So My Most Recent Tweet Was

So my most recent tweet was some comment quoted from Einstein and this photo


It goes without saying of course that even prior to taking up Holosync meditation from Centerpointe Research Institute or even multiple courses from Learning Strategies, that my World or even very many a person’s life and World was full of positive uplifting quotes and so on from very many luminaries.

The problem is often that even if you modify your own behaviour thoughts and feelings and actions as you go through various enlightenment and awareness protocols and stepping stones and methodologies that raise you Threshold etc. other’s about within and without you are unlikely to themselves change, unless they themselves also perhaps experience or are brought to some kind of ah-ha Eureka Moment.

I typically have more recently been thinking of life in terms of Health’s.  Whether Spiritual or Physical or Mental or Financial very many a word can be appended with the Word Health.

I can state that I have revisited Facebook recently again simply to edit & remove much of the accumulated junk applications and so on.  I also unfriended very many people perhaps last year or the year before and that was simply a recognition, that I was not using the site, more than necessarily a reflection on those individuals that I had previously been in regular interactions with.

So my daughter for several years had used my Facebook account during her younger years and played games etc. and I had Friended a wide variety of strangers both from work and the wider World who were also involved with such games and so on. Once she was older and stopped playing them and indeed has gone on to have an account of her own, it was not sensible for myself to continue receiving updates and emails and continuous Facebook notifications for things I had little clue about.

I recently after very many years, purchased a Smartphone and suddenly found myself on Facebook messenger (for example) and again I have simply removed contacts that I have had no interaction with for multiple years.  Again not a reflection on anything in particular so much as my desire to simplify and reduce through having a spring clean and so on.

I think Facebook has gone through many updates over the years and each time I turned notifications OFF they would mysteriously be ON again at some later visit (I continued occasional visit to Facebook as daughter often utilised Facebook for messages) etc. Though overall I have not been a user for many years.  I was offered the option to deactivate account and may take that option, though am simply leaving it alone at present. having taken up this blogging thing for a couple of years and then of course having tried out more recently Twitter and even more recently Guardian Online.

I quite enjoyed Twitter though have been disappointed at having to search for things that I followed, because they were not appearing in any feeds.  Somehow algorithms were operating in an undesirable fashion (for myself) and instead of seeing likeable or desirable entertainment and creativity type realms, I was bombarded with NEWS.

At some point whether through listening to a particular course or constant non-conscious hints & pointers I found myself visiting and signing up to an account with Guardian Online. Unfortunately like very many sites you can visit there are “IN-GANGS” for differing journaling EXPERT Threads and I often found my polite & courteous comments on some articles removed (following some complaint from unknown individuals).  Meanwhile rude, offensive, undesirable (to myself) comment were being left alone.

I persevered for a few months though overall found myself settling on the Cartoon Threads (as though backed into a corner) and meanwhile Guardian online would give myself occasional Questionnaires and ask for donations or subscriptions etc.  I decided to wait and see how it goes, though overall found myself dissatisfied.  Whilst the articles were often okay and I would have considered subscription etc., many comment threads were not and I think I found myself returning to what Bill Harris reiterated to myself and others, multiple times on the Holosync Blog “That what does not serve you falls away”.

Most recently in a questionnaire I was asked about what changes I might like to see in order to become a customer and I had to say that a change is required in the Article Comment Threads. Yes they have moderators though it seems to myself that the inmates have taken over the asylum.  Anyone who fails to comply with particular BIAS would be targeted or continuously have comments removed.  I suggested that a system such as that used by Twitter may be more appropriate.  Users able to block other users whose comments they have no desire to see or read etc. that gives choice, where as at present, returning to such a website and finding your comment removed or indeed responded to rudely is more likely to return yourself to those negative thoughts and feelings and so on. far better to let such things go.

Make a decision to not participate at the level that those feed hogs etc.  are setting on the given topics and so on.

I started at the top of this article with a quote, and spoke about HEALTHS and to my mind, greater Health can often be achieved through dedicated Isolationism, Meditation and backwater blogging such as this than it can on main stream media.

I obviously Wanted or Desired to feel part of something perhaps, hence my trying out of Twitter and Guardian Online, though whilst I may continue with Twitter, whom I follow is likely to be reduced and who I actually INTERACT with is likely to be reduced.

Maybe become more of a Watcher or CREATIVE type than active participant and likewise with regard to those HEALTHS remember that each level and system may also require its own level of independent inter related NAVIGATION.  So your Spiritual Health may require you to seemingly go one way (In Navigational Terms) whilst your physical Health demands an alternative route or path.

The more I have thought about the inter relationships between the Health’s and indeed the Navigation’s, the more I have found myself desiring some Neutrality or centeredness on the various respective levels.  Again it is amazing how many things we apply a particular dynamic ruling to without considering the effect elsewhere within our thinking.  Though overall as hinted at you can often find a certain level of CREEP occurring.  Where you are suddenly enveloped once again or at the centre of nonsense not of your own creating or making.  “Other Peoples Stuff” as Sam Horn labelled such things within the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now course.

Yes the simplest methodology is often unfortunately to consider most folks “predators with agenda’s” that are not necessarily in alignment with your own favoured choices and options.

Another aspect I recently short form commented on Twitter was that it was often seemingly a debate between Social Media (EG.  Facebook/Snapchat etc.) Vs Press Media (Broadcast / Newspapers) Vs Isolationism (Private Blogging / Creativity etc.)

For myself despite dipping my toe back in the water so to speak, this backwater blogging and a certain amount of ISOLATIONISM is the way forward.  Yes if I were following courses and making huge sums through gambling ah-ha’s through discerning winners for various sporting realms then I would be invested in those News media and Social Media realms, though overall I have found again and again that “most popular” lowest common denominator subjects – race, colour, creed, sex, etc. etc.

All often serve as undesirable distractions for making your own best decisions amongst.

One of prioritisation of TRIGGERS I think.  If someone is being outrageously offensive and rude (as many commentators are) you tend to lose track of your focus and concentration on looking for SPORTING RESULT, often going off and being mentally side tracked.

You also of course have people who KNOW how to carry out polite interaction back and forth, though within many realms, far to many commentators DISTRACT with garbage and trash.

So you have to maintain your own standards & principals perhaps, irrespective or what is going from others within such environments.

Anyway this has been one of those blah blah blah type out pouring’s with little in the way of teaching, beyond perhaps my own desire to sort wheat from chaff and return to feeling more centred in all aspects of life the universe and everything.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!









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