So I Recently Found Myself

So I recently found myself making reference to 2 particular movies on Twitter,  the first was Pulp Fiction and the other Babel.

Now what is it that causes myself to single out those two films from perhaps very many films that are created & crafted each and every year and indeed TV Shows and so on.

We can of course state as with many Genres that what stood out for myself was perhaps not the actually stories or how they were woven together (although both outstanding in contribution) but the PACE.

It could be suggested that despite Adrenaline and OHH like given names, they are relatively slow in terms of modern Action, Action, Action.

It could be suggested that it is that pace that actually enables you to think a little and have some realisations as to integrating or coming together of identifying components of Story and of course in particular they allow & enable folks to zoom in whether consciously or otherwise on issues such-as Forest Gumpism’s where were you and what were you doing whilst these events were taking place.

In effect you in watching the separate stories that have been woven together become the untold story of the events unless of course you sit, create and craft your own that is also kind of interwoven with them.

Soap operas typically do this very well, though so many exist we often do not have time to slow down and have a breather from the plot about the Pub Landlord’s Family or the plot about the Butchers family or the plot about the Baker’s Family and so on.

You can of course go further and so well that actually in effect when business communities come together whether orchestrated though creation of a Business League or Local Mason’s or Round Table is akin to a formalised MAFIA in all but name.

The problem for many of us when teens and younger is often that feeling of not knowing stuff, and-or that folks are withholding information or secrets that only those within such circles and communities are aware of.

So you can belong to any given organisation though do not necessarily beyond some artificially created or crafted linkage have any knowledge or dealings with other members.

Much like those ancient Hitchcock styled plots whereby two folks discussed carrying out each others murder for one another so that zero ties existed between the events.

Today whilst looking at Future Film Releases I decided to answer a request from 3 days ago by @empire magazine to list #7favfilms interestingly various lists were circulated & broadcast via twitter on the day of the request, some of course from celebrated Film Realm Folks and others from Journalists and perhaps some from clever folks, listed only films related to number 7 and other interesting or stimulating QUIRKS.

The only thing actually MISSING (from those that I personally saw) were FUTURE FILMS. So I simply made a list up of forthcoming next year releases and sent it them.

I think that thinking in the fashion & manner that my favourite film has not been created & crafted yet works in the sense of freeing yourself from various habits of mind (that’s already been done & so on).

I can so with so many a Movie that I loved them dearly or greatly, though was disappointed in some fashion as to what had been left out (that I may have known via a book reading or indeed some Game Genre’s).

Yes I have existed in a time where many books were given Moving Pictures representations and indeed where Popular Computer & Console Realm characters were also given a broader lease of life.

This has occurred of course as a two way street process in that a market often grows from humble one realm beginnings to some giant octopus of a finger in every media outlet.

Likewise many a fame & fortune (celebrity for being celebrity) seeker has within there origins story a jumping upon some bandwagon theme or meme within there history.

I for example enjoyed the first one or two seasons of a Big Brother show that brought very many disparate individuals together and then kind of lets things unfold.  The show in later series typically fell into every reason why I would choose to not continue watching.

First came all the seemingly pre-existing annoyance generic stereotypes, then came all the sex obsessed I’ll do anything for fame & fortune and eventually what was a good & relatively wholesomely presented show got switched of (at least by myself).

The production team & creators can of course say yes but our audience feedback and audience grew in response to these changes and so on, though all they actually seemingly did was go deeper & deeper into Lowest Common Denominator kinds of groupings & identities and all the rest.

So early on you may have felt you could relate to one or other individual, these days from what I see in headlines whether for celebrity editions or otherwise, they have become completely ALIEN to what I think a broader World Culture might want need or desire as sensible role models and so on.

Anyway I can say that though I probably fall way out there in the outlier stakes of what folks want, desire & need etc. I having spent time heavily meditating and clearing out so very many nonsenses.

