So like most or many a person of my generation, I typically as well as getting ideas and inspiration from school peers and social peers and societal elders whether regarded as family or friend or customer gained ideas from the then available media outlets.

Many perhaps do not regard books as a media outlet when compared to fast moving pictures seen within TV & Film though anyone who has perhaps done a more advanced research styled modularity such as PhotoReading

Can often relate to the IDEA that much of what you are studying and harnessing is already within you to a certain extent and you as an individual want to perhaps seek to find what may or may not been the most appropriate CONFIGURATION for any given realm or sphere of life and existence and so on.

I historically of course spoke a certain extent on the IDEA of how from a young age we typically learn to compartmentalise differing areas of life the universe and everything.

We perhaps went to school and did a Subject Label Called Mathematics and woe betide any hints of dyslexia demonstrated through the use of spelling Angle as Angel.

We also perhaps did English Language & English Literature though nothing that encouraged ENGLISH DRAWING, such things are often regarded as extra curricular (learning strategies) or were perhaps carried out at Nursery or pre-school type environments, where whilst you may or may not be receiving good tutorage in such things, you lack the capacity to understand the requirement for an integrated approach across the very many all new subjects & timetables your schooling system is putting you through.

So I genuinely can say that at a young age I had all the enthusiasm for differing subjects and a good skillset in naturally being inquisitive or intelligent enough to use skills across differing subjects, hence educationalists of more than multiple generations always banging on about Reading Riting and Rithmatic and being proud of there usage of R.

Strange how few have ever been corrected.

Though I also recall how whilst my generation was marked accordingly complete with correct spelling, as how future generations were not marked down when spelling was removed from the marking criteria.

How can anyone within the Educational Realms claim as they always do that each year and generation is better than the last, when all the PAINS & SUFFERINGS that we suffered via TOUGHER or HARDER CRITERIA are being removed from the so-called system.

So Education perhaps rightly or wrongly within many a persons life is invalidated and comparison invalidated by the system.

I can take my 20 year old GCSE C grade in whatever subject and it will potentially be negatively compared with someone else’s  GCSE C grade earned now or more recently in the intervening years despite having been achieved through a differing set of CRITERIA.

Likewise of course many claim that you put or place such things on the backburner as other areas of your life become more important.  Unfortunately or fortunately dependent on point of view or perspective my College years were beset with problems and I did of course return to college and university later in life though all systems can of course history within your life can positively or negatively create a BIASED Mind.  Many claim a biased mind to be a good thing, and yes if your bias is on excellence and achievement and health and wealth and upward mobility why not?  Though typically anyone heavily traumatised (for whatever reason) can typically find it tougher as societal and herd like bias often indirectly related to various assumed PREJUDICE often defeat any best laid plans that any of us can come up with.

Anyway not sure for the reason for all this digression, though I was thinking about what terminology or words can act as positive or negative or indeed neutral BIAS’S.

Yes Learning Strategies can demonstrate that words such-as CREATIVITY exist through out very many paraliminal’s though interestingly, I in my haste through several courses and mass listening sessions, did not always pick up on such Triggers and associative links until far later, in second or third or more listening sessions.

The same can be suggested for multiple words utilised within the various collections.

I SUSPECT that “configuration” has perhaps also appeared within them though am unsure having not necessarily zoomed in on the word previously.

Yes so they ask for future recommendations and I was thinking well they have done Ultimate you collection and various HYBRID styled combinatorial collections.

and I thought well they could do a CONFIGURATIONS COLLECTION, and this collection would be slightly differingly thought out or about. Why?

Well new knowledge or events can come to the fore that can typically change the field of play somewhat and our respective beliefs can alter with experience and time and all the rest.

I have an elder sibling called Tim for example, so an Ultimate You collection may work well for him given the utilisation of his name within the modality (were he ever to suddenly decide a need for new learnings and la-di-da courses etc).  Such things can however be regarded in alternate or differing fashion by myself (potentially).

