No Good Crying Over Spilt Milk

Yes, Yes I know, though this title is a record of an event.  On this occasion having finished a work shift, I get back to my lodging’s and there is a crate with some Freshly delivered Milk in it, so rather than leave the milk bottles out for the rest of the night I chose to pick them up and carry them. to the fridge, they being classic glass dairy bottles, the silver foil seemingly came loose on 1 bottle, and as I was holding it in a tilted position, the content began pouring out all over the doorstep and so on.

I then of course carried the bottles to clean before placing in the fridge, and then decided I had better not leave puddles of milk all over the front area of the entryway to the house, so returned to wash away the spilt milk, simply diluting it with a jug of water, this is all still in the early hours of the morning and typically, beyond the stragglers heading home from night’s out & from the pubs & clubs, all is quiet in the street, beyond the seeming  noise I may have been making.

Anyway after that occurred I found myself thinking on that title and wondering if its face value meaning and often quoted “old wives tale” meanings had any value to them, I cannot really decide to be honest.

What else, well as per usual I noted that The Euro Lottery has grown & grown and is rather a large sum of money at present, we often convince ourselves that you have to be in it to win it and obviously purchasing more lines means more potential for you winning, so I thought okay in this occasion I will purchase another line or two, & in the morning I got my mail saying “News About Your Ticket”  thoughts raced through my mind, could it be, finally, etc. etc.

So I had a small win from a couple of numbers, where normally I would likely have lost as they were on one of the extra lines I bought, though much like my lack of success in sports gambling, the investment vs the return on investment, leaves myself with an emptier pocket, than if I had simply not bothered. Strange though true this is a kind of truth I experience over & over again, despite having invested in products that are supposed to CHANGE my luck and capabilities and so on through changing my vibe.

So what else have I noted in recent days

Aside: I often find myself thinking in terms of WINDOW ZONES OF NOW that are usually kind of spread over several days, although it often does seem apparent that experts or people who have studied such cycles & patterns far longer than I, are far more big picture accurate and indeed small picture accurate at the same time, chunking up and down at will (so to speak), maybe that is part of an illusion though it does appear real to myself as an outside observer anyway.

So another Calendar I have perhaps not mentioned though is well worth being at least AWARE of in some manner is actually the World Fashion Calendar (yes you can look it up).  I am not hot on fashion etc.  Though many major Cities have a Fashion Week of some description and again it kind of operates much like Sporting Tour Calendars.  The Fashion World of course wants Celebrities from Film, TV, Music and Sports and so on promoting there wears, so they kind of have a finger in many a Worldly Realm Pie.

So this week I noted some report on UK baby names, and happened to note what appeared to myself to be a rather large increase in births, more than half a million in fact for 2016, and of course I have not checked year in and year out figures, though obviously given my own History I do wonder as to who is going to be paying for all these new kids etc.  As someone who was refused “Social Care” assistance in terms of housing and benefits and so on for multiple years even as a TAXPAYER,  when I was most in need or requirement of such services, it does kind of bring out a certain level of resentment, at how easy it is for some people to seemingly abuse all and any benefit systems that the Country has to offer. Many Government bodies and indeed Private Companies have alleged EQUAL RIGHTS rules and safeguards in place, though time & again you see FIRST AMONG EQUALS interpretations and skewering’s being given priority, over what to myself can seem quite obvious as to unfairness and so on.

Where once an elder generation fought wars, and then rebelled against the Countries Establishments to get wide spread social housing and a better society and some social provisions, the children of that war generation typically todays pensioners, voted quite selfishly  over multiple elections to do away with many of the things they themselves had benefitted from & taken for granted, housing stock all sold off or indeed now occupied by the children of the children of previous original tenants and so on.

Now of course the landscape appears quite skewered in terms of where you might place people on societal ladders or classes, though clearly gaps still exist where people such-as myself fall through, with little way back in terms of life progress etc. & indeed perhaps a hardening of our own attitudes towards such systems that failed us ourselves when we most needed them, bias exists from region to region and population demographic to population demographic and cry-wolf group to cry-wolf group, though again & again I have found myself preferring to not be in alignment with many such groups, the potential negatives often in my own judgement outweighing any positives.

Whilst I have believed that Raising Threshold has been fantastic and I am grateful to have found the meditation technologies, having threshold does not necessarily mean you should “go with or be in alignment with some corrupt system  or grouping or peoples” just because you are better able to tolerate or cope with them etc.

I recently completed a survey from a company asking for guidance on what future products I might be more inclined to purchase from them “make shit roll uphill” was not on the list, and though it might have to be renamed “all-directions auto-correct” or some such I do think that given many a teaching being about Head to Toe Policies (taken to mean from the highest Lords & Ladies to the lowliest of the low) you do often think that an automated “make shit roll uphill” would be fantastic for put upon workers in lowly positions, who have bosses that are typical examples of the “fuck this for a game of soldiers” mentality who scarpered from working as fast as they could into gaining promotion, or of course ego power mongering, bullying & social alignments (over Officially Stated company policies and Directions)..

As you grow older & wiser you often know of course, though when a young starter in a company you may get to hear the Bosses Version of how they progressed Versus some old timers Version & they rarely correlate.  Though  stay around a few years and you see the same over & over again.  Sayings such as Shit Floats, and where there is muck there is brass often hold common law seeds of truths within them.

So why would anyone want a make shit roll uphill product, and I think quite simply it is more with wanting COMPANIES whether large or small to be able to stay congruent with the Business Model and AIMS & GOALS Purpose and so on etc.  Rather than some untrustworthy “interpretation” from some dodgy chancer unscrupulous manager type who happened to be married to someone else relative within the Company and gets first dips on new job opportunities and so on  or makes the Company Policy appear to bend to there own Agenda rather than they be in alignment with the Company’s stated policy.

There a major subtle differences in these things, and I have seen the behaviour go the wrong direction more times than I can count, sometimes in some instances, some things really do have strong mitigating circumstances that have caused some strange decision making, though we all know that once a foundational behaviour has been crafted in some fashion, that it will likely be repeated over & over again in “getting away with it fashion” until someone points it out, or indeed the individual concerned is given suitable rollicking from someone else even more powerful than they themselves, as much as some folks like to consider themselves the judge, jury & executioner within some realms, especially if they created them, there are always higher powers whether Government or Police or Law & Order and so on that can catch up with them at some future point in time if they do not put there own house in order or get there act together first (we can all make mistakes in our lives and we can all change, though some truly do not unless forced to in some fashion), that is especially true of some bullying types I have encountered, who rarely ever change, irrespective of consequences for themselves or the people caught up in there unhealthy circles of influence & manipulation.

When you consider the harmful or detrimental effects that building poor business & management skills can have in the long term upon businesses, it can often be better to get rid of some types of staff or individuals rather than seek to protect some pre-existing “investment” that companies often cite as to reason to keep bad apples.

So what will America do now regarding there Health Care?  As an outside observer, I think they should stick with Obamacare; good or bad it is better than anything America had previously or is likely to gain in future, the downside of course that just like the UK, Health care is a financial bottomless pit and in America they have so many Companies & states all with differing provisions and healthcare providers and pretty much like our so-called postcode lottery there’s is a lot of fighting over where money is best spent and so on.

So I am unsure as to the motive behind Trump wanting to do away with healthcare for workers and the lifelong ill health sufferers, though clearly in focus & attention terms, he could simply be making it a hot enough potato that no-one in future will want to touch it with a barge pole, either for vested health insurer business’ or indeed any other vested interests, let us not forget that  Originally the Government of the UK had to bully bribe & coerce the Health Professionals into participating in a Health Service at all, and America could well be simply going through that process. albeit they still a health insurance based nation.  People inside & outside of those professions are not necessarily going to want to be on the wrong side of the neighbours & population at large.

As a former NHS worker who was a department administrator, it was often easily demonstrated to myself how much of an equalizer Health can be, whether I was dealing with the wealthy or people of higher society or indeed working classes & the poor, many were grateful that such services were available and indeed the attitudes of patients could not really be separated in the importance of how Health can pretty much affect all aspects of “Quality of Life” irrespective of how your life has turned out in other areas.

So what next then I can wonder.  Well many sporting events this weekend though of course as mentioned earlier I seem to usually lose more than I gain on such matters, even having studied them consciously or indeed non-consciously for many years, I think the problem is when you have suffered through accident & injury trauma for so many years, or indeed have been heavily bullied & abused by society at large or co-workers and gangs, and are then told you have to rely on external teachers & experts, because your own internal systems are so downgraded as to being useless, you have little hope of progress or success, because you have no where to turn, especially when you have also invested in raising Threshold and greater awareness & enlightenment products, giving you a very differing World outlook to even those who might be listed as biological family & friends, quite simply the disparity between attitudes & mind sets and so on can seemingly be to big to bridge in many ways.

Yes sounds rather hopeless, though I do not physically feel that as I write, just laugh perhaps at the seeming merry go round of futilities that we invest our time and money in and so on just to fill time and have things to do,  and indeed how self important some things are to some folks, even though of course we all have our own crosses to bare.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well!



Not Ever Been Truly Sure About Dreams

So of course from a young age I typically had dreams, very often typical of various dream states that you can read upon from many a provider.  I am not sure exactly when my ability to dream shut down though I think at some point I kind of went through a phase where everything had seemingly turned to nightmare, and I kind of made a conscious I do not want to dream anymore kind of decision, and in effect whilst I may have continued having dreams I very rarely recalled them upon awakening and so on each morning.

I mention that of course, as since taking up meditation and indeed trying various courses and indeed one or two book recommendations including those that I have made myself, this idea is presented as to making a record of your dreams, much in the same fashion as taking notes during your waking hours.

Likewise there is also this issue of conscious or day dreams, and ideas such-as Lucid Dreams, though again in complete honesty I have struggled with many of these suggestions, because quite simply whilst I might be able to experience something with a course listen through and “practice” I would often almost immediately the following day or night or whenever I was asleep return to the not remembering dreams when I wake up.

So anyway one of the Affiliates of Centerpointe is Mary Morrisey and her Dream Builder Empire, that I think I have seen reference to over the last week or two and I also of course have her Field of Dreams book in my collection.

So what is the big deal?  Well I have seemingly started to dream again and indeed remember them afterwards, and that is not only post sleep dreams though day dreams and maybe even some lucid dreams etc. I am writing this down now, quite simply because of my own historical failure with courses to get any kind of dreams up and running again and on this occasion they (dreams) are seemingly managing to have kept going, the only issue then perhaps as to how many years of meditation it has taken and indeed how far back into my own life history they seem to be pointing myself, much of the dream memories often related to young childhood, more than anything else, although that is of course suggested to be the time in our lives when we are still most open to information and soaking all and everything sensory wise like a sponge.