Yes I can be prone to acting out or thinking along the lines of some childhood seen plot or show though likewise have the flexibility that enables or allows myself to change course or know that we are merely actors/actresses/agents and can of course not get overly wrapped up in various IDENTITY variable & attribute beliefs.

I can state that I did return to town and do some further W H Smith’s shopping opting for looking for inspiration, though found very little in terms of hobbyist creativity activities & realms.

Books galore covered very many genres, whilst Magazines were typically masses of Women Weekly Monthly’s & Media Guides, Masses of Car/Vehicle Enthusiast Materials, Plenty of Computer/Game/Film Hybrid or shared platforms.

What was actually missing it seemed for myself was actually a representation of realms that I might desire or want to focus upon.  They often seemingly sub categories of sub-categories within some Hybrid Cross-Realm Genre Materials.

Or indeed simply targeted at some AGE RELATED Grouping.

How many of us think we will go to see a Family Film and those are typically or more often than not clearly aimed at given audience age demographics, kids etc.

Films no longer necessarily engage audiences with the struggle of thought & thinking preferring instead constant blizzard keep it moving, keep it moving.

So I know that I was heavily into computers when younger, and likewise whilst I often felt moved on from such activities KNOW that many an adult came to such things in later like and has stuck with them.

Many obsessive computer / console gamers are middle-aged folks, many comic book and sci-fi fantasy realm folks are middle-aged though apart from books you often find an under appreciated market within store shelves etc.

So I could express an interest in regular adult targeted superhero’s and sci-fi realms and sword & sorcery even and would likely find myself having to go to some children’s section for those materials, it could be suggested that folks buy materials that they enjoyed when they were kids for there kids so the market is indirect, though I really do think in Hereford at least there must be no buying appetite given the lack of such availability for these things.

Or perhaps on-line works better as a kind of chosen discretion for people, who having grown up locally and subjected to local politics etc, prefer to seek & search further afield for folks of common intersts and appeals and so on, that do not receive herd like societal nonsenses as collective or group brandings.

Global communication does of course work well in this respect though also suffers hugely for it, many a celebrity with multiple hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers can claim greater diversity in audience, though I often feel an urge to simply leave them to get on with it, when I see some what I regard as extremisms come to the fore.

Yes all information can e suggested to be of value to someone somewhere, though I know from personal experience that “I want you to suffer” “lets kill Jesus” Triggers are common place and why subject yourself to such faire & nonsense having chosen to previously have left such debate to others.

Yes that “Let’s Kill Jesus” can of course potentially also be misread or understood as “Let’ Skill Jesus” though I often think that alternative words & phrases might be better so as to leave nothing to chance or misrepresentation.

This always the problem of language and why I optioned going deeper & deeper into the Meditation Modalities and Related Courses and indeed seeking improved communicating of such things.

Much today speaks on the issues of Schooling and Education, my view is that typically I am of the belief that we are given skills and associative thinking type attitudes in pre-school  and some early junior school type realms and then it is only fortune or otherwise as to whether we take them (skillsets, abilities etc.) forward with us, a great deal of information seems to target 6th Formers/Tech college levels  and University level students with learnings skillsets first introduced within those pre-school environments.

So its like a huge chunk of latter junior or primary school & Secondary Schooling completely NEGLECTS areas of learning interest & capability that would be better seen throughout.

This has also been spoken upon by myself previously in that when I was at school constant changes were occurring, change of exam system and plans introduced to improve Girls results and the results of those who were poor exam performers & so on. I was a great cram for examer & having to provide coursework (subjectively) marked by educationalists, was detrimental to myself, work sent to external markers in exams might come back with higher marks than those marked locally & vice versa, depending on subject.

I think we have now for at least 10-20 years seen it demonstrated that those efforts worked, though in never the twain fashion, no one is stepping forward to want to improve male results, the system well & truly taken over with a bias (rightly or wrongly) to female kind.

Likewise the language utilised within learning can be questioned I spoke as to English Drawing at one point being something of a gap though we could of course not only apply that to English though many Languages, yes I know ART in and of itself is suggested to cover such areas, though there must be some neutral terms.

