That Time Of Year Again

So what has been happening in the World of Dave S Perkins?

Well quite simply as I think mentioned previously after a couple of years blogging & only producing output here, I decided to see about re-acquainting myself with the Wider Broader World and typically checked out various other websites and so on and so forth.

When I joined Twitter for instance I found that it is generally a quite happy or pleasant place, although many an other website reports very many a Celebrity saying otherwise.  I of course not a Celebrity with thousands and millions of followers. so I generally do not get the kind of targeted abuse that those individuals themselves report although (in honesty) I do not know who a lot of them are anyway.  So I have quite enjoyed a low profile occasional interaction on Twitter, and of course I think Twitter is more of a kind of information HUB in the sense that many a business simply provide links to websites elsewhere, so huge amounts of so-called clickbait exists though I am more likely to discern among the output for articles that actually capture my interest, as opposed to seeing all and everything from one provider.

Yes I did sign up to Guardian Newspaper online and attempted to stay a happy bunny (so to speak) on that website, and to a certain extent did due to my interest in the daily cartoon’s and the practice of describing out loud in your own words what you can see in a given image, though typically as much as I like the cartoonists, I did eventually tire of that website, partially I think because Politics is not where I envision spending all my time & focus (when I personally do not earn a living from that stuff) & likewise the simple act of commenting, would often elicit undesirable responses from other Guardian Newspaper readers, yes they perhaps as entitled to comment as I myself might have been though I was not there (in my own mind) to DEBATE and whilst regulars on the Cartoon section, left myself alone (to be (so to speak)) elsewhere on the site, it was seemingly almost impossible to make an honest assessment comment without some person wanting a debate or argument.  That is what the press of course perhaps best at doing “eliciting debate” though for myself I felt that I had already moved beyond such things and in many ways I concur with those Celebrity or peoples of interest such-as “The Royals” who do not follow there own press, because they are too busy living those aspire & admire lifestyles etc. and indeed too much constant bombardment of daily negativity really can have a detrimental health effect, seemingly irrespective of how far you have progressed with meditation and the so-called lessons & learnings and educations.

So since then I was also invited to join The Holosync Brain Club and relatively new Centerpointe members Portal.  The Portal is Great and perfectly designed for the modern Gadget Fan, so much of the Historical Website Materials are or have been redesigned and geared towards Mobile Phones and Pads etc. whilst still being user friendly for access from regular PC’s.

The Holosync Brain Club has been a new initiative from Bill Harris & CenterPointe in the sense that a Calendar Year of activities and output has been designed & crafted and is again perhaps GEARED toward the modern day trend of short attention spans and so on.  Bill publishes a Weekly Inspiration Video that is approximately between 5 & 10 minutes long and a PDF and Audio only listening option is also available (at the beginning of the week) also published is a weekly “mind power” article magazine.  Then through the rest of the week a couple of inspiration message images a day are published to a Facebook Group.  Also during the month we have had a publishing of a Worlds Greatest Teacher talk from the Portal Library (some older, some newer), and of course once a month a “Live Success Call” where those that attend have a direct line to question Celebrity Bill Harris himself rather than necessarily, his staff or automated systems. The costs are such that it is perhaps the equivalent of less than a cup of tea or coffee a day, and of course you likely BENEFIT from the Calendar lifestyle choices teachings & learnings.

We ourselves as individuals of course “give meaning” to the output, so whilst I might try to learn all about meditation & the spiritual paths deeper lessons & learnings I might also for a bit of fun also try to decipher a video & script for the week ahead’s Golf, Tennis and very many other sporting pointers & clues that exist and also trend throughout the year.  A fellow Brit or someone from the old empire might only be interested in sports such-as Cricket & Rugby whilst an American might only be interested in Baseball or Basketball & there game they call Football etc. so a huge amount of dynamics exist as do the potential distractions, which those sporting trends might be for a genuine meditation fan or folks wanting to improve there Health and so on and so forth.

Bill has been gradually through his monthly success calls been outlining a larger vision of awakening and integration of the very many aspects of live the universe and everything that folks might prefer to keep there attention and focus upon, in order to live a more prosperous accomplished life &  there is also a monthly book club offering, where a book recommendation is made and then it is suggested that folks interact and discuss those things within the Facebook group.

The Facebook group is perhaps where I am personally possibly least comfortable, though as I also wanted to get the daily information outputs I have to go there, yes I get the weekly emails etc. and Bill or others might state quite fairly that I do not genuinely need or require further education from themselves, though I perhaps uncomfortable with visiting Facebook for the daily publishing’s (& wanting to participate & contribute in a positive fashion), due to the highly detrimental effect Facebook users historically had on my own life, yes Facebook has grown & grown, & individuals (such-as myself) who suffered at the hands of its other user are perhaps considered collateral damage.  Though I mostly unplugged from Facebook usage & only maintain an account, to stay in touch with my daughter. Yes Facebook has become something of a behemoth & captured peoples of all lifestyles and generations, and many a business enterprise has of course found that it needs or requires some Facebook presence, though the output, down the years from many areas of Society & walks of life, that I have seen, has not changed a great deal.  I of course have had a lifelong interest in Technology and indeed progress, though as a recent article from a Sky Correspondent points out, in many ways it is the peoples own trending Calendars (Facebook & other Social Medias act as a kind of Diary) & indeed the trawled DATA PROFILES that is in many ways blocking out the Sunlight of greater awareness etc.

I seemingly keep getting side tracked and find myself going into distractions whenever I write here hence posts that were going to be publically posted no longer being suitable for public consumption.