Of course, one of the issues potentially (some of these things seem to be self fulfilling prophecies) is that issue of how much trauma we may have suffered that causes various mental faculties or facilities to stop working anyway, I know looking back that I suffered various bumps & bruises & dental work like most other children of my generation though I also suffered broken bones at younger ages as well as major accident during my mid teens, so plenty for my bodily systems to shut down about.

That is also an issue with some of the works of Learning Strategies where it is boasted of expertise in pre-conscious processing and so on, this idea that you can create your life before your life began, whilst such ideas are I am sure great as a therapeutic tool for some folks, for myself I typically have resistance to such ideas, because whilst I may have gradually come round to the idea that we all create our own realities, I cannot think in anyway shape or form that I would make pre-conscious decisions to practically kill myself (to all intense purposes).  Whilst some folks of course seem to “get off” on being able to boast of all there scars and damage, it is not something I personally would ever want to deliberately invite into my life, so that leads to an unhealthy conclusion’s as to whom is responsible for these things, if I have to look to externals.

So I recently spoke on this issue as to my Name David Simon Perkins and of course the issue of Vowels and Consonants.  The Letter U or u is perhaps the only one vowel not contained within my name, not sure what the creators of language were thinking when they came up with there original schematics for programming the human race, though clearly it can be pointed out that in EVOLUTIONARY terms of alphabets and so on that U & V and W all had a kind of shared or common ancestry, perhaps prior to the days of typewriters and printing presses etc.  The Religious sects handing down & trading knowledges could not always read each others writings so what looked like a V became a U or vice-versa, I mention that lack of a U because clearly there is a V so that kind of mitigates the absence of the other, especially if you happen to do the so-called research.  And that also perhaps why I again chose to go deeper into the Holosync levels, all the schooling and learning that I was really keen on as a young child, clearly failed myself, the further I went through the education system and experienced the World in a shared format with other peoples and persons and so on.

So do I like dreams now? well they have been pleasant enough and far preferable to the kinds of nightmares that led myself to condition myself to not have any recall etc.  I think the other issue was of course as to how the brain operates in the sense that I spoke as to having done early levels of Holosync and prior to that had done some EFT tapping kinds of work with ACIM whereby the one side of my brain hemisphere seemingly felt as though lit up (much like we see radiated images of prophets & sages) in ancient images, though in honesty the tapping was quite hard work, and at some point fell away from my routine as did that sensory feeling of having one brain hemisphere lit up, although that was of course replaced with feeling that I really was experiencing “Whole Brain Thinking” between the two hemispheres and so on.

Another aspect of course is this one of intelligence and keeping your brain active and so on, though again during my childhood and indeed adulthood I enjoyed quizzes and being able to answer questions made by show hosts etc on TV, though I could probably now watch many a show and have little idea as to some answers, even on topics and subjects I should know well through study etc.  It is troubling knowing what the sweet spot is in terms of trade-offs, feel better in yourself than you have for years, versus filling up on junk content in a repeat of your life, that did not really serve you in a sensible fashion previously.

So the other factor I think is of course that other area I mentioned, the work of Dr Amen Vs La-Di-Da teachers.  I think there is a place for some of the La-Di-Da teachers if they really are leading you through awakening type processes rather than just cynically exploiting you, though how can you ever know in many a case, whether supposed science or La-Di-Da as to that which is most empowering.

I spoke previously of my love of Technology (I think) though likewise believe that much about Science is of the exploitative kind, I do not want to name names, though clearly given my name and the strong linkage to popular religious figures, it should not really be a surprise to many a person, where I perhaps differ is that I genuinely also grew up a futurist type of person in loving space TV FILM & science fictions and engineering ideas and so on, where many a Card Carrying Science “book writer” is more about there own personal brand of Science as a Religion, than any actual physical World products.  Again you can of course say well you have to have Theorists and Lecturers and Mathematicians and so on, though I think even many of there positions is threatened by the advancement of some computerised systems and machine learnings and so on, because as is often concluded by Machines in Science Fiction writings from SCI-FI authors, humans and human decision making and BIASES are often the weakest link in many a circumstance of life.  There is of course a race to create and have driverless vehicles and so on, though I do not think many of us would willingly accept that, without some equivalent to airline pilots, people watching and monitoring the instrument gauges and so on.  Always strange when they give cause of plane crashes as human error, when further investigation often reveals most or many flights are automated fly-by-wire computer systems.

Anyway what else, well I have suddenly found myself thinking on the Star Wars stuff again, and am typically growing ever more impatient for a new trailer, even though they could probably be successful without one, in terms of brand identity and consumer confidence in that brand.  A quick research revealed that the 2nd big trailer for Episode 7 did not actually drop until October, although I think more mini teasers existed, whilst on this occasion we have perhaps had a main trailer and indeed a behind the scenes making of special and of course (at least for myself) more coverage in some of the press outlets I have monitored since being on Twitter (things like Empire Magazine and Vanity Fair) seem to have quite regular output on things worth monitoring, for film fans or followers of the Royals etc.

I also spoke as to how lousy my INTUITION is and then of course kind of proved myself incorrect in the sense that having spoken of Stan Lee (comic book guy) I notice Kyle Stanley won the first round of one of the Men’s Golf Tours that I follow.  Again being able to relate clues to person, is not always so easy and as Scientists often state, the act of monitoring can often change the outcome, that perhaps why all those gambling websites go to ever greater depth of bet, bet my the day, bet for the competition, bet for the number of goals or birdies or 180’s and so on.

Though in all honesty the best method is perhaps genuinely to create a blog & write or indeed get sponsorship or advertising or write a book and keep meditating and making notes and seek to not be greedy about what you think you know, again & again I have often found it easier to go for win lose or draw in football (for example) than exact scores etc.  Yes I will often see what I think is an exact score though when it comes to ideas surrounding Universal translators and methodologies, so many have been created that it is no wonder we end up with our heads spinning.

Yes I know I have often failed to speak on the Politics and so on, though really what can be said that will not offend someone somewhere. Most Nations it might be suggested have a Royal family or Leading Politicians Statesmen & Women that are supposed to lead through EXAMPLE, though in a World of 7 Billion people, we do seem to have found ourselves at one of those big points in History where the best laid plans may not be advisable to get involved with too strongly.

Where once the classical 10 Commandments served many nations fairly well (IMHO), I think it clear that some of the Richest, Wealthiest folks about the Globe have gotten that way through throwing such basics out of the window and to hell with the consequences for everyone else.

Where once I said to folks compare “The Witches Bible” with “On the Shoulders Of Giants” so you can SEE that both La-Di-Da and Science have common ancestral roots, you can of course just taking the Numerology course from Learning Strategies and that has those number grids etc. anyway.

Though going back to what I stated above, if the UK as an image appears to be that of a witch and of course London the Throne, most folks can work out various body part points, although I think Bill Bryson a popular travel writer, who has documented many such places about the Globe for folks to read about potentially a good source of information on locals etc.

So yes,  where once Global Leadership was seemingly about politeness & decency and having respectable peoples leading the way & so on, these days it appears to be the anti-ten commandments version, whereby you are only qualified if you are on your X marriage, XX Daylight Robbery, and you can think up the rest for yourselves, though I really do think that the spectacle that HIGH OFFICE has become throughout the Globe and indeed throughout very many spheres & realms of life, can only lead to things worsening.  Yes we have seen positive human action in relation to natural disasters, though those things are seemingly vastly outnumbered when it comes to the reporting as to where folks are choosing to place there attention.  Monsoon Season in India & that region kills hundreds year upon year is never reported in the West, though a couple of Storms in America and you would think Chicken Little has just had his first encounter with the Sky falling down.

Taking back control of where you place your own focus & attention has perhaps never been so more necessary than in this modern age, where we are seemingly headed into some great New Dark Ages or Biblical Times of Plague and so on.

So whilst many a person has said “Follow Me, I shall save you” and led followers on a merry goose chase, I do not say that, so much as suggest folks from whatever sphere and realm of life, could do far worse than take up meditation, and I recommend Holosync Meditation because quite simply that was the first product in 20+ years of adulthood that raised Threshold, cut through all the nonsense, whether Science or La-Di-Da, and enabled at least a greater level or awareness and perspective on many things in Life, the Universe & Everything, and as said previously, I myself thought I was pretty knowledgeable after the Hypnosis Tools and some of the early La-Di-Da awakening stuff, though those that continue for a few years with Meditation, will likely be amazed at some of the Awareness that come about and so on, and indeed just how much it really can seem like it has all been an inside job etc or indeed thoughts feelings and actions as to childhood nursery rhymes that end in phrases such-as <<<LIFE IS BUT A DREAM>>>

Whose rowing this thing anyway!

Thank you for reading, God Bless & Be Well!


Heroes Die, Legends Live Forever

Yes that is one of those kind’s of phrases you see from time to time as grab your attention headlines on Magazines and Comic Books, although in complete honesty I just noticed this one whilst carrying out some wiki research.

Typically of course I have spoken of how I went through multiple phases of seeking to sort my life out, get my head together & start over, and again & again many of these things bring us back to people who diary there lives or sell alignments and legends and so on that people can buy into and all that jazz.

So what is the most strange though true realisation that I have had regarding these so-called brain technologies, well I said that raising your threshold, you come to see greater connectivity between all the various stories and legends and of course, we often go in search of some kinds of foundational roots, in being better able to navigate the World at large.

So on this occasion that title came from some research I carried out going from thread to thread to thread after seeing mention of Jeremy Irons (actor) who recently had a birthday and was the source of a quote that I saw.  Interestingly as well as having a long & distinguished acting career performing everything from William Shakespeare to more recent DC-Warner Superhero Butler.

He also shares a year of , 1948, with Prince Charles and indeed my own mother and also The State of Israel, that Country of course provided the myth & legend & stories of my own given names. So what is the link cry the impatient ones?

Well I of course have utilised that Dave S Perkins as my name for quite some time now, and also last year whilst researching noted that a famed Hollywood TV show writer/director and blogger and Twitter Angry man also shares that name David Simon, and it is also similar to a character Dave S. Pumkins portrayed by Movie Legend Tom Hanks on popular American entertainment show SNL (Saturday Night Live).

And whilst mildly interesting, it is fairly obvious to most of us that in a World populated by 7 Billion people, that some of our names are likely shared or going to appear more than once in a phone book with more than 1 person having such identities.

