So How Now Is NOW NOW

This is of course an interesting question in the sense that whilst I started with Holosync sometime around 2010 and interacted regularly on the Centerpointe Blog for perhaps 3 maybe 4 years, that looking back you do often conclude that there were things I could have done to perhaps accelerate my own personal advancement, although typically historically we have all heard the famed quote regarding hindsight being a wonderful thing, well nowsight might be regarded as even more wonderful in many ways once you have perhaps learned some of the basics and very often that really can be akin to having to start all over again from scratch as though a primary school kid.

I typically again & again in those early interactions was mostly pre-occupied with language  &(I think) possibly, although the simplest & most effective practices can be to translate any given information into an alternative format.

So when presented with a TXT Document such-as a PDF (for example) you simply draw the things triggered within your mind by what is written, if something says “sand” you may think and draw a beach or golf bunkers or long jump sand pit & so on.  The next step or stage can then be to have a look and see if any particular EVENTS are taking place (they nearly always are for World Touring Sports such-as Golf (for example) though Athletics less so or more regional or localised to some area of the World you are unfamiliar with).

Likewise if you are presented with an IMAGE such-as the excellent daily political cartoons that I spent a while trending with, describe them out loud or write the details down, very often due to them being political, regular folks will say yes well that is Theresa May and that is Boris & going of on long winded direct meaning versions of the political story blah blah blah, though the trick for myself has often been to go a stage deeper or further thinking in terms of “Beginners Mind” you might think this character on the left a woman or this character on the right a man, what clothes are they wearing, hair colour eyes etc. What are the details & colours used within the scene, day & night etc. We become so accustomed to “Fast Paced” movie & TV and indeed Star actors & actresses that we fail to go deeper into the kind of “Everyman” “Everywoman” zones, so describing a static & plain image is an excellent & basic way to adjust or change your mindset into getting into those more useful zones of intuition & again you can typically follow the kind of practice that I have done in asking myself How does this image relate to my favourite sport of cricket or rugby and so on.  It might be suggested that I thought those Artists at the Guardian are especially good at sneaking in references to sports although typically you yourself have to know something about the sport and or that it is playing to get the so-called clues etc.  I said go deeper to the everyman, though if you see an image of David Cameron and know he is a cricket fan, then that is potentially a bread crumb trail for you to follow up.

So for myself progress with Holosync initially at least could not come fast enough, and typically as I have gone through the levels the stronger carrier frequency stimulus seemingly really does “shift” life long held issues you may have had.  How many of us have had major bodily trauma accidents or even dental surgery for example, where we were in pain and the pain eventually subsided and our body or thought processes typically masked or rerouted around such things.  I am quite sure I have on several occasions been meditating and the stimulus has seemingly simply released the “stored pain” memory or whatever these things are described as within science & medicine.  So genuine lifelong bodily related distractions that may have caused you bother or however you may describe them are simply gone, not there anymore, and you often feel so much better for that.  It really is an “has to be experienced for yourself” kind of technology in that sense, as much as we might think we are part of some group or herd or community, and many a commonality in story does exist, it is often the smallest of details that separate and make us all still unique within our own life story and so on.

So how do many of the affiliate business’s and products fit in to the scheme of things? Well that is something in honesty I keep changing my mind about in many ways. So I can say I like a number of the newer Full courses with Paraliminals from Learning Strategies (for example) though am not always keen on a large number of the older back catalogue individual usage CD collection, even though it is typically the historical back catalogue they seem to want everyone to have.  And indeed a number of them are selected within some of the Fest type courses. I think that Learning Strategies has a differing kind of target customer than Centerpointe, or at least my own experience of encounters with some differing individuals strongly suggests that, although clearly a level of cross-over must exist with customers traversing from one product group to the other or vice-versa. I mentioned yesterday having a feeling of irritation at someone else’s behaviour beyond my control, though that individual (from my own experience) would likely potentially be happier with Learning strategies than he might be within Centerpointe because whilst centerpointe has many clients and affiliates and a large back catalogue of learnings and teachings and products and so on, you do not necessarily feel or behave like a kid in a candy store in the same way you might with the Learning strategies product range.

So yes how now is now now was the title, and typically as my regular posting from a year or two, back demonstrated you kind of just keep writing perhaps each day or evening and then looking to see How what you have written might correspond to other areas within life the universe & everything.  I often suggested folks track a given test sport and some examples from my own blog – Yesterday I wrote “newbies” during the course of my blog and Newcastle won at Football.  I wrote “Matter” at some point and a guy called Matthew won the European Golf tournament he was playing in.  I wrote ARENA and that has Raphael Nadal who won the Tennis’ initials within it.

So if you like many of us as young children become too attached with alphabets and language and literature and numbers and so on and it could be suggested that those attachments can work very well and excellently for some folks, whilst others among us suffer as a consequence, and an area I have had to develop greater skills in has actually been CREATIVITY.  I having been the youngest in my family typically found all the artistic styled disciplines grabbed & claimed by others within the family and maybe threw my dummy out the pram as to doing the same as other family members.  I think that is actually where one or two of the newer paraliminal’s used in combination with my regular Holosync level have been excellent in that respective, things such as finding Treasure and Super Creativity and so on, although again Holosync does have equivalent type Centerpointe products within its own range.

So yes, the Holosync stimulus raises your threshold and enables you to relearn things that you already thought you knew about life the universe and everything, and indeed can seemingly reduce  your speed of thought (make the World about you seemingly go slower) or indeed release long held beliefs and potentially enables you to move beyond feelings of being trapped by historical patterns & cycles of behaviour, instead allowing you to even potentially profit from them.  hence the encouragement to take up blogging and writing, learn to trust your own feedback and response each day and as suggested again and again, utilise language stated in present tense now so that such things become part of your lifestyle habits & nature.

Much of the stuff really does have to be EXPERIENCED in the sense that where once your brain and therefore perhaps mind was some mixed up confused ball of confusions and conflicts and so on, the lessons and learning and threshold raising really does seemingly enable you to become less strongly attached to the mentally held building blocks of scales and measures related to  time and language and all the senses really and a sort of now ever present increases within your life until it can really often feel as though everything really is now, where once it was just some talked about la-di-da realm spoken upon by book writers on Oprah that we may or may not have really believed, it kind of becomes your reality.

Though likewise choice is choice and I personally have been quite STRICT in the sense of the kind of subjects and topic areas willing to be discussed etc.  Life really is too short to get involved in quite a large range of lowest common denominator topics & subjects, I often consider that the first person affected by what comes out of your mouth is you yourself (so to speak), so many a person who does not listen or take advice and goes on bullying rampages and primary school behaviours really are potentially stacking up trouble for themselves in later life.  Having said that I also struggle to believe that any real gods or deity’s truly exist or indeed ideas such-as Karma, they perhaps simply things that enable or give us comfort, in the thought that a deceased loved one might be looking down and smiling upon us and so on.

So the Technology enables greater choice and choice enables us to focus on the better or more positive things in life, and like a tiny seed initially planted within the lower levels of Holosync they seemingly grow throughout the course of your own story & journey and you really do get more of what you yourself put out there, whilst the things that may of troubled you for many years really might or can be let go, or seen with new eyes and so on.  Many troubling thoughts feelings that may have caused particular behaviours really can fall away.  Though If I were now asked if I would do anything differently with regards to Holosync I might have gone through the levels at the recommended pace and suggested speed and rate as I potentially may have missed some lessons and learnings in the earlier stages, although I can always go back and do them again (so to speak).

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!



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