Why Are You Telling Me?

So another interesting idea or concept related to the so-called “march of time” Vs “now” is of course genuinely related to how, when young, we may receive some tutelage of storytelling or music and other creative activities from family or friends and babysitters, and then at some point, we are packed off, to go of to school and we learn to read & write and draw in a more formal setting with uniforms and other children and so on and everything seemingly always has a kind of “beginning”, a “middle”, and an “end”  Whether it is the present day or a story or however, and of course those of us familiar with many a time travel styled adventure are familiar with the idea of multiple or many time streams that intersect and cross paths and loop back on each other in mind boggling combinations.

The interesting things as I have progressed with Holosync and indeed some activities or courses from affiliate companies or indeed within my own independent analysis and studies is genuinely how “often” the obsessive linear march of time (that we all very often grip onto for dear life, because that is what we have had reinforced during our younger years) is genuinely seemingly not as true as we convince ourselves.

For instance research into the works of very many Famed People & Artists, Musicians or even modern day TV, movies & film and so on nearly always reveal that the creative process behind a given work did not come to fruition in a linear fashion.  Many a film or TV show for example is filmed out of sequence and then re-organised into the linear story we see at the cinema or on our gadgets etc; And our respective life stories often also reflect that kind of weirdness in many of these matters.

So for example you have an idea for a story or artistic endeavour and you begin taking notes or jotting ideas down and then once you’ve a pile of ideas surrounding the idea or project, you maybe seek to assemble them into some “cohesive” versioning of the expected linearity, although the actual components came to you out of sequence, or out of order in perhaps a non-linear fashion, you thought of some good middle plot point and then had to figure out how your characters came to that position from some projected starting point and you may also have to wonder as to where you can take the story to some point of resolution.

Likewise as I have “progressed” with the Meditation, it has seemingly become more apparent that in many an area of life, things have occurred “out of time” sequence in the sense that some action taken when 20 years old or 30 years old or 40 years old was seemingly responsible for some “earlier event in my life” at 15 years old or at 24 years old or indeed a “later event in my life” at 33 years old or 42 years old and so on.  So the ability to raise threshold and learn to have some greater window upon the World that you might call or refer to as Now where you can have ah-ha’s about all these so-called time loops is an incredibly interesting phenomenon, and of course it also enables you to have to consider that even if you are at a level where such things are not so obvious, that you really may well be fully responsible for all the labelled good or bad or indifferent events you have experienced within your lifetime.

So I mentioned that many of these Social Media realms are acting as kind of linear Diaries for people, although those things can typically again be both good or bad, in the sense that they are not necessarily true reflections of ourselves or how we might be in our day-to-day lives, often being some shape & form of escapism from what we might regard as day-to-day drudgery and so on.

For myself (as an example), following my marriage breakup, I returned to my home town, and I needed or wanted to find a job quite quickly, so applied for manual labour type work, that I figured or thought was appropriate in the “short term”, although prior to marriage break-up I had actually been at college & university to “escape” the low wage & poverty, manual labour or service type working life.

One of the things regarding my own life is that on leaving school I had worked in retail, a kind of service sector employment, I then worked for a Tourism related business again in a service type sector capacity and then later again I worked for the National health Service (that even has “SERVICE” in its name).

So years of working in Service styled environments & vocations led to myself really not liking SERVICE sector work very much, hence my returning to college & University type environments so I could potentially gain more private or quieter or background type roles with higher wages and little contact with large numbers of other people.  Even when I returned to the home town and searched for work in manual labour, I still had the mind set of not wanting to deal with people hence a night job seemingly being great.

Having said that of course it did not take long to realise that I may as well have sought advancement, and it was that in part that led to my trying out or experimenting with so-called Hypnosis type products that promised to boost your confidence in interview and all those sorts of things, I of course quite low following marriage break down and having had to move and start over and so on.

So once the so-called SEED was planted within my mind as to it “all being an inside job” by the hypnosis products, things seemingly went from bad to worse, partly because those products typically cause you to amplify your focus, & not necessarily where you yourself would place it (with other peoples or persons vying for your attention or making demands of you, bullying & denigrating you and so on) and also because “LOGICALLY”  where-ever you are whether it is London, Paris or New York your own so-called “inner hell” is going to be there with you, a kind of no way out scenario.