So yes all of those things were interesting things that have consciously OCCURED to myself during the last few years with doing Holosync and meditation and indeed doing various affiliate courses from companies such-as Learning Strategies. Interestingly I think it is probably the Learning Strategies Courses that have put myself into the zone that I have been thinking upon, That of so-called Superheroes. Mainly because I felt early on with a number of Learning Strategies Paraliminals and so on that they were “taking the piss”, why?  Well it often seemed as though what was being spoken upon was deliberately geared toward particular characters in movie & film and people were supposed to feel clued up that all are actors and actresses (I think), although what do I know about the mind set that was behind those Paraliminal products etc.  The problem perhaps for International Consumers is that whilst I might recognise references to Star Wars and other big international hits, all the AMERICAN CENTRIC materials go straight over my head, I think that perhaps also part of the issue with some of my earlier Holosync interactions where clues and so on, simply went over my head, because of the having a common language, though not a common selection of resources or interests.

And yes it is quite obvious that a character such-as Superman has what appears to be a large S on his chest and indeed when I write my name out as DAVE S PERKINS, the only thing missing is perhaps U.  Although for very much of the last few years meditating and so on, yes I researched Comic Books in terms of drawing such-as Stan Lee’s “How To Draw…” series of books, I never really considered all these things bringing us continuously back to so-called Super Hero realms.

So I enjoy Super hero realms in terms of Entertainment, though my own experience of so-called “acting the hero” has usually met with terrible consequences for myself, hence taking up things such-as Meditation and Holosync to clear out all the so-called inner or outer mental confusions and conflicts and be more SANE and perhaps INTELLIGENT in decision making etc.

The research in connection with Jeremy Irons of course led myself into the Modern DC Film Franchise where Superman recently perished at the hands of Doomsday, Jeremy Irons portrayed Alfred (Batman’s Butler).  So anyway whenever I go deeper into researching the Comic Book realm beyond the basic interest in drawing and how the stories are told, you nearly always find that most of the stories are unhinged and incomprehensible, yes you can say I am not the target audience child, though even as a child many of the American Comic Books were beyond comprehension, hence British Publishers or importers being quite selective in what was able to traverse the so-called pond of the Atlantic.

Anyway I recently spoke of Robert Gilbraith Cormorant Strike & that character had lost his lower leg in an accident – his LEG END?

I myself strangely whilst not eventually losing my Leg end, as it was held together by some bits of skin that the Consultants decided to repair along with realigning the bones so they could grow back, did of course come to an end in many ways at that point in my life. Though that perhaps where the pre-established building blocks come to the fore, give how so much of the human race shares common history and mental facilities and sources and so on, fictions such-as being alive through existing through some Cloud or internet or indeed Dream Net are not all that outlandish. Especially if you have done Holosync a year or two and indeed perhaps EFT tapping in combination with ACIM, where you can typically realise or feel as though one side of your head is tuned up or connected in some fashion, another reason perhaps why I went deeper into the meditation levels and layers.  All well and good being alive, though if the only people you are attuned to are the dregs of humanity etc. it can well be argued that having a good & thorough mental clean-up is in good order, even if that means having to forgo being well attuned for many of those sporting realms I spoke of following.

That perhaps another of those double-sided coin issues, before Holosync my intuition was pretty rubbish and unreliable, post holosync the same, so it cannot really be argued that I have lost anything, apart perhaps from many inner conflicts/confusions that I am better of without anyway, and of course the money spent or invested on these products and so on, which all in all amounts to a fair amount, though likewise some things are priceless and I am sure whilst commonalities are shared with other peoples stories etc. that I must surely have managed some uniqueness and so on.

So yes, interestingly the Comic Book research also seemingly as well as Stan Lee almost always has one or two other artists, that I was less familiar with, one of those a guy called Jack Kirby and Jack was also my Grandfathers name, so the more you progress, the more you wonder as to how substantial any given individual persons physical reality genuinely is, beyond the so-called fictional content that we seemingly give ourselves. Just as my daughter has spent her holiday time on trains visiting myself here in Hereford, I used to spend time with mum & brother travelling on trains visiting Grandad Jack and Granny in Crewe in Cheshire.

Likewise progress also seemingly does lead to a kind of “you are never alone” mind set, because as you write regular and see all the connectivity etc. it kind of satisfies you, that you are indeed attuned and indeed less triggered by ideas of loneliness and depression and all the very emotive words that we cling onto as Materialistic Creatures, though not as spiritual beings living a human existence.

So most or many of these celebrated or famed people we see in news & media are often so for outlandishness behaviour and choices and of course those things can be debated, though it is good to remind ourselves whilst some of us are left to sit & stare they are out there living the lives that we may have wanted for ourselves, there are no prizes to clinging to being poor or in poverty any more than there are to riches & wealth though I am damned certain having existed predominantly in the former, that I would only want the latter for the future etc.

So what is going on with the World at present?

Well this does appear to be one of those Hell Yeah Oops Splat type moments in the calendar for some folks at least, in monitoring terms it appears that we are of course changing Season from Summer to Autumn and I can say I have also noted an increase in female activity as though they are the ones preparing family and households for the coming Autumn – Winter seasons and of course, in the realm of Sports where things were at one point seemingly EASY, they suddenly as suggested went kind of splat – How So?

Well take Tennis as an example, for much of the year you might see just one or two tournaments highlighted as happening concurrently and that is fairly easy to monitor and suddenly  kaboom there are 4 or 5 or more tournaments highlighted as presently taking place, so your ability to find distinctions amongst cluing systems becomes more troubling.  The same can be said for Sports such-as Football where many a person has a Premiership Side and a lower or local side, and they are often pitted against each other in some of the Cup Events, if we were looking to other realms, it could be suggested that in Building Industry it is the season of the Cement Mixer, or in Casino’s the season of Russian Roulette etc.  For the average person in the kitchen it might be equivalent to that idea of a food mixer or blender, where two many fingers in two many pies, ups all the potential confusions and potentials for conflicts and so on.

Almost like these giant storms that we are seeing, that are kind of like a centrifugal or mixing force.  So it could be suggested that it really can be wiser as you progress to not only raise your Threshold though also reduce the amount of manageable balls that you are juggling or coping with, yes the raising Threshold helps and is supposed to enable you to cope with more and so on, though I have found that just because such Technologies or there providers make such recommendations does not necessarily mean that you have to push and push past previous limits you set for yourself, that is especially true in the early stages, where I know I myself seemingly experienced overwhelm after overwhelm after overwhelm and was grateful that already having a relatively quiet life meant that I was better able to feel like I was finally getting some closure on much about my own life history and so on.

So I need new things to focus upon and perhaps break the eat sleep work repeat pattern, especially now my daughter is older and I feel better able to move forward in my own life.

This is of course now so typically as we all have our own calendars and things we are interested in or knowledge we hold within our noggin’s all information is of course DATA and should be considered as such when monitoring the wider World or indeed seeking to benefit from knowledge & awareness and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well!



So Why Do We Repeat Ourselves

Yes I was thinking on this topic due to the fact that when you think about many an area of life we really do or can often find ourselves “repeating ourselves” when in communication with others, be they family friends or simply audience or colleagues and of course children, repetition said to be part and parcel of the learning experience.

However that is also slightly differing when you begin say an awareness & enlightenment journey experience with these Meditation  Technologies, or at least it can seem that way within say the awakening levels, whilst not necessarily so within the purification or flowering levels, these things really are perhaps an individual experience, in the sense that I was initially more concerned in having a rather large mental clearing out of information and life lessons & learning when I began this journey, although of course at some point things became more of a trot or cantor as a routine developed and indeed multiple aspects of life and the World and indeed the environments I found myself began to change & alter.

There are I think no absolutes in life as to where any given individual is most empowered in the sense that whilst I myself was very much about clearing out many a mental “horror Story” for example, many another person is perfectly happy to continue being a fan of such things.

Anyway returning to the repeating ourselves issue, I think that as I progressed with various meditation levels and indeed affiliate courses and so on and so forth, it often became apparent that issues such as things I spoke of yesterday were more commonplace.

What issues goes up the Cry? Well most definitely one is this idea that when young we accumulate very many stories and learn to distinguish between movies and theatre and TV and radio and other more recent online technologies and indeed actors and actresses and other people within the Worlds we inhabit, and we most definitely regard each & every one as somehow separate segregated and compartmentalised, and the same is often true for the differing courses that we can take, where they very much seem different to that other course we took or paid for and purchased from this other provider over here and so on.

As I have progressed within the Meditation journey, and indeed experienced mental reorganisations and gaining ever greater levels of Threshold, you do often also come to see ever greater connectivity between everything, and that can of course be a help or hindrance, a good example is perhaps where we look at Identical Twins and consider them to be Identical (even though science experts usually find something such as fingerprints that can still make them negligibly differing).

However we are usually satisfied that outwardly all things are equal, and we can now consider that in many ways in terms of thoughts, feelings, emotions or indeed actions taken, that again many of us are only differing from each other in the sense of outward appearance (if you consider that we are predominantly thoughts or various identified processes in a body).

We can also of course say that in very many areas of life we like considering ourselves differing  from other people, some of the things may well be sensible in the sense that if someone is in prison for some crime against society or the law of the land, and you have not personally committed such crime, then obviously you want to be able to make such distinctions regarding yourself, and likewise the same can be said for belonging to some community & organisation or not belonging to some community & organisation.

We do of course have to bare in mind that our own purpose, for example, in using a Technology such-as Holosync could well be very differing from the purpose originally intentioned by the Company Creator & Founder, or indeed the people who led us toward such a Technology, some La-Di-Da person coaching EFT Tapping on Facebook might be considered differing to someone whose recommendation came from a Science Background such-as Dr Daniel Amen and his MRI scan brain science.

So in many respects whilst we often want need & desire to say, that what is preached or practiced and taught over there is junk and this is the one true Science, many an area of life the Universe & everything went through some particular invention, or creative AH-HA or research that then led perhaps to another developmental stage, that then led to another developmental stage, until in many an instance we end up in a Society with strongly disparate realms that some are now called Establishment, whilst others are Historical Belief related such as old Religions although still establishment.

So anyway the Meditation clears out many a seeming conflict and enables you to genuinely have a perspective from a higher place on the Mountain so-to-speak, and that is especially good, if some topics and subjects are of little interest to you anyway beyond your being triggered by them in some fashion, historically.

I know for example having trended (for lack of a better term) with The Guardian Newspaper for a while, after having meditated for several years and not read such press, that the year seemingly goes through particular cycles & patterns over & over, & over & over, and indeed so do particular individuals within those realms often dependent upon there own gang bias more than necessarily what the World is going through.