I wrote as to configurations, because whether you believe one side of the brain is male and the other female or vice versa, configurations can of course be designed to be WHOLE BRAIN without necessarily ALIENATING or having any particular outcome to any given demographic.

Of course you could say well we already have demonstrable results of configurations when we look to very many World Realms, these muscle groups work well for this kind of athlete and these work well for a differing kind of athlete.

We do grow and typically can improve most or many aspects though typically can perhaps never necessarily excel at all areas, I from relatively young ages was good at sprinting and distances upto 400 metres, so-called distance running of 800 metres plus seemingly worked better for others.

The same can be said for swimming, in the sense that I developed and enjoyed my own kind of freestyle speed swimming, though ask myself to join those breaststrokers etc. and I would struggle.

I perhaps short & fast in design specifications, I never grew up as a bike rider though did walk very great distances such as a hiker might.

I think rightly or wrongly that bikes are great “tools” for getting from a to b just as cars and other transports are, though as a non-cyclist as a youngster I never perhaps developed those kinds of muscles developed by cyclists.

In more recent years & I came into some money & purchased a really nice & slightly expensive bike and LOVED the bike to bits for its ease of riding and taking in the bumps and all terrains.  That bike was unfortunately stolen and I purchased a low cost bike and hated it, not only in comparison, though in experience.

A couple of pedal motions on my first bike could perhaps carry myself for a hundred or more metres, whilst the new bike perhaps only managed tens of metres.

That of course about getting what you pay for, though is also why I fail to greatly enthuse about championship cyclists, many having invested in super futuristic bikes that like my first bike make it an easy activity.

The age old arguments can come to the fore, much like Formula One car racing, though clearly those brought up with the more costly lifestyle goods that take all effort out of very many worldly activities probably have little in the way of knowing what complainers or critics are talking about.

Could we put all these cyclists on some ancient one model bike and get them to race & see the same results, the belief of blame it on the tools is a hard one to resist, in such competition, though likewise we do see folks “come to the fore” when they have INDIVIDUALLY somehow managed to break a monopoly of the Elites.

Folks like Michael Schumacher in Formula one, demonstrated that he being of a particular mindset attitude & bearing could close the gaps (early on in his career) when challenging with what was generally acknowledged as being inferior vehicles.

So the constant having to prove yourself is an interesting one, I strangely found myself thinking recently that the technologies seemingly  gradually take you toward a mindset of justification for your own presence or existence within the World.

I know when in those race’s and winning that I was often focussed on improving my own performance best, so if I had already demonstrated a string of victories, it might not be so much as being outright victor (although that was always a high level measure of success) as also being quicker and having improved in some other dynamic such as at differing course event locations or other time of day and so on, strange to think that having had such obvious thoughts at that age they were gradually eroded just a few short years later, to my mind predominantly “by the educational system”.

I would have thought a real reality would remove such conditioning though it does seem to steer more & more in that kind of direction.  That perhaps about that Library at the end of the universe containing information that acts as feedback echo’s through time and space, and you merely have to know the hows or trust in the conscious / non-conscious ability to interpret and navigate you accordingly etc.

That of course requires  belief in time and scales & measures and that you genuinely have some kind of destiny goal to achieve.

So yes we can all of us gear our mindset’s toward successful oriented mindsets that we have had at some stage of our lives and if not always encourage ourselves to look for the positives, so If I was only 2nd or 3rd in some competition, I could have fall back positives to utilise as my personal wellspring.

At some point is seems clear that External Referencing or hooks & attention got me that as much as I may have wanted to let go of were somehow outside of my ability to deal with. Though, we are of course sent to school (for or against our will as a societal law) 7 likewise for the spares out there may have been expected to go the same establishments as elder sibrlings or those favoured by other family members rather than our own personal selections.

At some level I also know having meditated greatly in recent years, that those regarded as wrong steps may have been the best anyway and can be re evaluated for the positives & likewise we can present ourselves with greater choice often dependant upon what we truly believe is possible within the World versus of course strong beliefs to the contrary that much of society demands from others.

