals above the so-called CROWD into a higher level of societal awareness.

You do of course also get people with shared names and birthdays and it is interesting for example that I found myself on Twitter actively looking for comparable name buddies or birthday shares and all these kinds of things can be suggested to have occurred to all generations at all levels of societies.

So yes the  pull to compare and do comparison is somewhat strange, though we all often said to get suckered into these things however much we seek to turn off and tune out and so on.

Many experts claim ISOLATION to be the bad option, though I find again and again, that what is often meant is that they cannot sell to myself. Likewise you often find the good for the goose, good for the gander attitudes and so on come into play, not just between sex’s, though also among any group of competing individuals, all well and good if the topic and subject or life ream is something you are expert in, though you will find again and again that many rush to so-called lowest common denominator topics and subjects as so-called equalizers, when in fact that are anything but.  They simply serve to remind myself of why solitude can actually be life’s calling for some of us, who perhaps through parental naming or societal blasphemy behaviours or however, can only ever get the short straw, when it comes to particularly FAVOURED herd like behaviours etc.

I would rather genuinely sit and meditate for a few years clearing out the mental junk and garbage and indeed try out some positive and uplifting courses, than continue in realms where dignity and respect are ignored or unexplored generalisations are constantly reinforced that upon research & study are completely absurd.

Whilst I recommend the various technologies such things do come down to personal choice and options as to usage, and indeed all experience is a personal one, so as much as I like very many modalities and the ah-ha’s and integration, the truth as to the so-called top of the mountain is an interesting one, multiple modalities and teachers say you reach particular plateaus and indeed upon reaching the top of the mountain have to then return to the bottom of the mountain (so to speak).

My experience is that during the so-called lower meditation levels, such thinking was correct and kind of obvious though I had not really considered the power of the waves and frequencies or indeed some of my OWN statements as to truth and fact.

Even though I am somewhat naïve to The Markets, I have studied them when younger due to business like courses and indeed more recently and the OBVIOUS is this one of the Markets (predominantly as a collective average) always rising over the longer time period, irrespective of short term cycles and patterns and so on.

Why is the long term plan so troubling, well many of us are caught in that so-called GAP whereby a successful short term remedy is required in order for us to be in a position to have long term options, at least in classical scales and measures of time.  Likewise multiple modalities seek to do away with those concepts of howe we see time, though those of us who have lived for many years with trauma or pain or illness, perhaps struggle when the BARRIERS and BLINDFOLDS etc. are removed or our Heart Body Spirit are seemingly re-engineered.

Anyway returning to the Mountain thing, I have concluded that you may never actually reach the summit of a given mountain because the more perceived barriers and  blinds are removed the Summit becomes almost HORIZON like in terms of all the potentially new or old (revisited) options and choices and ah-ha’s that can occur.

Yes that limited conscious awareness things means quality Super Powers  Super You auto-piloting is perhaps wanted desired and needed and indeed asking or bringing front and centre to awareness the most optimum knowledge of any given day or moment and so on.

I am clearly wittering, though  yes, frameworks and scaffolding and self-referencing and awareness are perhaps where any of us have knowledge that only we can know, beyond of course learning from examples from others.

memo to self-what is with all the sudden blah-blah

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

@TheAngelAtHeist (Twitter)

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