So much as a Cartoon Joke is that the old Hanna Barbara Scooby-Doo series used to have the characters performing a “chase” sequence every episode where they would run past a painting, a sideboard, a potted plant  and so on we can all make our own lists within our own lives and day-to-day World, in simply saying a painting, a sideboard, a potted plant, you are more likely to notice or become Aware of those things within your own life because they have been HIGHLIGHTED.

So imagine the multiplications of that function when you consider how many things in day-to-day TV, Movies, News Reports and so on are filling your head with content or potential HIGHLIGHTED TRIGGERS, that may or may not be good/bad/indifferent for you yourself.

Some may be fine and normal for you in your chosen selection of LIFESTYLES, though given my own experience and history and indeed how many Facebook Friends also took up Holosync , once I and indeed others demonstrated that all was not necessarily as it seems with the World and Science Superiority over basic human intelligence. I think it Is fair to say that quite a few people had seemingly spent there lives “searching” or as seekers of greater truths, lessons & learnings that they perhaps stumbled upon from time to time though were never able to maintain to any great degree, and clearly a Technology that enables maintaining higher levels of Threshold and so on, really is a Godsend.

So the best thing that can be said about many an area of life is that yes New Science can often be great as are many of the Worldly advances in Technology and Health and the creation of Cities and Empires and so on, though do not forget that for all the alleged advances, many have simply introduced New problems that someone has then had to come up with a new solution for. Things such-as overcrowding, and plumbing systems and clean water and vehicles that travel faster & further and on and on.

Each new advancement has nearly also come with its own newfound baggage (such-as Pollution or War or Disputes between pre-existing Societal Realms and the new upstarts and so on.

Again those things are great for being interested in if you are Academic, or Establishment  and accepted within the right circles and places and so on, though for those of us who are adrift from such spheres of life, in many an instance it really can be better to abandon all external distractions and nonsenses and “”other peoples stuff” and focus upon where you yourself of course have most power, within your own life and mind, heart and so on.

So as I have raised threshold, I typically wanted to get rid of multiple things, though also knew that I had to deal & or cope with certain ongoing things in my life, and the best way can often be to utilise those things in a new fashion.  So for example, as part of my divorce process, it had been agreed that daughter would travel & visit during School Holidays and so on and that quite quickly developed into a yearly cycle or process, of Spring Holiday, Easter Holiday, Summer Holiday, Autumn Holiday and Christmas Holiday.

Those are all things that most of us may have taken for granted in our own young unaware lives, and were perhaps on autopilots of a sort, though typically as I was Meditating anyway it became useful in wondering what I myself may or may have not been doing historically within my own life during those breaks within my own childhood.

So that was a kind of School and Seasons of the year Calendar to be aware of.  Likewise as said previously since I began monitoring the Wider World again, I optioned Monitoring various World Touring Sports that I recalled often seeing some weekly Grandstand or World of Sport show, when a young child, though now every realm whether Tennis, Golf, or any other sport has its own 24/7 way of maintaining audience.

I also remembered seeing occasional Award Shows throughout the year, so those too became something I decided to pay attention to, typically the older classics such-as The Oscar’s, The Grammy’s, The Emmy’s, The Brits, Bafta and so on.  Again not so much because I listen to lots of music or see huge amounts of film (quite simply I do not) though I see when they are within the Calendar Year and the stimulus from Meditation helps bring NEW AWARENESS & ENLIGHTENMENT & perhaps more importantly NEW AH-HA’s and CONNECTIONS between the seemingly disparate life realms.

That mostly came about through a reductionist process within my own life, so it might be suggested that I went through a life contraction, where I could then begin to mentally expand perhaps with more awareness and my own actions than simply those I inherited from family or social circles or relationships and schooling and society at large and so on.

Quite simply in building block terms, it could be suggested that the World is being partially led by those with greater awareness and enlightenment and contribution toward less conflicts and wars and so on, although you might not necessarily recognise that when you purchase a paper or turn on the news reports, or indeed have some over abundance of content from TV and internet and  colleague or friend & neighbour bending your ear about some event whether local or regional or national or Global, though more often than not and especially among those who continue with Meditation – a certain level of Connective Transparency can develop so that you really can kind of go from thinking local, regional, national, international in a new light and fashion.

Some local event or regional event or national event (potentially even within your own life) happens to give you a CLUE to a forthcoming National or International Sport Event Result  or Award Show Result.

Some folks have done fantastically out of such things over the years, though I myself have struggled with some of those areas, and that it partially I think due to the Teaching regarding how ATTACHED we are to wanting things to stay the same or for some result to occur.  Much like being a lifelong Fan of a particular Sporting Club and all the Clues that your new awareness give you tell you, your TEAM are going to lose, do you back the opposition?  I say anyone struggling should get over there pride and take the money & run if the CLUES are that STRONG, though I have again and again met folks who simply do not make the bet, such is the lifelong INTRANSIGENCE (something we nearly all have to some lesser or greater degree (depending on subject & topic)).  However we all of us typically have many day-to-day life’s that have grown over the years and many things can blindside us from having great INTUITION, hence once again returning to that place where you have greatest control.  within yourself and how you choose to spend your time and activities and so on.

Anyway this was a rambling Blah Blah, after realising I could not watch yesterday evening Emmy’s (from America), I found myself checking out IPLAYER and decided to watch J K Rowling (Robert Gilbraith’s) Cormorant Strike Shows, she another interesting writer for myself in terms of awareness & enlightenment in the sense, that with both the Harry Potter Realm and indeed this Cormorant Strike Realm, she has partially kind of told ELEMENTS of my own life back to myself, this was also something that perhaps got myself HOOKED with Holosync and Bill Harris when I first investigated Centerpointe and the Meditation products, so much of the Material seemingly told myself elements of my own life story back to myself or was close or comparable enough to stimulate further investigation.

So that perhaps demonstrable of how many, or all folks really do have some awareness & enlightenment and so on, though are typically sleepwalking through life or indeed not fully awakened enough to see how some of those things can be truly empowering, although having said that we can talk about IT, we can tell and teach and provide people all the building blocks of IT and so on, though again and again being IT (so to speak) in an organised and Wise fashion and so on really does seemingly take a while to get our heads around, I know I can often feel as though still a seeker, even though probably way more advanced or knowledgeable than your average person in the street. I also of course often feel adrift in the sense of not having any particular expertise than I can turn into a financial benefit (for myself) as opposed to others.  In DOUBT terms I think I am probably at a stage where I perhaps think I can never ever in my wildest dreams think of how a return on investment could be achieved by myself, given how I have consistently been unable to balance the income with outgoings.  That perhaps one area or group of peoples that Society really does not perhaps cater for-those who genuinely want to be comfortably single and boringly normal in a World where it is often demanded from external peoples, whether family or friends or the TV & Film Medias that you be in a relationship or marriage or Gang or Identity Grouping.  Even so-called Single terms such-as Bachelor (have in my mind) been contaminated or are smeared in some fashion through herd mindset’s of punishing people for no longer wanting to be in relationships or compromising there own lifestyle choice, when historically many such a compromise has created or potentially  been responsible for all or many of the issues that you have now spent several years seeking to eradicate or better manage within your life and World and so on.

Anyway this one has gone on and on so I shall leave it there for now

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well.








Night Sky Star Nerd

So typical of a weekend, I decided to indulge myself with a Movie and I happened to note that Guardian’s Of The Galaxy Vol II was available so decided to see what all the Cinema fuss was about from seemingly just a few short months ago.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first film as an entertainment and have to say in all honesty that to the best of my knowledge I had not heard or was not familiar with that particular group of characters within the Marvel Catalogue, although I have also seen some other works from Marvel that I had not previously heard of due to my daughter being a fan of several shows such as Agents of Shield and so on.

So I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this 2nd adventure with this group of characters and several 1980’s Box Office Big Hitters (so to speak) with there guest appearances or indeed starring roles. I typical of a somewhat nerd like character although I do not think the word was in the common lexicon when I myself was a young child watching futuristic TV & FILM such-as Star Wars and Star Trek and Dr Who and indeed much of the kinds of TV output from Aaron Spelling and Glen A Larson.

Anyway in a typical Nerd like fashion I purchased an edition with bonus features and happened to note a moment where Kurt Russell kept repeating Star Wars instead of saying Star Lord in reference to the Leader of the Guardian’s.  Strange though true although Kurt Russell was a big Film Star name I had to think in regard to what I could actually remember him from coming up with Big Trouble in Little China Town and Stargate, although a look at the wiki page actually gave an ah-ha in the sense of the movie “The Thing” that had been typical of the sort of things I was not supposed to see when I was younger though often did, and that is one of those movies that Stood out from very many others that were being churned out by the film industry in those days.

So nice seeing that film and indeed some fun performances from stars old & new.  The late 70’s & early 80’s was of course (at least for myself) a time I recall that anything that was big at the box office was being seemingly considered for TV series and Stargate was one of those, though unlike say Battlestar Galatica where cast & crew stayed the same from transition to Movie & TV, Stargate I think had differing actors, and indeed I think only came to UK TV far later than originally created.

So anyway that got myself thinking of course because it can be could to follow those old & new clue trails and of course there is when you think of Star Gate, a link to one of the most recent X Men films – Apocalypse – (Marvel Comic though not Marvel Cinematic Universe), in the sense that Star Gate had typically featured inter dimensional beings who traversed the Star Gates enslaving races and so on and of course X Men Apocalypse had a kind of similar theme, so you might have to traverse your thoughts from your youthful innocent viewer days to what is now more the present day, though typically the more you meditate and raise threshold and get used to the idea that, time does not really exist beyond the scales & measures and so on, you  come to see that much like a Christmas Pantomime might have the same script each year performed by differing actors and celebrities and so on, that very many TV & FILM are not all that differing to each other, beyond we ourselves convincing ourselves otherwise & compartmentalising & segregating them all.

