So What Difference Does Where You Blog Make?

So I have not blogged regularly here for a couple of months after growing ever more tired of the repetitive nature and perhaps feeling a certain level of being disheartened, in the sense that whilst I felt progress being made in terms of getting a regular writing routine together and indeed doing my regular meditation and courses, I have typically not had much in terms of personal live advancement.

So did anything strange happen for example, in not writing here for a couple of months and then yesterdays post.  Well interestingly a couple of events occurred and I was not altogether happy with either, though it perhaps too early to tell whether it was related to starting up this for the most part private blog again, so I will wait & see, before leaping to false mathematical conclusions.

So yesterday I spoke on the fact that I had carried out some practice activities quite regularly at Guardian online or via my Twitter Account and a medium blog side, as to taking any picture and simply describing it out loud in your own voice and words and so on.

Yes we often do all these things on autopilot from quite young ages and call it thinking, though it is interesting how when a little older and after having meditated regularly how you can alter or have a broader view of such activities and the meanings if any that you give to them.

So I spoke as to The Guardian online website and the regular cartoonists are usually Steve Bell and Martin Rowson and Chris Riddell (Observer) and also Ben Jennings, Nicola Jennings and perhaps one or two others who cover for various Holidays or other Feature Art sections.

The Newspaper does a Daily Political / Opinion Cartoon and those are the one’s that I have carried out my practice exercises upon.


Steve Bell on Theresa May & the Brexit White Paper, 26/01/2017, Guardian Newspaper


Now the reason I enjoy Steve Bell’s work is because he manages to use some quite recognisable symbolisms and so on along with satirical parody of the great and good.

Anyone for example who has perhaps ever studied Tarot would likely recognise some features and aspects of his work as he often takes multiple so-called Higher Arcana Card features and brings them together, not every day though I have seen such things quite often since October when I first started paying more attention to the Daily Cartoonists.

The above example you have the Cliff that usually appears on The Fool Card.  Likewise We have a Sitting Theresa May with Britannia Features though the card would likely be the Empress Card, we also have Theresa with Greeny yellow hair perhaps an indicator for Tennis Fans and likewise on this occasion today we have a trident akin to Cricket Stump’s.  Interestingly you also have 2 different coloured dogs representative of the Chariot card potentially.

The green on the cliff perhaps akin to a golfing green colour, so all meaning comes from us, though if we know sports and relevant terminology or indeed POTENTIAL symbolism we can look to what others write and potentially pick up some pointers as well of course get used to various timetables that many sports have.

So I find it quite fun to go off on the various lateral that digress from the direct subject matter, which on this occasion was The Government losing the Court case as to having to have an act of Parliament in order to get a Brexit.  The Government had wanted to not go through parliament and it took some independent action of campaigners to force them to follow the LAW.

Anyway I have spent a little longer on this than intended though I wanted to give a gist of what I had been doing elsewhere.

So I have not really done that, though what I normally do is run through each segment or section of an image possibly background, foreground, middleground, left side, right side, and so on, VERY MUCH DEPENDENT UPON THE IMAGE and also the ARTIST they often have there own unique style or identifiers and so on.

Quite amazingly once you do such things quite regularly you do come to see many stupid things.  Two people on the left and one on the right and later that evening a football score that says 2:1 (for example).  Gaining confidence comes with practice I think and indeed not having to defend your speculations, simply write them down and then witness and see how proficient (or otherwise) you become at such activities.

One Holosync Program I had at some point I think was called “In The Zone” and was considering utilising that (if I can locate it) in combination with one or other Learning Strategies Course.  I can feel like I am now or in the zone, though do not necessarily have a level of accuracy or precision for any given sport.

That issue perhaps of clearing out old mental compartmentalization and then possibly recreating such things with greater awareness and so on.

The old issue of multiple coins being up in the air and you catch the wrong one.  For Example, we often become confused and think we have a great clue and then become disappointed when a result does not materialise.  In reality the result has materialised though we were probably looking within the wrong arena or realm.

Much like the classic Horoscope of A sporting Team that plays in red will win a match today, you go and put your last pound on a football team that loses and a rugby team wins.