Trending wise of course a simple remedy for folks is to ask what might I have been doing on this day 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago & so on, in identifying your own life patterns, you are potentially in a position to change them, though likewise the awareness that Holosync brings about means that you may or may not have made correct decisions anyway, not knowing that greater going’s on of it all events may have been occurring is often found to be as irrelevant as the handful of coins being thrown up into the air and you happening to have selected the wrong coin to capture or focus upon.  Much like the Horoscope expert who tells you that a team in blue is lucky for you on this day and you think hell yes putting a bet on a football team and they lose, whilst you are unaware that a rugby team in blue won.  The dynamics of lack of precision & accuracy are seemingly why generation upon generation of teacher becomes a teacher to take a position of “Neutrality” or becoming “The House” (so to speak) in not being able to move past the block that exist within there own life, they option the sell the danger to everyone else strategy, write a book, setup a business and so on, Can that be moved passed?  Or indeed the blocks we as individuals may have, for example I wanted to make money gambling, as I felt it circumnavigated getting money or loans from banks or other people (who may have differing agenda’s or access to some historical record of your poor money management). I think & know it can to a certain extent because of, much of the work, I studied whilst at University with regard to AI and probability mathematics etc. though some expertise in probability and sorting algorithms and indeed the ARENAS or SPORTS & so on is also required, and how do you know who are exceptional teachers or masters of there trade in such matters?

How have I faired?

Well since I stopped blogging & re-entered the World of Social Media I enjoyed Twitter and several courses from Learning Strategies, though was mostly blwing aimlessly in the wind and again little advancement in my own life has taken shape, in terms of wealth (for instance), so when Bill said he has this new portal and brain club I was delighted as I felt it would resolve the lack of accuracy  & direction I was experiencing and of course comparable data information.

So a couple of months of membership of The brain club and greater confidence in the information being provided, I decided to see if I could predict and win some money, I typically early on, kept losing and then somehow something perhaps clicked or I had some non-conscious AH-HA where it suddenly seemed as though I genuinely could begin to start winning and things were finally beginning to turnaround for myself, then it all suddenly went kind of ephemeral again, just as soon as it seemed as though I was on a good navigation track, another individual began heavily  commenting after having joined the Holosync Solution “I Love Holosync” and “Holosync Brain Club” facebook pages & quite simply the kinds of comments being made, destroyed or upset my own equilibrium; whilst awareness & enlightenment means that all information is or can be correct & of value all of the time,  for those who have learned to navigate & discern wheat from chaff etc.  Much of the information was seemingly indecipherable or meaningless or irritatingly distracting for myself, the kind of stuff I was seeing at Guardian online or Twitter or any number of countless other websites.

So the feelings at present are to abandon Facebook once again and leave the nonsense generators behind, & simply rely on the Emails and Portal Outputs. It always come down to individual agenda’s, for example, as much as I would like to assist or provide guidance to “newbies”, I won’t comment in the “I Love Holosync” group because the one & only time I commented resulted in myself becoming ill, so that left myself simply seeking to help any “newbies” who might utilise the “Holosync Brain Club” page, though in truth the number of members to people who actually use the page is quite differing.  That again perhaps about CHOICE & OPTIONS, many of Bill’s long time users who might be “Members” have there own lives & business’ and are unlikely to utilise the distracting realm of Facebook.

There is also the issue above whereby I myself might be a DISTRACTION to the agenda’s of other’s as much as they might distract or negatively or positively affect myself.  So where once I may have had childhood dreams of being the greatest author or greatest actor and so on, because even back then I kind of figured everyone is an actor / actress, however they may or may not have become skilled or proficient in some life realm profession or area of expertise, the networking thing has never seemingly been to my own life’s advantage or benefit.

The ability of peoples from all sectors & levels of society to seek out like-minded people and indeed connect has never been greater, though nor have the so-called distractions and  the traps of lowest common denominator subjects;  Whilst things such-as Births, Death’s, Wedding’s, Christening’s are among those topics & subjects, so of course are many a grey area, very often dependent upon time period and laws of the land and of course handed down family choices, options & behaviours and so on.  Crime in one Country is commonly acceptable behaviour in another Country and likewise such things occur from region to region, district to district and family to family or community to community and on and on.

So as is often taught, you cannot control the actions & behaviours of others hence the best option being to take your own life into your own hand or backwater blog or business empire etc. and as you progress with such technologies as Holosync or indeed Learning strategy styled courses, it does often appear that in many ways, cultist groups such-as Ron Hubbard’s Scientologists might be partially correct in suggesting that a kind of constant War of Angel’s or Global Thermo-Nuclear War is taking place among differing human races & societies and age ranges, and of course we can all ask the question when challenged to participate or get involved by any community, grouping or sector Y O U (Why Owe You)????

Well that is it for this posting, I had intended to post here more often than I have and I may well do so again now; I felt for a couple of months I was finally benefiting from being directed by a Holosync related presence on Facebook in the form of the private “Holosync Brain Club” page & group, though may now have to reconsider given the lack of what I personally might describe as “desirable” interaction from others, I think the junk postings are best left for those in the “I love Holosync” group, although of course I would potentially have to take a leaf out of my own complaint book (in that regard). maybe I too will one day have all the supernatural capabilities and capacities of those who sit silently in the background with there telepathic abilities and little requirement for graphical text styled interactions etc. Until I too can share in that experience…

Yes I was recently made aware that I have a bill payment coming up for this blog website and am wondering whether to cancel given my lack of activity here, I also had an update from Microsoft on my present Windows 10 machines and that seemingly knocked out all of my pre-existing passwords for just about every site I ever joined or belonged to, so I have had to request passwords or trawl my emails for such things in all those arenas that I still desire to utilise and so on. Anyway…

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.




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