That perhaps where things can be troubling, and perhaps why even when perhaps the lower levels of meditation technologies had done a fair bit of the so-called enlightenment work, I myself chose to continue, unsure if that was foolhardy or otherwise, though obviously I am sure some folks must reach a level where things fall into place for them and life sorts itself out and so on, so they stop, in my case I chose to continue because whilst I had a shift at every stage & level, things still did not seemingly fall into place for myself, so a wisdom advice might be to others is that if things have turned around for you at lower levels and you are happy with your lot and so on, then you may be better off stopping at those stages.  So I progressed (mainly due I think to knowing that having had major trauma & surgery and so on, that my troubles perhaps went far deeper than folks who may have not had such issues) and in many ways I feel better for having done that, because I figured I could always “go back” and learn any skillsets all over again and so on, though typically in many an instance, the allure of many a distraction or interest in many a Worldly Realm that I had when far younger does not necessarily appeal to myself in the way it did during those younger years.  As an aside, if I ever see some newly advertised affiliate course, I will often carry out an internal questioning of some description as to whether in fact I already did that or have the knowledge and so on.  Someone of my age, mid forties, potentially likely to have far more life experiences than someone in there teens and 20’s despite we all often thinking we know it all at that stage of life, and of course I did say “potentially” because I am quite sure many younger people who have not had the life, I have had, could well have had a far more diverse and exciting and wide ranging life and so on than anything I myself have had.

You do of course still have to live your day to day life and work rest & play and so on, and of course do many of those kinds of tasks that as youngsters we may have not been keen on, household chores and so on, (unless you are in some life role with staff) though potentially as more responsible adults etc. prefer to get them done & out of the way.  It can when considering history in some instances be thought that some folks only actually have kids, so they can train them up to do the chores, though I think that down to circumstance & gadgets, I someone who simply prefers to get things done as I go (so to speak), though I know older family members or indeed people I have encountered in shared accommodation, who can always talk a good talk around other people, though the talk is not necessarily matched by there behaviour in a routine day-to-day or week-to-week fashion, yes we all have those I’ll leave it for the morning moments and so on, though some folks really do seemingly have an aversion to the kitchen or the garden or whatever the particular highlighted topic or subject is.  Yes some folks have what might be regarded as a family life where roles are neatly cut up into his & hers & the children’s roles and so on, though likewise I think most or many a bloke or indeed woman from my generation is far more capable of knowing they have to carry out such roles & tasks out for themselves when single, so may as well make any undesirable activity a routine prior to moving on to your self-reward activity afterwards rather than a chore where complaint & discussion takes longer or more time than the activity could have been completed in., (yes the language can make all the difference perhaps), as can this idea of where you place your focus, and indeed finding or proving some level of consistency in words and action.

Anyway here we are on another Sunday and of course people typically seek to enjoy the weekends with other activities or entertainments and I am sure I can find some activity to fill my own time with.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!


A Book Review To Remember?

So I have of course written here historically, giving myself a kind of note taking ability and habit of writing and seeing various awareness & enlightenment issues coming to the fore as I have progressed with the meditation technologies, and indeed tried out various affiliate courses and of course also monitored the Wider World and begun once again to trend to a certain extent in the sense that when I began meditation and Holosync, I communicated mostly on the Holosync Blog having abandoned usage of multiple social media’s that I may or may not have had accounts with though was typically not using. To all intense purposes it could be stated quite honestly that during the early years of Holosync usage I optioned the become an isolationist approach to progress.  I think Bill Harris had stated something along the lines that “you are in a boat in a lake that is taking on water, what do you do?” Then explaining that some people perhaps seek to plug the leak, whilst others potentially bail the water out furiously, whilst others again possibly seek to do a bit of both.

Given my own history in the preceding years to taking up usage of the Holosync Technology, I personally felt that a kind of Isolationist, plug the leak and reduce the detrimental, malicious input of others as much as possible, was the way forward for myself, at least until I was at some point where my Threshold was raised sufficiently to feel like I really did have greater choice & options and of course, one of the underlying themes within the Holosync Brand & Literature is that each and every individual is, responsible for all the events and everything that happens and occurs within there own life, the overall suggestion perhaps being that you can become aware enough to see how you are doing something and when you realise it does not serve you it will fall away, so that also goes hand-in-hand with the “like attracts like” vibrational issues, and of course possibly the “make friends with your demons” issue, though in complete honesty, in many ways the jury is still out in terms of judgement on that one, and that leads nicely into the issue at the top of this page, where I have given the title A Book Review To Remember.

So what is that all about?

Well in complete honesty I am not going to give a complete book review (so to speak) so much as wonder upon an issue that I have experienced again & again as I have progressed with the meditation and affiliate courses.

So I have been (I feel) quite loyal to the Centerpointe Brand having made the Meditation quite a central part in my day-to-day life, it is almost a kind of Habit & part of the routine I have within my life.  I have also during the 7 years that I have been meditating also done the LPIP course and anyone who thinks that Holosync alone is pretty damned amazing (which it is) the LPIP course literally seemingly blows your socks of, in terms of taking your reality to a whole other level,  in terms of the way  your mind and brain and so on is reorganised and you genuinely get a kind of clear vision, as though the mental map you have existed with your entire life was some small piece of your brain and the course opens up the rest of your brain and so on. It really does have to be experienced.

So since taking up Meditation, and the stimulus & technology leaving you in no uncertain terms or doubt that just about everything in life the universe & everything is a Technology or jigsaw  component of some sort that you can have choice about (with regard to having within your own life) , you kind of come to view, very many areas of life the Universe & Everything in a whole new fashion.

I grew up in a household full of books, very many of which perhaps demonstrate the variety & spectrum that is available in your average library, I watched and enjoyed any old movie and TV series that was placed in front of myself or was on the TV or at the Cinema, likewise in many respects, early on within meditation, you still perhaps have those thoughts feelings and so on as to a “get out of jail free card” as to whom can be blamed for leaving you in front of a horror film when you were a baby and too young to have choice, or some radio blasting out in some car from someone giving you a lift and so on.  The desire or finger wagging and point “anyone but myself” blame culture or debating culture is of course absolutely encouraged when you think about your schooling and courses you may have taken or work environments and peoples & populations you may have found yourself amongst.

So I have yet to tell you the issue.  Well I, after several years of meditating and then only writing here, began of course following various societal realms on media outlets such-as Twitter, and interestingly for myself, I often came to find myself following output from childhood interests or fandoms and so on.  Some obvious perhaps such-as Star Wars related outputs and others not so obvious such-as the work of Ray Harry Haussen, famous perhaps for the stop motion Special FX within cinema classics such-as Jason and the Argonauts and Sinbad movies and so on. I might follow the Twitter briefly and see what the output is like prior to deciding to continue, as I found over and over again that some sites or individuals seem to have automated systems that Feed or Stream Hog, they often churning out retweet upon retweet upon retweet and you typically tire of such things, so unfollow.

I whilst at the Guardian online and the Cartoon Corner (for example)  would often find my attention going to the ongoing sports realms, and that paper does have sports pages, though more often than not it often seemed (to myself) that preferred sports of those within that site were perhaps not my own preferred sports.  They perhaps had a leaning towards Rugby and Cricket and F1 at the weekends or maybe some Boxing, the usual middle England styled sports, whilst I was perhaps more interested in World Touring Sports such as Golf & Tennis, I felt that more confidence could be achieved by selecting literally a couple of sports because as you progress, you really can find pointers and clues to just about everything and lack of concentration & focus means that you likely have to many plates in the air.  So I said previously as a TEST select one ongoing sport to follow and apply all clues to only that sport and its tour until you feel knowledgeable and so on, perhaps adding an extra one Sport at a weekend, such-as F1 or Boxing that might only have an event on any given weekend.

All that digression of course.  So I have been around the block, so to speak with the Holosync Technology and indeed Technologies from affiliates and the one big issue that perhaps re appears again and again is this one of a BOOK, FILM, PROGRAMME (entertainments) as an Entertainment Vs As a Technology.

A good example is the Photo-reading Course and indeed the Future Mapping course from Learning Strategies, that both lead you through multiple stages of translate the information you receive into an alternative format, and typically leads you into the realm of all these entertainments we view and watch and listen to as Technologies.

So as I have progressed with Holosync it has become clear that just about everything is Technology and that often does not necessarily “sit well” with the simple activity of wanting to be entertained, we would all potentially want to know exactly what these things are doing to our brain before taking them in or watching and viewing or listening etc.

So I joined the Holosync inner circle after a couple of years usage (I think) as part of the package that I was given for LPIP or maybe making a long term commitment to Holosync in terms of some larger investment paying off of future levels early, likewise more recently after a break of direct contact with the Company, and doing this blog or doing my own independent witnessing etc. for a year or two and trying affiliate courses, Centerpointe contacted myself with regard to “Holosync Brain Club” and indeed I thought why not having become somewhat adrift in the wilderness once again.

So as part of the Brain Club we are given a suggested or recommended Monthly Book to read and for the most part I have found them interesting and informative, though also had in the back of my mind that having meditated for several years and indeed having taken the Photo-reading Course, that they are also potentially Technologies.

So what I find myself asking or wondering is What is this technology about or going to do to myself (beyond perhaps being an informative or entertaining read).  Many Writer and Guru Networks of course, review and give each reviews of each others works and outputs, and this was something I saw complained about recently by none other than a Man Booker Prize Judge, regarding book Sleeve Blurb whereby the quest for superlatives and recommendations for some authors work is not necessarily matched by the audience and reader who typically wants to have such judgement experience for themselves, or indeed is out of alignment with the level or knowledge & awareness of the writers (perhaps).  So I am not saying that Bill Harris and Paul Scheele and so on should all be slandering each other like primary school children, though given that general population do not relate or understand the “you get more of what you focus on” teachings, unless they themselves have also meditated for years & years and gone through all these La-Di-Da processes, the Hype and self congratulatory language toward “my gang” is often a complete turn-off to the Audience potentially causing as much loss of sales, as sales gained, (yes we can ask “is it true?” at this point of course because the population is always growing so taking such things into consideration (for many an individual and business is irrelevant)).

Anyway I have gradually come to understand the Book or Any given realm as a Technology Philosophy, though also of course, I have my own life experience and sometimes when a book, film, entertainment is recommended from any realm not just these Centerpointe Related Realms, I sometimes get them and am completely out of alignment or off-message with the “my gang” or group when I take on board the given book or story etc.

So the book in question? is called “Success Built To Last: Creating A Life That Matters” and is a collaboration by some chap called Stuart Emery (who was also this months Worlds Greatest Teacher) and a couple of other authors, the book has a very nice Graphic demonstrating three overlapping circles titled THOUGHT, MEANING, ACTION with a central overlapped area titled SUCCESS BUILT TO LAST.

So I thought well that is great, as I have progressed with Holosync I know that it raises Threshold and enables you to stand back and have a choice.  So A Thought Appears in your awareness and you have a choice as to what meaning you give to that Thought and then a choice as to the Action (if any) you take in regard to the Thought, please bare in mind that much Meditation is about “Letting Go” the thoughts that appear within your mind as you progress through the levels so, the stimulus stimulates thoughts and you seek to stay focussed on your nose or some mantra chant, letting any thoughts that appear move on or drift back out of your consciousness (so to speak) when we chase a thought we are typically being pulled out of our meditative focus, so the idea is to simply notice, even have an AH-HA though let the thought go and return to your given point of focus & concentration.