Anyway many people seemingly manage to navigate such things far better than I, so I know it can be achieved, though perhaps have to go to those deeper levels of practice and indeed not get caught up in some nonsenses that are strangely never all that far away from some individuals behaviours etc.

good Quality Practice and more accurate and precise navigation.

Anyway wittering on again, Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉


Wow It Has Been So Long

Yes so I have been away from this backwater blog for quite some time.  At least it certainly feels that way, not only for myself though perhaps any readers who happened upon my somewhat bland and super boring daily outputs.

What have I been doing in the meantime.  Well I have continued to dip my toe (so to speak) in a couple of social media realms basically seeing what the lay of the land might be.

Twitter was for myself somewhat overwhelming, though I did find a simple pleasure in feeling that I was communicating with celebrity and distant peoples with an output of my own.

The downside seemingly mostly about who you are following.  For myself I quickly found it easy to comment on one or two peoples that I knew from reading the press when younger or being a Football Fan and Computer geek.  So I seemingly rushed to the likes of Lord Alan Sugar and Piers Morgan and likewise also sought out other peoples who have done the meditation thing.

It does appear that whilst I use Holosync and Learning Strategies courses, those folks have a low presence on Twitter, although I also get the impression many associates and so on are there and have automated systems.  You know, you get major headline tragedy news and buy me buy my products and some or very many are actually worth simply unfollowing.

I like the real people thing- Stars communicating with fans such-as Mark Hamill  though likewise found that British celebrities such-as those with Newspaper Columns and so on, are simply always stirring up controversy of one description or another.

So I left Facebook years ago, although I have a regular visit to the messenger system because daughter insists on using Facebook to communicate with myself from time to time.

So I got used to Twitter on my home PC and was quite pleased that I was not facing or experiencing abuses I had received whilst using Facebook.  Although likewise if I ever checked my comment to some Celebrities would find my Excellent and Polite Comment amongst abusive comments toward some celebrities.

You get that feeling of why bother.  Abusing people is not on my agenda, nor is getting involved with peoples Drama’s, so anyway in the meantime, my old Samsung Mobile was not working very well, because it was not a proper modern day Smartphone, I having had the old brick for several years, and really being a phone and text person, little requirement for all the bell’s and whistles services.

All about myself at work for example, people had or have bells and whistles phones and mostly shared garbage and nonsense and Facebook and games.  So I was satisfied that extra expenditure was unnecessary.

Anyway I upgraded, and I worked out the costings and got myself an all new Smartphone (all new as in new to myself, not new to the market place).  Yes many manufacturers have crowded the market, though I stuck with a brand I liked and indeed chose a Windows phone over a google or Apple Model.

Everyone else seems to like all the app phones though my own experience having bought the daughter them historically and indeed seen family / friends with them is that most apps are garbage and I have liked Windows in its recent incantations since getting my Surface Pad and so on.

So the Windows 10 Phone has full internet access and I can watch TV / Videos and do the games and so on, though many such things come with costs of there own in an over saturated/ over crowded market.

Anyway so I had spent a year on twitter and felt many positives and some negatives, though positives were in the ascendancy.  Anyway Twitter on the phone on the same account that I have my PC twitter was seemingly different, I seem to see huge amounts of junk from some media sources that I was not seeing on my PC app, must be a setting’s thing.  Anyway I wanting to use my Phone more on breaks at work and so on, decided I must seek out some alternate activity.

One of the basic foundations of multiple courses that I have done is simply to describe out loud in your own voice and words what you can see.

So wanting to practice such activities I though it might be fun to utilise the work of folks who already have a proven history and track record, National Newspaper cartoonists.

I think it was Mark Hamill who posted cartoon art a fare bit and having added him I noted some cartoonists on his Twitter account and indeed upon forays into some newspaper articles, I might sometimes note a regular cartoonist and add them to my Twitter Feed.

Just about every columnist in every paper has twitter account, though I really do not want to get sucked into Drama politics, even if I am commenting on articles and so on.  that one of those issues as to subscribing to the press.  Do I want to take out an online subscription when I know from reading other readers comments that a fair bit is undesirable nonsense and garbage.