Holosync do a product call Mind Stim, again perhaps great for Tim’s everywhere not so inspiring for Dave’s.  So you can of course detect sibling rivalry and thoughts as to younger children falling into various brackets of “the spare” though strangely at school level it could be suggested that he was on more of an even keel average perhaps music & artistic, woodwork/metalwork type pupil and life trajectory whilst I was the one getting good grades in study & knowledge realms and looking like I might be a success (in of course the areas where or what I subjectively regarded as being measures of societal success).

I hung out with big brother and some of his ne’do well friends whilst in recovery from accident (for example), yet in long term effects it was seemingly my life that suddenly hit the skids and the downward spiral whilst his went probably more along what may have been expected.

So yes I do not begrudge brother his choices and good life, though do question the HOWS, especially when other school and classmates and peers are brought into the equations also, again & again it seems that at some point role reversals occurred with people whereby I went from a more daring & dare I say leadership motivated and incentivised (for myself) kind of mind-set to lower down pecking orders and second guessing & questioning myself & so on.  Whether it was so-called cycles & patterns of time, or other factors, one could not help to feel that others, external to myself, were somehow benefitting from how the World was, whilst I myself was disappearing into some abyss through events & happenings beyond my own control.

Anyway along with CONFIGURATIONS you must of course at least RECOGNISE concepts such-as FILTERS, so yes I was thinking on the topic of how best to utilise ideas such as the recent RESETS collection with some improved configuration / filter collections and I do think that the #colorliminals kind of contribute to that, given how I studied some of the Disney and Art and Animation realms,  getting to a deep enough level perhaps where you recognise that these alphabets and numbers are DRAWN representations, and being overly locked into any given patterns can both potentially benefit or be detrimental.

Yes configurations seems more flexible to my mind in terms of becoming or attaining a level of CONGRUENCE throughout your many life reams and subject area, than compartments.

I will now switch to my work life realm, I will now switch to home life mode or cooking mode and so on, each of course must have a HABIT RITUAL CONFIGURATION & associated FILTERS.

I enjoyed the fact that Holosync seemingly cut through many disparate mental structures, so where I might be honest and truthful & honest in one life realm dealing with a policeman or judge, I might cheat at games with friends as they may cheat myself.  We all typically GAUGE what is or is not acceptable within any REALM or SPHERE DYNAMIC

So dynamic flexible filtering configurations are what we may have as autopilots (anyway) though we are often blinded to  “too little information” or “too much information”, in computers for example they developed cache memory and similar function  from hardware has worked its way into software, you may not have growing and adaptable silicon chips, though the adaptability can be achieved in software extending the life of older generation processors etc.) experts like all EXPERTS before hand often opted a kind of think like myself option & designed accordingly.

Anyway that another digression, though overall I think Holosync cut through old mental structures and pathways and allowed some GENUINE consistency and congruence throughout, the internal questioning and what was possibly thought of as flexibility,   gave way to thoughts feelings and so on of why am I behaving as I did when told off by a parent 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago, when if I am to feel or display guilty reactions or negatively REGARDED behaviours, I want it to be a GENUINE reflection of now not some long lost auto-response to some elder generation, who very likely were not necessarily acting out of any level of awareness & enlightenment themselves.

Yes the self fulfilling prophecy issue appears again and again, and is nearly always circular in fashion of merrily dancing round the houses, the justification for the justification for the justification, of what (very often) does not stand up to a higher level of awareness scrutiny etc.

So yes, I genuinely think a Paraliminal “CONFIGURATIONS” collection could be created & crafted with various FILTER DYNAMICS that are yet to have been explored.

Anyway I have also this last  week or two been listening to the Echo Bodine Course, that is perhaps more or less completely “out there” with regard to ideas of PSYCHICS etc. and makes little pretence to any kind of blinkered science (Mr Scheele himself having poked fun at Psychic Ideas within historical courses) although anyone, Echo included can state that successful navigation in life and so on and indeed with intuition etc, is a kind of science all of its own.

I did of course use a well known Sherlock Holmes Quote on Twitter a few weeks back, along the lines of “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”

That quote and multiple slight VARIATIONS of those words and phrasings appeared in multiple Sherlock Holmes Stories and so on.