That works, especially with Holosync more so than traditional Meditation Modalities (hence my own obsessive dedication to the Holosync Technologies).

So the Teachings are great I thought in terms of this CIRCLE GRAPHIC because they fit with the awareness & enlightenment of Holosync and indeed multiple other books that I have studied and was going to write an article about, especially related to- the usage of a particular kind of Graphic.  Over the years I have purchased countless books across all sphere of life that have some similarly related Circular or Spiral like Graphic, and it often seems to myself that they are potentially designed to wake people up (with enough HARD STARING & HEAD SCRATCHING & SO ON), example books? Stephen Covey wrote a couple, several related to Film Industry and Book Writing also have such a graphic that the rest of the book is based around, so very often we can wonder as to the requirement of all the chapters and literature if all we need is the stimulus and staring at a mandela long & hard enough.

So as a technology and teaching book it is probably great, though it included examples of individuals or business’ where my own person & direct experience of a given company was vastly differing to that of the glossy image or back patting official line and literature, so much so that I had a momentary flash (for lack of a better word) of incandescent rage or apoplexy as to reading the Wonders of this Company vs the very Real & most awful of experience’s I personally suffered at the hands of other staff who (in effect) to my mind gained power & position and so on through the misguided policies of higher up executives, and there policy decisions. Nothing wrong with internal monetary exchanges & competition within Corporate business for reducing overheads and improving financial management and driving down costs, however I at the time I joined the company was only joining for the money and what I thought would be a peace & quiet night job environment to recover from marriage breakdown, what I actually uncovered when I went for interview after interview in a vane attempt for personal advancement was a Company at war with itself, at all levels the company had pretty much divided into 3 dominant & squabbling factions, none of whom I personally could be in alignment with, due to I myself being a moderate individual and those factions were all (for myself) extremists, I was there more for the money, and wanting to do a respectable job and rebuild some self respect & dignity and so on, than giving a rats ass over the topics & subjects of the disputes between the warring factions (very often more related to there personal lifestyle choices, than anything to do with the actual function & purpose of the business).  Staff including manager having gained lessons & learnings within the business you would think would move on out and create business of there own etc. though the place was full of die hard so-called lifers, blocking opportunity for new staff and indeed old staff who had built there own informal bullying networks and fiefdoms (empires within empires etc.).

Many within the book are self made individuals with nothing to lose rags-to-riches stories and that is fair enough, though likewise I think one or two others are riches to riches stories, where examples given do not reflect the real life day to day World that a Policy decision causes for staff much further down the so-called food-chain.  IE you have to conclude that the patted back individuals have never worked in an environment there policy created and they themselves would likely not last fives minutes, were they ever to fall upon hard times or even experiencing some warped and magically twisted “Changing places” or “Trading Places” (movie) experience.

So yes, having meditated for several years, my momentary anger was not strongly registered though I was typically perhaps TRIGGERED and some of course might state that my ISOLATIONISM was not the SOLUTION that they were recommending because I was using avoidance or dissociation rather than dealing with issues and so on, though likewise that in and of itself is a lesson & learning in the sense that it (such critisism) can be a suckers hook, drawing you once again into topics & subjects that you really do not want any particular involvement in, I do not care particularly the usage many an other person wants to utilise these Tools for, though I know having sought to remedy the issues of my own life, or having interacted over and over again with some folks that lead to a bad experience for myself, that I really can be better of not getting suckered or pulled in or tricked in some fashion by people with less than honest positive intention for not only themselves though the audience or peoples they are communicating with, it perhaps goes back to this issue of a win-win vs a win-lose where it really can take several years of dedicated meditation and raising threshold to identify the so-called seed or equivalent benefit from any negative events that happen or occur within your life.

That was a Napoleon Hill quote of course, and it is a good idea to wonder, how might my life be differing if I take this situation or scenario and use it as a motivation toward my goal of…  Or indeed that what would my life now be like if I really could navigate all these obstacles and so on, carry out a REFRAME whereby you identify the potential future life positives with WHAT-IF questions.

Anyway some Golf Tournaments are on at present on both sides of the pond and of course a Boxing Match this evening, so I may well see if I can identify the best picks from the greater World at large and indeed the specialists who have made it there life’s work to study such realms and so on and so forth.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!


Why Are You Telling Me?

So another interesting idea or concept related to the so-called “march of time” Vs “now” is of course genuinely related to how, when young, we may receive some tutelage of storytelling or music and other creative activities from family or friends and babysitters, and then at some point, we are packed off, to go of to school and we learn to read & write and draw in a more formal setting with uniforms and other children and so on and everything seemingly always has a kind of “beginning”, a “middle”, and an “end”  Whether it is the present day or a story or however, and of course those of us familiar with many a time travel styled adventure are familiar with the idea of multiple or many time streams that intersect and cross paths and loop back on each other in mind boggling combinations.

The interesting things as I have progressed with Holosync and indeed some activities or courses from affiliate companies or indeed within my own independent analysis and studies is genuinely how “often” the obsessive linear march of time (that we all very often grip onto for dear life, because that is what we have had reinforced during our younger years) is genuinely seemingly not as true as we convince ourselves.

For instance research into the works of very many Famed People & Artists, Musicians or even modern day TV, movies & film and so on nearly always reveal that the creative process behind a given work did not come to fruition in a linear fashion.  Many a film or TV show for example is filmed out of sequence and then re-organised into the linear story we see at the cinema or on our gadgets etc; And our respective life stories often also reflect that kind of weirdness in many of these matters.

So for example you have an idea for a story or artistic endeavour and you begin taking notes or jotting ideas down and then once you’ve a pile of ideas surrounding the idea or project, you maybe seek to assemble them into some “cohesive” versioning of the expected linearity, although the actual components came to you out of sequence, or out of order in perhaps a non-linear fashion, you thought of some good middle plot point and then had to figure out how your characters came to that position from some projected starting point and you may also have to wonder as to where you can take the story to some point of resolution.

Likewise as I have “progressed” with the Meditation, it has seemingly become more apparent that in many an area of life, things have occurred “out of time” sequence in the sense that some action taken when 20 years old or 30 years old or 40 years old was seemingly responsible for some “earlier event in my life” at 15 years old or at 24 years old or indeed a “later event in my life” at 33 years old or 42 years old and so on.  So the ability to raise threshold and learn to have some greater window upon the World that you might call or refer to as Now where you can have ah-ha’s about all these so-called time loops is an incredibly interesting phenomenon, and of course it also enables you to have to consider that even if you are at a level where such things are not so obvious, that you really may well be fully responsible for all the labelled good or bad or indifferent events you have experienced within your lifetime.

So I mentioned that many of these Social Media realms are acting as kind of linear Diaries for people, although those things can typically again be both good or bad, in the sense that they are not necessarily true reflections of ourselves or how we might be in our day-to-day lives, often being some shape & form of escapism from what we might regard as day-to-day drudgery and so on.

For myself (as an example), following my marriage breakup, I returned to my home town, and I needed or wanted to find a job quite quickly, so applied for manual labour type work, that I figured or thought was appropriate in the “short term”, although prior to marriage break-up I had actually been at college & university to “escape” the low wage & poverty, manual labour or service type working life.

One of the things regarding my own life is that on leaving school I had worked in retail, a kind of service sector employment, I then worked for a Tourism related business again in a service type sector capacity and then later again I worked for the National health Service (that even has “SERVICE” in its name).

So years of working in Service styled environments & vocations led to myself really not liking SERVICE sector work very much, hence my returning to college & University type environments so I could potentially gain more private or quieter or background type roles with higher wages and little contact with large numbers of other people.  Even when I returned to the home town and searched for work in manual labour, I still had the mind set of not wanting to deal with people hence a night job seemingly being great.

Having said that of course it did not take long to realise that I may as well have sought advancement, and it was that in part that led to my trying out or experimenting with so-called Hypnosis type products that promised to boost your confidence in interview and all those sorts of things, I of course quite low following marriage break down and having had to move and start over and so on.

So once the so-called SEED was planted within my mind as to it “all being an inside job” by the hypnosis products, things seemingly went from bad to worse, partly because those products typically cause you to amplify your focus, & not necessarily where you yourself would place it (with other peoples or persons vying for your attention or making demands of you, bullying & denigrating you and so on) and also because “LOGICALLY”  where-ever you are whether it is London, Paris or New York your own so-called “inner hell” is going to be there with you, a kind of no way out scenario.

So I have not stated those things to pick on anyone (simply giving background), though typically it was during those early 2000’s that all these Global Communications Systems were taking off and we were all rushing to get the new mobile phones and internet connectivity and so on, for our Farmville fix and so on, so the point for myself is that if I wanted my life to be about some DIARY POINT within my life I would likely have chosen the time when I was at College & University Studying, learning, researching and going in pursuit (so to speak) of a better life on subjects and matters that truly interested myself and I would have liked to work in etc. not the time period of when we were all signing up to these online social media sites and I was working in what was supposed to be a temporary manual labour position going from crisis to crisis partially not being able to see the wood for the tree’s and indeed being made slightly crazy by those Hypnosis products etc.

So in all likelihood many a persons complaint (not just my own) about any given point in there life at present is a complaint about the trending diary they themselves have created on all these gadgets & gizmo’s that are now being  trawled to ever greater depths by Governments and Multi National Tech Companies wanting to control everyone.  Yes I am someone who thinks that in decision making and indeed finding patterns and so on, computers and AI Algorithms are far better than human decision makers, in many areas, though I have also found again and again that such things are not a great help in the sense that where a computer might restart a calculation from scratch on each and every vote or occasion, humans especially in award shows and so on NEVER EVER FOLLOW the rules we put into computer systems.  Most of my generation for example knows that in things such-as music awards or acting and film awards, a bias develops for a given show or artist within the voting and then a knock-on or follow through kind of commitment “justification for the justification for the justification” occurs, hence movies winning 7, 8 or 9 awards when really most films are perhaps deserving of less than 5 awards when it comes to acting directing and best film etc. whilst other awards for dress and sets and SFX and Music in many a circumstance were more deserving going elsewhere.  It is actually these biased justification for the justification (that we all often convince ourselves off as being appropriate & correct) that can often lead to so-called self sabotage in very many areas of life.  Yes going with a given herd mentality for gambling purposes may well work, though, if the only place any given individual has power within there own life is within themselves then it really can be better to become your own best friend and navigator.