Yes talk of unwalked directions and paths is interesting in that very many rush to obvious un-explored claims as to truth & lies & definitions, though whether privately or publically I genuinely think many can be better served through creative mindsets of there own, instead of referencing Oxford English Dictionary (if it has never seemingly served you) perhaps option developing the DavidSimonPerkins defintions dictionary and my own set of musical scales and my own colour meanings and so on.

Yes having or being taught Historical BUILDING BLOCKS of EXAMPLES of what earlier generations have done is great, if they are regarded as inspirational examples, though what the systems and mechanism of many societal realms throughout many Worldly Societies  FAIL IN is that utilisation of the IDEA that they are only EXAMPLES.

Many establishing themselves as Private Individuals with inherited generational wealth and family secrets that do not have any external influence whatsoever. The wealth gravy train of course often means better schools and generational groupings of our kind of peoples and so on, it often taking REVOLUTION to overthrow systems of Governance and so on that do not necessarily serve anyone.

The reflections question an interesting one.

Especially in the United States of America at present where a stark choice for President (the election held on my 8th November Birthday) exists.

It genuinely does seem that some folks rightly or wrongly are seeking to bring about REVELATIONS and LAST DAYS styled prophecies from the bible.

I think I wrote historically that in many ways, created & crafted Worldy Realms such-as that of  @j.k.rowling & harry Potter seemingly actually provide all those Revelation type activites albeit in imaginary book world or film world form.

Our rush from one step to another step not always taking into account how many GAPS & SPACES exist even in the thickest of well regarded book realms or otherwise.

So yes I went greatly into the study of story and indeed can perhaps boast a fine collection how to write and create & craft stories for optimum effect.

Likewise steps toward creating & crafting improved styles and options for myself can seem as distant on the Horizon as ever, in the sense of course that many a study leads to outcomes of if you cannot beat them join them mentalities and so on.

I interestingly noted that a Chicken Soup for the Soul Movie is scheduled at some point and whilst they are a billion dollar industry for Those linked to the tentacles of the American Law of attraction industry and very many associates directly or indirectly I do wonder as to what such a film would show, those such as Jack Canfield have of course told there own stories over & again so unsure as to whether it is a movie of the story of Chicken Soup for the Soul, or a bringing together of  Stories from that empire or simply something new and original that carry’s “The Chicken Soup for The Soul” Name.

Anyway this predominantly written for wanting to get back into a more creative writing mode and I thought simply write any old junk for an hour getting all the misplaced throughts feelings and so on out so I would better then be able to focus and concentrate on my more creative writing endevours etc.

earlier today just after my last tweet on twitter, I witnessed 2 Green Military Helicopters swooping in Fast & low skimming rooftops, yes they were rather noisy though actually quite quiet in comparison to those seen within Movie realm fictions and so on, they were also joined by a third Helicopter that suspiciously looked like a Darker Coloured Special Forces Puma, the other two were too classically shaped for a good identification from a novice such as myself, though a quick internet search identified the Puma, my intial reaction to the two green’s was Huey (due to open doors & noise) though that perhaps incorrect due to bias from what I have historically seen on TV etc, the internet did not bring up a close match on my one and only search. Although the closest of similar shape was  in fact other Puma’s the differing reused names causing further confusion and the 3rd darker vehicle was of a differing outward appearance & shape, even if they were all assorted Puma’s.

Yes I think they may have been visiting local cadet facilities perhaps and I  should probably look up events as  it did all seem a somewhat coordinated action and the two vehicles that appeared to land, exited in differing direction to the 3rd that had appeared and joined them a little later. Almost as though some Exercise & Monitoring Activity was in Operation.

Very enjoyable to view them swooping in at speed at first hand, though not perhaps for those who exist within various zones they are commissioned to visit; out and about the wider & more dangerous sectors & regions of the World & conflicts.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉


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