So this week Echo reiterated that Clairvoyance and Clairaudience and Clairsensing and indeed other spiritual or la-di-da related perceptive faculties can be separated out and you may have one faculty above and beyond the others, though all can be practiced and worked on and so on.

I know that as a young guy and especially following the major trauma accident and various other teenage body like changes that I got perhaps stretched or triggered into HEIGHTENED Sensory realms, the fight or flight function became the normal (I think), and along with that very many of the so-called Psychic like realm materials.  I however had no so-called RITUALISTIC HABIT that I walked myself through, nor could I switch such things on or off, usually only getting relief through concentration or distraction via other activities, I remember walking about Hereford High town on several occasions like a lunatic where what started out as a normal shopping trip got triggered into a follow your intuition fest of go this way, now go this way, why am I following these thoughts feelings etc, yes little or few recognisable results occurred beyond a feeling of stupidity, such things often served to deepen levels of paranoia not only my own, but that of others who perhaps saw such uncoordinated activities, these days of course when everyone has a mobile and some play games such-as Pokémon Go you can probably go World wide and see such folks aimlessly to’ing & fro’ing although they are following external reference, where I perhaps felt I was following internals, although I think a certain amount of NON-CONSCIOUS TRIGGERING was also taking place, given what I know of Science alongside the la-di-da materials etc.

 Echo described some very good broken down identifiable steps that you can practice to best find your confidence and own RITUAL to such practices.

I mention this because of course as stated above regarding Holosync I could not wait to eradicate very many such thoughts feelings and so on, unable to seemingly defend myself from catching a bad dose from all directions, although again she recommended some external props or tools to perhaps enhance your self belief in defence of such things, some very nice mirror jewellery can be found at

I happened to leave the page up on my laptop and my non-la-di-da daughter who takes the piss out of the very many courses I as a bloke take wanted one, so I may well be making an order for myself and her, not sure if they do bloke editions, though typically some  jewellery is quite neutral in appeal to the differing sex’s.

 So yes I find it a little strange that after an entire adult lifetime of wanting to do away with many of those kinds of things, predominantly based in real genuine experience, I signed up to a course, from someone who successfully navigates such waters (so to speak).

Interestingly for myself for example is that at the time of the Diana story & incident I was living at St Peter’s Square and my landlady was a very nice woman called Claire who was a work colleague within the NHS, she also held/run a private practice and I was a kind of live in lodger within her Practice facilities, she had two floors of an address and I rented a flat on the third floor that she did not require within the very old listed building (I think the building started in the 1600’s though some parts were 1700,s and 1800’s a genune hodgepot type buiding).She and her husband living out in the sticks somewhere, they were both also very knowledgeable about computers and he I think worked as a private practitioner software engineer, building dedicated spreadsheets and databases and so on for local Business’s.

Yes Claire was also and probably still is a little on the la-di-da side, she was as I recall a vegetarian and had the longest hair of anyone I had every met easily reaching her derriere, and she was into so called herbal teas and so on in the 1990’s before they really took of in the so-called 2000’s etc. She was also blessed with an excellent decorators eye and taste and part of my deal was to decorate the place, although she supplied the paints and colours and wallpapers, furnishings, and I was really impressed at how it all looked when completed, it was really surprising how she managed to seemingly effortlessly get the very best out of some very old grey and dank rooms and so on, brightening them up and restoring old timber ceilings to an original look (they had been wallpapered & painted over and so on when I moved in and the ceilings, walls etc,were really quite claustrophobic, I know that she did “work at it” in the sense of making an investment in her skills and knowledge and life and wanting the facilities to reflect such things, so she had spent time planning it all out and then circumstance seemingly worked out for both of us, in the sense that I required a new place to live and she wanted someone to decorate and we kind of traded on each others needs etc, I paid rent that paid for decorating goods that created the décor to match her target aspirations etc.for her private practice business.