So Holosync usage whether you like the people selling or using it and related products does do what it says on the tin (so to speak) in terms of raising threshold and giving you greater levels of awareness and so on, the problem of course is often that in some areas of life, things that may have once motivated you to action you may become less inclined or interested in.  My usage and indeed this blog was predominantly about becoming super boring and uninteresting to attention seekers and so on and so forth, even though the Hypnosis products that perhaps kick-started many things off typically amplified all those lowest common denominator things that I think most people are far better off without in there lives, usually related to what we all think of a SINS vs VIRTUES and so on, am I someone happy to follow the so-called Western Democratic way based in the old testament 10 Commandments, or should I go hell for leather in seeking to break all those kinds of laws & so on, be they regarded as Absolutes or Flexible GUIDANCES.  The further I have progressed it seems to myself that many a cycle & pattern that we see within the press & very many entertainment realms & media, year in and year is best let go of, or simply viewed with a certain level of discernment, I like this as an entertainment, though in no way would necessarily act or behave like that within my own life etc.

So I think this was written because the present moment cycle within the enlightenment industry is kind of okay you now have some greater level of awareness or enlightenment and many kinds of coaching opportunity and service like opportunity is being encouraged for people.  I have nothing against coaching or indeed service industry, especially for anyone at anytime of life who wants to start over, as some great coaches and people do seemingly work for Centerpointe and affiliates and so on, I may even send some of the blurb and information to my daughter, though as stated above, I personally feel that I myself already did my time within the so-called service sector industries hence my going on to higher education to not have to earn a living dealing with other people, beyond of course perhaps being friendly or giving advice on a blog such as this one or within some  group such as that Holosync Brain Club etc.

It really is a kind of double bind for myself in that respect, as part of the problem in raising Threshold and letting go of many a belief or trauma is that you also potentially lose the creative aspects or learning that you may have pre-existing from courses and qualifications you have done and so on, or you have to start over relearning them with regard to who and how you are now and what you know now, so life has seemingly internally moved forward in terms of being positive or being happier, and having a healthier choices mindset, whilst not necessarily in terms of where I actually wanted to be in terms of career and how I spend my time and earn a living at this time of life and so on.

Anyway I think I have some new materials to check out again from the Holosync brain club, at the beginning of this week so if anything in particular stands-out for myself, it may well be reflected in what I write or publish here in the coming days, never quite sure as I also of course quite enjoy monitoring Twitter, and I have often exhausted myself out previously when writing here or elsewhere when trying to make such things part of the daily routine or ritual..

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.




So How Now Is NOW NOW

This is of course an interesting question in the sense that whilst I started with Holosync sometime around 2010 and interacted regularly on the Centerpointe Blog for perhaps 3 maybe 4 years, that looking back you do often conclude that there were things I could have done to perhaps accelerate my own personal advancement, although typically historically we have all heard the famed quote regarding hindsight being a wonderful thing, well nowsight might be regarded as even more wonderful in many ways once you have perhaps learned some of the basics and very often that really can be akin to having to start all over again from scratch as though a primary school kid.

I typically again & again in those early interactions was mostly pre-occupied with language  &(I think) possibly, although the simplest & most effective practices can be to translate any given information into an alternative format.

So when presented with a TXT Document such-as a PDF (for example) you simply draw the things triggered within your mind by what is written, if something says “sand” you may think and draw a beach or golf bunkers or long jump sand pit & so on.  The next step or stage can then be to have a look and see if any particular EVENTS are taking place (they nearly always are for World Touring Sports such-as Golf (for example) though Athletics less so or more regional or localised to some area of the World you are unfamiliar with).

Likewise if you are presented with an IMAGE such-as the excellent daily political cartoons that I spent a while trending with, describe them out loud or write the details down, very often due to them being political, regular folks will say yes well that is Theresa May and that is Boris & going of on long winded direct meaning versions of the political story blah blah blah, though the trick for myself has often been to go a stage deeper or further thinking in terms of “Beginners Mind” you might think this character on the left a woman or this character on the right a man, what clothes are they wearing, hair colour eyes etc. What are the details & colours used within the scene, day & night etc. We become so accustomed to “Fast Paced” movie & TV and indeed Star actors & actresses that we fail to go deeper into the kind of “Everyman” “Everywoman” zones, so describing a static & plain image is an excellent & basic way to adjust or change your mindset into getting into those more useful zones of intuition & again you can typically follow the kind of practice that I have done in asking myself How does this image relate to my favourite sport of cricket or rugby and so on.  It might be suggested that I thought those Artists at the Guardian are especially good at sneaking in references to sports although typically you yourself have to know something about the sport and or that it is playing to get the so-called clues etc.  I said go deeper to the everyman, though if you see an image of David Cameron and know he is a cricket fan, then that is potentially a bread crumb trail for you to follow up.

So for myself progress with Holosync initially at least could not come fast enough, and typically as I have gone through the levels the stronger carrier frequency stimulus seemingly really does “shift” life long held issues you may have had.  How many of us have had major bodily trauma accidents or even dental surgery for example, where we were in pain and the pain eventually subsided and our body or thought processes typically masked or rerouted around such things.  I am quite sure I have on several occasions been meditating and the stimulus has seemingly simply released the “stored pain” memory or whatever these things are described as within science & medicine.  So genuine lifelong bodily related distractions that may have caused you bother or however you may describe them are simply gone, not there anymore, and you often feel so much better for that.  It really is an “has to be experienced for yourself” kind of technology in that sense, as much as we might think we are part of some group or herd or community, and many a commonality in story does exist, it is often the smallest of details that separate and make us all still unique within our own life story and so on.

So how do many of the affiliate business’s and products fit in to the scheme of things? Well that is something in honesty I keep changing my mind about in many ways. So I can say I like a number of the newer Full courses with Paraliminals from Learning Strategies (for example) though am not always keen on a large number of the older back catalogue individual usage CD collection, even though it is typically the historical back catalogue they seem to want everyone to have.  And indeed a number of them are selected within some of the Fest type courses. I think that Learning Strategies has a differing kind of target customer than Centerpointe, or at least my own experience of encounters with some differing individuals strongly suggests that, although clearly a level of cross-over must exist with customers traversing from one product group to the other or vice-versa. I mentioned yesterday having a feeling of irritation at someone else’s behaviour beyond my control, though that individual (from my own experience) would likely potentially be happier with Learning strategies than he might be within Centerpointe because whilst centerpointe has many clients and affiliates and a large back catalogue of learnings and teachings and products and so on, you do not necessarily feel or behave like a kid in a candy store in the same way you might with the Learning strategies product range.

So yes how now is now now was the title, and typically as my regular posting from a year or two, back demonstrated you kind of just keep writing perhaps each day or evening and then looking to see How what you have written might correspond to other areas within life the universe & everything.  I often suggested folks track a given test sport and some examples from my own blog – Yesterday I wrote “newbies” during the course of my blog and Newcastle won at Football.  I wrote “Matter” at some point and a guy called Matthew won the European Golf tournament he was playing in.  I wrote ARENA and that has Raphael Nadal who won the Tennis’ initials within it.

So if you like many of us as young children become too attached with alphabets and language and literature and numbers and so on and it could be suggested that those attachments can work very well and excellently for some folks, whilst others among us suffer as a consequence, and an area I have had to develop greater skills in has actually been CREATIVITY.  I having been the youngest in my family typically found all the artistic styled disciplines grabbed & claimed by others within the family and maybe threw my dummy out the pram as to doing the same as other family members.  I think that is actually where one or two of the newer paraliminal’s used in combination with my regular Holosync level have been excellent in that respective, things such as finding Treasure and Super Creativity and so on, although again Holosync does have equivalent type Centerpointe products within its own range.

So yes, the Holosync stimulus raises your threshold and enables you to relearn things that you already thought you knew about life the universe and everything, and indeed can seemingly reduce  your speed of thought (make the World about you seemingly go slower) or indeed release long held beliefs and potentially enables you to move beyond feelings of being trapped by historical patterns & cycles of behaviour, instead allowing you to even potentially profit from them.  hence the encouragement to take up blogging and writing, learn to trust your own feedback and response each day and as suggested again and again, utilise language stated in present tense now so that such things become part of your lifestyle habits & nature.

Much of the stuff really does have to be EXPERIENCED in the sense that where once your brain and therefore perhaps mind was some mixed up confused ball of confusions and conflicts and so on, the lessons and learning and threshold raising really does seemingly enable you to become less strongly attached to the mentally held building blocks of scales and measures related to  time and language and all the senses really and a sort of now ever present increases within your life until it can really often feel as though everything really is now, where once it was just some talked about la-di-da realm spoken upon by book writers on Oprah that we may or may not have really believed, it kind of becomes your reality.

Though likewise choice is choice and I personally have been quite STRICT in the sense of the kind of subjects and topic areas willing to be discussed etc.  Life really is too short to get involved in quite a large range of lowest common denominator topics & subjects, I often consider that the first person affected by what comes out of your mouth is you yourself (so to speak), so many a person who does not listen or take advice and goes on bullying rampages and primary school behaviours really are potentially stacking up trouble for themselves in later life.  Having said that I also struggle to believe that any real gods or deity’s truly exist or indeed ideas such-as Karma, they perhaps simply things that enable or give us comfort, in the thought that a deceased loved one might be looking down and smiling upon us and so on.

So the Technology enables greater choice and choice enables us to focus on the better or more positive things in life, and like a tiny seed initially planted within the lower levels of Holosync they seemingly grow throughout the course of your own story & journey and you really do get more of what you yourself put out there, whilst the things that may of troubled you for many years really might or can be let go, or seen with new eyes and so on.  Many troubling thoughts feelings that may have caused particular behaviours really can fall away.  Though If I were now asked if I would do anything differently with regards to Holosync I might have gone through the levels at the recommended pace and suggested speed and rate as I potentially may have missed some lessons and learnings in the earlier stages, although I can always go back and do them again (so to speak).

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!



That Time Of Year Again

So what has been happening in the World of Dave S Perkins?

Well quite simply as I think mentioned previously after a couple of years blogging & only producing output here, I decided to see about re-acquainting myself with the Wider Broader World and typically checked out various other websites and so on and so forth.

When I joined Twitter for instance I found that it is generally a quite happy or pleasant place, although many an other website reports very many a Celebrity saying otherwise.  I of course not a Celebrity with thousands and millions of followers. so I generally do not get the kind of targeted abuse that those individuals themselves report although (in honesty) I do not know who a lot of them are anyway.  So I have quite enjoyed a low profile occasional interaction on Twitter, and of course I think Twitter is more of a kind of information HUB in the sense that many a business simply provide links to websites elsewhere, so huge amounts of so-called clickbait exists though I am more likely to discern among the output for articles that actually capture my interest, as opposed to seeing all and everything from one provider.