So I would take a Daily Cartoon and describe it out in writing. I have had some fun doing this mostly with the work of Steve Bell and Martin Rawson and others within the Guardian Online Website.  Whilst I have enjoyed it as an activity, and some regulars appear whom I seem to rub along with okay, I do occasionally mange to get unkind or annoying comments. So I found an alternate blogger site and described them out there and then posted some links on the Guardian Feeds.

Anyway I joined Guardian online I think around October and gradually found myself pulled more and more into that realm via my smartphone usage and generally enjoyed the cartoon section and practicing my describing out loud, quite amazing how many linkages you can find for very many differing Worldly realms, so the Cartoon is often related to a previous days Political news item, though often when describing out loud you might find you can link to multiple touring sports Tennis Cricket and so on that are always going on, or indeed local league sports and it is quite fun seeing jut how many arena’s you can link a simply daily cartoon too.

Likewise you get the impression that many other comments are also reading between the lines and they can be posted to Twitter etc.  The problem for myself is that some folks strangely post regular comments that have nothing to do with the cartoon itself or indeed are just friends chatting.

My problem is typically that whenever I venture elsewhere on the site, I often get seized upon or abused for polite respectful comments.  Usually by Bongo & Mongo secret name fascist scientist types.  Whilst I may not believe in God as such, I do think many Christian values are worthwhile having or indeed harmless, where I disagree with many in society is that many Science type peoples are far more Fascist and demagogue like than Weddings Christenings, and Funerals Christians.

So yes I venture also into the Film Review section as that also an area I heavily indulged via twitter, Bafta’s and Oscar’s and other Awarding Bodies and festivals (Sundance Film festival this week) help you become attuned to timetables.  As do following some Directors and so on.  Yes it is easy to get sucked into any realm, though I tried to be quite diverse with authors as well JK Rowling and some Scottish Authors (on twitter).

Anyway so would I pay? well it is strange because I have historically had and paid for newspaper like subscriptions, though given the abuse I might receive for commenting within some topics and areas, it does not feel value for money.  A dozen or more topic areas, and most of them are no go zones, populated by some not very nice individuals.

Anyway I pay for this site, so I though I may as well start doing some of the things I might comment upon there here.  So I might read articles and then have an opinion here, and likewise I may start doing my cartoon speak out loud practice here.

The problem I think one of having taken myself out of the squabbling childishness arena for several years, do not feel particularly good at returning.

I commented (for example) regularly on the Holosync Blog with very many others over several years when I first took up that modality.  There was not (from my perspective) any real heavy abuse or rudeness.  And that was for myself fine and acceptable.

Realms such-as Facebook and Twitter and Press Sites however are very differing.  Why go to the trouble of sharing any comment or opinion, when you know you are potentially going to be abused or jumped upon in some fashion?

Twitter is great in the sense, that I can post comment on my own mostly unfollowed thread and it matters not whether they are read by others, much the same here.

If I comment on other peoples Twitter feeds however, then the danger or risk increases as to receiving nonsense abuse, and likewise the same is definitely true of Guardian online, where it seems each writer or author has there own following, or indeed particular subjects always attract folks you would not want to debate or interact with anyway.

So what to do, well I like the simplicity of many of the courses I have taken part in since taking up Holosync and indeed Multiple Courses from Learning Strategies and I have enjoyed utilising the Cartoons as a way of becoming attuned to “SEEING IT” so to speak.

The downside of course, that unless I am earning or receiving some benefit from such activities I do not feel they’re a good usage of my time.

So I fully intend to perhaps get the writing thing going again. and remind myself that they only real control I have in the World is with regard to my own thoughts feelings and actions and not those of others.

I like many celebrities though also like the idea of being somewhat apolitical especially with all the brexit and Trump nonsenses that are going on at present.

It seems to me that it has been a way for various power monger types to get younger generations invested into things whether that is politics or other things.  Great for them though not so great for someone such as myself who is older and does not feel any value in such activities.

Anyway this has been a somewhat long ramble, so lets see what events are next to take place within the World at large.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