Claire had also triggered myself on one or two occasions at work, in the sense of having spoken upon matters that I had perhaps dreamed of on a previous night for example.

I may have dreamt I was flying or some such dream and sometimes other folks would appear in such dreams and she seemingly was AWARE in the sense of almost seeming to know or acknowledge we had appeared in a shared dream of some description.

I say that because it was interesting for myself that very many years later, in one Learning strategies course, Paul Scheele spoke on having taken dream like trips with folks and then later met up with them in a physical sense and spoken upon such things.

That perhaps played into a belief confirmation bias, in the sense that I had never previously heard folks speak upon such matters, or indeed if they had it had been generally been related to what some might regard as lewd & crude behaviours of a sexual nature, how many know the old classic “I had a dream about you last night” “did you” “no, you wouldn’t let me”.

I think most folks acknowledge they can do visualisation type lucid dreaming of spending time with others with some capacity of control, whether lewd or crude or otherwise, though my dreams were often genuinely deep sleep type dreams and again the heightened fright or flight aspect was never far away, & I often found myself more often having nightmares than nice & pleasant and uneventful dreams.

I must also of course state that a Learnings Strategies course this coming week is for PhotoReading and it is Free, so take advantage of the FREEBIES

So all over the shop with this long write up, the daughter arrived early this summer and indeed has now returned to her mother earlier than previous years so I now have some time of work and fully intend to do some writing.

Now what else, well after listening to the Echo Bodine course’s I found myself once again returning to the more TRADITIONAL SCIENCE versus “OUT THERE” debate, another chap I mentioned historically was Rupert Sheldrake and he of course famed for his Morphic Resonance Theories, albeit via traditional scientific debate.

So I got to thinking on this issue of Echo because I grew up around musicians and gadgets and of course very many types of Echo can be designed and I note that Paul Scheele utilises such facilities within Paraliminals and I was thinking well an Echo is akin to that WAVE that all is said to be contained within. and an Echo may of course pass or travel through walls and doors and closed spaces and so on, so I was thinking that it is of little surprise that someone such as myself could have ended up so screwed up by very many of these things.Especially if the FILTERS are all over the shop and so on.

Anyway of course the FILTERS of any given environment can have huge effect and that perhaps why I obsessing somewhat on CONFIGURATIONS.

Multiple courses have had visualisations such as those within Genius Code of recalling some Happy or Motivated thought stream and growing it as the utilised seed (perhaps) and I in doing that have often found myself seeking out thoughts feelings etc from as young an age as possible.

The problem for most folks I feel is that SCIENCE in proving SCIENCE via all our Technological gadgets and industry has created a huge imbalance within Societies as to the workings of the mind and so on, Science is perhaps at that collapsing tower of babel type zone of a game of Jenga, or someone pulling out the straw that enables all the marbles to demonstrate gravity in a game of Kerplunk.

So I have strangely found myself in the so-called thought pattern of wanting a certain level of equilibrium and Holosync has perhaps brought that about in the sense of clearing very many an undesirable captured thought or feeling and so on, though having now cleared out or stimulated an evenness of very many thoughts feelings and so on, one cannot help to want to re-engage those patterns and cycles and structures associated with Winning and accuracy & probabilities and estimations and so on.

The tough part for myself perhaps mentally is boosting self trust & self confidence after so many years of feelings of being denigrated or sent into madness via other peoples AGENDAS that do not necessarily happily sit along side my own

I think, I know I will test this theory in as simple a manner as possible.  So for example I go to the corner shop and have a choice of a Dozen Lottery Scratch  cards.

Which among the next sellable cards should I choose in order to win? a couple of numbers pop into my thoughts and I buy them.

If the Lotto card is a winner I think” YES, MORE LIKE THAT” if the card is a loser I think “LESS LIKE THAT”, words & phrases taken from AURAS SEEING course, I liked the simplicity of the Accuracy and precision phrases for Aura seeing and thought I would use those phrases alongside some intuitive skill development.