Yes I did sign up to Guardian Newspaper online and attempted to stay a happy bunny (so to speak) on that website, and to a certain extent did due to my interest in the daily cartoon’s and the practice of describing out loud in your own words what you can see in a given image, though typically as much as I like the cartoonists, I did eventually tire of that website, partially I think because Politics is not where I envision spending all my time & focus (when I personally do not earn a living from that stuff) & likewise the simple act of commenting, would often elicit undesirable responses from other Guardian Newspaper readers, yes they perhaps as entitled to comment as I myself might have been though I was not there (in my own mind) to DEBATE and whilst regulars on the Cartoon section, left myself alone (to be (so to speak)) elsewhere on the site, it was seemingly almost impossible to make an honest assessment comment without some person wanting a debate or argument.  That is what the press of course perhaps best at doing “eliciting debate” though for myself I felt that I had already moved beyond such things and in many ways I concur with those Celebrity or peoples of interest such-as “The Royals” who do not follow there own press, because they are too busy living those aspire & admire lifestyles etc. and indeed too much constant bombardment of daily negativity really can have a detrimental health effect, seemingly irrespective of how far you have progressed with meditation and the so-called lessons & learnings and educations.

So since then I was also invited to join The Holosync Brain Club and relatively new Centerpointe members Portal.  The Portal is Great and perfectly designed for the modern Gadget Fan, so much of the Historical Website Materials are or have been redesigned and geared towards Mobile Phones and Pads etc. whilst still being user friendly for access from regular PC’s.

The Holosync Brain Club has been a new initiative from Bill Harris & CenterPointe in the sense that a Calendar Year of activities and output has been designed & crafted and is again perhaps GEARED toward the modern day trend of short attention spans and so on.  Bill publishes a Weekly Inspiration Video that is approximately between 5 & 10 minutes long and a PDF and Audio only listening option is also available (at the beginning of the week) also published is a weekly “mind power” article magazine.  Then through the rest of the week a couple of inspiration message images a day are published to a Facebook Group.  Also during the month we have had a publishing of a Worlds Greatest Teacher talk from the Portal Library (some older, some newer), and of course once a month a “Live Success Call” where those that attend have a direct line to question Celebrity Bill Harris himself rather than necessarily, his staff or automated systems. The costs are such that it is perhaps the equivalent of less than a cup of tea or coffee a day, and of course you likely BENEFIT from the Calendar lifestyle choices teachings & learnings.

We ourselves as individuals of course “give meaning” to the output, so whilst I might try to learn all about meditation & the spiritual paths deeper lessons & learnings I might also for a bit of fun also try to decipher a video & script for the week ahead’s Golf, Tennis and very many other sporting pointers & clues that exist and also trend throughout the year.  A fellow Brit or someone from the old empire might only be interested in sports such-as Cricket & Rugby whilst an American might only be interested in Baseball or Basketball & there game they call Football etc. so a huge amount of dynamics exist as do the potential distractions, which those sporting trends might be for a genuine meditation fan or folks wanting to improve there Health and so on and so forth.

Bill has been gradually through his monthly success calls been outlining a larger vision of awakening and integration of the very many aspects of live the universe and everything that folks might prefer to keep there attention and focus upon, in order to live a more prosperous accomplished life &  there is also a monthly book club offering, where a book recommendation is made and then it is suggested that folks interact and discuss those things within the Facebook group.

The Facebook group is perhaps where I am personally possibly least comfortable, though as I also wanted to get the daily information outputs I have to go there, yes I get the weekly emails etc. and Bill or others might state quite fairly that I do not genuinely need or require further education from themselves, though I perhaps uncomfortable with visiting Facebook for the daily publishing’s (& wanting to participate & contribute in a positive fashion), due to the highly detrimental effect Facebook users historically had on my own life, yes Facebook has grown & grown, & individuals (such-as myself) who suffered at the hands of its other user are perhaps considered collateral damage.  Though I mostly unplugged from Facebook usage & only maintain an account, to stay in touch with my daughter. Yes Facebook has become something of a behemoth & captured peoples of all lifestyles and generations, and many a business enterprise has of course found that it needs or requires some Facebook presence, though the output, down the years from many areas of Society & walks of life, that I have seen, has not changed a great deal.  I of course have had a lifelong interest in Technology and indeed progress, though as a recent article from a Sky Correspondent points out, in many ways it is the peoples own trending Calendars (Facebook & other Social Medias act as a kind of Diary) & indeed the trawled DATA PROFILES that is in many ways blocking out the Sunlight of greater awareness etc.

I seemingly keep getting side tracked and find myself going into distractions whenever I write here hence posts that were going to be publically posted no longer being suitable for public consumption.

Trending wise of course a simple remedy for folks is to ask what might I have been doing on this day 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago & so on, in identifying your own life patterns, you are potentially in a position to change them, though likewise the awareness that Holosync brings about means that you may or may not have made correct decisions anyway, not knowing that greater going’s on of it all events may have been occurring is often found to be as irrelevant as the handful of coins being thrown up into the air and you happening to have selected the wrong coin to capture or focus upon.  Much like the Horoscope expert who tells you that a team in blue is lucky for you on this day and you think hell yes putting a bet on a football team and they lose, whilst you are unaware that a rugby team in blue won.  The dynamics of lack of precision & accuracy are seemingly why generation upon generation of teacher becomes a teacher to take a position of “Neutrality” or becoming “The House” (so to speak) in not being able to move past the block that exist within there own life, they option the sell the danger to everyone else strategy, write a book, setup a business and so on, Can that be moved passed?  Or indeed the blocks we as individuals may have, for example I wanted to make money gambling, as I felt it circumnavigated getting money or loans from banks or other people (who may have differing agenda’s or access to some historical record of your poor money management). I think & know it can to a certain extent because of, much of the work, I studied whilst at University with regard to AI and probability mathematics etc. though some expertise in probability and sorting algorithms and indeed the ARENAS or SPORTS & so on is also required, and how do you know who are exceptional teachers or masters of there trade in such matters?

How have I faired?

Well since I stopped blogging & re-entered the World of Social Media I enjoyed Twitter and several courses from Learning Strategies, though was mostly blwing aimlessly in the wind and again little advancement in my own life has taken shape, in terms of wealth (for instance), so when Bill said he has this new portal and brain club I was delighted as I felt it would resolve the lack of accuracy  & direction I was experiencing and of course comparable data information.

So a couple of months of membership of The brain club and greater confidence in the information being provided, I decided to see if I could predict and win some money, I typically early on, kept losing and then somehow something perhaps clicked or I had some non-conscious AH-HA where it suddenly seemed as though I genuinely could begin to start winning and things were finally beginning to turnaround for myself, then it all suddenly went kind of ephemeral again, just as soon as it seemed as though I was on a good navigation track, another individual began heavily  commenting after having joined the Holosync Solution “I Love Holosync” and “Holosync Brain Club” facebook pages & quite simply the kinds of comments being made, destroyed or upset my own equilibrium; whilst awareness & enlightenment means that all information is or can be correct & of value all of the time,  for those who have learned to navigate & discern wheat from chaff etc.  Much of the information was seemingly indecipherable or meaningless or irritatingly distracting for myself, the kind of stuff I was seeing at Guardian online or Twitter or any number of countless other websites.

So the feelings at present are to abandon Facebook once again and leave the nonsense generators behind, & simply rely on the Emails and Portal Outputs. It always come down to individual agenda’s, for example, as much as I would like to assist or provide guidance to “newbies”, I won’t comment in the “I Love Holosync” group because the one & only time I commented resulted in myself becoming ill, so that left myself simply seeking to help any “newbies” who might utilise the “Holosync Brain Club” page, though in truth the number of members to people who actually use the page is quite differing.  That again perhaps about CHOICE & OPTIONS, many of Bill’s long time users who might be “Members” have there own lives & business’ and are unlikely to utilise the distracting realm of Facebook.

There is also the issue above whereby I myself might be a DISTRACTION to the agenda’s of other’s as much as they might distract or negatively or positively affect myself.  So where once I may have had childhood dreams of being the greatest author or greatest actor and so on, because even back then I kind of figured everyone is an actor / actress, however they may or may not have become skilled or proficient in some life realm profession or area of expertise, the networking thing has never seemingly been to my own life’s advantage or benefit.

The ability of peoples from all sectors & levels of society to seek out like-minded people and indeed connect has never been greater, though nor have the so-called distractions and  the traps of lowest common denominator subjects;  Whilst things such-as Births, Death’s, Wedding’s, Christening’s are among those topics & subjects, so of course are many a grey area, very often dependent upon time period and laws of the land and of course handed down family choices, options & behaviours and so on.  Crime in one Country is commonly acceptable behaviour in another Country and likewise such things occur from region to region, district to district and family to family or community to community and on and on.

So as is often taught, you cannot control the actions & behaviours of others hence the best option being to take your own life into your own hand or backwater blog or business empire etc. and as you progress with such technologies as Holosync or indeed Learning strategy styled courses, it does often appear that in many ways, cultist groups such-as Ron Hubbard’s Scientologists might be partially correct in suggesting that a kind of constant War of Angel’s or Global Thermo-Nuclear War is taking place among differing human races & societies and age ranges, and of course we can all ask the question when challenged to participate or get involved by any community, grouping or sector Y O U (Why Owe You)????

Well that is it for this posting, I had intended to post here more often than I have and I may well do so again now; I felt for a couple of months I was finally benefiting from being directed by a Holosync related presence on Facebook in the form of the private “Holosync Brain Club” page & group, though may now have to reconsider given the lack of what I personally might describe as “desirable” interaction from others, I think the junk postings are best left for those in the “I love Holosync” group, although of course I would potentially have to take a leaf out of my own complaint book (in that regard). maybe I too will one day have all the supernatural capabilities and capacities of those who sit silently in the background with there telepathic abilities and little requirement for graphical text styled interactions etc. Until I too can share in that experience…

Yes I was recently made aware that I have a bill payment coming up for this blog website and am wondering whether to cancel given my lack of activity here, I also had an update from Microsoft on my present Windows 10 machines and that seemingly knocked out all of my pre-existing passwords for just about every site I ever joined or belonged to, so I have had to request passwords or trawl my emails for such things in all those arenas that I still desire to utilise and so on. Anyway…

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.