So I have not stated those things to pick on anyone (simply giving background), though typically it was during those early 2000’s that all these Global Communications Systems were taking off and we were all rushing to get the new mobile phones and internet connectivity and so on, for our Farmville fix and so on, so the point for myself is that if I wanted my life to be about some DIARY POINT within my life I would likely have chosen the time when I was at College & University Studying, learning, researching and going in pursuit (so to speak) of a better life on subjects and matters that truly interested myself and I would have liked to work in etc. not the time period of when we were all signing up to these online social media sites and I was working in what was supposed to be a temporary manual labour position going from crisis to crisis partially not being able to see the wood for the tree’s and indeed being made slightly crazy by those Hypnosis products etc.

So in all likelihood many a persons complaint (not just my own) about any given point in there life at present is a complaint about the trending diary they themselves have created on all these gadgets & gizmo’s that are now being  trawled to ever greater depths by Governments and Multi National Tech Companies wanting to control everyone.  Yes I am someone who thinks that in decision making and indeed finding patterns and so on, computers and AI Algorithms are far better than human decision makers, in many areas, though I have also found again and again that such things are not a great help in the sense that where a computer might restart a calculation from scratch on each and every vote or occasion, humans especially in award shows and so on NEVER EVER FOLLOW the rules we put into computer systems.  Most of my generation for example knows that in things such-as music awards or acting and film awards, a bias develops for a given show or artist within the voting and then a knock-on or follow through kind of commitment “justification for the justification for the justification” occurs, hence movies winning 7, 8 or 9 awards when really most films are perhaps deserving of less than 5 awards when it comes to acting directing and best film etc. whilst other awards for dress and sets and SFX and Music in many a circumstance were more deserving going elsewhere.  It is actually these biased justification for the justification (that we all often convince ourselves off as being appropriate & correct) that can often lead to so-called self sabotage in very many areas of life.  Yes going with a given herd mentality for gambling purposes may well work, though, if the only place any given individual has power within there own life is within themselves then it really can be better to become your own best friend and navigator.

So Holosync usage whether you like the people selling or using it and related products does do what it says on the tin (so to speak) in terms of raising threshold and giving you greater levels of awareness and so on, the problem of course is often that in some areas of life, things that may have once motivated you to action you may become less inclined or interested in.  My usage and indeed this blog was predominantly about becoming super boring and uninteresting to attention seekers and so on and so forth, even though the Hypnosis products that perhaps kick-started many things off typically amplified all those lowest common denominator things that I think most people are far better off without in there lives, usually related to what we all think of a SINS vs VIRTUES and so on, am I someone happy to follow the so-called Western Democratic way based in the old testament 10 Commandments, or should I go hell for leather in seeking to break all those kinds of laws & so on, be they regarded as Absolutes or Flexible GUIDANCES.  The further I have progressed it seems to myself that many a cycle & pattern that we see within the press & very many entertainment realms & media, year in and year is best let go of, or simply viewed with a certain level of discernment, I like this as an entertainment, though in no way would necessarily act or behave like that within my own life etc.

So I think this was written because the present moment cycle within the enlightenment industry is kind of okay you now have some greater level of awareness or enlightenment and many kinds of coaching opportunity and service like opportunity is being encouraged for people.  I have nothing against coaching or indeed service industry, especially for anyone at anytime of life who wants to start over, as some great coaches and people do seemingly work for Centerpointe and affiliates and so on, I may even send some of the blurb and information to my daughter, though as stated above, I personally feel that I myself already did my time within the so-called service sector industries hence my going on to higher education to not have to earn a living dealing with other people, beyond of course perhaps being friendly or giving advice on a blog such as this one or within some  group such as that Holosync Brain Club etc.

It really is a kind of double bind for myself in that respect, as part of the problem in raising Threshold and letting go of many a belief or trauma is that you also potentially lose the creative aspects or learning that you may have pre-existing from courses and qualifications you have done and so on, or you have to start over relearning them with regard to who and how you are now and what you know now, so life has seemingly internally moved forward in terms of being positive or being happier, and having a healthier choices mindset, whilst not necessarily in terms of where I actually wanted to be in terms of career and how I spend my time and earn a living at this time of life and so on.

Anyway I think I have some new materials to check out again from the Holosync brain club, at the beginning of this week so if anything in particular stands-out for myself, it may well be reflected in what I write or publish here in the coming days, never quite sure as I also of course quite enjoy monitoring Twitter, and I have often exhausted myself out previously when writing here or elsewhere when trying to make such things part of the daily routine or ritual..

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well.




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