I know for example that Historically I won more on the traditional  Lottery when I was monitoring the weekly draws and choosing my own numbers, as soon as the Lucky Dip option appeared and the Lottery Company declared they were making more winners with the lucky dip, my own winning went down, I believed them and started using lucky dips and my wins became reduced.

That an aside because lottery numbers for some future draw are still somewhat ephemeral and “out there” in the requirement of an alignment of the Planets, whilst a scratchcard in front of you within some construct on the shop counter is within your immediate presence and sensory realm and my estimation is that with ideas of all is waves & particles and other la-di-da theories such-as being called Echo and morphic resonance ideas, I figured well Personal Sonar and Radar like function & facility are surely not that unknown, we have many people who through being Deaf , Dumb or Blind have naturally enhanced other bodily sensory functionality.

So yes I am perfectly willing to test and prove theory or otherwise, though configuration flexibility and adaptibiity and indeed appropriate inner communication and strategy are still a little troubling.

Anyway this week I decided to see if I could follow more writing advice from the write well course, such as sit in a alternative writing environment, maybe take a pad and pen to a coffee shop though I already suspect that little would be achieved in such an activity, I have a tendency to dismiss or want to shut out the worldly distactions rather than consider them inspirational.

Many of course upon doing these types of courses seeming live there own life as the story whereby whilst I have an “own life” I have always preferred the entering another Worldly realm such-as those proffered in Far Away Galaxies and Science Fiction and Fairy Tales Lands and Comic Book Super Heroes and so on.

Yes I also know many have successfully seemingly attained an ability to be successful gambling within various sporting realms that they themselves follow, via pattern matching and deep search like abilities, though I within the societal echelons that I exist within struggle in separating wheat from chaff, and even getting into affirmation rituals & habits is somewhat concerning, hence the appeal perhaps of course tutors such-as Paul Scheele suggesting sit back and relax and be guided towards increased abilities and so on.

I can see that very many alignments and so on have occurred and indeed my raised threshold is great, though perhaps as we all know some things will for ever remain subjective & from subjective experience.

So Science Proclaims itself the New religion based in material World REPLICABLE proofs, take this recipe to any place about the globe and follow this set of instructions and you will have created a house or a phone, TV or a gadget industry as demonstrated here today.

That is seemingly the THEME of Hypothesis  within OBJECTIVE Science.

La-Di-Da Powers of course might be described as Subjective in the sense of not necessarily being REPLICABLE, much like a cooking recipe whereby you are presented with ingredients and you follow the recipe though might be a little short on the sugar or the eggs might be slightly to big or small in comparison with the TV Cooking Book Guru, or the temperature within your oven is a slightly differing set of variables within the physical World, whether you use gas or electric and fan assisted or classic or even an oil based AGA styled cooking suite.

So (for example) most Supercomputer & research & development facilities about the World are also often demonstrated as super laboratories with  a million and one criteria being met in order to facilitate perfect conditions  for successful completion of a given creative process, and so on.

I am more and more finding myself wanting to develop improved techniques and IDEAS around the Human Super Power’s development, I do have to admit though that whilst I enjoyed a recent trip to the Cinema to see DC  comic Book World Suicide Squad, I was slightly put out by them being referred to as META-HUMAN, even though they are simply comic book world creations and imagining.

So some Labels and Tags we all perhaps want and desire and aspire too, whilst others we may be less than enviable of those who have such labels.

I love the IDEA of CHOICE & OPTIONS and indeed raising threshold and focussing on you yourself and what you want to do with your own life and so on.

Though it does seem that no matter what forward progress is made, you will find some audience or constituents grabbing or claiming designations for themselves that do not truly belong to them, the choice seems to be one of wanting to be correct in wanting to put the World to rights, though likewise having the WISDOM to not bother where all and everything is down to SUBJECTIVE IDEAS and so on.

Science might make fantastic Healthcare & Bombs and Superweaponry and highly advanced communcations and TV/Film & gadgets, cars and transport etc, though as I have progressed I have often found it is the smallest and most petty of subject matters that defeat intelligence over and over again.

Anyway this one quite long after a longer period of absence.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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