As The Countdown Once Again Begins

As the countdown once again begins on the billing season for the Blog Upgrades, I of course am faced with a choice, pay the upgrades and keep the nice scenic special fonts bells and whistles provided or have them withdrawn and continue with the basics for free.

The idea of course part of the syndrome beautifully described in a film I watched recently entitled “The Big Short”.

The Big Short was a film based on a book relaying the Story of how some individuals identified that a Banking Crisis was imminent prior to the 2008 Wall Street Crash, regarded as due to unpayable debt within the Housing Markets Bubble.

Loan upon loan was given to all and anyone wanting to home own and so on via “NEW” schemes that were in fact akin to Pyramid Schemes, some people identified the weakness and the fact that many lenders were failing to pay there mortgages due to volatility in other areas such-as the Jobs market.

The banking Elites were fraudulently playing a game of smoke and mirrors continuously inventing SELLABLE money systems that kept the FLOW & CONFIDENCE TRICK going.  the system only worked as long as confidence remained and when various individuals IDENTIFIED how the system could be beaten they BET against the Banks.

The film demonstrated that few caught up within the system could come out of it with a quality CV.  The Underdog David against the Corporate Giant Goliath and so on.

So in order to get myself involved as a continuing customer in the WordPress Realm, the site can offer myself desirable incentives, look at how we have improved all these functions and how people have created these new templates and so on, the very many SPECIALIST occupations that have been brought about through such technologies, and of course getting users of the site to develop apps for themselves and also sell such things to others.

Anyway I do like wordpress and have little to complain about beyond of course the lack of usage I have displayed for much of the last year.  I am perhaps through my choice of spending more time elsewhere pursuing other activities not getting value for money.  My choice & fault not the publisher.  Likewise I still own a couple of alternative websites that I had to redevelop and that too has become somewhat stalled for myself.

The one thing that is common to very many of these sites and is somewhat annoying is the quantity of Automated systems, great in providing the providers more free time to do other things, though the Hybrid of the Hybrid of the Hybrid in communication EXPERTISE lacks any kind of warmth or humanity.

Are those pre requisites?  Not at all, though if you are going to receive emails & take the time to read them rather than go straight in TRASH, you also perhaps want to feel that some kind of personal connection exists, even though society on the whole actually claims to want less.

I know I am an example of someone who wanted LESS in the sense of taking up meditation and doing courses and stopped interacting on Facebook and generally ISOLATING myself from Society as a whole, though when you do have interaction of any kind you want it to be REAL and indeed not necessarily being forced or cause for concern in terms of lowest common denominator styled subject matters I personally felt a requirement to dispense with.

So what else, well I continued of course to study various writing realm linkages and indeed some of the Globalised issues appear over and over.

For example it could be suggested that I was wanting miracle life cures via Holosync and my interaction on the Blog there, many others were simply taking any provided information as using it to generate money for themselves.  Many Americans typically gambling on there week to week sports of MLB and NFL and NBA and so on.

That is perhaps great for them because someone such as myself who is unaware of those sporting leagues is more likely to provided UNBIASED information.

Likewise I might find it more Trustworthy to follow Americans online who have zero interest in Premier League Soccer and Rugby and so on, assuming of course I myself follow such sports.

I say that because much as was taught on the Holosync Blog and indeed by some traditional meditation outlets, it really is difficult to not have biases of one sort or another.

Likewise having climbed the mountain to a certain extent you perhaps then desire to think, well I do actually need and require ways and means of some sort of systematic process of Navigation and decision making.  The hard part of course trusting the course creators motives and incentives. So I am happy to recommend various Learning Strategies courses that can be said to be tried and tested.  The Navigation issue perhaps one of oh all those decisions you made at that life point were wrong, or perhaps right given an alternative set of circumstances.

This one of those Quantum computing issues that again I found myself commenting upon twitter about recently.

The idea that a Quantum Computer allows and enables multiple states to be correct at the same time.

I think it was related to the so-called President Obama Birther Issue, that Americans were obsessing with due to Donald Trump not addressing the issue to settle it appropriately.

The difficulty with any intransigent group whether followers or opposition is what is the purpose of this debate and-or interaction.

The premise was that Obama was not born in the United States controversy.

In fact it depends on how EXTREMIST you go into the DETAILS of such things.  Having a separation of the physical and spiritual world perhaps comes into its own with such matters.

One he is already President, so some Powers at large already settled the debate at some point historically.

My own view based in what was said was along these lines.

Obama was born in Hawaii.  Hawaii is a State of the Union, therefore he can be President as a Natural Born United States Citizen.

The Difficult & Troubling Part when talking about the US is of course the A at the end and the word American or America IE.USA

This is why language signs and symbols never do true justice to thoughts feelings and actions beyond of course translating or transitioning into alternative formats.

So If Obama says he is a US Citizen he is making a TRUE STATEMENT.

If Obama says he is an American Citizen he is (for some) stating a FALSE STATEMENT.

Obama geography of birth (Hawaii) is not part of the Geographical Americas, whether the United States of America or Canada or one of the Southern American Continental Countries.

So you can describe Obama as telling the truth and Trump telling the Truth, or indeed Obama telling a lie and Trump telling a lie and all the various STATE combinations that can exist within such exchanges.

I do not think such exchanges are where debate for the President of the USA are best served, though it may lead some to of course conclude that and go off and do there own thing, if they have no VESTED interest in who is President and so on.

Likewise with furthering my meditation and saying I want no part of or have no interest in such exchanges, Twitter does seemingly hook myself in rather a lot.  I seemingly ready and willing to comment on one or two celeb feeds simply for associative value or indeed otherwise.

So inescapable conclusions I have non at present beyond of course wanting to chart my own course rather than necessarily continue with one I learnt at a young age or was manipulated and-or influenced by prior to some of the more recent year awareness and enlightenments I have developed. (So to speak).

Yes it really is a strange phenomena that I have managed to predominantly remain away from TV realms & know little of modern celebrity beyond Chinese whispers and gossip and entertainment realm press releases.

I do find myself watching more Movies and Film and that in and of itself is perhaps where my own current preferences exist in terms of continued detective work and so on.

Yes I listen to re-runs of various courses and do research some alternative realms where I may have previously paid little attention.

The Comics World (paper reading picture things not comedians) does have some further interest though typically I do wonder as to alignments and so on.


Well to put it quite simply many of the genuine GENIUS’ are often peoples who really have chartered there own courses and many are seemingly mad or seemingly deranged in some fashion.  Many of course also in position of having inheritance and-or gained fame or fortune for some activity and already have continuously working multiple income streams something I perhaps lack more than anything else.

Or more distinctly have on more than one occasion chosen not to pursue.  Still struggle with the trusting ones own thoughts and feelings and so on after so many courses demonstrate just how flawed belief of the senses can be.

Anyway maybe this article will help kickstart myself into writing more regularly once again, though when a financial or interactive return is not in operation it can seem as something to put on the backburner rather than be wholly dedicated to exploring.

So yes perhaps making a few inroads and seeing what subjects I am happy to place my time and dime in and of course whilst some things may be hobby’s in nature there is always the potential for exploring further investigative steps, is this something I can do that will become an income generator and indeed can I handle given PRESSURES for particular realms.

I choose not to engage in particular topics because I did develop early on in adulthood the IDEA of been there done that worn the T Shirt.  Of course in coin side or indeed Facets Of A Diamond it can be suggested that such attitude is bad and only scratches the surface of far deeper and-or dynamics than anyone could experience within there lifetime.

However given accelerated learning combined with various AH-HA’s you come to see more choice & options presented and indeed find it far easier to LET GO of issues & topics and subjects that you would not consider as part of your own personal attributes and values and so on.

Thinking from new angles and perspectives and returning to some previously cast ou of the pram options may well enable and allow better decision making dynamics all round or from going to Global and Local and back again.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